Jyoti Singh Pandey: 5 Men Charged With Murder of Delhi Gang Rape Victim (VIDEO)

The five men accused of the gang rape and murder of 23-years-old Delhi physiotherapy student Jyoti Singh Pandey have been officially charged.

Girls Season 2: This Show is Just Too Graphic for Television

HBO's 'Girls' proved its first season to be open to anything, no matter how perverse. Season 2 will shine a light on our society, which is not just fiscally bankrupt, but morally as well.

Assault Weapons Bans Didn't Work in Australia and Won't Work in America

Assault weapons bans don't work, just ask Australia and the UK.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Why This Would Be the Best and Worst Choice For Democrats

Hillary Clinton is the only Democratic woman of sufficient national stature, today, to run a credible campaign for president. But here's why she would be the best and worst choice for Democrats.

BCS Rankings: Alabama and Notre Dame May Not Be the Two Best Teams

The BCS and NCAA systems can't predict the best college football teams. As a result, we need a college football playoff system, and it should look like this.

14-Year-Girl Raped and Videotaped By 7 Men in Romania

This incident is just one more horrific result of the pervasive global rape culture.

Assault Weapons Ban is Not Needed: U.S. Murder Rate is Near An All-Time Low

Tragedies occur every day, and they will continue to occur. Admittedly, some of these will involve guns. But violent crime and gun violence is not out of control.

Jyoti Singh Pandey: Why Her Tragic Death is Just the Tip Of the Iceberg in India

In the days since Damini's tragic death, protests continue, as does the uncovering of several similar rape cases and violations of basic rights.

Immigration Reform: 4 Signs That the Tide is Finally Turning in 2013

The re-election of Obama and the Republican Party's subsequent existential crisis, have sparked new energy toward remedying America's indisputably broken immigration system.

Steubenville Rape: Has Anonymous Hijacked Our Justice System?

A masked force of vigilante justice inspiring fear and respect, Anonymous are seen by some as an army of Batmen, and by others as a mob of anarchist Jokers.

Dianne Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban is "Racist"

Assault weapons legislation, like racism, is "because of the way they look," according to former NRA president Marion Hammer.

John Kerry Secretary of State Nomination: How 2004 is Haunting Him

The group responsible for one of the most controversial political attacks in recent history have come back to smear John Kerry. Again.

Inauguration 2013: 4 Things That Will Make Obama's Inauguration Speech One of the Best Ever

In his first try, President Barack Obama gave a underwhelming inauguration speech. Here are 4 things he can do in his next speech to hit a home run.

Dianne Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban: Why It’s a Good First Step

Adam Lanza, James Holmes, and other shooters all inflicted massive casualties because of the types weapons they were using in their massacres. Post-Sandy Hook reform starts with these guns.

NDAA: What We’re Giving Up For This Defense Bill

President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law right before the new year — but what will be giving up in the name of national security in 2013?

BCS Rankings: The Two Best Teams Are Alabama and USC, According to EA Sports

With a somewhat dated engine and even more dated stats, the NCAA football game had a tough time keeping up with reality.

James Holmes Trial: This Will Be the Trial of the Decade

On Tuesday, Aurora mass murderer James Eagan Holmes goes to trial in what is arguably the most important legal proceeding in years.

43 Abortion Restrictions Were Passed In 2012, Second-Most of All Time

Last year was a bad year for pro-choice advocates, as states enacted crafty laws designed to circumvent privacy rights.

Scandal Season 2 Premiere: 5 Things You Need to Know Before the Thursday Night Premiere

The second season of ABC's hit 'Scandal' returns on Thursday. Here are the five things you need to know before diving into one of the most incredible new dramas on television. Spoilers ahead.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Half-Truths Cloud the Debate Over U.S. Debt

China does not "own" the U.S. and other common misconceptions will cloud the debt ceiling debate in 2013.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6: The Art of Being Smart Without Being Deep

The Big Bang Theory doesn't have a lot of depth or meaning, but it is still a great show with a lot of intelligent, non-lazy writing.

'Honey Boo Boo,' and the Rise Of "Hick" Culture On Reality TV

Somewhere between the mess of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,' 'Catfish,' and 'Buckwild,' hick culture became America's new reality TV fascination. But why on Earth did that happen?

DNA Mutations Can Help Personalize Medicine, New Study Shows

New research from the 1000 Genomes Project shows advancements in medical research and future personalized medicine possibilities that could make today's diseases so yesterday.

James Holmes Trial: Why the Aurora Shooter Should Be Executed

In this case, the need for capital punishment isn't about determent; it's about justice and social order.

10 Radical Members of the House of Representatives

Outrageous statements and general craziness, courtesy of the 10 most radical members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 1: Shirley MacLaine, a Wedding, and a Whole Lot of Love

American audiences, Season 3 of 'Downton Abbey' has finally hit our shores. Shirley MacLaine made her 'Downton' debut and we learned even facing financial ruin, this family sticks together.

