X-37b and the 5 Scariest Super Weapons the Military is Developing in 2013

Around 12% of defense spending is going to R&D. What wild weapons of the future is the military building? Here's a quick glance.

NDAA 2013 Allows Indefinite Detention Of U.S. Citizens By President

Despite initially threatening a veto, President Obama singed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013, which allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.

Chris Christie 2016: He Would Beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election

Hillary Clinton may be a superstar in American politics, but Chris Christie is the Republican that can beat her in 2016.

Jyoti Singh Pandey Rape: India Prepares For Trial Of 6 Accused in Gang Rape Death

On December 16, Jyoti Singh Pandey was brutally raped in New Delhi, India. On January 7, the proceedings begin against the five men and one minor charged with her rape, murder, and kidnapping.

Alex Jones Piers Morgan YouTube Interview: Pro Gun Radio Host Loses It on CNN

The pro-gun advocate and leader of the "Deport Piers Morgan" petition lost it last night on CNN. Watch the video here.

Even the U.S. Census Is Totally Baffled By Race Politics

The U.S Census is re-evaluating how they measure race for the 2020 Census in an attempt to be more racially inclusive.

Marijuana Legalization: Obama is Letting Innocent Citizens Go to Jail For Breaking a Dumb Law

A California man has been sent to federal prison for selling medical marijuana despite never breaking state law. Obama should order an end to raids on legal pot shops, but he won't.

BAFTA Nominees 2013: 7 Predictions For the British Oscars

BAFTA nominees will be announced Wednesday morning and this year could be a mixed-bag for the coveted British prize. 'Anna Karenina,' and 'The Dark Knight Rises,' may top the list.

Jyoti Singh Pandey Death: Rapists Say They Are Not Guilty

Mukesh Singh and Akshay Thakur, two of the men accused of gang-raping and killing a 23-year-old student in a moving Delhi bus, will plead not guilty.

Hillary Clinton Or Joe Biden 2016: Who Would Obama Actually Endorse?

Looking ahead to 2016, the Democratic Party has a few tricks up its sleeve. The nomination could come down to Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton. In that case, who would Obama endorse?

Justified Season 4 Premiere Date: January 8 FX Will Be Packing Heat

On January 8, Season 4 of FX's 'Justified' premieres. Just in time, the show is the reminder we need that a man with a gun can protect us and keep us safe from harm.

James Holmes Fired 33 Bullets Into the 12 People He Killed: His Only Fair Punishment is Death

James Holmes viciously murdered 12 people and injured 58 others in Aurora, Colorado. The preliminary hearings are in process. Holmes murdered in cold blood, and deserves death.

25 Things To Know By the Time You're 25

By the time you're 25, you've lived long enough to know the basics. These 25 things have to be on the list.

Miss Alabama Katherine Webb Steals the BCS Show, But For the Wrong Reasons

Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend stole the show last night at the BCS title game when ESPN announcer Brent Musburger creepily introduced her on camera.

Immigration Reform: Don't Expect Congress to Make Big Changes in 2013

Congress has a bad track record when it comes to keeping its New Year's resolutions. But could 2013 be the year Congress finally hunkers down and accomplishes comprehensive immigration reform?

War With Iran: Why It Isn't Even Close to Happening

Contrary to possible evidence, don't expect the Iranian regime to reveal or assemble a nuke in 2013.

Massachusetts Senate Special Election: Scott Brown vs Ed Markey?

The Massachusetts special election for John Kerry's senate seat has one declared candidate, and a host of possibilities biding their decision, including presumptive favorite Scott Brown,

Immigration Reform: A Record 409,849 Deportations Happened in 2012, A Clear Sign We Need Change

The immigration issue is reaching fever pitch, and comprehensive immigration reform could get done as early as June 2013.

Assault Weapons Ban: Democrats Need Better Messaging to Pass the Bill

On the assault weapons ban, Democrats need to get better about messaging. They could learn a thing or two from Republicans. Remember the PATRIOT Act?

James Holmes Trial: The Aurora Killer Should Not Be Deemed Insane

James Holmes murdered 12 people and wounded 58 others. If he's deemed insane, he won't get the full punishment he deserves.

