Alleged Rape Victim in Ohio Learns About Her Assault By Watching It On Instagram

Humanity reaches an all-time low as by-standers of an alleged sexual assault in Ohio record the incident on their phones, rather than try to stop it.

This Awesome Interactive Map Will Make You Think Twice About Africa

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This graph is worth as many as you can take out of it.

Texas' New Voter ID Laws May Roll Back Women's Voting Rights

The potential for minority suppression is well-documented, but many women are also going to face trouble at the ballot box. And the trouble's only just begun.

Journalists Asked Daniel Radcliffe About His Gay Sex Scene, His Response Is Perfect

The LGBT advocate isn't giving in to those making a fuss about his portrayl of Allen Ginsberg in his latest indie film. Our favorite boy wizard just got cooler.

'The Mindy Project's' Harassment Jokes Are Betraying Feminist Fans

Funny or offensive? 'The Mindy Project' is walking a fine line and its feminist supporters are taking note.

United Airlines Ticket Glitch Leads to Cheap Flights — Again

Or, how I bought a first-class ticket to Paris for $150.

10 TV Theme Songs That Defined the 90s

Ranking the top 10 theme songs from 1990s TV shows.

The Maryville Rape is Steubenville 2.0

Six months after the country demanded justice in Steubenville, Ohio another small town rape is making headlines. Will Americans respond in kind?

Top 5 Times Right-Wingers Have Called For Obama’s Impeachment

Its a Tea Party pastime, and here are the greatest hits.

The 5 Most Terrifying Space Movies of All Time

To celebrate the release of 'Gravity,' let's take a look back at the films about space that still have us shaking. (Spoilers inside!)

'Kill Bill' and Our Troubled Relationship with Rape Revenge Movies

10 years after its premiere, we're still struggling with the legacy of Tarantino's classic revenge tale.

10 Inspiring Female Characters Who Are Changing Television

Here are some of the shows with the most compelling female characters on television right now.

Facts on Obamacare Prove POTUS Will Break These 4 Promises

For all of its strengths, there are four things that the Affordable Care Act cannot claim.

A Glitch Let Walmart Customers Buy Unlimited Food — But Don't Blame Them

After an online glitch took allowed EBT customers to purchase more food than their cards allotted, a Louisiana Walmart's shelves were cleared. Should the customers be reprimanded?

Here's Why Rand Paul's Economics Make No Sense

Senator Paul thinks the goverment should be run like a household with a balanced budget. But when's the last time you paid for a house in cash? Hmm, how about an army?

Finally, Scientific Proof That Majoring in English Was Worth Your Time

New research shows that reading literary fiction makes you a better person. Here are a few reasons why majoring in English is an excellent choice. Long live the English major!

Why India's 'Gender Park' is a Terrible Idea

Women roam free! Not really.

The Unsuspected Cause Of Thousands Of Cattle Deaths in South Dakota

South Dakota's cattle industry has been hit hard by the surprise onslaught of winter storm Atlas. Thousands of animals are dead, millions of dollars in revenue lost, and the government won't help

10 Prequels We'd Pay to See

Because some stories just beg to be watched from another perspective. Think about it: 'There Will Be Blood: The First Pokémon League.'

Hollywood is Influencing Politics More Than Any Super PAC

While Hollywood is a great source of entertainment, it can also wield tremendous influence over public policy. In the age of new media, its influence will only continue to grow.

NASA's $1.2 Billion Mistake Proves Something Every Libertarian Knows

NASA recently shelved it's J-X2 engine program, at a loss of $1.2 billion to taxpayers. What is the future of scientific progress in space, and what is the private sector doing successfully?

The One Thing Everyone is Forgetting About Syria's Refugees

Anyone who's been following the conflict in Syria knows about the country's refugee problem. But there's one issue almost everyone is forgetting to talk about.

David Byrne Understands Why There's No Room For Young Artists in New York

David Byrne believes that wealth inequality has drained away New York's creative energy. But young "artsy" types still want to take a bite from the Big Apple.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Start Caring, Millennials, Or We'll Pay the Price

Some strong, young voices have emerged from this debate, but definitely not enough.

New Media Needs New Voices

We know race, gender, class, and sexuality still matter — but our generation's evolution is different. Our media should be, too.

5 Unexpected Lessons From the 2013 Government Shutdown

To celebrate the start of week #3 of the budget impasse —including the exciting prospect of a penniless federal government!— here are 5 observations from the shutdown's first two weeks.

How Occupy Wall Street Busts the Myth Of the Me Generation

There's more passion to the Me Generation than makes the headlines.

