9 Leading Causes of Death in the United States

In the midst of the debate over gun control, we have a tendency to overlook some of the country's more major causes of death.

Immigration Reform 2013 Will See Historic Changes For 11 Million Undocumented People in the U.S.

Are you lost on the immigration debate? Here's a cheat sheet on the Senate proposal for immigration reform, the White House's counter offer, and what it means for Dems, the GOP, and Latinos.

'The Americans' TV Show: New Spy Thriller Looks A Lot Like 'Homeland'

On Wednesday, January 30, 'The Americans' premieres on FX. Similar to 'Homeland' in its premise, this show follows married KGB spies posing as Americans in 1980's America.

Kimberly McCarthy Execution Postponed to April: Will She Be the First Woman Executed in the U.S. in Over 2 Years?

On Tuesday, Kimberly McCarthy will be the first woman to be executed in the U.S. since 2010. Women almost never face the death penalty, one of many potential biases in capital punishment.

Iran Fordow Nuclear Facility Explosion: Did It Actually Happen?

More information, including a timeline of events, has been released by WorldNetDaily concerning the alleged sabotage of an Iranian nuclear plant ... but are the reports credible?

Lone Star College School Shooting: Once Again, the Media Got It All Wrong

More details are emerging on the shooting at Lone Star College. As it turns out, the media's frenzied rush to report on another school shooting misconstrued the facts ... again.

Meet the 5 Leaders Of the LGBT Rights Movement

Five organizations stand out as some of the most effective organizations fighting for LGBT rights across the United States.

Gun Control Debate: Why it Makes Sense To Put Armed Security Guards In Schools

In the wake of Sandy Hook, many people laughed at the NRA's proposal to put armed security guards in schools. But to not do so is irresponsible, naive, and dangerous.

Oscars 2013 Predictions: Why the Academy Got Lincoln All Wrong

The goal of Steven Spielbeg's 'Lincoln' is for the audience to patriotically worship Lincoln. The problem is we all already did that two and a half pretentious hours ago.

Kimberly McCarthy Execution Postponed Until April

Kimberly McCarthy is set to be the first woman executed in the U.S. in over two years. Although some question the constitutional legitimacy of the death penalty, it is a valid form of punishment.

Oscars 2013 Predictions: Why Zero Dark Thirty Should Win Best Picture

Though some may misconstrue the torture scenes as promoting the use of it, 'Zero Dark Thirty' is the most intriguing and most talked about movie of the year, and should win Best Picture.

Is 'Argo' Really the Best Movie Of the Year?

'Argo' is at a crossroads. It has swept awards season so far, but only three films in history have ever won the Best Picture Oscar without a Best Director nomination. Should 'Argo' win?

Scientology: Hollywood's Favorite Religion is Nothing More Than An Empty Shell

Even though scientology donors are richer than ever, the church is about to implode. The membership is simply not there.

When Someone Dies, What Does Facebook Do With Their Profiles?

Facebook has roughly 30 million profiles of deceased users on its site. Is their lasting legacy their profile pages and everything stored there?

Chuck Hagel is Being Criticized Simply Because He is Bringing A New Worldview to Washington

Neocons are afraid of being marginalized if Chuck Hagel becomes the new defense secretary. Hagel will bring in new philosophies that will end a decade of their dominance in Washington.

Super Bowl 2013 Ads: Is Volkswagen's 2013 Super Bowl Ad the Most Racist Yet? (VIDEO)

The spot features a white man from Minnesota speaking in a fake Jamaican accent. Is this ad offensive?

Justin Timberlake New Album: Why 90s Music Became the Soundtrack Of 2013

Forget about One Direction, Justin Timberlake is coming back. And who needs A$AP Rocky when you can see a hologram Tupac at Coachella?

5 Anti-Woman Companies You Fund With Your Money

You're probably familiar with these five companies, but did you know they're also misogynistic and fight against women's rights?