Sean Lowe The Bachelor: Season 17 is Sean's Second Chance at Love

On Monday night, Season 17 of 'The Bachelor' will start up with Sean Lowe at the helm. Don't remember Sean from 'The Bachelorette'? Not your fault, he's as vanilla as they come.

David Bowie Where Are We Now: New Single Breaks Decade Of Silence

We haven't heard a peep from David Bowie in years. And suddenly, on his 66th birthday, he releases this killer song.

Chris Christie Will Run For President in 2016

Chris Christie's actions over the past year suggest he is already priming the pump for a presidential bid in 2016.

Jyoti Singh Pandey Rape: Victim is Guilty Too, Says Guru

Deranged Hindu "leader" Asaram Bapu astonishingly claims the Delhi gang rape victim "should have been more friendly to her attackers" if she wanted to preserve her own life. Wow.

Dianne Feinstein and Obama Should Pressure Democrats to Pass An Assault Weapons Ban ASAP

After the fiscal cliff negotiations and now that the new 113th Congress has been sworn in, Obama and the Dems have enough political capital to push gun control legislation.

Immigration Reform 2013: Republicans Singing a Different Tune But Aren't Serious About Change

Republicans are trying to regroup after the last election and appeal to a broader demographic ... but are they serious about change?

Alex Jones: Piers Morgan Kicked Me Out, And Bloomberg is Out to Kill Me (VIDEO)

Fresh off his CNN meltdown, conservative radio talk show host Alex Jones is now claiming New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg sent "undercover cops dressed as crackheads" to kill him.

Are Millennials Bored of Abortion Rights?

NARAL's former president Nancy Keenan suggests that millennials don't care about abortion in a post-Roe world. But is she right?

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Has No Respect for Taxpayers

$750,000 was spent on Pat McCrory's transition, to become the new governor of North Carolina.

Obesity Crisis: Obese British to Lose Welfare if They Don't Exercise: Should America Follow Suit?

The UK is trying to save public money by taking away welfare benefits from obese citizens who refuse to work out. Would this work in America?

Predator Drone Strikes Kill Up to 50 Civilians For Every 1 Terrorist Assassinated: Study

A study from Columbia Law School finds that the number of Pakistani civilians killed in drone strikes “significantly and consistently underestimated" as many as 98% of those killed are civilians.

Jon Stewart On GOP Hate For Sandy Aid: If You Can't Vote For This, Then We're F*cked

Jon Stewart used his first show of 2013 to criticize House Republicans for voting against a Hurricane Sandy relief package, calling them "assholes" and their reasoning "bullshit."

As Arizona Goes, So Goes the Nation ... And Arizona is Struggling

Arizona has gotten some bad press in the past few years, but it deserves still more national attention. As new research shows, the future of the nation may well be the Southwest.

Oil Prices in 2013 Will Average $97

Oil prices will remain high, but stable, and 2013’s average WTI price should not exceed $97 a barrel.

Everything Millennials Need to Know About Their Health Care in 2013

Confused about how Obamacare will affect your health care in the new year? Here's everything you need to know.

Hugo Chavez Cancer: Political Chaos May Ensue If Ailing Leader Unable to Take Oath

As Hugo Chavez is battling complications from his fourth cancer surgery in Cuba, there is uncertainty whether he will make back to Venezuela in time to be sworn in on January 10.

Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense Criticisms Are Completely Ridiculous

If Chuck Hagel survives this process, it will show that you can stare down the Neocons and live to tell the tale.

NFL Playoffs Recap: Why Don't We See More Women's Sports on TV?

Even with 9999 channels, watching women's sports is a mighty quest.

Urooj Khan: Illinois Man Poisoned After Winning Lottery

The West Rogers Park dry cleaners owner had just returned from a Saudi Arabia pilgrimage and had resolved to give up gambling for good.

Corporate Tax Rates: Eliminating Them Would Help Middle Class Americans

There's been a lot of griping over corporate tax rates, but there are a number of good reasons why corporations shouldn't pay any taxes.

