7 Gun Control Facts That Are Actually Myths

Gun control advocates often offer these myths to advance the argument for gun control, but here we look at the facts in order to debunk them.

5 Clear Signs Hillary Clinton Will Run For President in 2016

Will Hillary Clinton run for President in four years? All signs point to yes.

The Number of People in Private Prisons Has Grown By 1,664% in the Last 19 Years

America's prison system is in need of serious overhaul. Nearly 130,000 people are incarcerated by for-profit companies, and in 2010, the two largest private prisons earned $3 billion in revenues.

Dianne Feinstein is Misleading the Public With Her Assault Weapons Ban

Feinstein says so-called "assault weapons" are dangerous and that they are "military weapons" designed for close quarters combat that don't belong American streets. She's misleading you.

The Best Gun Control Is Teaching Gun Safety in Schools

Bring back school shooting teams and teach marksmanship and firearms safety in our schools. Marksmanship and safe handling of firearms are skills that should be reintroduced into society.

Rihanna and Chris Brown: Why She Shouldn't Be Judged For Getting Back With Him

Rihanna and Chris Brown put it best in their joint song, "Nobody's Business."

Marijuana Legalization Struggles: The Ridiculous Rule That's Preventing It From Happening

An obscure policy is preventing the federal government from taking the necessary first steps toward legalizing marijuana.

SAG Awards 2013: 5 Reasons Why the SAG Awards Matter

This Sunday is the 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Before you get snarky about awards shows, check out these five reasons why looking up from your computer to watch is worth your while.

10 Best Tweets By the NASA Curiosity Rover

The NASA Curiosity Rover is probably the first robot to tweet from Mars. Here are its 10 best tweets (spoiler alert: they're likely sent out by a NASA geek).

SAG Nominations 2013: Full List Of Screen Actors Guild Nominees

The 19th annual SAG Awards will air January 27, with this year's biggest nominees including the casts of 'Argo,' 'Silver Linings Playbook,' and 'Lincoln.' See the full list of nominees here.

Dianne Feinstein's Assault Weapon Ban Would Be Unconstitutional

The government is empowered to ban "dangerous and unusual weapons," not weapons “in common use at the time.”

Chuck Hagel Confirmation Hearing: 3 Reasons It Matters For Millennials

While watching Chuck Hagel's secretary of defense confirmation hearing might not sound like prime-time TV, millennials have several very good reasons to tune in.

'Life Of Pi' Review: 5 Films That Deal With Issues of Faith Even Better

While nominated for an Oscar, Life of Pi is in no way the best film to ever discuss religion. Here are 5 more films that are better at portraying faith.

Apple 'Phablet' Could Be the Death Of the Innovative Tech Company

If Apple builds a Phablet, or a phone-tablet, you can be pretty sure that they will have some rough years ahead.

War With Iran? The 4 Dumbest Warmongering Quotes About Iran

Here are the four stupidest quotes ever said about Iran. Hint: Benjamin Netanyahu makes the list twice.

Movie 43 Trailer: Here's What Happens When 12 Directors and 43 A-Listers Make a Movie

'Movie 43,' billed as the most "outrageous comedy ever made with the biggest cast ever assembled" hit theaters January 25. This is what 12 directors and 43 actors looks like.

Anti-Defamation League Attacks Gun Lobbyists Over Hitler Gun Control Remarks

The Anti-Defamation League has told the gun lobby to stop misusing the Holocaust to advance their argument.

Violence Against Women Act Reintroduced in Senate, But VAWA Could Still Face House Opposition

Just when it appeared to be in serious trouble, the Violence Against Women Act appears poised for a bipartisan comeback in the U.S. Senate. But will House Republicans doom the legislation?

Israeli Election Results Increase Chances For Peace, But For Reasons You Might Not Expect

As expected, results from Israel’s parliamentary elections Tuesday will extend Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure as prime minister, bolstering the prospects for peace.

North Korea Nuclear Weapon: Is a Rocket Launch What They Really Want?

Do North Koreans really want to target the U.S.? Or are they after something else, like food aid for the country's starving citizens?

Fisher v. Texas: A Very Personal Take On America's Biggest Upcoming SCOTUS Case

In the upcoming case, Fisher v. Texas, the Supreme Court will hear arguments pertaining to affirmative action at universities.

United Nations Announces Inquiry Into Drone Strikes: Do You Think Drones Should Be Banned?

If we are to debate to legitimate use of drone warfare, we must start with these five central questions.

Divide And Conquer: The GOP Should Force the Democratic Party to Rip Itself Apart

Republicans are using scorched-earth tactics. Instead, they should divide and conquer, by devising policies that split the Democratic Party into its liberal and moderate factions.

5 Outrageous Stunts People Have Pulled to Get a Job

These 5 bold individuals submitted ridiculous cover letters, applications, and even a red chair. See which outrageous stunts paid off.

Obama Inauguration Speech Points to Job Creation As Means to End Poverty: Is He Right?

Simply making a donation to poverty organizations will not address the issue; instead investments in job creation and building economic security are the answers to addressing poverty.

Israel Election Won't Bring Any Change On Settlements in the West Bank

Netanyahu will serve for a third term as Israeli Prime Minister but has refused to budge on his settlement policies. Will the peace process move forward in the next four years?

5 Petitions Americans Think the White House Should Totally Respond to, Like, Right Now

If you thought that the petition to build a Death Star was the craziest thing on the White House's website, think again. Here are 5 more absurd petitions.

Harry Reid's Baby Step Forward On Filibuster Reform Will Not Stop the GOP

Somewhere between his outrage over filibuster abuse in 2010 and his outrage over filibuster abuse in 2012, Reid decided that accomplishing nothing was a good thing.

Hillary Clinton Didn't Answer Everything On Benghazi

Hillary Clinton was grilled on her involvement and knowledge of the Benghazi attacks. Using timely emotion and carefully-crafted wording, she managed to avoid accountability.

Denis McDonough Nomination As Chief Of Staff Signals a Centralized White House Under Obama

President Obama has named Denis McDonough as the White House Chief of Staff, which is a likely signal that national security policies will remain centralized in the White House.

Punishing Kiriakou: A Case For Discretion in Democracy

While media outlets push the "fact" that most, if not all, politicians are untrustworthy and oppressive thieves and connivers, the government is still keeping us safe.

Congressional Gridlock Showing Signs Of Easing in 113th Congress

Thanks to bipartisan groups such as No Labels, a subtle economic recovery, and the voice of the American people, the 113th US Congress is already starting to look promisingly productive.