This is What Genocide Looks Like: A Shocking Look Inside North Korean Camp 14

North Korean political prisoner Shin Dong Hyuk shares his harrowing story of survival in a total control concentration camp.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: New Love Triangle Bores, Irritates

This episode, viewers of The Big Bang Theory see how Alex and her growing infatuation with Leonard introduces a new level of chaos in the way that a third party can bring to a shaky relationship.

The 5 Most Clichéd Movie Character Jobs Ever

I mean honestly, are there that many architects in real life?

Immigration Reform 2013: Will the GOP Change Its Mind on the DREAM Act?

After the defeat of Mitt Romney in the presidential election, many Republicans have signaled that they would be willing to embrace immigration reform

Tax Exempt Religious Organizations: Why U.S. Churches Should No Longer Be Tax Exempt

In Italy, the Roman Catholic Church will no longer be exempt from property tax. The U.S. should follow suit and promote financial transparency in religious institutions.

China's Economy in 2013: Can it Ease the Property Bubble?

In 2013, China's economy will be faced with new opportunities and challenges. Most notably, the country will have to wean itself off real estate fueled growth and into more productive areas.

Chris Christie is Ushering in the End of the Republican Party

After a series of internal squabbles and public setbacks, the Republican Party seems ready to fold up its tent.

LG OLED TV: $10,000 Hi-Def Television Could Be Bad News For Gamers

As LG starts taking pre-orders for the latest product to advance the television industry, it's possible this could make people more against games.

Fisher v. University of Texas: Supreme Court Could End Affirmative Action, and Efforts to Bridge Race

Changes in public opinion toward affirmative action reflect a profound rethinking of race, privilege, and diversity in America.

Hurricane Sandy Aid: Immoral Relief Bill Passed by House and Senate Creates More Victims

While the passage of a “Sandy aid bill” sounds great on paper, the ethical arguments against this bill make it unworthy for passage.

Denny's Restaurant Kicks Out Armed Cop, as Paranoia About Guns Reaches New Highs

An Illinois Denny's asked a police officer to take her gun outside. The local police department has responded by boycotting the restaurant.

Westboro Baptist Church is Left-Wing Conspiracy, Seen Through the Crazy Lens of Fox News

A Fox Nation piece about the bikers who prevented Westboro Baptist Church members from protesting a Sandy Hook funeral reveals that Fox News and WBC may have more in common than one might think.

In 2013, It's Time for Women to Take Control of Our Future

Gender bias is so embedded in our culture that it traps us in a cycle of tired thoughts, stereotyped images, and inaction. Now it's time for 21st century feminism: leadership and action.

Immigration Reform 2013: Obama Just Doesn't Have Time for Serious Reform

While Obama has pledged to make immigration reform a priority in his second term, the reality is that he has too much on his plate to make good on his promise.

6 Women More Inspiring and Influential Than Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke is well-known for her advocacy for women's reproductive rights. But there are other women you should get to know as well if you are interested in women who empower others.

Hugo Chavez Death: What Will Venezuela Look Like Without Him?

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced that President Chavez was suffering complications from his most recent surgery. Looking forward, what will Venezuela be without Chavez?

There Were 482 Military Suicides in 2012, Compared to 310 Military Deaths

Suicides have increased for all services, and the total has surpassed combat related deaths for 2012.

When 1 in 5 Americans Don't Belong to a Religion, is God Dead in 2013?

Forget the hype and believe the stats. Religious affiliation is falling, and more Americans than ever label themselves as “nones.”

Fiscal Cliff Deal: New Taxes Mean the Unemployed Will Lose More Than the Wealthy

Congress has put ideology ahead of the needs of average Americans to make a deal which will make life worse for home-buyers, business owners, the unemployed and anyone else who depends on credit

Sandy Hook Shows Our Service Men and Women Deserve Better Mental Health Care

Behind recent shootings were gunmen who could've benefited from better mental care. There are a lot of at-risk groups who need better mental health care, especially service members and vets.

Roe v. Wade 40th Anniversary: The State of Women's Rights

A brief look back on the landmark case, why 2012 saw a major uptick in anti-abortion legislation.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill: Republicans Are Despicable Not to Vote For it

We should never deliberate over the lives and well-being of our own citizens. This was a fail on the part of Congress.

13 Libertarian New Year's Resolutions for 2013

In order to make sure that 2013 continues to see a spread of libertarianism throughout the U.S. and the world, here are 13 resolutions that I plan to keep throughout the year and beyond as well.

