Why You Need to Throw Out Your Che Guevara T-Shirt

On the heels of the anniversary of Che Guevara's death, we should think of Che Guevara not as a romantic idealist and revolutionary, but as a fanatic radical and murderer.

Rick Santorum Blames "Will and Grace" for Gay Rights

Rick Santorum now blames "Will and Grace" for the U.S. government's moves to legalize gay marriage. Also, watch out for his name at the movies.

6 Haunted Houses That Will Completely Traumatize You

Looking for some terror this Halloween season? We've got you covered with these six haunted houses.

'Ender's Game' Boycott: How to Take a Stand Against The Controversial Movie

Check out these awesome events instead of seeing 'Ender's Game'.

Why IsoHunt's Shut Down Won't Affect the Movie Industry

The death of IsoHunt is only a temporary defeat for file-sharing services and their fans.

Marijuana Legalization in Mexico City is the First Step

Fed up with the violence associated with the drug war, several politicians in Mexico City are hoping decriminalization will work better. But marijuana legalization is the real goal.

Air Marshall Got Caught Taking Upskirt Photos On Duty

He told authorities he'd done it before.

10 Halloween Movies That Are Legitimately Terrifying

Here are 10 brilliant and terrifying films to get ready for Halloween.

Immigration Reform 2013: 5 Common Myths, Debunked

Opponents of immigration reform unfortunately utilize these myths and other negative rhetoric much too often.

'The Hunger Games': 5 Dystopian Novels To Read While You Wait for 'Catching Fire'

The next installment in the 'Hunger Games' series, 'Catching Fire,' is set to hit theaters on November 22. Here are five other chillingly amazing dystopian novels to read while you wait.

Watch Boy Scout Troop Leaders Get Their Felony Badges For Defacing Goblin Valley

Three Boy Scout Troop leaders thought they were doing a good deed, but it was actually a crime. Too bad for them they uploaded the video to YouTube.

Gay Marriage Ban: The Trouble With Indiana

Indiana is torn over gay marriage, and as a gay, Christian man — so am I.

'Parks and Recreation' Season 6: 8 Reasons Ron Swanson Will Make the Greatest Dad Ever

Ron Swanson and his lovely girlfriend Diane are expecting. Now that Ron has made an “honest woman” out of Diane, let's talk about why he'll be the best dad ever.

'12 Years a Slave' Book: The Real Story Behind the Film

Steve McQueen's '12 Years a Slave,' dramatizes the real story of Solomon Northup. Northup's true tale is a horrifying look at freed men kidnapped into slavery.

Immigration Reform 2013: 6 Ideas We Should Steal From Australia

One should never be ashamed of stealing a good idea. These are the ideas that the United States should steal from Australia as it begins to consider how to reform its immigration system in 2013.

Cops Said This Man's Halloween Decorations Were "Too Scary" to Leave Up

Local police have asked a British man raising money for cancer research to "tone down" his Halloween display after local parents complained their kids were terrified.

Airbnb NYC Lawsuit Blocks Innovation Unecessarily

Airbnb has had its fair share of legal problems, like the NYC lawsuit, but win or lose, the company is set to make waves in the hotel industry.

Mitt Romney's Son is Slide-In-His-House Rich

Of course he is.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Plan to Rewrite the Constitution

Could the California model for overcoming GOP irrelevance work for Republicans in 2016?

'12 Years a Slave' Review: The Barbarity Of Slavery Without Hollywood Glamour

Steve McQueen's '12 Years a Slave' does something with movie violence that our generation has never before seen: it makes it real.

Would You Confront Your Street Harasser?

A Philadelphia-based photographer's new series exposes and explores an experience I know all too well.

Why I Stopped Saying 'Slut'

Despite being a feminist, I have so internalized the word that I still have to work to not let it affect me. And I'm not the only one.

Chinese Couple Traded Their Baby For an iPhone

Unemployed parents mastermind a "sinister conspiracy" to auction their daughter and use the proceeds to buy luxury goods.

This Study On Modern Slavery Will Enrage Anyone Who Cares About Human Rights

On the Global Slavery Index, the U.S. ranked 134th, worse than South Korea (137), Hong Kong (141), Costa Rica (146), and even Cuba (149).

Millennials At Work: How 'Going Viral' is Paying Off

Marina Shifrin's viral video about quitting her job garnered her other offers, proving that social media savvy and an entrepreneurial spirit might be exactly what our generation needs.

