Colin Kaepernick Race: Is He Latino or Black, and Everything You Need to Know About the 49ers QB

Colin Kaepernick will lead the San Francisco 49ers into Super Bowl XLVII, capping off a lifelong dream that started in the 4th grade. Here's everything you need to know.

7 Most Anti-Gay Athletes

49ers cornerback Chris Culliver isn't the first athlete to diss gays to make himself look macho. Here are 7 athletes who spewed anti-gay slurs.

Only 38% of Americans Get Mental Health Care When They Need It, and For One Simple Reason

Only 38% of people experiencing a mental health issue receive adequate services. Money is the most common reason people cite for not receiving services, but the ACA will change this in 2014.

Video Games and Gun Violence: No Studies Link Games To Gun Crime

If Chuck Grassley wants to stop gun crime while protecting Second Amendment rights, he should spend his time focusing on actual causes of gun crime rather than blaming 'World of Warcraft.'

Tornadoes in Southeast: 8 States Confirm Tornado Touch Downs

The storms are petering out but the damage from the severe storm that swept the Southeast is just being assessed.

The Americans TV Show Review: Introducing FX Answer to 'Homeland'

The pilot episode of "The Americans" rivals Showtime's "Homeland" with its tales of espionage duplicity.

30 Rock Finale: 10 Reasons Why Liz Lemon is Our Hero

'30 Rock' is ending. Not only is it the end of an era, it's the end of one of the most iconic TV characters ... ever. To properly say goodbye to Liz Lemon, here are 10 reasons why she's our hero.

Republicans Start New Grassroots Campaign to Attract Young Voters, But Will It Be Enough?

The Republican National Committee has announced a new grassroots effort in order to court voters who went for Obama, but will it be enough to win over millennials?

NDAA: February Hearing Over the Act Will Help Determine the Fate Of the Constitution

Some provisions of the NDAA, particularly those which allow for indefinite detention, have been challenged as unconstitutional. Another key legal battle will take place in February.

3 States Are Pushing a Bill to Require Teaching Climate Change Denial in Schools

So far this year, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona have all introduced similar legislative efforts to "balance" the teaching of climate science in schools. What makes them so similar?

War With Iran Shouldn't Happen Because Of Their Nuclear Program

Israel and the West have an unprecedented chance to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons — through diplomacy, rather than absurdly harsh sanctions.

Unemployment Rate: Millennial Jobless Rate and Debt Will Not Sink America

Student loan debt is nowhere near the 2007 mortgage debt that sunk the economy. More so, as the economy recovers, youth unemployment will ease.

6 Reasons Why This Gay Former Eagle Scout Supports the New Boy Scouts Gay Policy

Despite all of the controversy around the Boy Scouts of America's choice to let local chapters and troops decide whether or not to let in gay scouts, the decision is the right one.

PolicyMic Wants You ... to Write About Sexuality, Gender, and Race

Do you know what LGBTQIA means? Do you think the real war on women is economic? Do you have something to say about affirmative action? PolicyMic wants to hear from you!

"Gay Dog" in Tennessee Might be Killed Because Owner Doesn't Want Him

A dog owner in Tennessee has put his dog in a "high kill" animal shelter because he suspects the dog is gay. Could we get any more ridiculous?

Tornado Warning LIVE: Severe Weather Storm Path, Damage, Updates

Severe weather is expected across the eastern United States on Wednesday. Cities from Pensacola to Boston will be affected. LIVE updates on the storm here.

5 Reasons You Should Have Stayed Awake in Your Foreign Policy 101 Class

A basic understanding of foreign policy is an invaluable asset. It helps you sift through the BS pushed in the media, and by politicians.

Chuck Hagel Hearing is a Shameless Exercise in Bipartisan Warmongering

The line of questioning Chuck Hagel received from the Senate Armed Services Committee proves Chuck Hagel's point about the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby.

Military's Shameful Record On Sexual Assault Must Be a Top Priority For Chuck Hagel

Will Chuck Hagel do more to stop rape and sexual harassment in the military than has been done previously?

North Korea Rocket Launch May Have Alienated the Only Friend They Have

Recent, aggressive moves by North Korea have seen a backlash from ally China. Could rising tensions between the two be the break the U.S. needs to get the hermit country to calm down?

Chuck Hagel Hearing LIVE: Will Chuck Hagel Be Confirmed For Secretary of Defense?

Chuck Hagel will face GOP opposition in Congress for his confirmation hearing for secretary of defense.

Federal Reserve Statement Says Growth 'Paused' As Economy Shrank in 4th Quarter

The Federal Open Market Committee's statement released on Wednesday reflects a cautiously optimistic outlook on the economy, despite a contraction in the fourth quarter.

Chuck Hagel Hearing Will Be a Long, Bitter Fight Thanks to John McCain's Hypocrisy

John McCain launched an attack on Chuck Hagel during his secretary of defense nomination hearings. But was the Republican senator hypocritical in his questions to Hagel?

Chuck Hagel Nomination Hearing LIVE Stream: Watch Hagel Go Up Against McCain, Inhofe, Graham

Former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel will face his harshest critics tomorrow in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing at 9:30 AM. Watch the hearing live here.

