Dianne Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban is Political Suicide For Democrats

In one stroke, the Dems will instigate the pro-gun lobby, alienate the majority of Americans who oppose re-instating the ban, and run head long into a constitutional battle.

Dianne Feinstein is Out of Her Mind With New Assault Weapons Ban

Dianne Feinstein's new assault weapons ban will not only fail at preventing mass shootings and curbing violent crime, but also hurt discussion of reasonable gun control.

White House Chief of Staff Isn't the Position You Think It is

Inside the beltway, the White House chief of staff is sometimes considered "the most powerful man in Washington." Almost the opposite is true.

Man Of Steel Movie Nabs PG-13 Rating While Rumors Of New Villains Surface

'Man of Steel' is approaching faster than a speeding bullet. Armed with a PG-13 rating and the possibility of new characters, are in for an absolute thrill ride on June 14.

YouTube Kate Upton Mercedes Commercial: Is the Ad Too Racy?

Mercedes-Benz rolled out a commercial featuring Kate Upton. The ad is titled "Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion." Can we even be surprised that there is controversy?

Oregon Proposes Ridiculous Law to Make Cigarettes Illegal Unless Prescribed By a Doctor

Should this bill pass, offenders would face maximum punishment of one year in prison, a $6,250 fine, or both.

Should We Shame Fat People Into Losing Weight? One Researcher Thinks So

An obesity researcher says fat people need to be shamed into losing weight. Here's why that's a dumb idea.

Taro Aso: 10 Awesome Gaffes By Japan's Joe Biden

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso puts American vice president -- and American gaffe president -- to shame.

This Natural Wonder Will Soon Be Destroyed, Unless We Commit to Saving It

The land surrounding the deepest blue hole in the ocean is in danger of development, and the Bahamian government is playing the situation for political points. This needs to stop.

J.J. Abrams Will Direct Star Wars 7

The man behind Lost,' 'Mission Impossible III' and the Star Trek reboot initially turned down directing the upcoming episode of Star Wars because of Star Trek. Now he's done a 180.

Rand Paul Was Right to Get Tough on Hillary Clinton

Rand Paul should have actually been even tougher on Clinton at the hearing. America needs to know the truth.

This Republican Woman Wants to Force Pregnant Rape Victims to Give Birth As "Evidence"

Rep. Cathrynn Brown introduced a bill to the New Mexico state legislature on Wednesday that would criminalize abortions for rape victims, calling it "tampering with the evidence."

How Will Assault Weapon Laws Ban Something That Doesn't Exist?

There is no such thing as an assault weapon. It's a term manufactured by politicians so they can push through gun control.

Women On the Front Lines: Panetta to Lift Combat Restrictions For Female Soldiers

On Thursday, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is expected to announce that women in the military will be able to serve in more combat roles than ever before.

CIA Chief Nominee John Brennan Denied Existence Of Universal Human Rights

John Brennan, who was nominated to be CIA director, said there can be "too much freedom," and that human rights can be violated if it is meant to preserve "political order and stability."

Is There a Benghazi-Algeria Terror Link? Report Connects Libya Consulate Attack to Algerian Hostage Crisis

The same militant group behind the U.S. consulate attack in Benghazi is also being blamed for the hostage taking in Algeria.

America's Biggest Problem is Not Guns in Schools, But Bad Math and Science Teachers

While science and technology policy is rarely at the forefront of American politics, without it, America will fall behind.

Wall Street Journal Says Not to Let Women in Combat Roles Because They'll Have to Poop Next to Men

After Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's announcement on Thursday that women will soon be able to serve in more ground combat roles, some objections went straight into the toilet. Literally.

Cardinal Roger Mahony Blamed in Abuse Cover-Up At Los Angeles Archdiocese

Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony is embroiled in the latest Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal.

Women in Combat Roles: Why Arguments Against It Are All Bunk

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta rescinded a decades-old rule banning women from serving in military combat roles. Some are ripping him for the decision but their arguments are bunk.

Katie Couric Manti Te'o Interview: Te'o Admits He Lied During Girlfriend Hoax

The first clips of the Katie Couric and Manti Te'o interview have surfaced and it is interesting, to say the least.

Oscars 2013: 3 Movies You Have to See Before Watching

Why 'The Invisible War,' 'Wreck-It Ralph,' and 'Django Unchained' should all be on your to-watch list.

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain Introduce John Kerry At Confirmation Hearing

Two of the most powerful women in Washington vouch for John Kerry to kick off his confirmation hearing for secretary of state.

LGBT Rights is the Civil Rights Movement Of Our Time

As President Obama's second inaugural address showed, the rights of LGBTQ Americans is the pressing civil rights issue of our time.

Ron Paul Supporter Challenging Reince Priebus For RNC Chairmanship: Will a Libertarian Ever Lead the GOP?

Libertarian Republicans unhappy with the leadership of Reince Priebus were unable to secure enough popular support among republicans to mount a credible challenge.

