What Caused the 2013 Government Shutdown? Redistricting

The Tea Party House is the main threat to the functionality of our government, and it's all because of the old Confederacy and partisan redistricting.

These Whistleblowers Think the NSA is Blackmailing Obama and Congress

The intelligence community has the technical ability to spy on pretty much anyone it wants. But is it?

This Study Proves Just How Bad Fast Food Workers Have It

Companies should not be allowed to make profits if their employees are being paid by the government.

Mother Of Maryville Victim Says 10 More Girls Came Forward With Sexual Assault Charges

According to Melinda Coleman, other girls have come forward to the police with rape allegations in Maryville, and the police accused them of lying.

Which States Are Best For Student Veterans? Check This Map

This interactive map shows which states and schools offer in-state tuition to military veterans and their families.

Wait — Healthcare.Gov Cost HOW Much?!?!

At first, I thought the figures were from an internet chain-letter. Actually, the source is the GAO, and you will never guess the price.

Ted Cruz's Popularity is Sinking, and Polls Show He Has Himself to Blame

Senator Ted Cruz battle to repeal Obamacare went down in flames, and so did his political career.

Meet the Billboard So Offensive It Only Lasted 45 Minutes

It's pretty doubtful this actually made anyone hungry.

Graphic Rape Sculpture is Causing Outrage in Europe

This controversial piece of art brings back bad memories for Russia.

Obama's Greatness Demonstrated As He Defused the Republican Nuclear Bomb

For all the criticisms of his presidency, legitimate and otherwise, Obama deserves the gratitude of all Americans for his handling of the shutdown and debt ceiling crisis.

What Malala Yousafzai Wants, and Why the West Doesn't Get It

Many Westerners assume Malala Yousafzai's struggle is against the Taliban, but she's actually seeking something much more basic.

Loyalty of Chicago Cubs Fans Goes Far Beyond Baseball

The Cubs are no closer to reliving a World Series win, and fans, while loyal, are growing restless.

Syria's Chemical Weapons Disposal Proves the U.S. Does At Least Something Right

Efforts to destroy Syria's chemical weapons and move toward peace talks appear to be working, despite doubts that the US could make a difference without military intervention.

Wes Anderson's 'Grand Budapest Hotel' Trailer is So Deeply Wes Anderson

The trailer for Anderson's next movie released today. Here's everything we know about the movie so far!

Why Artsy Will Soon Be Every Teacher's Best Friend

Artsy Education is poised to radicalize arts education across the country.

Immigration Reform 2013, the Shutdown, and Miss America All Have One Thing in Common

Immigration reform, the 2013 shutdown, and Miss America Pageants all appear to be disparate and distinct, but they share a deep and meaningful relationship.

4 Cult Shows You're Not Watching, But Should Be

Some TV shows for when mainstream comedy just isn't weird enough.

Maryville Rape Case: How the Internet Intervened, Saved the Day at Steubenville 2.0

Bloggers, Twitter users, and Anonymous pressured the authorities to act in the latest Stuebenville — and proved that internet activism really works.

Jon Batiste is 26 Years Old, and Taking the Jazz World By Storm

Jon Batiste and his band Stay Human, are on a mission to bring people together in an unplugged, in-the-moment way around his music

4 Charts That Prove Millennials Are the Internet Generation

The Pew's recent studies confirm that the internet defines our generation and how we get our news.

UN Security Council Elections Are a Rigged Game, and That's OK

The UN Security Council elections are Thursday but the winners are almost completely predetermined. The human rights records of these countries aren't great, but that shouldn't matter.

Congratulations! We Just Paid $24 Billion For One Man's $800K Fundraising Scheme

Want to know why the government shutdown happened? Look at the new stash of money in Ted Cruz's bank account.

While Our Government Was Shut Down, Russia Was Busy Retrieving This Massive Space Rock

While we were busy screaming at each other over the budget and Obamacare, Putin was finding the world's largest asteroid in his backyard. Completely unfair.

Botched Execution Leaves Iranian Man Hanging Twice

An Iranian man sentenced to die for drug smuggling survived his execution. But Iran's judiciary has ordered the punishment to be metted out again.

Conflict in Syria: No Matter What We Do, It's Looking Bleak

Syria faces astronomical challenges in the years ahead. The news isn't likely to change, even if UN inspectors find Assad's weapons.