Don't Blame Gerrymandering For the Government Shutdown

Though arguments are valid, sharp and vehement on both sides, evidence shows that the shutdown is not quite as controlled by gerrymandered districts as you might think.

Wall Street May Be in Decline, and Here's Why That Should Worry You

Several indicators spell trouble for the finance industry.

We're Breaking New Ground in PolicyMic's Politics Vertical, Here's What You Need to Know

PolicyMic 2.0 is here. There are a few exciting changes to the politics section that are going to take us to the next level.

Tarek Loubani and John Greyson Are Free, No Thanks to Their Government

In the wake of Dr. Tarek Loubani and John Greyson's release, we must look at the role played (barely) by the Canadian government.

London School Bans Slang in 'Formal Language Zones'

You can't say "coz," "like," AND "ain't" in the hallways of this school.

How SnapChat Made Ugly Selfies Mainstream

A new dual art exhibit with a physical space in Kansas City with an online component explores the progress of portraiture. But the real progress is at our own fingertips.

PolicyMic's Arts & Entertainment Section is Reinventing Cultural News On the Social Web

Welcome to the brand new version of PolicyMic, and the relaunched and revamped Arts & Entertainment section.

The Disturbing Trend in America We're Not Talking About — Elder Abuse

In a recent national study, there were 253,421 reports of abuse of adults age 60+ — or 832.6 reports for every 100,000 people over the age of 60.

Bob Costas Got Slammed For Calling Out Redskins Racism During An NFL Broadcast

Momentum is growing to change the Washington Redskins to a less offensive team name. Broadcaster Bob Costas is just one of the many people showing the switch is inevitable.

The Nobel Peace Prize Should Give Up Already

Why no one should be upset the Nobel Peace Prize did not go to Malala Yousafzai.

Forcing Cable Providers to Offer à la Carte Channels is a Bad Decision

The Canadian government wants to help customers chose channels à la carte rather than bundled. As with most government decisions, are are unintended consequences

NSA's Dragnet Surveillance Of Americans Could Be Coming to an End, With Your Help

Thanks to shifting public opinion, now is the time to roll back the NSA's intrusive surveillance programs.

NYC Mayoral Debate: Candidates Need to Focus on the City's Entrepreneurs

Millennials should listen to what NYC mayoral candidates Lhota and de Blasio have to say about small business policy in the upcoming mayoral debates.

Stuffed Red Peppers: The Recipe You Need to Try This Fall

Fall is here and with it a whole new palette of culinary delicacies. Here is an essential recipe for the season.

What Islamophobes Just Don't Get About Racism

Tommy Robinson's resignation from the English Defence League is encouraging, but it is not as important as the overall strategy used to fight Islamic extremism in the UK.

You Don't Know Who Ada Lovelace is On Her Special Day?

You're not alone.

Feeling Sad? Here's Why CNN May Be to Blame

24/7 broadcast news does not provide a return on its investment. In the fleeting moments that make up your life, don’t waste them on CNN.

Iran's Nuclear Threat Also Represents a Significant Opportunity

Negotiating a diplomatic compromise on Iran's nuclear program and the threat it poses will be difficult, but there's a chance for a huge breakthrough.

Inside the Newest Battle to Crush Voter Rights

The battle over exercising the right to vote continues. Here is what Arizona and Kansas are pushing for next.

Someone Poisoned Over 100 Elephants in Africa

In Zimbabwe's wildlife crisis, 102 elephants have now died at the hands of poachers from cyanide poisoning.

Here's What You Need to Know About the Latest Debt Deal Out Of the House

The House planned a vote tonight to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling according to a spokesman for Speaker John Boehner

Brazil Tries to Beat America's NSA, As Things Heat Up Between These Allies

The National Security Agency's surveillance scandal and the Congress' government shutdown are damaging relations between the United States and Brazil. Here's how.

Cutting Aid to Egypt Signals a Big Strategic Shift For Obama

President Obama has decided to slash aid to Egypt's military, a decision that's indicative of his new Middle East strategy which is to try to withdraw militarily while promoting American values.

Success of Iran Nuclear Talks Depends on Ayatollah Khamenei, Not the Negotiators

As a fresh-faced Iran sits down to talk with Western counterparts about the future of its nuclear program, it is important to keep in mind who ultimately makes decisions about its trajectory.

Obama Pushes a Redskins Name Change — While He Uses Tomahawk Missiles and Apache Helicopters

The "Redskins" name is outdated and arcane. But so is the mindset behind militarism and an aggressive foreign policy that makes use of Tomahawk missiles and Apache helicopters.