Opie And Anthony: The 11 Most Outrageous Moments of America's Best Talk Radio Show

Think you hear shocking and funny talk shows on terrestrial radio? You haven't heard anything until you've heard Opie and Anthony, the most popular show in the history of satellite radio.

YouTube Video Barack and Michelle Obama 2013 First Dance at Inauguration

The president and the first lady danced to Jennifer Hudson's rendition of Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' at the Commander in Chief's Inaugural Ball. The first lady wore a gown by Jason Wu.

On Roe v. Wade Anniversary, Whatever Happened to Jane Roe?

Jane Roe was a pregnant 21-year-old who wanted a legal abortion in Texas. Norma McCorvey, who adopted that famous pseudonym in 1969, is today nothing like Jane Roe.

10 Of the Most Interesting People to Follow On Twitter

To get as much as possible out of your daily dose of 140 characters, here are the 10 millennials you should be following on Twitter for #epicwins.

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories Harm Libertarian Movement

Libertarians' eagerness to embrace conspiracy theories of the Sandy Hook shooting is another example of misguided rush to judgments and distractions from more important issues.

Obama's Oath of Office is Meaningless: He's Violated the Constitution Numerous Times

Obama's Oath of Office is meaningless. He has violated the Constitution numerous times, with warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention, etc.

Roe v. Wade: A Simple Explanation Of the Most Important SCOTUS Decision in 40 Years

In 1900, abortion was illegal in all 45 states. By 1973, abortion was still illegal in 30 states. Here's everything you need to know about the Supreme Court decision that changed everything.

Facebook Losing Users: Is This the End Of the Social Network?

More and more millennials are taking a "break" from Facebook, and according to tech industry analysts, the site lost 1.4 million users in December. Can Facebook bounce back?

What Was Life Like Before Roe v. Wade?

In 1973, feminists understood that abortion rights were central to women's quest for freedom. What's changed in the past 40 years to make millennials forget?

Beyonce Pre-Recorded: Singer Lip Syncs National Anthem at Presidential Inauguration

Beyonce performed the national anthem at the inauguration. But did she lip sync?

YouTube Video Of Beyonce National Anthem: Why Are We So Mad That She Lip Synched?

Reports have now confirmed that Beyoncé lip-synced her inauguration performance of 'The Star Spangled Banner.' The usually idolized star is being met with ire. But, why?

Rand Paul Will Shine At the Benghazi Hearing and Be Vilified After

Senator Rand Paul may come out of the Benghazi hearing looking as crazy as his father, but also as ideologically unshakable as Ron Paul.

Can Facebook Get You Fired? Complaining About Work On Social Media is Protected Speech

Worker rights regarding social media posts are starting to face more scrutiny by the government, which has been siding with free speech advocates.

YouTube Video of Jennifer Hudson Singing 'Let's Stay Together' at the Inaugural Ball

Watch Jennifer Hudson performing Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' for President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama at the 57th Commander in Chief's Inauguration Ball.

Alicia Keys 'Obama is On Fire' YouTube Video: Singer Covers Her Own Hit For Inauguration 2013

Alicia Keys covered her own hit, 'Girl on Fire,' to pay tribute to President Obama during the 57th Commander in Chief's Inauguration Ball. Watch the video here.

2013 Payroll Tax Increase Is a Blessing in Disguise For the Economy

Although Congress managed to "avert" the fiscal cliff crisis, Americans are still being stuck with a 2% payroll tax increase. However, this may not be as bad as it sounds.

Illiteracy Costs the Global Economy $1 Trillion

The costs of illiteracy, or being unable to read, are deceptively far reaching. To boost both the U.S. & global economy, we must invest in solutions to promote literacy on a global level.

Selling Tide For Crack? How Detergent Became a Key Player in the Drug Trade

Of all things, Tide detergent is a major currency in the black market drug trade. People are willing to trade Tide for drugs, proving that criminals have the upper hand in a never ending war.

Assault Rifles Kill 5 People Every Year in NY, While Obesity Kills 6,000: Do Gun Bans Make Sense?

New York recently passed "tough" new gun legislation. NY state gun homicides are less than 500 annually. Yet obesity deaths in NYC alone top 5,800 annually. Are we afraid of the wrong things?

