Gun Control Facts: Why a "High Capacity" Magazine Ban Would Not Prevent Mass Shootings

A proposal to ban "high capacity" magazines would limit magazine capacity to just 10 rounds. Would such a ban do anything prevent mass shootings?

Adairsville Tornado: Tornadoes Touch Down in Georgia (VIDEO)

A tornado touched down Wednesday morning in Adairsville, GA, at 11:19 a.m. More tornadoes are touching down in Georgia.

BlackBerry 10 X and Z Series Pictures: Release Date is Late February Or Mid March

How do the new BlackBerry phones stack up against iPhone competition? Take a look.

Women Now Allowed In Combat Roles, But We Still See Inequality in the Ranks

From active duty to veterans' benefits, women soldiers still face barriers in the military, despite a recent push to make them more equal.

Adairsville Tornado Photos: Tornado Touches Down in Georgia

Photos from the tornado that touched down in Georgia earlier this morning.

Colin Kaepernick Accurately Predicted He Would Be Playing For The 49ers When He Was in 4th Grade

Kaepernick nailed his height prediction (6’ 4”), but he’s a little off on the weight: it’d be hard to find any football player at 140 lbs.

Haidya Pendleton Death Isn't a Failure Of Chicago Gun Control — It Goes Much Deeper Than That

The death of Haidya Pendleton is a tragedy that reveals far more about Chicago's homicide rate than a failure of strict gun control laws.

Alabama Hostage Standoff: Did Slain Midland City Bus Driver Receive Hostage Situation Training?

Mobile County School System bus drivers receive hostage situation training before they begin driving students - but it's unclear whether Midland City drivers get the same training.

Anti-Abortion Republicans Guilty of Outrageous Hypocrisy

The Republicans want a government so small that it can fit inside a woman's uterus.

5 Losers in the CNN Shakeup

CNN has a new executive on board that's "remaking" the news channel. 5 big-name stars stand to lose out.

Adairsville Tornado: Are Tornadoes in January Normal?

Tornado season is starting unseasonably early this year, with reports of tornadoes touching down across the central and southeast United States.

Jimmy Lee Dykes, School Bus Kidnapper, Shot At Neighbors For Damaging Homemade Speed Bump

School bus kidnapping suspect Jimmy Lee Dykes was schedule to appear in court Wednesday on charges of menacing neighbors over a speed bump dispute, sources said.

Valentine's Day Tip For Men: Sex More Likely For Those Who Avoid House Chores

A new study indicates relationships in which men and women stick to typical gender associated house chores have sex more often.

New BlackBerry Q 10: First Smartphone With a Physical Keyword

Thorsten Heins said, "we heard you loud and clear real keyword lovers."

Oscars 2013: Best Picture Nominees All Offer Lessons in History

With historical pieces like 'Lincoln,' 'Argo,' 'Les Miserables,' and 'Zero Dark Thirty' among the nominees, the 2013 Oscars shows us that Hollywood has its moments.

Adairsville Georgia Tornado: Are Tornadoes Deadlier Than Ever?

Tornadoes are coming on faster, stronger, and earlier in the season. What do these changes say about a an ever-shifting climate?

BB 10 Release: RIM Stock Will Surge After New Phone is Unveiled

Good or bad, the official Wednesday unveiling of the BlackBerry 10 platform will prove to be a pivotal moment in the roller coaster history of Research in Motion.

Chuck Hagel Wants to Put American Interest Before Israel — That's Why He Should Be Secretary Of Defense

Painting Chuck Hagel as anti-Israel is irrational and conceited. The facts say he is the right man for the job.

Immigration Reform 2013: Path to Citizenship Could Be the Deal Breaker

Republicans want to secure the border before even contemplating a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented living in the country. But so far the White House hasn't endorsed the idea.

GDP Declines 0.1% — Shocking Data Shows American GDP Shrunk In Final Quarter Of 2012

GDP has shrunk in the fourth quarter, forcing us to again question why production continues to lag and economy is in such a slow recession. America is looking a lot like the EU.

Immigration Reform 2013: John McCain Makes Bizarre Comparison Between Gay Couples and Abortion

Senator John McCain says allowing same-sex immigrant couples the same treatment as opposite-sex couples is a “red-herring,” and compares it to “taxpayer-funded abortion.”

BlackBerry 10 Release Date and Live Stream: Some Previous Verdicts About BB10

As we continue waiting for BB10's official debut here are some previous thoughts about the products from experts in the UK.