13 Businesses That Support Marriage Equality in America

The Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest LGBT rights organization, announced the formation of the Business Coalition for DOMA Repeal. These are the 13 awesome members.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Forget Credentials, America Chooses Politicians Based On Sex and Skin Color

In his article "Hillary's Farewell Act" journalist Michael Goodwin lambasts both Hillary Clinton and President Obama; asking, are we naively prioritizing sex and race when it comes to politics?

Sam Brownback Wants to Eliminate the Kansas Income Tax: Is This Idea Too Radical?

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is intent on implementing conservative policies at the expense of many citizens across the state.

Where is Iran? A Layman's Geography Guide to the Most Confusing Region Of the World

Iran's geography plays heavily in the foreign affairs issues it is a part of, and the policies it makes.

Chuck Hagel Confirmation: Oddly, Both Christian Conservatives and Gay Rights Activists Are Against Hagel

Chuck Hagel's confirmation hearings for secretary of defense are bound to get nasty. Hagel is notably anti-war, and is much more critical of Israel than his predecessors. But he faces other foes.

Walgreens Under Fire For Failing to Sell Plan B ... to Men?

Walgreens has agreed to review its store policies after receiving several complaints about pharmacists refusing to sell emergency contraception to male customers.

TSA Agents Told to Save Themselves in Case Of Mass Shooting, Showing Uselessness Of Agency

The Transportation Security Administration provides yet another reason why it's completely useless at making travelers safer.

Inside China's Copycat Communities

The Eiffel Tower, New York City, an Amsterdam street. Why is China recreating all of these landmark Western places? Read excerpts from a new book seeking to answer that very question.

Beyoncè Pepsi Deal: Why Does Beyoncè Think It's OK to Sell Pepsi?

Public health advocacy needs a reality check. Rather than shaming Beyoncé, understanding why she thinks it's okay to sell soda is critical to addressing the people's perceptions of obesity.

The Bizarre Video Games Driving North Koreans to Hate the U.S.

In the deep recesses of the internet, North Korea hosts hostile and anti-American video games we can all play.

Israel Admits Ethiopian Immigrants Were Coaxed Into Receiving Birth Control Shots

After an exhaustive investigation into declining birthrates in the Ethiopian population in Israel, it turns out female immigrants were administered long-acting birth control shots upon arrival.

Boy Scouts Gay Ban: Public Pressure Will Change Boy Scouts' History

Grassroots pressure from local Boy Scout chapters and threats from corporate sponsors have prompted an abrupt potential reversal in the organization's discriminatory, anti-gay admissions policy.

Kathryn Bigelow Aside, Only 9% Of Top-Grossing Films Are Directed By Women

A recent study suggests that despite the gains that women have made in the film industry, only 9% of female film directors (the same percentage in 1998) have directed top-grossing films.

Filibuster Reform: A Simple Explanation Of Why It Failed in the Senate (Again)

An effort to change the Senate's filibuster rule has sadly come to nothing. Senators agreed to leave the rule, but change other Senate rules. Here's how that all looks.

Lena Dunham is Wrong to Blame Rihanna For Getting Back With Chris Brown

Lena Dunham very publicly stated that Rihanna's choice to get back together with Chris Brown "cracked her heart in half." Blaming victim's of abuse is precisely the wrong feminist action to take.

Israeli Election Results: Yair Lapid Will Not Be the Kingmaker in Israel

The center-left party of Yesh Atid was a surprising winner in the Israel election last week. But its leader, Yair Lapid, isn't the "kingmaker" that some in the media claim.

DOMA Repeal is Being Backed By Big Business

The Human Rights Campaign announced Tuesday that they would be backing an effort repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.

iPad 4 Release Date: On Feb 5, Apple Will Launch 128GB iPad

The Cupertino company said the new iPad would be on sale as soon as February 5 for $799 (the Wi-Fi model) and for $929 (the LTE model).

