Big Red Football: Anonymous Leaks Disturbing Video in Steubenville Rape Case

The star of the video, identified as former Steubenville High School baseball player Michael Nodianos, cracks himself up with lines like "She is so raped."

Hobby Lobby: Obamacare Contraception Lawsuits Will Be Settled by Supreme Court

A Circuit Court of Appeals has granted the first preliminary injunction in a contraception rule lawsuit, marking an official split between court opinions. Now, the decision will be up to SCOTUS.

George Lucas Star Wars: Sorry Fans, Lucas Will Be Back for More Movies

Sorry 'Star Wars' fans, but it looks like George Lucas is not done wrecking the series. The last part of a five-part interview with the filmmaker has surfaced and it looks like we are in trouble.

Gerard Depardieu Leaves France For Russia Over Misguided 75% Tax On the Wealthy

Last week, French actor Gerard Depardieu announced that he would leave France over a new tax, claiming the government thinks success and talent should be punished.

Top 5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Political Career in 2013

Politics can be one intimidating sport, but enacting change may not be as daunting as it seems.

Violence Against Women Act: House Kills Bill to Extend Funding For VAWA

The House of Representatives has refused to debate a bill to extend funding for the Violence Against Women Act.

Pamela Geller is Back With Hateful Anti-Islam Subway Ads

A new NYC subway ad sponsored by an extreme right-wing group pairs a quote from the Quran with a picture of the twin towers exploding. They should be ashamed.

Immigration Reform: What a New DREAM Act Should Look Like

Immigration reform is a pressing issue that Barack Obama intends to take on in his second term as president.

James Holmes and Adam Lanza Show It's Time for Obama to Address Mental Illness

The spate of recent school shootings raise an important question for all Americans: why is it easier to obtain a firearm in the U.S. than it is to receive mental health care?

Iowa Supreme Court Rules You Can Be Fired for Being Too Attractive

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that a dentist was within his legal rights to fire an employee who was considered "irresistibly attractive." So, can anyone be fired for being too good looking?

War With Iran? Iranian War Games In Persian Gulf Unlikely To Intimidate U.S. Navy

Although Iran has built up its navy over the years, the U.S. Navy's might is still unmatched.

Hollywood Hypocrisy: From Gun Violence to Tax Breaks Hollywood Holds a Double Standard

While Hollywood celebrities preach that taxes be raised, guns be taken away and mindlessly support more government as the answer to every problem, their own actions reveal a huge double standard.

Russian Adoption Ban: Putin is Only Hurting the Children of Russia

With Vladir Putin's approval of a law to ban the adoption of Russian children by U.S. citizens, a political move is backfiring as a short-sighted blow to the children of Russia.

Azealia Banks, Snoop Lion, and the 5 Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

A handful of slightly under-the-radar artists will be coming out with their major label debuts this year. Also, Snoop Lion will release 'Reincarnated,' and Solange Knowles her third studio album.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill: Boehner and House GOP Give Middle Finger to Victims

Speaker Boehner and his GOP allies pulled the plug on a Superstorm Sandy relief bill and refused to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

How to Find a Job After College

It's no secret that this is not the easiest job market for recent grads. But there are a few ways that you can make your job search easier and more effective. Here are some great search tips.

Student Loans and Millennials: How Not be Dumb with Money

I was a high school graduate with four full years of physical education and one semester of intro to economics, only to take on new financial responsibilities by entering college. What gives?

PolicyMic New Year's Resolution: Build a Better Discussion Section

As another year of growth begins here at PolicyMic, we want to take the time to review the rules for our commenting community and start the new year off right.

4 African Elections You Should Pay Attention to in 2013

For many African countries the celebrations for the new year are long over. Now, the continent turns its attention inward, as the 2013 elections approach.

Gerard Depardieu Moving to Belgium: Is France punishing success?

French actor Gérard Depardieu's departure for Belgium for tax reasons means France is failing to keep and attract talents mainly due to its fiscal policies

David Sedaris, Stephen King, and Colum McCann All Have New Books in 2013

2012 brought us new titles by Junot Diaz and JK Rowling. In 2013 we'll get David Sedaris and Stephen King. Here's a rundown of the five most anticipated fiction and nonfiction titles of 2013.

Filibuster Reform: Why a Gridlocked Senate Needs it, But Won't Let it Happen

Rule reform may sound boring but its importance cannot be underscored enough. Filibuster reform has the potential to seriously shift the balance of power in the Senate and in Congress.