Facebook (FB) Stock: Investors Jittery Ahead Of Earnings Report

Pre-earnings Facebook stock is stable, but there are some concerns. Major investors on Tuesday sought to offset those concerns by pointing to FB's growing advertising arm.

Asma Assad Pregnant: The Assads Create Life While At War With Their Own People

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's wife is reportedly pregnant in the midst of the country's brutal civil war.

Latest Mass Shooting: Arizona Rampage Leaves Multiple People Injured Or Worse

A shooting at an office complex in Phoenix occurred this morning during a Senate hearing on gun control that featured testimony from former Arizona Congreswoman Gabby Giffords.

Tornado Path: Tornadoes Touch Down in Tennessee

Unseasonal January tornadoes touch down outside of Nashville.

Facebook Earnings Announcement LIVE: Will Report Show FB Making Gains?

Facebook will announce their Q4 earnings at 4 p.m. Wednesday. Stay here for all the LIVE updates.

0% Of Gun Ads Mention Protecting Your Family, So What Makes People Buy Guns?

A 2004 study showed that only 15% of gun ads link gun ownership to patriotism, and just 20% mention hunting. What do 91% of ads emphasize? Different gun features, accuracy, and quality.

Facebook (FB) Stock: Investors Nervous Ahead of Q4 Earnings Report

In anticipation of Facebook's Q4 earnings report, investors deal with a heavy case of nerves.

Bob Menendez Underage Sex Allegations No Excuse For Daily Caller's Racism

If the allegations are true, Senator Bob Menendez has violated his office and the law. Either way, lurid reporting on the case undermines the severity of underage prostitution as well as racism.

New York City Weather: Severe Storm Wednesday Night

Severe storm conditions will hit New York City by 6 p.m. Wednesday. Stay tuned for live updates.

In Lebanon, Citizens Fight Religious Leaders For the Right to a Civil Marriage

Civil marriage is the hot new topic in Lebanon. A push to allow civil marriage is facing immense opposition from religious leaders and political leaders.

4 Movies That Will Fill the 'Twilight'-Sized Hole in Your Heart in 2013

The end of "Twilight" forced "twi-hards" to retire their Team Edward and Jacob apparel, but luckily for them, "Twilight" inspired a slew of new teen fantasy romance films coming out this year.

Julian Assange Accuses DreamWorks Of a "Propaganda Attack"

Julian Assange, the notorious head of the WikiLeaks website, is hiding out in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and crying "propaganda" about an upcoming DreamWorks film

BlackBerry 10: RIM Unleashes New Smartphone, and It Will Easily Challenge the iPhone

Blackberry has long been down in the smartphone business, but company Research in Motion is looking to rock the tech world on Wednesday with its new BB10 ... a phone which will impress.

BlackBerry 10 OS Interface: New Operating System is Clear Than iOS

Everything you need to know about the new BlackBerry 10 operating system.

BB10 Announcement: Should I Switch my iPhone and/or Android?

As the much anticipated BlackBerry 10 announcement inches closer, many are wondering whether the new product wil be a game changer in a highly competitive industry.

BB10 "Hub" Provides Real-Time Experience, Multi-Language Support

Heins and Bhardwaj continue to highlight BB10's "hub" which permits a "real-time" and seamless experience among apps and screens.

Alicia Keys is BlackBerry's New Global Creative Director

BlackBerry is trying to incorporate some cool into their newly unveiled BB10 by hiring singer Alicia Keys as its new Global Creative Director.

Marsha Blackburn Demands Proof Obama Really Skeet Shoots: Is This the New Birther Movement?

Republican Marsha Blackburn has demanded we see proof of Obama skeet shooting at Camp David. We went through four years of Obama proving he's American, and now we have to go through this?

Senate Hearing On Gun Control LIVE: Gabby Giffords and the NRA's Wayne LaPierre Testify

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre will face off against former Rep. Gabby Giffords' husband astronaut Mark Kelly during today's Senate hearing on gun control.

William 'Mo' Cowan Picked By Deval Patrick to Fill John Kerry's Senate Seat

Governor Deval Patrick has chosen his former chief-of-staff, Mo Cowan to serve as interim U.S. senator from Massachusetts until June's special election.

Joe Biden is An Asset, Not a Liability For President Obama

While he doesn't always have a way with words, Vice President Biden has the knowledge and experience of few in Washington. His connection with the people is also unparalleled.