Muhtesem Yuzyil: Why Prime Minister Erdogan is at War With Turkey's Top Soap Opera

Turkey's prime minister Tayyip Erdogan is spending a lot of political time and capital to ban the soap opera 'Muhtesem Yuzyil.' With so much going on in the country, why is he focusing on this?

4 Absurd Tax Breaks That Were Secretly Snuck Into the Fiscal Cliff Bill

There are absurd tax breaks for NASCAR, Hollywood, Goldman Sachs, and others in the fiscal cliff bill.

Gold 2013 Forecast: Industry Leaders Cautiously Optimistic

Hovering around nearly $1,700 per ounce, gold is hardly over-valued.

Judge Derek Johnson Accused Rape Victim of Not ‘Putting Up a Fight:’ Kick Him Off the Bench

Someone with such misguided, inaccurate, and offensive views on rape shouldn't be allowed to preside over future rape cases. There’s a petition to remove him from the bench. Sign it.

The Fiscal Cliff Revealed That Congress Actually Works ... Seriously

In the fiscal cliff deal, we've got to analyze what worked and try to reuse that to achieve balanced outcomes that will work better for America.

Federal Regulation Could Doom Kickstarter ... and Creativity in Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission may soon establish regulations for crowdfunding small businesses, but such guidelines could undo the creative mechanisms that make such ventures great.

College Students Were 2012's Unsung Heroes for Free Speech

With the aid of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, college students across the nation fought for their First Amendment rights in 2012, and won major victories on campus.

Now That 2012's Over, Women Will No Longer Be Defined by "Women's Issues"

Women care about more than just abortion and contraception. The downtrend of women's issues in 2013 offer women the chance to define themselves and pursue policies uniquely applicable to them.

Debt Ceiling Hit: What If We Actually Had to Pay For All This Stuff?

Our legislators are again set to raise the debt ceiling. But imagine a world where we actually have to pay for what our government spends, how would this world be different?

This is How Obama Can Bring Down the National Debt in the Next Two Months

The roadmap for President Obama to solve our fiscal crisis starts and ends with two words: entitlement reform.

Congress is Doing Absolutely Nothing to Protect Your Digital Privacy

In its recent decision over the Video Privacy Protection Act, Congress has shown that it is is worryingly willing to water down privacy protections.

FIFA 13 Honored as AbleGamer's Most Accessible Game of the Year

AbleGamers, an organization that helps disabled gamers, commended the soccer simulation FIFA 13 for its success with accessibility.

Ron Paul Says We've Gone Over the Fiscal Cliff, But He's Only Half Right

Ron Paul says that we are over the fiscal cliff, but he's only partly correct.

Debt Ceiling 2013: The Next Big Issue Congress Has to Tackle

The fiscal cliff negotiations did not do a damn thing to ameliorate the debt crisis.

The Tax System is Not Broken, it Was Designed to Destroy the Economy

The US tax system isn’t broke. In fact, it is doing exactly what it was designed to do, destroying the American economy and fostering societal revolution.

3 Massive Issues Republicans Need to Pay Close Attention to in 2013

As the 113th Congress replaces the 112th, House Republicans should pay close attention to three vital issues to avoid further gridlock and poor prospects for the GOP.

GOP in California in Total Disarray: Why It Could be a Sign of Things to Come For National Republicans

Nationally, Republicans would be wise to avoid the missteps of the California Republican Party, which is heading for obscurity.

Why Conservatives Should Actually Be Rejoicing the Fiscal Cliff Deal

The Bush-era rates have been made permanent for 98% of the population. Republicans should not be lamenting the final fiscal cliff deal.

Debt Ceiling Deal: What Should We Cut?

Until we get some consensus on our national priorities and whether to cut Medicare, Social Security, or national defense, we will continue doing battle over the budget.

Malala Yousafzai Released From London Hospital, Her Road to Recovery Begins

The young Pakistani activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking up for girls’ education was released from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London on Thursday.

Northwest Africa 7034 Meteor: New Water-Rich Mars Meteorite Discovered in Africa

Scientists believe that if they can find liquid water on Mars the planet might be able to sustain life, so evidence that there once was liquid water present is tracked closely.

BLS Unemplolyment Rate: At 7.8%, Could the Government Be Fudging the Numbers?

BLS estimated America’s unemployment rate for December to have been 7.8%. New job growth from the employer survey came out at 140,000+.

Could Hillary Clinton 2016 Be Derailed By Her Recent Health Scare?

Hillary Clinton's recent illness has some wondering if she is fit for office.