Porn Stars Can't Leave the Industry, and Here's Why

In the industry, porn stars face physical and emotional abuse. But when they try to leave, what happens is nearly as bad.

These 6 Countries Banned McDonald's, Do They Know Something We Don't?

Thought there was a McDonald's in every country? You were wrong — there are a few holdouts. Are the reasons for this economic, political, or personal?

What Does Obamacare Mean For Me? 14 Steps to Making the Most Of the Law

Twitter couldn't sum it up, and it's confusing, but Obamacare is LIVE! Learn all about it here.

9 Problems Only Short People Understand

Life presents a new set of challenges when you’re short — or as my mother once playfully jabbed, “vertically challenged” — from reaching the top shelf to finding clothing that fits just right.

The Real Difference Between Dog and Cat People Isn't What You Think

Your pet may hold the key to both understanding and maintaining a successful relationship.

The Worst Parts Of the Government Don't Get Shut Down, Unfortunately

Despite the apocalyptic rhetoric and the finger pointing, the threats of government shutdowns are not new and actually distract from far more important fiscal and economic issues.

5 Julie Andrews Roles That Changed Movie History

Julie Andrews turns 78 today. To celebrate, here are her 5 most iconic roles.

5 Musical Artists Who Got Their Start on 'Grey's Anatomy'

The enormously popular medical drama just began its 10th season. Here's hoping that it continues to feature excellent up-and-coming artists like the ones listed here.

Watch the Same Americans Say They Hate Obamacare But Love the Affordable Care Act

This social experiment proves what we already know: people really understand the new health care program.

This Boston Man's Heroic Home Defense Should Silence Gun Control Advocates

Another day, another gun used in self-defense.

Real Fairy Tales Aren't Nearly As Sexist As the Disney Versions

The fascinating history of fairy tale princesses is not what you think.

7 Things You Should Know How to Do Before You Graduate

Opening a wine bottle isn't one of them, but it probably should be.

Today's Google Doodle is Yosemite National Park – Too Bad Congress Just Closed It

Whether planned or not, Tuesday's Google Doodle had some appropriate timing.

Inside the Fashion Industry's Terrifying History

Comedian Russell Brand recently criticized Hugo Boss for its collaboration with the Nazis during World War II, drawing attention to the fashion industry's history of exploitation and oppression.

Obamacare Costs: Wake Up Millennials, We're the Ones Paying the Bill

How well do millennials really understand the consequences of Obamacare? Do we really understand the numbers? The rosy future of Obamacare isn't so rosy by the numbers.

Netanyahu UN Speech: LIVE-Stream Of Israeli Prime Minister's Address

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will address the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

44% of Young College Graduates Are On the Wrong Career Path

Youth unemployment has been high since the recession. Yet underemployment is actually the real problem, with 44% of college graduates working in jobs they're poorly suited for.

Comet ISON: Will the Government Shutdown Ruin NASA's Big Chance?

The government shutdown is extremely ill-timed for NASA, coinciding with a very important opportunity to study what could be the comet of the century: ISON.

Watch WWII Veterans Storm Their Own Closed Memorial

Even in the face of a midnight federal government shutdown and the closing of national parks and monuments nationwide, World War II veterans remain determined to visit the memorial in D.C.

What Chipotle's Brilliant 'Scarecrow' Ad Proves About Millennial Activism

The answer goes far deeper than the depths of even the tastiest burrito bowl.

The Biggest Victims Of Islamic Terrorism Aren't Who You Think

An attack by Boko Haram Islamist radicals in Nigeria resulted in the deaths of 40-50 students. They were all Muslims. It's time to acknowledge that Muslims are often victimized by Islamists.

If You're Obsessed With 'Breaking Bad', You'll Love Colbert's Hilarious Government Shutdown Segment

Who would have known Breaking Bad had so many things in common with America's looming political crisis?

Government Shutdown 2013: Don't Negotiate With Hostage-Takers

Republicans would shut down the federal government rather than admit political defeat, but the rule of law (and sanity) must prevail.

Marijuana Legalization: The Potrepreneurs are Coming

Is Big Marijuana the next Big Tobacco?

What Obamacare Means For Me: A Burning Hole in My Pocket

Why the Affordable Care Act is a bad deal for millennials.

This Artist Got Her First Camera at Age 48 — And Then Revolutionized Photography

Julia Margaret Cameron received her first camera at age 48, and became one of the most innovative photographers of her day. There's hope for us all.

The Importance Of Feeling Bored

While we spend most of our lives trying to avoid it, boredom is an essential aspect of the human experience. These four books reveal why.

Netanyahu UN Speech 2013 Transcript: Full Text Of General Assembly Address

Full text of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to the United Nations General Assembly.

Government Shutdown Provides An Opportunity to Discuss Which Departments We Need and Don't Need

I hope this recent turn of events will finally spark a national conversation about what departments are really needed in federal government and which ones are a complete waste of taxpayer money.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vs. Gotham: The Ultimate Side-By-Side Comparison

Because, as always, there can only be one. Except when there can be two.

How Obama Could Raise the Debt Ceiling, All By Himself

The inability for Obama and House Republicans to come to a consensus leaves question over the Fourteenth Amendment.

Mic Check: One Reason the Government Shutdown is Actually Really Good News

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring analysis of the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

History of Government Shutdowns: Everything You Need To Know

The government has shut down 17 times before. Here's a history of previous shutdowns and their consequences.