YouTube Video: Barack Obama and Michelle Dancing at Inauguration 2013

Jennifer Hudson, the former "Dreamgirl" performed Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' for the president and first lady.

Man Of Steel Movie: Superman's Sidekick May Be 'Jenny' Olsen

The new Superman movie could change the sex of the iconic Jimmy Olsen.

What is Roe v. Wade? Many Young People Have No Clue

A recent study by the Pew Research Center showed that only 44% of millennials knew what issue Roe v. Wade settled. Today, the 40th anniversary of the landmark case, is the perfect day to learn.

Cornel West: Obama Shouldn't Have Been Sworn In On MLK's Bible

At least one black activist says President Obama shouldn't have been sworn in on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s bible: socialist Dr. Cornel West.

Rand Paul 2016: His Role At CPAC Could Put Him On the Path, But Hurdles Remain

Rand Paul wants to be your next president. The self-described libertarian could lead the GOP to future victories, but he has to stay away from social issues.

Paul Ryan, Beyonce and Jay Z's Awkward Inauguration Moment (+PHOTO and VIDEO)

2012 Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan stuck behind Beyonce and Jay Z was one of the most shared (and awkward) pictures of Inauguration 2013. Now here's the video.

Lupe Fiasco's Inauguration Protest Was Totally Necessary, and Totally Art

Lupe Fiasco was kicked off stage at an inaugural event after performing his song 'Words I Never Said.' His anti-Obama protest has been vilified, but this is exactly what Fiasco needed to do.

Roe v. Wade Anniversary: Why I Am Not Satisfied After 40 Years

My mother never dreamt that her daughters would have to fight for the right to bodily autonomy. Heck, even my grandmother did not.

Where Was Romney On Inauguration Day? At A Beach House In La Jolla

Since the November elections, Mitt Romney has avoided the public eye - and if you want to know where he is, he's enjoying the sun in California.

Jyoti Singh Pandey: India Gang Rape Trial Delayed Due to "Technical Problems"

Live updates of the discussion the world's largest democracy is having about women's rights, Jyoti Singh Pandey trial, and Delhi's anti-rape protests.

Nicolas Sarkozy Wants to Flee France Over Taxes, Fraud: Former Leader Would Embarrass His Country

French detectives discovered evidence implicating former French President Nicolas Sarkozy in fraud, and a plan to leave France over Hollande's tax increases on the wealthy.

It Can Cost Women $1,000,000 More Than Men to Stay Single

"All the single ladies!"? Yeah, right. Not when it will cost you more in income taxes, housing, and health care to stay single rather than get married.

Travel Reform Hits Cuba, But Are Cuban-Americans Ready For the Change?

The Cuban government has reformed travel restrictions on its citizenry, but questions remain. How will the new rules be tested, and how will the exile community meet a new kind of Cuban traveler?

Israel Elections 2013: Iran Is a Shadow Looming Over These Elections

Ahead of the 2013 elections in Israel, 12% of voters named Iran as their top concern. Pundits jumped on the results to suggest the concern over Iran is overblown, but they couldn't be more wrong.

Lady Gaga Inaugural Ball Performance: Controversial Artist Could Make Guest Appearance

An anonymous source from the White House says that tomorrow's White House ball for administration staffers will feature a surprise guest: Lady Gaga.

4 Awesome, Activist Things Millennial Feminists Should Do in 2013

While 2012 was a monumental year for young feminists, we cannot be complacent in 2013. Here are the top four things millennial feminists should focus on this year.

Inauguration 2013 Speech: 4 Glaring Omissions By President Obama

The pundit world has been obsessing over what President Obama said during his second inaugural speech, but few are talking about the issues that were conspicuously absent.

Katy Perry Kids Inaugural Concert Video: Watch Katy Perry Perform at Inauguration 2013

Watch Katy Perry performing 'Teenage Dream,' 'Firework' and 'Part of Me' at the 2013 Kids Inauguration Concert:

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2013: Will Beyonce Lip-Sync?

Following reports that Beyonce lip-synced the national anthem on Monday at President Obama's second inauguration the question is will she fake it as well during the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Girls Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Hannah Horvath and Her Catastrophic Taste in Men

In episode two of the second season of 'Girls,' Hannah Horvath continues to serve as a mirror for millennial women. This time, that mirror reflects our interactions with men.