Lincoln Daniel Day Lewis: For Foreign Audiences 'Lincoln' Gets a Makeover

As 'Lincoln' begins its foreign release this week, the movie that international audiences sit down to watch will have some major differences from the one in the U.S., including a Spielberg cameo

New Show 'The Orchid' is a Seductive Reminder Of American Cultural Exceptionalism

A new Miami-based show 'The Orchid' is a product of an extraordinary combination of art forms that could have only become a dream and a reality in America.

Assault Weapons Ban is Just Another Piece of Anti-Gun Propaganda

The demonization of firearms has gone too far. Children are ridiculed and adults feared if they lawfully enjoy firearms or play simple childrens' games.

NYPD Gun Detection May Soon Include "Virtual Pat Downs"

New radiation devises will be used by the NYPD to spot concealed weapons from a distance. But how much privacy must be sacrificed for safety?

U.S. Government Shutdown, Not a Default, is the Far More Likely Scenario

Don't believe the hype: the U.S. government will not default under any circumstances. But a government shutdown is a completely different story.

War With Iran? Netanyahu Victory Raises Risk Of Confrontation

A war with Iran would be a disaster with global consequences, but the risk of one remains high, as Netanyahu might flex foreign policy muscle against lagging domestic support after the elections.

Biden Google+ Hangout: VP Tries to Soften the Message On 'Gun Control'

Vice President Joe Biden held a Google Hangout on Thursday, billed as a "fireside chat," to talk about the administration's gun control plan. He was doing his best to say "trust me."

Education and Poverty: Lessons For America From the UK

Poverty is still a huge determining factor in outcomes in UK education. Only through raising aspirations and expectations can this trend be changed.

Debt Ceiling Delay Demonstrates Need For Obama's Leadership

President Obama missed an opportunity with his inauguration to lead the country on our most pressing challenge, our growing national debt. But he has another chance with his State of the Union.

American Horror Story Season Finale: Wednesday Nights Just Got Much Less Scary

Wednesday was American Horror Story's season finale. No more padded walls or electroshock therapy on Wednesday nights (thank goodness!)

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Hearings: Congress is Still Incapable Of Real Progress

The biggest revelation brought forth by Wednesday's Benghazi hearings is that Congress still lacks support for serious progress.

Lance Armstrong Sued For Selling 'Fiction' As Autobiography

Two California fans have submitted a complaint against the fallen athlete and his publishers.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Proves Its Ignorance During Clinton Hearing

The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee showed a massive lack of understanding for how intelligence is collected and analyzed during Clinton's Benghazi testimony.

Obama's Inauguration Will Be the Highlight of His Second Term

What’s likely going forward is the political system continuing to seize up as it operates under an intense partisan divide, and one that features a less-than cohesive Republican Party.

The Republican Party is Cracking: Is There Any Way to Put It Back Together?

The Republican coalition of libertarians, evangelicals, and moderates is dividing as a result of electoral failure. Why has this happened, and what future lies ahead for the GOP?

Women to Serve in Combat As Leon Panetta Rescinds Two Decade-Old Rule

When it comes to women on the battlefield, it's not about equal enrollment, but about equal opportunity.

3 Critical Climate Change Questions We Need to Answer Before It's Too Late

In his second inaugural address, President Obama stated that climate change policies would be a integral part of his second term. Here are three questions all Americans must ask now.

No Budget, No Pay Bill Devised By 'No Labels' Group Passes House

House Republicans passed a plan with bipartisan support to avert, for three months, another debt ceiling fight. Will the populist politics of 'No Budget, No Pay' translate to good policy?

House to SCOTUS: Gay People "Too Powerful" For Equal Rights

The House is sending SCOTUS a report, made by lawyer Paul Clemente and paid for by American taxpayers, saying DOMA should be upheld because gay people are too powerful for equal rights.

White House Petitions Only Enable Us to Be Lazy

White House petitions allow people to be armchair activists, whether they support building a Death Star or seceding from the United States, but nothing really gets done.

Yair Lapid and His Yesh Atid Party Shine in Israeli Elections

Yair Lapid's success is seen as a possible wave of the future, but his election probably won't make much difference for peace in the region.

Future of Israel: Outcome of Knesset Election Presents Netanyahu With a Difficult Choice

Following elections for the Israeli Knesset, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reached a fork in the road. Does he go left or right?

Gay Rights in Obama's Second Term: Don't Expect Too Much

Although there was a lot of lofty rhetoric about LGB rights in President Obama's second inaugural address, gay rights proponents may want to temper their enthusiasm.

Protester Interrupts Kerry Confirmation Hearing

John Kerry will make a good diplomat, but charismatic he is not.

Kerry Confirmation Hearing Will Be Tame

Tension is very unlikely at today's secretary of state confirmation hearing for Senator John Kerry.

Clinton Benghazi Hearing: Senate Committee Misses a Chance to Learn Some Valuable Lessons

Senators missed the chance to learn anything valuable at the Benghazi hearings because they were too busy with political football.