Steubenville Rape Case: Calls For Big Red Football Coach Reno Saccoccia to Resign

As the team’s coach, it was Saccoccia’s responsibility to curb the development of rape culture and sense of invincibility that we see so often in idolized young athletes.

Aaron Green and Morgan Gliedman: Why White People Get a Free Pass When It Comes to Terrorism

A New York couple in possession of high explosives, firearms, and a grenade launcher were arrested in a dramatic raid Saturday. So why isn't the media speculating on whether they're terrorists?

Why Reinstating the Military Draft is a Bad Idea

Recent public discourse regarding the reestablishment of a draft by some well-known and well-regarded public figures has people wondering if this is the correct national course of action.

Downton Abbey Season 3 Premiere: America Is Ready For More British Grandeur

Downton Abbey, the British period drama, will have its third season premiere on Sunday. British high society and Downton's unique twists underlie the TV show's popularity.

Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support: Why This is an LGBT Issue

With homosexual relationships and families becoming more commonly accepted, the law needs to catch up and allow for family structures beyond the traditional mother, father, child composition.

Fiscal Cliff Bill Cheat Sheet: What's in the Bill

A look at the content of the American Taxpayer Relief Act.

When Flying Bring Duct Tape

On a flight from Iceland to JFK, one drunk man met his match in fellow passengers armed with duct tape. They tied him nice and tight proving duct tape can come in handy in when in mid air.

Lincolnton Furniture Closing is Perfect Symbol of Obama's Economic "Recovery"

Lincolnton Furniture Company closed this week just one year after it was hailed by Obama as an example of the recovering economy.

Hillary Clinton Deserves an A+ For Leaving the State Department Better Than She Found It

Under Hillary Clinton's leadership, both the State Department and America have regained respect and influence around the world.

How Hillary Clinton Democratized Diplomacy One Tweet at a Time

By embracing new technological innovations in the context of a traditional bureaucratic structure, Clinton has democratized diplomacy.

Why I Called John Boehner a Dictator

The Republican Party is a lot like a failing dictatorship; it is the end game before an inevitable change.

The Prices of College Textbooks Are Too Damn High (But Here's How to Find Them On the Cheap)

Since 1978 college textbooks have increased 812%. But folks like Bookrenters and Boundless are offering cheaper distribution models.

Kansas Wants Sperm Donor to Pay Child Support: Is This Homophobia?

Kansas wants sperm donor William Marotta to pay child support even though he signed a contract with a lesbian couple to hold him harmless. Is this state-sponsored homophobia?

How to Champion Women's Rights in 3 Essential Steps

Here are the top three policies that could make a world of difference for women worldwide.

Church of England Lifts Ban On Gay Male Bishops, If They're Celibate

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement welcomed the decision but said that gay bishops should not have to be celibate.

13 Foreign Policy Challenges (and Predictions) For America in 2013

From Syria to Israel to Egypt to Iran, these are the 13 foreign policy issue the Obama administration will have to deal with during its second term.

Sunday Talk Show Roundup: Mitch McConnell, and a Bunch of Newbie Congressmen on the Fiscal Cliff and Debt Ceiling (LIVE Updates)

Sunday Jan 6th. talk show schedule, preview, and analysis: McConnell runs Boehner's damage control, Bowles-Simpson is back, and roundtables with new legislators on the GOP-fiscal cliff fiasco.

Aurora Shooting: Gunman in Aurora, Colorado Mass Shooting May Have Been Meth User (LIVE Updates)

The gunman who killed 3 Aurora, Colorado residents and lost his own life Saturday morning may have been on drugs such as methamphetamine, suggest unconfirmed reports from neighbors.

New Congress Breaks the White Heterosexual Male Monopoly

The 98 women, 43 African-Americans, 31 Latinos, 12 Asian American and Pacific Islanders, and 7 gay and bisexual members of the 113th Congress represent the next America.

I Bankrupted the USA, and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Perhaps the last great federal spending program before the debt bubble bursts upon us in a year or a decade should be the printing of 315 million T-shirts with this caption.

December's Labor Report Shows Economy Responded Well to Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

AP explained, "the stable hiring last month shows that employers didn't panic during the high-stakes talks."