Gun Control Policy: Universal Background Checks Aren't the Cure-all People Think They Are

It is not just the pro-gun folks who oppose universal background checks as part of our gun control policy, so does the ACLU and other more liberal groups.

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory: Debunking the World's Worst Investigative Journalism

In the wake of Sandy Hook and tragedies like it, conspiracy theories spring up. But their proponents often to fail the marshal the most basic of facts.

Oscars 2013 Host: Why Seth MacFarlane is Already Making People Nervous

Seth MacFarlane will host the 85th Academy Awards. But will it be his last?

Bob Menendez Underage Prostitution Scandal Barely Being Reported By Mainstream Media

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is apparently under investigation for allegedly sleeping with underage prostitutes while in the Dominican Republic.

80 Million Millennials Will Make America a Super Power Again

The world is waiting to be led by millennials. Now that some of your have blown past 30, you are about ready to jump into the fight.

Super Bowl 2013 Commercials: 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

With Super Bowl 47 around the corner, a compilation of the best commercials of all time.

Boston College Anti-Gay Vandalism: This Hate Crime Pales in Comparison to Church's Assault On Equal Rights

An instance of anti-gay vandalism at Boston College has the Catholic school up in arms, and rightfully so. But that's not nearly as bad as the attack the Church has been waging on equal rights.

2013 Immigration Reform: Republicans And Democrats Both Want a Path to Citizenship

In a rare display of bipartisanship, a group of four Democratic and four Republican senators have proposed a new immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship.

Mitch McConnell 2014: Democrats and the Tea Party Are Uniting Against GOP Leader

GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in for a rough re-election season in 2014, as an alliance of Tea Party activists and Democratic donors team up to take him down in Kentucky.

Gun Control Myth: The Second Amendment Makes Clear Guns Aren't Just For the Military

A common misconception about the Second Amendment is that it only protects arms for use in a "militia" or in modern times, the National Guard. This idea is wrong.

Iran Fordow Nuclear Facility Damaged In Explosion: Was This An Attack?

Unconfirmed reports of a massive explosion at Iran's Fordow nuclear facility have been circulating throughout the media, but are they accurate?

Twitter Porn: New Vine Video App Features NSFW Content, is This a Big Deal?

A pornographic video briefly made Vine's "Editor Pick" list. However, Twitter denies it's trying to enter the XXX business and attributed the controversial event to 'human error."

March For Life 2013 Shows Most Americans Disagree With Republicans On Abortion

Exit polls show that 6 out of 10 women nationwide, two-thirds of all Latinos, and majorities in every swing state support keeping abortion legal.

12 Surprising Bills Congress is Considering

In its first 30 days, the 113th Congress has submitted over 600 bills for consideration. Here is a list of 12 pending bills that you'd never hear about.

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2013: The Best and Worst Performances Ever

The amount of missteps that have been had during Super Bowl Halftime Shows, it makes sense why music isn't on television anymore.

SAG Awards 2013: Winners, Nominees, and All the LIVE Updates

The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards air live at 8 p.m. this Sunday night. The night honors the best performances of the year by actors in film and television. Get all the LIVE updates here.

Fordow Nuclear Explosion Shows War With Iran Has Already Started

For years the U.S. and Israel have been engaged in a cloak and dagger shadow war against Iran in an effort to frustrate its nuclear program.

Immigration Reform 2013: America Ranks Poorly When It Comes to Immigration Policy

As the president readies to present the Senate's bipartisan immigration plan, a study from the Immigration Policy Center ranks the U.S. 9th out of 31 countries when it comes to immigration laws.

Why the History Of Native Americans is the Best Argument For Small Government

Centralized, autocratic governments do a poor job of caring for their citizens, and often end up killing millions in order to maintain power. Need an example? Just look to the Native Americans.

This 13-Year-Old Girl Was Told That She Should Get a Breast Reduction to Stop Sexual Harassment At School

A 13-year-old girl was sexually harassed in school for her breast size. The school district's response? Get a breast reduction.

It's Time to Stop Saying, "That's So Gay"

By saying the phrase, "that's so gay" we effectively turn someone's identity into a negatively-charged insult. Is this really the type of language we want to be using?