Maryland Gynecologist Found With Drugs, Images Of Patients' Genitals

Investigators have found that Dr. John Yacoub has a pretty hedonistic lifestyle for a gynecologists: drugs, an affair with a patient, and some very explicit images.

This Lawsuit is the Real Threat to Obamacare, Not the Government Shutdown

Last week as the nation focused on the GOP’s demands to defund Obamacare, a greater threat to the Affordable Care Act arose.

Breaking Down What the Affordable Care Act Means for LGBT People

Queer? Had bad experiences with health care and the government? It gets better, after all.

Student Debt is Now a Weapon in the War on Diversity

The student loan scandal hits all of this generation's borrowers hard, but it takes particular aim at the already marginalized: women, people of color, and LGBT folks.

Don't Blame the GOP For the Government Shutdown — You Should Be Thanking Them

Looking at the government shutdown and debt-ceiling fiasco from the beginning, it's clear that the GOP made a principled stand against an opportunistic White House.

Cory Booker Could Be the Senate's Democratic Rand Paul

Democrats need someone with Booker's passion and charisma now more than ever.

NYC Mayor Race: Why NYC's Tech Community Should Be Worried About the Next Mayor

Neither Joe Lhota or Bill de Blasio can fill outgoing Mayor Bloomberg's shoes when it comes to serving the growing NYC startup community.

8 Essential Lessons from the Jenna Maroney School for Actresses

As our unworthy planet finds itself blessed with another year of Jane Krakowski, here are eight important lessons from the greatest sitcom actress of our lifetime.

The Latin American Country That Shows Up the U.S. On Trans Rights

It only took them two weeks to issue young Luana a new I.D. card affirming her as female. So why don't trans people in the U.S. have basic anti-discrimination protections?

5 Inspiring Images From Texas's "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes" Anti-Rape Protest

The happy news of the day- El Paso hosts a "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" March to bring awareness to gender violence, rape and sexual assault.

Think Democrats Won the Shutdown? Here's Why You're Wrong

Democrats are wrong to claim that they won anything in the deal that ended the shutdown. So, stop gloating about it.

The Silk Road is Getting the Movie Treatment, and We Couldn't Be Happier

Fox Studios scooped up the rights to make a story about the rise and fall of internet drug kingpin, Ross William Ulbricht.

A Reason to Be Proud Of Obama, For Once

The government shutdown left the economy a mess, but I've never been prouder of the president.

How Technology Could Solve Africa's Poaching Epidemic and Save the Rhino

Kenya plans to implant their rhinos with microchips as a retaliation to rising poaching rates. The hope is to catch poachers as they try to make a sale.

The NSA's Latest Surveillance Includes Creeping On Your Buddylists

The NSA is at it again. Another program reveals the NSA is harvesting email and contact lists. Too bad that's a whole lot of boring information.

6 Things Americans Would Rather Talk About Than the Debt Ceilng

While America tried to give up on representative government, here's what Americans were really interested in.

Darrell Issa Won't Give Up

Congressman Darrell Issa is starting yet another one of his ill-fated investigations into President Obama, this time on an evidence-free search into just why the government shut down.

Pandacam is Back, Baby

After 17 days, President Barack Obama signed legislation that will reopen the government, raise the debt ceiling … and reopen the Pandacam.

Twitter Leadership Should Reflect the Diversity of Twitter Users

The company is run entirely by white men, yet the product is used almost exclusively by a diverse group of millennials. Twitter has an opportunity to be a leader in tech — they should use it.

This 1933 Movie Imagined America as a Dictatorship

80 years and a government shutdown later, it's still easy to see why.

Lifting Sanctions on Iran Would Threaten Our Security, But Obama Might Still Do It

The Obama Administration’s ill-advised rush to soften the US stance towards Iran threatens our security along with the very existence of Israel, one of our closest allies.

Ted Cruz's Government Shutdown Would Never Have Happened if Ed Murrow Were Here

Journalists today have no moxie. Accuracy is no longer determined by objective facts. Ted Cruz's government shutdown is a case in point.

How Army Ranger Josh Hergis Brought a Room Of Men to Tears With a Simple Salute

A severely wounded Army Ranger didn't let tubes and pain stop him from saluting a commanding officer in a picture that brought the room to tears.

10 Things Politicians Can Learn from Actors

Majoring in International Relations? Student Theater might be a better way to prepare for political theater.