Government Shutdown: What Would Lincoln Say?

If Americans want to understand what exactly the Republicans are doing wrong, they need look no further than the first Republican president himself.

Why a 20-Something Woman Still Cares About Sexist Children's Toys

The childhood winner of the Barbie dress-designing contest on why she turned her back on the doll and all it represents.

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Joe Lhota, Candidate For NYC Mayor

Joe Lhota has mostly emphasized his policies for New York City, but how well do you know the man?

What the Government Shutdown Means to Real D.C. Families

Between suspended garbage pick-up and a Congress that may or may not pay you, a shutdown stinks for D.C.

What Obamacare Means For Millennials: More Fees, Fewer Choices

The president says he's doing this for our generation. Don't be fooled.

We Weren't on Food Stamps — But We Should Have Been

Single-parent households like the one I grew up in are struggling to feed their families. Our government should do its part to help, not hurt, them.

Government Shutdown 2013: Here's Why the Tea Party Wants to Keep it This Way

Those of us bewildered by the Tea Party's obstinacy on the budget appropriations are failing to consider a terrifying thought: What if they really like the government better when it's shut down?

UN General Assembly 2013: LIVE-Streaming Of the 68th UNGA

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Iran in a blistering address to the UN General Assembly.

Rick Perry Shows Womenfolk Their Place By Telling His Wife What She Thinks

Rick Perry tells his wife what she thinks because we all know God made women's brains inferior.

How the Pawnee Parks Department Feels About the Government Shutdown

Your favorite government employees respond to the mess in Washington.

Latest Abortion News: Some Of the Biggest Battles Aren't Where You Think

You've heard about the obstacles to reproductive health services in red and purple states across the U.S. But did you know how hard they are to find and afford anywhere in the country?

Jimmy Kimmel Proves People Don't Actually Know What Obamacare is

Voting citizens let us know where they stand on Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act. Surprise! They support one and not the other.

Kenya Mall Attack Shows The Dark Truth About U.S. Foreign Policy

Whether in Africa, the Middle East, or Central Asia, the U.S. never ceases to fall into the same quagmire. Unless root causes are addressed, terrorism is going to plague country after another.

What Obamacare Means For Me: Prevention and Peace Of Mind

What is wrong with a marketplace of health plans offering preventative care, support for women's services, and extended coverage for young adults?

Government Shutdown 2013: Laugh Now, GOP, But It's Your Funeral

By orchestrating a government shutdown, House Republicans have backed themselves into a corner that threatens the future of the party.

'Homeland' Season 3 Episodes Show Just How Far 9/11 Has Seeped Into Our Conscience

For two seasons, the 'Homeland' has relentlessly probed our post-9/11 vulnerability and reminded us that terrorism and counterterrorism are entwined in a savage, endless cycle.

Haim Is the Sister Group You'll Be Listening to All Fall

The three sisters of Haim just debuted their first full-length album, 'Days Are Gone.'

D.C. Gets Trashed: I'm Tired of the Indignity of Living in Our Nation's Capital

Residents of our nation's capital have a lot on their minds during this shutdown. Chief among them: waste removal.

Listen to Ted Cruz's Father Go Nuts and Make His Son Sound Moderate

Raphael Cruz delivers the key note speech at a Republican Party event in Thornton, Colo. A short clip shows that he is more extreme than his son, Ted.

What Does the Government Shutdown Mean? That We're Not Focusing On the Real Tax Issue

While Congress fights the partisan budget battle, America is missing out on the tax reform that we need to prosper.

An Open Letter to Congress From a Misguided Millennial

Government can work, and often with an inordinate amount of paperwork does. It is time as a country we admit this, and carry on. Shutting down our government hurts far more than it helps.

Have a Baby Before 30 and It's More Likely to Die

A study conducted in the UK reveals that maternal age is linked to childhood mortality. As researchers say women are having children later, research suggests it's for the best.

This Event Was Cancelled Because Of the Shutdown — And It's a Good Thing

The government shutdown that closed all national parks resulted in a KKK rally's cancellation.

Workers in Bangledesh Are Fed Up and Doing Something About It

Bangladesh attracts foreign garment producers due to its dirt cheap labor costs. Yet, the clothes produced here every day come at a price much, much higher than any currency can sum up.

The Feds Categorize Hemp With Heroin, But California Says You Can Grow It

Hemp, the controversial crop best known for its use in textiles and paper, can now be legally grown in California.

John McAfee Claims He Can Beat the NSA At Its Own Game For $100 a Pop

How much would you pay for your privacy?

Upon Shutdown, Small Government Rings Triumphant

Because if you can't cut what you want, shut it all down.

The Government Shuts Down and Obamacare Lives

Despite the GOP's best efforts, Obamacare begins open enrollment.

What U.S. Policymakers Can Learn From The World's Unhappiest People

Americans who think we can bring happiness to another country by bringing democracy should double-check history — and this survey.

Obamacare Has Landed, Though Not Without Glitches

After a battery of epic Washingtonian showdowns, Obamacare goes live but with technological delays.

OMB Memo Instructs Federal Agencies to Begin Shutdown

The White House Office of Management and Budget orders the beginning of a partial shutdown.

House GOP Wants to Pick and Choose What It Funds

Only funding certain government programs is the latest tactic in the shutdown negotiations