Gun Control Debate Has Some Democrats Caught Between Constituents and Party

Many Southern Democratic senators are up for re-election. Gun control legislation has them caught between their party and their constituents. Will they sink reform?

Chuck Hagel Confirmation is Hardly the Show Of Bipartisanship Obama Claims It is

Despite Obama's bipartisan posturing, conservatives are not happy with the selection of Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense ... and they have good reason to be displeased.

Why Barney Frank Won't Be the Interim Senator to Replace John Kerry in Massachusetts

The selection of Barney Frank to hold John Kerry's Senate seat until the June election would have helped Washington Democrats, but angered state politicians in Frank's home state.

Double Dip Recession Coming? Consumer Confidence Falls, Foreshadows GDP Drop

GDP has turned Negative. Consumer Confidence is at three year low. Is a double-dip recession coming?

John Kerry Nomination: Will the New Secretary Of State Be Able to Do What Hillary Clinton Did For Women's Health?

Amidst all the hubbub over Hillary Clinton's new Super PAC and potential presidential bid, her record on women's health globally should not be forgotten, especially by her replacement.

Student Debt Delinquency Soars 22% — Millennials Most Likely to Default

Both the average student loan debt and the student loan default rate ballooned in 2012, as millennials are a greater risk of default than Xers and boomers when they graduated from college.

QE to Infinity? Ben Bernanke Can't Print Us Out Of the Great Recession

The Federal Reserve's policy of quantitative easing is keeping financial markets drunk on cheap money, and will ultimately make the hangover worse later on.

Fracking is Safe and Creates Jobs, But Don't Try Telling That to New York State

New York state's natural gas opponents are working against the wishes of their constituents and keeping jobs out of New York as Pennsylvania sees an energy boom.

John McCain Grills Hagel, Signaling Confirmation Will Be Tough Fight

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) went on the attack against Chuck Hagel during his secretary of defense nomination hearings, indicating the GOP will move to block his confirmation.

Hagel Nomination Hearing: Jim Inhofe Hits Hagel Hard

Senate Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Jim Inhofe began proceedings by calling him an 'appeaser'. Is Chuck Hagel's confirmation hearing starting off ugly?

John McCain Rips Hagel in Senate Hearing, But Had Proposed Him For Secretary of Defense In 2000

Sen. John McCain just viciously attacked Chuck Hagel for a worldview he called in "fundamental" opposition to his own. But guess who he nominated for secretary of defense in 2000?

Chuck Hagel Confirmation Hearing: Why He'll Be Confirmed

President Obama and former Senator Chuck Hagel have used all levers of persuasion building a case for Hagel's appointment to the Pentagon, and that hard work will pay off shortly.

Chuck Hagel Hearing: 4 Ways He Would Affect the Iran-Israel Conflict

After Chuck Hagel was nominated for defense secretary, many went public with the premise that his nomination will represent a dramatic shift in U.S. policy toward Iran and Israel. Is it true?

4 Places You Could Go If You Racked Up Hillary Clinton's Flight Miles

Secretary Hillary Clinton has just broke the record for traveling to the most countries ever, and racked up nearly one million miles over the last four years.

Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson: Google Doodle Honors Baseball Legend

Why is Jackie Robinson today's Google doodle? Because today is the baseball legend's 94th birthday.

Sarah Palin Was Paid HOW MUCH Per Word By Fox News?

A new study breaks down Sarah Palin's tenure at Fox News, and how much she was paid on average by the network.

BlackBerry 10: Why It Could Save the Company From Extinction

The new BB10 allows four applications to be open on the screen simultaneously while the user can move seamlessly between them.

Chuck Hagel Israel Comments At the Forefront Of Confirmation Hearing

Chuck Hagel's confirmation hearing has turned into a contest among senators to see who can come off as being the most pro-Israel.

Secretary of Defense Confirmation Hearings: What Factors Should Be Considered?

Chuck Hagel wishes to be at the helm of our nation's defense. Is he worthy to succeed Leon Panetta?

Kerry and Hagel Have a Chance to Shine, By Cleaning Up the Mess in Afghanistan

Kerry and Hagel have the chance to let their leadership shine by getting dirty and cleaning up the mess that's been left to them. They could start with that "poo" pond in Afghanistan.

Alabama Hostage Standoff Enters 2nd Day

Jimmy Lee Dykes, who allegedly killed a school bus driver and is holding a six year old child hostage in a bunker, is still holding out.

John Warner to Chuck Hagel: "You are on your own. Good luck."

Former Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) ended opening statements at the Chuck Hagel hearing for his secretary of defense nomination kidding on the square, telling him he was 'on your own'.

Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense Hearing: Will His Charm Offensive Pay Off?

Chuck Hagel is about to face Congress for the first time in his confirmation process for Secretary of Defense. Will his aggressively diplomatic strategy pay off?

Chuck Hagel Hearing: Hagel Opens By Firing Back At Critics

Chuck Hagel fired back against critics of his nomination for secretary of defense Thursday in the opening statement to his hearing, saying his record has been distorted.

Al Qaeda Posts Threat Of Imminent, "Shocking" Attacks Online

An author claiming to work with Al-Qaeda has posted a threat of imminent, mass attacks against America and Europe. Are the threats credible?