Obama Inauguration 2013: 5 Issues Liberals Can Look Forward to During a Second Term

Now that President Obama and the Democrats have had their platforms affirmed by voters, it's time to move forward. From gun control to Senate rules reform, liberals have a fairly good year ahead.

Student Loan Debt in the U.S. Approaches $1,000,000,000,000

Outstanding student debt in the U.S. is approaching one trillion dollars. When nearly 70% of graduate students finance their education with federal loans, is an advanced degree really worth it?

Hobby Lobby: How the Hobby Lobby Lawsuit is Firing Up Christian Conservatives

The Obamacare contraception provision might be galvanizing the beaten up Christian right that helped elect President George W. Bush.

Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban is Bad For America

Dianne Feinstein's assault weapons bill will not serve to unite America, even in the wake of Sandy Hook. Rather, it will promote political divisiveness.

DOMA, Gay Marriage to Be Addressed by Supreme Court in March

On March 26, SCOTUS will hear oral arguments regarding Proposition 8, the gay marriage banned passed by California voters in 2008, and a New York challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

'Star Trek: Starfinder': A New Audio Series For Die Hard Trekkers

A new 'Star Trek' audio series, 'Star Trek: Starfinder,' is fast approaching. An interview with the two creative masterminds behind the series let's Trekkers know what they can look forward to.

8 Republicans Who Want to Hold America Hostage With the Debt Ceiling

Some Republicans will go to great ends to make sure their objectives are met in any debt negotiations.

Star Trek Into Darkness Screening: J.J. Abrams Privately Screens Film to Terminally Ill Trekkie

The famed director allowed his fan to view an unfinished cut of the upcoming film. The fact that Abrams has been known to be very secretive about his projects makes this deed truly commendable.

General McChrystal Book: Excerpt From New Memoir 'My Share Of the Task'

An excerpt from General Stanley A. McChrystal new memoir, 'My Share of the Task.'

4 Reasons Hillary Clinton is the Greatest Secretary of State of All Time

From Texts From Hillary to her record-breaking travel schedule, here are the top four reasons that Hillary Clinton is the best Secretary of State imaginable.

Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban No Longer Needed Thanks to iGun

Biometrics and grip pattern detection technology can be used to make guns safer and prevent the wrong hands from firing them. But, would the gun lobby be on board with this?

India Pakistan Conflict: Kashmir Territory is Again Site of Bloodshed

The disputed territory of Kashmir once again sees violence between the Indian and Pakistani forces.

Assault Weapons Ban: How Politicians Manipulate the Debate

Gun control advocates and politicians throw around terms like "weapons of war" and "assault weapon" for political gain.

Same Sex Marriage States: Gay Marriage Soon to Be a Reality in Minnesota?

Whether same-sex marriage is an issue the MN legislature is ready to pick up in the 2013 session is yet to be seen. But both sides of the issue will continue to fight for their cause.

Chuck Hagel Nomination: A Look At the Security Threats He Will Face

The next secretary of defense will immediately be faced with managing American commitments and new priorities, from budget constraints to environmental challenges to cyber terrorism.

Syria Civil War: Why Syria Will Be a Top Security Concern in 2013

The continuing bloodshed, potential use of chemical weapons, and concerns about terrorist groups will keep Syria at the top of international security discussions in 2013.

Cory Booker 2014: Newark Mayor Would Make a Better Senator Than Governor

Newark Mayor Cory Booker looks set to run against 88-year-old incumbent Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) in 2014, rather than facing off against New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie.

Fiscal Bill Cuts to Education Nutrition Will Increase Spending On Health Care in the Long Run

Congress' inclusion of $110 million in cuts to nutrition education is a poor decision that will only increase health expenses in the long run.

Student Debt: Congress Finally Addressing Outrageous Tuition Costs

There have been a few new federal programs to help borrowers pay back their loans, but none that address the root problem of why it’s so expensive to get an education in this country.

XBox 720 Could Be Released During E3 in June

Larry Hyrb, also known as Major Nelson, has posted a countdown to this year's E3 on his blog, sparking rumors of a 2013 Xbox 720 release.

Shelby Counter v. Holder: Why America Needs It

An outmoded part of the Voting Rights Act forces certain states to clear any changes to their elections with the DOJ, an unnecessary measure which is no longer truly constitutional.

Stocks 2013: Why It Could Be a Good Year for Markets

Moving out of defensive assets such as Treasuries and cash into a diversified stock portfolio would be a logical choice at this time.

Israel Election Paints a Bleak Picture For Progressives

It looks like Israel's hawks will win out, yet again, following elections on January 22.

Adam Lanza Wore Earplugs While Shooting His Victims at Sandy Hook Elementary

The Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooter might have used the earplugs to muffle the children's screams, or as a habit developed from shooting at gun ranges.

What My Experience as a Female in Defense Tells Me About the Next Secretary of Defense Choice

Though Chuck Hagel is not the best choice to lead the Defense Department, he probably will be confirmed despite Michelle Flournoy's better qualifications and experience.