Al Jazeera News Expands in U.S., Could Become the Answer to America's PR Problem

The U.S. should welcome Al Jazeera's purchase of Current TV and expansion here. Helping it grow will eventually help the U.S government win more hearts and minds in the Middle East.

Soledad O'Brien Proves That Keeping Women Out Of the Military is Just Plain Discrimination

CNN's Soledad O'Brien tricks a women-in-combat opponent into agreeing with a 1941 remark made about the necessity of keeping blacks out of the military.

Mary Jo White At the SEC: Expect a Tougher Brand Of Financial Policing Under Her Watch

The appointment of Mary Jo White, an experienced prosecutor, as SEC chief could be the start of a much tougher approach on the part of the Obama administration vis-a-vis Wall Street.

Are Women in the Military Really Now Considered Equal to Men?

As Leon Panetta overturns the longstanding law banning women from the infantry, America should take a closer look at the consequences for both the military and women's rights.

BlackBerry 10 Experience LIVE Stream: Where to Live Stream the BB10 Experience Event

Here's the link to live stream the BlackBerry 10 Experience event live from New York City.

3 Things Every Facebook Investor Should Know

Facebook (FB) stock is riding a roller coaster and its prospects don't appear to be materially improving. There are 3 things in particular you should watch out for.

Adairsville Tornado Damage: 2 Killed By Severe Southeast Storms

Two reported dead after tornadoes hit Southeast.

BB 10 Release: BlackBerry 10 is the Last Nail in RIM's Coffin

Following a painful presentation during which BlackBerry (formerly RIM) CEO Thorsten Heins did his best to recast the company as young, exciting and innovative, users are not impressed.

Why in the World is Birth Control Sabotage Happening?

Birth control has been a hotly contested political issue of late. In some abusive relationships, people go so far as to interfere with their partner's ability to get or use birth control.

Thorsten Heins, CEO of RIM, "BlackBerry 10 is Here"

The RIM CEO thanked his employees and said this "is just the beginning."

BBM "Screenshare" and BlackBerry "Remember" Are Unveiled

Another new BB10 feature is "screenshare," which allows users to share their devices' screens through the BBM messenger.

Marty Mallick: Skype, Amazon Kindle and WatsApp Are "Committed" to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry's Senior Director of Business Development highlights BlackBerry 10's "committed apps."

BB 10 Release: New Phone Available By Early March in the U.S.

Blackberry unveiled two new phones on Wednesday, both of which are slated for a late February or early March release date.

January Tornadoes: Severe Storms Threaten Southern United States

Tornado season is beginning early this year with tornado watches and warnings across the southeast United States on Wednesday.

Facebook (FB) Stock: Earnings Report Shows FB Growing Mobile Business

The company is making progress, especially in terms of its mobile business.

Chuck Grassley Blames Video Games For Mass Shootings

During Wednesday's Senate hearing on gun control, Sen. Chuck Grassley warned against banning guns based on their "appearance" and harshly criticized the video game industry.

Facebook Earnings: Social Media Giant Posts Huge Revenue Increase, But Profits Are Way Down

Facebook made more money in revenue than ever before in 2012, but profits are way down - causing stock prices to fall nearly 6%.

Mark Kelly: Guns Have Turned "Every Corner" Of Society Into "Places Of Carnage and Gross Human Loss"

Mark Kelly testified before the Senate hearings on gun control today to demand Congress pass laws to prevent gun violence - including universal background checks for all gun purchases.

School Bus Kidnapper Pointed Guns At Neighbors and Killed Dog With a Lead Pipe

Gunman Jimmy Lee Dykes, who is holding a child hostage in his bunker after assaulting a school bus and killing the driver, has a bizarre paranoid history that includes killing a dog.

Economy Shrinks By A Shocking 0.1% in Last Quarter of 2012, And It's The Republicans' Fault

The latest data shows that the U.S. economy shrunk in the last quarter. It's the first contraction since 2009 and Republicans are the ones to blame.

Sen. Chuck Grassley Blames Video Games For Mass Shootings

During Wednesday's Senate hearing on gun control, Sen. Chuck Grassley warned against banning guns based on their "appearance" and harshly criticized the video game industry.

Thorsten Heins: "RIM is Now Called 'BlackBerry'"

RIM CEO just announced RIM will be named "BlackBerry" from now on, as the company "reinvents the company."

Blackberry 10 Leaked Photo: This is What BlackBerry 10 Looks Like

Vietnamese site Tinh Te leaked a photo of what the new BlackBerry 10 looks like (and it matches the image posted by RIM earlier in the week).