Frank Ocean Chris Brown Fight: Can Chris Brown Be Saved From Himself?

Once again, Chris Brown has allegedly been involved in a physical altercation, this time with Frank Ocean.

When is the Iran 2013 Presidential Election? On June 14 Another Green Revolution Could Rock Iran

Ahead of the June 14 presidential election, Iran arrested 14 journalists for allegedly cooperating with foreign-based Persian-language media outlets. Is Iran headed for another Green Revolution?

If More Women Than Men Are Graduating From College, Than Why Aren't Women Making More Money?

Women are swarming college campuses, but consistently earn less than their male counterparts after graduation, even when they put in the same hours at the same job.

Republican Realizes Her Idea to Force Rape Victims to Give Birth Was a Bad One

A day after proposing a demeaning and ludicrous bill that classifies having an abortion following rape or incest as “tampering with evidence," Republican legislator Cathrynn Brown backtracked.

Downton Abbey Season 3: More Than Just Good Television, It's Eye Candy

The beauty of 'Downton Abbey' is hard to match on the small screen. The exquisite visuals of the period drama aren't just beautiful; they play a crucial role in storytelling.

Sexual Assaults Poorly Handled By Police Throughout the Country, According to Reports

Unfortunately, poorly-handled sexual assault cases by the Washington, D.C. police department are indicative of a much wider problem across the country.

Deerhunter, an Indie Band That Gets Millennials Just Right

Without even meaning to, the indie band Deerhunter has become a band that defines the millennial generation; our worries and our woes.

Gallup Poll Shows Americans Most Pessimistic About the Economy in 30 Years

Despite rising share prices on Wall Street, Americans are feeling incredibly negative toward their country's economic outlook. Is it justified?

Chris Christie Vetoes Minimum Wage Increase, But Still Holds Huge Popularity in New Jersey

NJ Governor Chris Christie vetoed a popular minimum wage increase Monday, but still enjoys 29 point leads over the closest Democratic challengers.

4 Sequels That Are Way Better Than the Original

We've come to somewhat dread movie sequels, but there is zero reason why. Here are four sequels that blow their respective originals completely out of the water.

Hillary Clinton 2016 Super PAC is "Ready For Hillary"

Alida Black, chairperson of the Super PAC, that already has 50,000 followers on Twitter, says the purpose is "to be ready to work for Hillary to be president when she is ready to run."

U.S. Plans Drone Base in Africa to Increase Surveillance on Al-Qaeda

According to Africom, the base could have as many as 300 military and contractor personnel and would be located in Niger, on the eastern border of Mali.

Most Women Would Rather Divorce Than Be a Housewife

80% of young women and 70% of young men want a marriage where both partners share all responsibilities, but women are more likely to leave a marriage for the sake of their career.

4 Politicians Who Could Immediately Solve the Debt Ceiling

Bipartisan commissions can be the best to way undo a log jam in Congress. These four politicians would make up the debt ceiling dream team.

Lebron James White House Visit: Miami Heat Star Goes Gaga Meeting Obama (VIDEO)

LeBron James and the Miami were welcomed by Obama at the White House after winning the 2012 NBA Championship title. "Mama I made it," said an starstruck James.

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Fight: R&B Stars Brawl in Recording Studio

Grammy Award-nominated Frank Ocean and Chris Brown reportedly got into a fight over a parking space at Westlake Studio in Los Angeles.

Iran Possibly Busted Sending Arms to Yemen to Destabilize Government

Iran is taking the blame as for allegedly sending arms to Yemen in an effort to undermine the U.S.-backed regime there.

North Korean Prison Camps Mapped By Google Using "Citizen Cartographers"

North Korean "citizen cartographers" are using 'Google Map Maker' to literally put on the map the country's most infamous concentration camps.

New York Gun Ban: Andrew Cuomo Will Take Hit in Polls

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo freely acknowledged that he would take a hit in his approval rating for pushing tough gun control ... so why isn't he concerned?