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Frontrunner to Play Star-Lord

'The Dark Knight Rises' star Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be in contention for the lead role in the upcoming Marvel franchise film 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

2013 New Year Resolutions: The Fool Proof Way to Keep Your Resolution

Every year we are pressured into making resolutions to improve our habits over the next year. Most of these are doomed before they begin. Why do we fail? Should we even attempt a 2013 resolution?

Hurricane Sandy Relief Vote: John Boehner Schedules Vote, Stopping Near-Mutiny Among GOP

After cancelling Tuesday night's vote on the Hurricane Sandy relief bill, Speaker John Boehner received quite a backlash, prompting him to re-schedule the vote with one minor catch.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: The Real Reason Congress Made a Deal

There are several incentives for Congress to pass retroactive legislation to erase the effects of the fiscal cliff, but the most important one is that Congress members want to keep their jobs.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Get Ready to Hear That 1,000 Times Over the Next 4 Years

The speculation rises as Hillary Clinton retires from her post as secretary of state and recovers from a blood clot between her brain and skull.

Top 7 Most Devastating Humanitarian Crises of 2012

From superstorm Sandy, to Syria's rebellion, to long-standing drought in the Sahel region of Africa, 2012 brought its fair share of humanitarian challenges for the global community.

How 2013 Will Finally Bring Real Change for LGBT Americans

This past year was a watershed time for the LGBTQ movement in the United States. As we move forward in 2013, queer folk can look forward to another year of remarkable change.

Monsters University Release Date: On June 21 Billy Crystal and John Goodman Go Back to School

The latest trailer for the upcoming 'Monsters University' film is a mature and satirical take on the status of education in our society. Look for it in theaters on June 21.

American Majority Action: Boehner to be Defeated Today

American Majority Action’s spokesperson, Ron Meyer, shared his thoughts on this afternoon’s election for House Speaker.

Armed Teacher Training Program Gets More than 600 Applicants Following Sandy Hook

An Ohio gun owners’ group, the Buckeye Firearms Foundation, along with a group called the Tactical Defense Institute, is putting together a curriculum to train teachers and school staff to shoot.

Fiscal Cliff Deal: Terrible, But it Could Be Worse

This deal is not good for the economy. It doesn’t do anything to cap the burden of government spending. It doesn’t reform entitlement programs.

Have Amazon and Ebay Killed Off Shopping Malls For Good?

No new malls have been opened since 2006, and with the popularity of e-commerce, this trend will likely continue.

Sandy Relief Bill: Last Act of Shameful 112th Congress Was to Fail Hurricane Victims

Democrats and Republicans alike are furious over Speaker John Boehner's 11th hour decision not to vote on relief funding for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Dwarf Book Tiffanie Didonato: One Woman's Journey Through Bone Lengthening Surgery

'Dwarf' is the autobiography of Tiffanie DiDonato, which follows her struggle with a rare and debilitating form of dwarfism and the bone-lengthening procedures she underwent to gain more freedom.

Fiscal Cliff Deal: 5 Awful Things We Learned About Government

After the government's 11th hour fiscal cliff deal, we have certainly learned several important things about our elected officials -- none of it particularly flattering.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Why Democrats Will Win the Debt Ceiling Debate

In the upcoming fight over the debt ceiling and the sequester, Democrats will have to make Republicans give in to raising the debt ceiling among other moves.

Bhutto Zardari: Could This Millennial be Pakistan's Next President?

Last week, 24-year-old Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addressed a crowd of 200,000 supporters to officially announce his career in politics.Could his vision for Pakistan be the solution we hoped for?

2012 Saw the Second Highest Number of Restrictions on Abortion in Nearly 20 Years

It might take a long time to repair the damage to women’s rights, but with the immense opposition to reproductive freedom, stemming the tide of new restrictions is nothing to sneeze at.

Falklands War: Cristina Kirchner Demands Britain Turn Over Falklands

Argentina has made a series of diplomatic mistakes along the way that will make more difficult to bring the issue of the Falklands Islands to the international arena.

Falklands War Still a Major Issue Between Britain and Argentina

Confrontation over Falklands between the UK and Argentina can be solved by sharing oil revenues among two states,a reasonable solution that won't harm a self-determination issue of Islanders.