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3 Things You Know About Christopher Columbus That Are Actually Myths

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Female Politician Gets Heckled — Responds With a Powerful Lesson About Sexism

A few seconds into her speech, Veronique Massonneau was forced to interrupt her address because of clucking noises.

The Man Booker Prize Winner: Why Colm Toibin's 81-Page Masterpiece Should Win

What makes a novel? At 81 pages, Colm Toibin's 'Testament of Mary' is the shortest book to make the Man Booker Prize Shortlist. Here's why it has a shot.

'Gravity' Is This Year's 'Avatar' and That's Not a Compliment

'Gravity' delivers, but you'd be better off watching it with the same mindset with which you watched 'Avatar.'

Columbus Day Celebrates a Legacy Of Genocide — And Much Worse

Columbus Day is not merely a celebration of the atrocious genocide of the indigenous people and dehumanization of peoples of color. It is a celebration of the status quo.

Military Veteran Groups Unite to Reopen Government

The government shutdown may have just awakened the strongest coalition capable of ending partisan deadlock.

Marketing Firms Are Feeding Off Your Insecurities

A marketing firm has gone to great lengths to find out when consumers feel worst about themselves - but it is worse for young people today than it has ever been before.

Face It, Washington Fans: Your Team's Name is Racist

Washington can do better.

WWII Memorial Protesters Wave Confederate Flags, Tell Obama to "Put Down the Quran"

A rally on Sunday protesting the government shutdown featured Confederate flags and people in Captain America costumes.

Why Eastern Europe is a Threat to Silicon Valley's Tech Industry

Twenty four years after the fall of the Berlin wall, Eastern Europe might finally be making headway against the West, particularly in the realm of technological innovation

Columbus Day is a National Travesty

Why are we still 'celebrating' genocide?

Your Education is Only As Good As Your Professors' Pay

How many of your instructors are adjuncts or non-tenure-track? The answer will tell you a lot about the bang you're getting — or not — for your buck.

Ending the Drug War Does Not Mean Legalization

Though a provocative intellectual exercise, legalization is not a silver bullet against discriminatory law enforcement or organized crime.

'Homeland' Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Brody's Back, And More Miserable Than Ever

It took two episodes for the writers to bring Brody back to the 'Homeland' screen. The best part of this killer episode? No Brody family subplots.

The Government Shutdown Has Turned Into a War Against Welfare

The government shutdown has sparked grossly misguided discussion focusing on the war on government benefit programs.

Victims of Domestic Violence Are Especially Hurt By the Shutdown

The ripple effect of the government shutdown has taken a toll on a number of vital programs throughout the country, especially those servicing victims of domestic violence.

This Sneaky Rule is Blocking a Vote to End the Shutdown

As the government shutdown began, House leadership quietly passed a rule that prevents a vote on any bill they don't like.

John Boehner is Actually Doing a Pretty Good Job

Boehner's doing a lot better than you think. Here are some of the issues he's facing during the shutdown, and a look at why he's positioning himself well during it all.

Iraq's Sunnis and Shia Agree On This One Simple Thing

Influential religious figures across Iraq appear to be united in their efforts to end sectarianism.

Don't Think Abortion is Under Attack?

The Roberts-led Supreme Court is wading back into reproductive rights this term, just as anti-abortion legislation is ramping up. Think abortion access is guaranteed? Think again.

The Definitive Review of the New D.C. Political Theater Show Everyone's Talking About: "Shutdown"

Barack Obama plays the hero. Ted Cruz plays the villain. Michele Bachmann plays the court jester.

This is How Tax Reform Can Make Us All Rich

Tax reform is an increasingly relevant topic on the political agenda. It could be a key player in revenue creation.

CMJ 2013: 6 Artists You Don't Want to Miss

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Poet Lucie Brock-Broido's latest collection 'Stay, Illusion' is a ghastly and gorgeous journey through the American mind.

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Nail-biting suspense, badass amphibians, and star-crossed lovers make up our picks for what movies to see in theaters, stream online, or skip entirely this week.

This University's Recent Decision is a Step Backwards for Catholic Schools

All universities, whether or not they are affiliated with a religion, should respect a woman's right to choose.

This Waitress' Gesture Proves the Shutdown Brings the Best Out Of People

A waitress paid for soldiers’ lunch and demonstrated that all acts of generosity make a profound difference during this difficult time.