The One Quote That Proves Malala Should Have Won the Nobel Peace Prize

Though she missed out on the Nobel Peace Prize, it's clear that one of the world's leading peace advocates is now a 16-year-old girl from rural Pakistan.

These Two Studies Prove Republicans Wrong About Gun Control and Universal Health Care

New studies show Hong Kong and Singapore have health care and restrictive gun control laws, yet you won't find many conservatives or libertarians challenging their economic and human freedoms.

Coming Out When Everyone Already Knows You're Gay

There's a privilege in the way we applaud the straight-acting athlete and roll our eyes at the "obvious" gay who finally gets wise to what everyone thinks anyway. I should know.

Here's What I Say to My Fellow Black, Gay Men

For all that we are, we are also forever attempting to have our story told. On National Coming Out Day, I'm here to say "ME, TOO."

What This Singing Garbage Truck Can Teach Us About Being Eco-Friendly

In Taiwan, the garbage truck sings to you. It also teaches you to be eco-friendly. Could this be the solution to our environmental problems?

Cyclone Phailin: What You Need to Know About the Storm That's Half the Size Of India

India is bracing itself for many casualties and widespread destruction as a massive cyclone, expected to make landfall by early Saturday evening, continues to march relentlessly towards its east.

Out as Trans: Your National Coming Out Day Survival Guide

Keep calm and come out. Five tips to make your big day, whenever it is, a little easier.

Surprise! It's the Golden Age of Libraries

As more and more millennials are enrolled in virtual higher education opportunities not tied to university campuses, the public library is a central site of learning and innovation.

How Many LGBT People In the U.S.? It's a Harder Question Than You Think

Dear America, there are queers among us, and the numbers show that the majority of us are okay with it. Why then is it so hard to quantify the community of gay Americans?

We Lost 10 Years to the "War on Terror," It's Time We Admit It

The sooner we can admit the last decade was a catastrophic, miserable, tragic failure, the sooner we can start to learn from our mistakes.

Why a Photoshoot Could Land Miss Universe in Jail For Two Years

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is under fire in India after taking part in a photo shoot for shoes at the Taj Mahal.

Adrian Peterson's 2-Year-Old Dies and All Twitter Cares About Are Their Fantasy Teams

The Minnesota Vikings star running back's son was allegedly beaten by the mother's boyfriend.

What Exactly Are Chemical Weapons? A Military Insider Explains What These Killing Tools Actually Do

After OPCW's Nobel win, chemical weapons are back on our minds. Here's a comprehensive list of what chemical and weapons actually are, from a veteran who was trained in their use and destruction.

Why Nashville's Solution to Homelessness is a Model For Other Cities

A coalition of government agencies, nonprofits, and landlords found a way to bring homes to the homeless in Nashville, Tenn. Your city can do it too.

Not Ashamed Of Our Periods. Period.

A new American Apparel shirt shows just how afraid everyone is of our bodies — including us.

'Sex Box': Real Sex is Still Hidden

Television's newest show features more than just a dick in a box.

You Won't Believe What These Rabbis Did to Divorce Orthodox Jews

Two rabbis from Brooklyn ran a bizarre business in which they tortured Orthodox Jewish men until agreeing to divorce their wives.

National Coming Out Day: Why Coming Out Still Matters

From making it harder for stereotypes to thrive, to supporting both today's community and future generations, coming out now is as important as ever.

You'll Never Guess Which State is 'Most-Improved' on LGBT Rights

Delaware may seem like it was a shoo-in for same-sex marriage, but it actually experienced many ups and downs on the road to legalization.

Bye Bye, Tea Party

As a former Republican, I'll say it: it's time for a new conservative party.

Marijuana Laws Are Crippling America, But Millennials Will Lead the Revolution

For the first time ever, a clear majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana. With strongest support for change coming from millennials, will this be the generation to end the drug war?

National Coming Out Day 2013: 5 Companies We Should Celebrate For 'Coming Out'

While the National Coming Out Day is Oct. 11, companies are taking part in promoting LGBT issues.

Why Aren't We Celebrating LGBT History Month?

June is Pride, but October's focus on LGBT history is often overlooked.

What the Azerbaijan Elections Mean For Ethnic Tensions in Iran

Ilham Aliyev's was re-elected as president of Iran on Wednesday, and begins a term already filled with regional conflict.

Russian Millionaires Rack Up the Most Boring $247,000 Bar Tab in History

A pair of Russian millionaires spend the evening in a spending contest to see who can rack up the biggest (and least imaginative) bar tab.