Budget, Farm Bill, Immigration Reform: How Republicans Can Save Themselves Post-Shutdown

If Republicans want to salvage their party brand in post-shutdown America, they can start by working with President Obama and Congressional Democrats on these three key issues.

Earmarks are the Real Reason John Boehner Can't Control House Republicans

When Republicans rode the anti-Obamacare Tea Party wave to take control of the House, they banned a longtime practice and changed how business is conducted in Washington: earmarks.

Bill de Blasio's "Two Cities" Message Isn't New, So Why is It Suddenly a Hit?

The 2005 Democratic nominee for mayor of New York built his platform on the "Two New Yorks," but lost in a landslide. Bill de Blasio is pitching the same, yet thriving. Why?

What's Next For Ted Cruz? A Former President Might Hold the Answers

An examination of a former president's career explains how Ted Cruz became such a divisive figure — and may offer clues about where he's headed next.

The Air You Breathe is Killing You, According to the WHO

According to the World Health Organization, air is now classified as a Group 1 carcinogen, with cigarette smoke and asbestos.

I Would Not Vote For President Obama Again

President Obama's deportation record has been a huge disappointment to those who saw his election as a new beginning.

Skull 5 May Hold the Keys to Understanding Human Evolution

The "first completely preserved adult hominid fossil" can tell us a lot about what the past of human evolution looked like.

Lunar Eclipse: Everything You Need to Know For Tonight

October's full moon has a bonus for skywatchers this year.

The Pope is Auctioning Off His Harley Davidson Motorcycle for Charity. What?

Pope Francis's latest charitable gesture involves a Harley.

That One Crazy Substitute Teacher Who Did Heroin

A substitute passed out in front of 11 students after doing heroin before class. And you thought you had a good sub story.

This State Wants to Bring Back Pedophile Castration

An Alabama legislator is reintroducing a bill that unjustly strips the reproductive rights of sex offenders.

Rex Ryan Swears He Didn't Tell His Players to Not Have Sex This Week

The New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan, in a Wednesday team meeting, told his players to be fully rested for the Patriots and to "do nothing for your wife."

Fitz and the Tantrums Performing On 'Conan' Is the Most Joyous Video You'll See Today

Need to get your weekend off on the right foot? Look no further: Fitz and The Tantrums delivered an awesome performance for you to jam out to.

5 Examples That Prove Local Governments Can Be Like Startups

Governments are plodding, bureaucratic and allergic to innovation, right? Not so fast. Here are five tips on how local governments can act more like startups, pulled from real examples.

Geneva 2 Conference Will Be a Big Deal If Iran Comes to the Table

World powers are finally moving ahead with a peace conference (Geneva 2) that could bring an end to the conflict in Syria - but only if Iran has a seat at the table.

Residents Are Sick Of Their Local High School Being Named After a KKK Grand Wizard

Residents of Jacksonville, Fla. are once again fighting to remove the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest - the original Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan - from a local public high school.

Rush Limbaugh Wants "45 Ted Cruz's" in the Senate

Needless to say, one Ted Cruz is enough.

Anthony Weiner Blames the Internet For His Mayoral Loss

Anthony Weiner thinks pre-internet era could have better suited his mayoral candidacy. I think not.

Meet Jared Milrad: Advocate, Dog Lover & Pundit Of the Week

Advocate, writer and pundit of the week, Jared Milrad discusses how PolicyMic can shape the way millennials think about the intersection of identities, politics and culture.

Guess What All Those "Non-Essential" Feds Did the Last Two Weeks

When's the best time to catch up on How I Met Your Mother on Netflix before the series finale this year? During your government shutdown staycation, of course.

How the Shutdown Could Make Federal Employees Richer

A default in the bill passed by Congress may end Obama's call for a pay freeze since 2010.

This Week's Highlights From the Arts & Entertainment Section

A new site, and a new name.

2 Killers Released with Forged Documents

2 Covicted Killers in Florida's Orange County were released after forged documents were submitted to the County Clerks Office.

Next Debt Ceiling Deadline Will Be a Gift to America's Enemies

With no end in sight to partisan wrangling over the national debt and the next debt ceiling deadline months away, America's myriad national security challenges may become impossible to contain.

How to Reach a Nuclear Deal With Iran: Silence the Hardliners

As newly elected President Rouhani fends off hardliners in Iran, it is crucial that the ones in the U.S. and Israel don’t sabotage his efforts. They could undo any nuclear deal with Iran.

Driver Did Nothing As Student Was Beaten On School Bus

Two students were charged after a videotaped attack on a bus ride home from an alternative high school in southeastern Pennsylvania emerged on Facebook.