Ron Paul's Grandson Arrested at Charlotte Airport For Underage Drinking

19-year-old Paul was arrested for "underage drinking and disorderly conduct." Will this affect Rand Paul's presidential ambitions?

'The Simpsons,' Our 23-Year Love Affair With You is the Longest Relationship We've Ever Had

A nostalgic look at America's longest running sitcom, and why we still love it 23 years later.

North Korea 2013: Greater Transparency a Sign of Things to Come

Kim Jong-un's desire for more publicity is sign of things to come in North Korea.

Debt Ceiling Crisis: As GOP Readies to Let Us Default, Dems Consider Invoking the 14th Amendment

With the Fiscal Cliff thankfully now behind us, last week, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner raised our next crisis: Federal borrowing has reached the $16.394 trillion debt ceiling.

Chicago Murder Rate Increases 18% in 2012 Because of Warm Weather

The murder rate in Chicago spiked by 18% in 2012 for a couple reasons.

Adam Lanza Massacre Prompts Town to Start a Violent Video Game Buyback

Southington, a town less than an hour away from Newtown, is attempting to curtail violence by ending the possession of violent video games, CDs and DVDs.

UAV Drones: What Are the Deadliest Drones Out There?

There are so many unmanned drones out there, and the arsenal of new drone weapons is only growing. Here's a brief look into the world of unmanned aerial systems.

Jyoti Singh Pandey: Delhi Gang Rape Trial Should End With the Death Penalty

If convicted, those on trial in Delhi gang rape should get the death penalty. Even in prison there is the possibility of moments of enjoyment and that's something these monsters don't deserve.

Alabama School Bomb Plot: Teacher Prevents Another Sandy Hook By Turning in Student's Journal

Derek Shrout was charged with attempted assault after he planned to use homemade explosives to attack fellow students at Russell County High School. He was inspired by the Sandy Hook shooting.

Land of the Free? What the U.S. Has In Common With Iran, Sudan, and Somalia

A look at why the U.S. has refused ratification of a widely adopted U.N. treaty on women's rights.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Spending is Out of Control and Here's How to Stop It

An interstate compact, being advanced by Compact for America, would rein in Washington.

Scott Brown: Why He Can Win in Massachusetts This Time

This time around, Scott Brown will likely face a much less formidable opponent than Elizabeth Warren: Ed Markey.

8 Reasons Why the 113th Could Be Even Worse Than the 112th

The more things change, the more they stay the same (or worse).

Twitter IPO: Will This Be the Sequel to the Facebook (FB) Stock Flop?

Facebook's IPO last year brought with it overinflated expectations, poor stock performance, and a backlash by market experts. Will the same happen to Twitter?

Rand Paul For President Rumors Heat Up As Senator Visits Israel

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is visiting Israel for an eight-day tour, in a move to bolster his foreign policy credentials and possibly gain credibility for a 2016 presidential bid.

Woman Charged With Murder of Newborn Because She Ate Rat Poison While Pregnant

An incredibly sad case in Indiana has raised complex questions about women's rights and the state's interest in protecting fetuses.

Debt Ceiling Showdown: 5 Things to Know to Avoid Sounding Like a Fool

The debt ceiling showdown is already underway, but before it gets in full swing here are 5 things to keep in mind as you participate in it.

Log Cabin Republicans Blast Chuck Hagel For Anti-Gay Remarks – But is This Really About Gay Rights?

Conservative LGBT advocacy organization, Log Cabin Republicans, may be attacking Hagel because the Israel lobby or high-ranking Republicans are telling them to do so.

Chuck Hagel, John Brennan Nominated by Obama For Top Posts

The president today nominated former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) for Secretary of Defense and counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan for CIA Director in a live speech from the White House.

How Reading Blade Runner Could Make You Better at Business

Research Radio's latest podcast checks in with Associate Professor of Nonprofit Management Nidhi Srinivas about how interpreting the past helps us imagine the future.

Chuck Hagel and John Brennan Will Face Urgent Foreign Policy Threats From Day 1

Chuck Hagel and John Brennan join John Kerry to form Obama's national security leadership team.

Sen. Chuck Hagel, SecDef Nominee : Distortion Of My Record is "Astounding"

Sen. Chuck Hagel - Obama nominee for Secretary of Defense - claims that the distortions of his record by detractors are "astounding," we need to "protect Israel so it doesn't get isolated."

Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense Nomination LIVE: Obama Nominates Republican Senator

President Obama will give a speech at 1 PM in which he may nominate Republican ex-Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense and terrorism advisor John Brennan as CIA Director. Watch here LIVE.

The Debt Ceiling: A Battle for the Future of America

In 1626, the Lenape Indians sold Manhattan Island (and their future) for a handful of "free stuff." Will this be the same outcome for today's Americans after the next debt ceiling crisis?

Twitter IPO: Will Investors Repeat the Facebook Fiasco?

UBS lost millions on Facebook and lots of others gambled and came up short. Will Twitter's IPO be a repeat?