Obama's Second Inaugural Address Added Modern Spins On Founding Fathers Quotes

President Obama's speech at his second inauguration took the ideas and principles of our founding fathers, and made them relevant and reflective of our modern times.

Facebook Graph Search: Why It Could Mean Trouble For Google and Yelp

Facebook's latest tool could be a stroke of marketing genius ... or a complete flop.

Even the Few Millennials With Jobs May Soon Be Replaced By Robots

Robots and other technological advances this century will lead to 70% of human jobs disappearing in the 22nd century. But it's OK! It's happened before, and it will always happen. It's natural.

5 Reasons Why Benghazi Will Not Be a Career Ending Mistake For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton testifies about Benghazi on January 23. No matter the outcome, the event will prove to be anything but a career ending mistake for the secretary of state.

Neanderthal Baby: Surrogate Mother Wanted to Clone Neanderthal Baby

An "extremely adventurous female human" is wanted by a Harvard genetics professor to serve as surrogate mother for a cloned Neanderthal baby.

13 Fascinating Moments In Photos From the Obama Inauguration

What were the highlights of Obama's 2013 inauguration? From Bill Clinton's photobomb to Malia Obama's new dance, there were the highlights.

Virginia Republicans Take Advantage Of Inauguration to Pass Gerrymandering Bill on MLK Day

Virginia State Senate Republicans hastily passed a bill that will give them control of the state in the next election cycle. while a Democrat civil rights hero was attending Obama's inauguration.

Algerian Hostage Crisis: Details From the Crisis Paint a Horrifying Picture

As the dust settles, disturbing facts and anecdotes about the Algerian hostage crisis are coming to light. So too is the question of whether these terrorists were government supported.

Obesity in America: Male Jurors More Likely to Think Overweight Women Are Criminals

New research finds that male jurors are more likely to find heavier women guilty of a crime than lean women.

Obama Deficit 2013: We Might Never Be Able to Reduce Our Deficit, Here's Why

An economic recovery in the U.S. that will make a meaningful dent in the deficit has never happened before. And here's why it probably never will.

If America is So Open, Why Can't We Accept Our Gay Brothers and Sisters?

During a screening of 'On the Road' crowds walked out after the slightest hint of homosexual love. For a society that claims to be so open, how accepting are we really?

Atari Bankrupt: Game Over For the U.S. Gaming Giant

The famed maker of 'Pong' and 'Asteroids' has filed for bankruptcy for its U.S. department.

If America is So Open, Why is Homosexual Love Still Taboo On Screen?

During a screening of 'On the Road' crowds walked out after the slightest hint of homosexual love. For a society that claims to be so open, how accepting are we really?

Obama and Jay-Z at the Inauguration: A Celebration of America's Diversity and MLK's Dream

Obama's inauguration was a celebration of American government and diversity. In what other country could a hip hop mogul like Jay-Z share the screen with the president? MLK would be proud.

Roe v. Wade Anniversary: As Historic Law Turns 40, Abortion Restrictions Still Linger

Why are those against abortion still trying to limit its access and even overturn Roe v. Wade? Here are a few possibilities.

Will Deep Space Industries Pull a Facebook, or Will They Work With Other Companies

Deep Space Industries readies the first of what would be a new mining fleet. Will they work with other entities, or try to go it alone?

Obama's Second Term: Will He Channel His Inner Eisenhower?

Peter Beinart thinks that Obama can be the next Eisenhower. If so, it's terrible news for America's foreign interests.

House Votes For Short Term Debt Increases, But This Only Extends the Political Theater

House Republicans have attached a "No Budget, No Pay" provision to the short term increase in the debt ceiling. It's politics in its purest, grossest form.

Internet Backlash Spreads in Wake of Armstrong Interview With Oprah

Lance Armstrong isn't the first person to fess up to lying to the public, he isn't even the first to fess up to Oprah. So why is the internet backlash so strong?

How I Went From the Arab Spring to the Spring Collection

The last year has been a journey for me, from covering revolutions in the Middle East to going to the front lines of fashion.

Richard Blanco Inaugural Poem: Text Of One Today

The text of Cuban-American poet Richard Blanco's inaugural poem, "One Today."