Hillary Clinton 2016: Obama Basically Endorses Clinton For President On '60 Minutes'

In news that may surprise no one, Obama lavished praise on Hillary Clinton in a "60 Minutes" interview where the pair laughingly dodged questions about 2016.

Silvio Berlusconi Might Be Bringing His 'Bunga Bunga' Parties Back to Italian Politics

Amazingly, the disgraceful Silvio Berlusconi may very well become prime minister of Italy for the fourth time.

10 Anti-Evolution and Fundamentalist Myths Taught in Schools These Days

With the rise of voucher-based education and public school courses public funds are being used to indoctrinate kids with anti-evolution propaganda. Here are the 10 wackiest lessons.

State of the Union 2013: Obama Will Defend Bold Liberal Agenda

Obama will give the annual State of the Union to the 113th congress on February 12. Expect him to elaborate on the liberal themes he touched during the inauguration.

Freedom to Choose the Schools Our Children Attend is Critical For the Future Of America

Everyone wants to achieve the American Dream, so why should we limit someone's dreams just because they are in the wrong school district?

Boy Scouts Of America Gay Policy: Ban On Gays Close to Being Lifted

The Boys Scouts of America is considering lifting its 103 year ban on gay members. It's about time.

Rand Paul Israel Comments Show He's Serious About 2016 Run

Rand Paul made some surprisingly strong pro-Israel remarks, representing a shift from earlier comments. Is he positioning himself for a 2016 run?

SAG Winners 2013: Complete List Of Screen Actors Guild Award Winners

The full list of winners from the 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Immigration Reform 2013: Bipartisan Effort Offers Pathway to Citizenship

On Sunday, a bipartisan plan for immigration reform was released to the public. There is political momentum in Washington to make it happen, but two factors may make or break the deal.

Pew Study: Millennials Value Parenthood More Than Marriage

52% of millennials see being good parents as one of the most important things in their lives, while only 30% say the same about marriage. But why the gap? Maybe we need to revisit marriage.

VIDEO: Obama and Hillary Clinton 60 Minutes Interview

The president and the secretary of state state sat with 'CBS 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft for a rare joint interview in which Obama publicly thanked Hillary for being one of the finest top diplomats.

5 Awesome Women Who Should Be On Twitter

If you're an avid follower of Kanye West, it's easy to forget that not every celebrity is on Twitter. Here are 5 awesome women we wish would join in the #fun.

Obama Simply Watches As Egypt Becomes Increasingly Homophobic

There have been several unsettling developments on the gay rights front in Egypt since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.

Adam Levine SNL Host: Watch Levine's Saturday Night Live Opening Monologue

Jerry Seinfield and Cameron Diaz joined the coach from NBC's 'The Voice' in his debut as host of 'Saturday Night Live.'

Forget 'Django Unchained' — Human Trafficking is the New Face of Slavery

Modern-day slavery doesn't resemble "Django Unchained," but that doesn't mean it's not real. Obama has declared this January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Manti Te'o's "Girlfriend," and 6 Other People Who Never Really Graduated From Stanford

Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua follows in a long line of Stanford students who never actually graduated. Here's six of them, including Tiger Woods, Azia Kim and even JFK.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Democrats and the GOP Can Easily Find Common Ground

Businesses value diversity as essential to problem-solving. Conservatives and liberals prefer "my way or the highway." They need a paradigm shift to move from gridlock to action.

Drone Strikes Have Spiked 200% Under Obama, But May Be the Wrong Strategy

Drone warfare might not be a war crime but it might not be wise policy either. A strategy for defeating insurgents requires more than the ability to kill them.

How I Became Christian, and Why Millennials Should Explore Faith

Becoming Christian was daunting for me as a millennial, but I have no regrets. Likewise, millennials should explore spirituality, as we do with most other things, and not make assumptions.

U.S. Troops in Mali: America Follows France Into Yet Another Conflict

The mission will support the French military by initially conducting aerial refueling missions, according to the Pentagon.

Girls Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Bad Friends, Duncan Sheik, and Nipple Shirts

Spoilers ahead! If Lena Dunham parties half as hard as Hannah Horvath does in 'Girls' episode three, then we all have a lot to learn.

David Brooks On Obama's Inaugural Speech: No Mention of Capitalism

After President Obama's second inauguration, David Brooks, the New York Times columnist, chastised the president for not highlighting the success of American capitalism and individualism.