Could We Be Our Own Worst Enemy? Dave Eggers Wants to Know

There will never be true privacy on the internet, but the best solution is for us to take the same precautions on the web as we would in real life.

Pusha T's 'My Name is My Name' is a Throwback to Hip-Hop's Glory Days

'My Name is My Name' isn't innovative, but it's not too far from being a classic.

Ted Cruz is Going Overboard

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) championed the GOP fight against funding Obamacare, but in the wake of the government shutdown, his popularity has sunk an alarming 16 points nationally.

Obamacare Death Panels Coming to a School Near You

A sociology class in Illinois was tasked with picking which six of 10 theoretical patients would receive life-saving care and who would die due to limited resources. Right-wingers were enraged.

'Parks and Recreation' Season 6 Episode 3: The 5 Best One-Liners

The Eagleton and Pawnee crowds finally meet. Here are 5 amazing one-liners from last night's episode.

Why McDonald's Literacy Campaign is Not Really About Getting Kids to Read

McDonald's is celebrating National Family Literacy Day, but for all the wrong reasons.

California City's Clever Plan to Curb Police Abuse

More and more cops are wearing body cams to record their encounters with the public. If used correctly, this technology can bean excellent tool for police accountability.

4 Times Republicans Could Have Made a Deal, But Instead Said "Screw You"

And six other cool facts you can use when you debate Republicans.
News Glitches Have Nothing to do With Government Incompetence

The launch of the "Obamacare" health care exchange site,, has been rough. But, as any gamer knows, they're hardly unusual.

Why Millennials Can — and Will — Prove the Haters Wrong

We are inheriting a world that holds some important paradoxes, and it is up to us to fix them while cleaning up the Boomers' mess.

Want to Prevent the Next Shutdown? Register to Vote

Our government isn’t exactly working for us right now (or anyone for that matter). How about we change that?

7 Unexpected Winners and Losers in the 2013 Government Shutdown

It's a 17% government shutdown, triggered by Obama's and Reid's unwillingness to accept that the House controls spending. But, the real winners and losers aren't who you think.

Drone Attacks, Navy Raids, It's Time For a New Strategy in the War on Terror

Raids like last weekend’s, and the targeted drone strike program, are just tactics in search of a real strategy.

What the Shutdown Looks Like to the Rest Of the World

The shutdown of the federal government has provided new fodder for an old and profitable profession: criticizing the United States.

The Art Of Turning Real Life Tragedy Into Entertainment

Paul Greengrass' latest film, 'Captain Phillips,' fictionalizes a real life tragedy, raising the question of when it's appropriate to turn tragedies into art.

The International New York Times Won't Offer the One Thing We Need

'New York Times' announced that it would hire a variety of international op-ed writers. The move, although exciting, ignores a large problem in foreign reporting: a cutback in foreign bureaus.

Twitter IPO Date Gets Released, and All Its Skeletons Come Pouring Out

Amid increased scrutiny, expectations of success, and fundamental questions, Twitter prepares for its impending IPO date.

NYC Comic Con 2013 Is Proof that Comics are Finally Cool

New York Comic Con hits its highest numbers of attendees yet, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Winners of the Nobel Prize For Chemistry Don't Get the Attention They Deserve

Michael Lebitt, Martin Karplus, and Arieh Warshel receive the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their work in modeling molecules with computer programs. Their work revolutionized molecular biology.

There's An Oil Spill in North Dakota Seven Football Fields Large and No One Knew About It

Yet another major oil spill has occurred in America, igniting accusations that Big Oil is not regulated enough.

8 Real-Life Stories That Prove There's No "Winning" a Government Shutdown

The government shutdown has consequences more painful than not just being able to visit Mount Rushmore or Yellowstone National Park.

Mic Check: This Heart-Breaking Photo Sums Up How Bummed Out We Are About the Government Shutdown

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring a millennial take on the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

Website Puts Into Words Exactly How You Feel About Congress

Furloughed and non-furloughed alike have gotten pretty fed up with Congress right now — this website artfully captures those frustrations.

Guantanamo Bay Lawsuit Shows Gitmo's Still As Secretive As Ever

The most transparent administration in history refuses to show records of just how much Guantanamo Camp 7 costs.

National Coming Out Day, Ally Edition

You have to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything.

Alice Munro Scores Nobel Prize in Literature After Finding Out Via Voicemail

Canadian writer, Alice Munro, has been awarded this year's Nobel Prize for Literature.

'Glee' Cory Monteith Tribute: This is How the Show Remembered the Star

Last night, 'Glee' fans said goodbye to Monteith's character, Finn Hudson, with tears, anger, songs, laughter, and more tears.