'Promised Land' Movie Gets to the Root Of the Fracking Problem in America

The new Matt Damon film 'Promised Land' has raised strong reactions from the gas industry. But rather than being anti-fracking, the film merely illuminates both sides of the fracking debate.

Temps and Interns Can't File Sexual Harassment Claims, and That Needs to Change

With more than half of college graduates unemployed, the treatment of low-wage, temporary, and guest-workers takes new importance in America's changing economy.

Grover Norquist: IRS Should Declare War On Anti-Tax Lobbying Group

Grover Norquist's lobbying group, Americans for Tax Reform, is tax exempt. It shouldn't be.

Could Facebook Warn You Before You Get the Flu?

Online social health networks use search queries, tweets and Facebook posts to predict the ins and outs of flu season.

How the 113th Congress Would Tackle Big Issues in a Perfect World

As the 113th Congress begins its first full week, here's what they'll accomplish ... in my dreams.

Unemployment Rate for African-Americans Rises

There are two institutional curtains that help explain this perpetual problem: barriers to educational access, and poor environment maintenance.

AIG Lawsuit: Elizabeth Warren Rips AIG For Thinking About Suing the US

AIG is thinking about joining a $25 billion shareholder lawsuit, because it thinks the terms of the government bailout were "unfair."

Of Africa Wole Soynika: Today's World is Nowhere Near Post-Racial

In 'Of Africa,' legendary Nigerian writer and Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka shows why Africa is the "invisible continent," why "colorblind" is racist, and why we're nowhere near "post-racial."

Nate Silver Reddit AMA Tuesday: What Would You Ask Him?

Pollster and statistician Nate Silver holds online forum where audience can ask him anything they want.

When Will We Hit the Debt Ceiling?

A new study by the Bipartisan Policy Center suggests that Congressional failure to raise the debt ceiling could mean immediate budget contractions by Feb. 15th - two weeks earlier than expected.

Hagel Nomination Threatened By Outrageous Neocon Attack

It is remarkable that the Republican Party continues to consult with the same people who championed the wars that have so tarnished the GOP’s once stellar brand.

John Brennan CIA Nomination: Everything You Need to Know About Obama's Choice For CIA Director

President Obama nominated John Brennan to succeed David Petraeus as director of the CIA. Is Brennan the right choice for the job? Find out here.

What Happens to Venezuela When Hugo Chavez Dies? Almost Nothing

The two men vying for the Venezuelan presidency in the event of Chavez's death are just like Chavez.

Forget the Xbox 720: These 5 New Consoles Will Reshape the Gaming World in 2013

With the unveiling and upcoming releases of several great looking consoles, the big three gaming companies could lost their stranglehold on the market.

PolicyMic's Facebook Caption Contest Winner is Jason Gooljar

Our Facebook friend Jason Gooljar is the winner of our latest caption contest, congratulations!

10 Ways to Slow Down, Unplug, and Live in the Moment

We spend our whole lives worrying. We worry about the future, we worry about past mistakes, we worry about yesterday, tomorrow, next week, and next year. Make 2013 the year you think about today.

Scott Brown 2013: With Weak Democratic Field, Brown Can Win

As one of the most bipartisan senators on Capitol Hill, Scott Brown has a good chance of winning John Kerry's vacated seat. Brown will likely face a challenging race with the energized Democrats.

"Our Words Have Been Raped"

Journalists at the Southern Weekly go on strike in protest of government censorship, in a rare moment of public defiance.

No Child Left Behind Anniversary: Collateral Damage is Making Education System Worse

On the anniversary of the No Child Left Behind Act, here are a few of its unintended consequences...

Auto Industry Car Sales Return to Pre-Recession Levels But Economy Still Stuck in the Mud

Auto sales by America's Big 3 auto producers are returning to normal, but the economy is still awful for young people.

Fights Break Out in China Over Censored Editorial

In the Southern China province of Guangzhou, scuffles broke out between free-speech protestors and Communist party supporters on Tuesday.

Free Speech Protests in China Are a Test of New Communist Leadership

How the new Communist Party leadership responds to the latest free-speech protests in the country could be a sign of things to come in the country.