When is the Super Bowl? Date, Kickoff Time, and Livestream

Super Bowl XLVII will take place on February 3 between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Beyonce will perform during the halftime show. Here's where to watch online.

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters: Jeremy Renner Wows in Fairy Tale Reboot

'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters,' starring Jeremy Renner, takes a classic fairy tale and turns it completely on its head. The awesome thing is, the film really works.

Meet Zack Kopplin: The Millennial Fighting Creationism in Louisiana (Q&A)

Zack Kopplin is leading the fight against the Louisiana Science Education Act and has become famous for exposing this law as a front for introducing creationism into the classroom in Louisiana.

4 Simple Charts Tell You Everything You Need to Know About U.S. Debt

Forget the complex arguments, here are four charts that offer a simple explanation of U.S. debt.

SAG Award Winners 2013: After the 'Argo' Win, is the Best Picture Oscar Race Over?

Ben Affleck's film 'Argo' took home the Best Ensemble Cast at the SAG Awards. The film is on an undeniable roll, but is there another film that can slow it down?

What Does the Future Of Innovation Look Like? Thought Leaders At 'The Intersection' Give Us a Glimpse

Writing and data science both involve telling stories and there are many stories to be told in Silicon Valley. Recently, I attended The Intersection, a conference on innovation and social change.

Millennials Want Obama to Get Them Jobs, Yet His Economic Policies Are Killing Those Prospects

Millennials, facing high unemployment, voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2012. Either they are not paying attention or do not make the connection between policies and economic outcomes.

Union Membership Declines to Lowest Since 1916: Here's How it Could Rise Again

Statistics show that union membership is falling, but the movement is far from done. Affiliates in New Haven show that labor unions can change communities for the better and how.

Fox News Falsely Claims Feminists Want to Have Sex With Underage Men

In a segment about a North Carolina teacher who was accused of having sex with her 15-year-old student, Fox News falsely claims that feminism is to blame for sexual abuse.

Jennifer Lawrence's Dress Tears Apart at the SAG Awards (VIDEO)

Silver Lining Playbook's actress Jennifer Lawrence won the best actor award at the 2013 SAG Awards. But she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

No Budget, No Pay Act: It's Hard to Argue Politicians Should Get Paid If They Don't Perform

The "No Budget, No Pay" act would force Congress to pass a budget before it gets paid. Some hurdles remain, but it could be just the incentive they need.

Islamic Fundamentalists Being Pushed Back By French Troops in Mali Civil War

French troops have Islamic militants in northern Mali on the run, but will they be able to suppress the rebellion permanently?

Iran Nuclear Talks Delayed, But Time is Ripe For a Breakthrough

Despite delays, a number of factors are creating favorable conditions for breakthrough talks with Iran on its nuclear program, based on its legitimate right to enrich uranium.

Boy Scouts of America's Gay Ban: BSA Changes its Mind Regarding Gay Members

The BSA could start welcoming gay members as soon as next week if the organization's national board meeting overturns next week its long-held policy of banning homosexuals.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Obama to Remain Neutral in 2016, Says Aide (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden? Who would the president support in 2016? No one, says former chief of staff Thomas "Mack" McLarty.

Congress This Week: Controversial Gun Control and Sandy Relief Bills

The Senate in the 113th Congress will meet this week and debate multiple gun control measures and an additional bill that would provide relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Happy 200th Birthday, 'Pride and Prejudice'!

From the 6-hour BBC mini-series to Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Jane Austen's novel continues to entrance readers even 200 years after its publication. And not just because of Colin Firth.

Debt Deal: Our Policymakers Are Driving Us Off An Economic Cliff

We're borrowing and spending money at an amazing rate and our policymakers aren't getting real about the scope of the problem.

6 Most Anti-Woman Politicians in Congress

Some members of the 113th Congress are already working against women's rights. Here are the top 6 worst offenders.

Paul Ryan Says a Clinton Presidency Would've Fixed "This Fiscal Mess" (VIDEO)

The failed 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee showed the Clintons some love on NBC's 'Meet the Press' on Sunday.

4 Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Vegan

The number celebrities and public figures that are saying goodbye to both meat and dairy and becoming vegan, has hit an all time high. Their reasons for doing so may surprise you.