This Map Shows the Weird Things Each Country Leads the World In

Each country is number one at something; good, bad and/or ugly.

What is the Most Awesome Thing About Your State? Check This Map

Looking to restore a little bit of your faith in America? Look no further.

This is What English Sounds Like to Foreigners

Ever wonder what English sounds like to someone who doesn't speak it? These filmmakers tackled that very question and the result is mind exploding.

Police Brew-tality: Drunken Cop Arrests Woman For Rejecting Him

The shocking illegal arrest of a female soldier stationed in the area was caught on camera ... and this time, the police actually did the right thing and prosecuted the officer instead.

OkCupid Hits New, Fat-Shaming Heights

With its new paid body type filter, the online dating site has made fat-shaming part of its business plan.

Japanese Youth Have Stopped Having Sex Because It's "Too Hard"

Under-40s in Japan have stopped having children at an alarming rate. Luckily, I'm a solutions-oriented guy.

5 Ways the Beat Generation Were Hipsters Before It Was Cool

Five things these two generations of counterculture have in common.

Steve Smith Goes Off On Janoris Jenkins For Talking Smack About His Wife

Carolina Panthers veteran wide receiver Steve Smith took exception to comments from Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

How Improved U.S.-Iran Relations Could Rock the Middle East

The U.S. and Iran have much to gain from improved relations, but many Middle Eastern countries are viewing this renewed interaction with anxiety.

Marijuana Legalization 2013: Uruguay is the First Country to Regulate the Price of Pot, And It's Damn Good

Locals get the best deal on pot in Uruguay, thanks to their government.

Sudanese Government is Implementing a Vicious, Coordinated Plan to Starve Its People

While the civil war rages in Syria and the international community attempts to bring an end to the war, another human tragedy has been unfolding in Sudan.

This Israeli Gas Field Could Radically Reshape Politics in the Middle East

Due to the complexity of maritime issues in the Eastern Mediterranean, Israeli efforts to drill in the Mediterranean make for an unpredictable future.

'Homeland' Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: All is Not What it Seems in "Game On"

'Homeland' goes meta with a huge twist ... and a Dana/Leo subplot that won't make you roll your eyes (that much).

Speaking Spanish is Great, But Only If You're Not Latino

I was taught that being American meant speaking English. But if you're white, learning Spanish is good for your career.

Lihuan Wang's Sexual Harassment Case is a Wake Up Call to Every Unpaid Intern

The lack of protections that we give to interns, from worker's comp to workplace harassment rules, makes a mockery of the labor struggles of the last century. Lihuan Wang knows it all too well.

Colombia's FARC Rebels Say They Support Women, But the Truth is Much More Sinister

A public relations scheme by Colombia's FARC rebels tries to obscure the horrific crimes they have perpetrated against women, even those within their own ranks.

Marijuana Legalization Could Suffer a Setback in Weed-Friendly Colorado

Recent regulations in Denver would make the smell of marijuana punishable by $999 and up to a year in jail. This is unconstitutional and makes no sense, given the move to legalization.

The Real Reason the U.S. is Losing Its Dominance — and No, It's Not the Shutdown

With the rise of technology, America's fiscal weakening, and the rise of of other nations, the U.S is witnessing a slow deterioration of its dominance.

What the 'Carrie' Remake Gets Wrong About Cyberbullying

The film's attempt to portray contemporary bullying culture falls flat.

This is What China's Suffocating Pollution Storm Looks Like

This smog is so bad, it shut down a city larger than New York.

Twitter IPO Price Doesn't Matter For This One Founder Of the Company

The founders and owners of Twitter stand to make a fortune from their company's IPO, except for the ousted Noah Glass. This is his story.

Arellano Félix Assassinated By Incognito Clowns

Former Tijuana Cartel boss Francisco Rafael Arellano Félix was assassinated by a group of hit men posing as children's clowns. Talk about a harsh punchline.

Fox News Paid Staffers to Troll the Hell Out Of the Interwebs, According to New Book

NPR correspodent David Folkenflik claims that Fox News staffers gamed the comment threads of news websites for years.

The Problem With Drake Memes

So Drake's a joke because he's sensitive? America's masculinity problem.

Meet the Consulting Firm That's Screwing Up With Your Tax Money, and Keeps Getting More

California's unemployment system is the latest in a long string of IT and other consulting failures for multinational giant Deloitte. Failure pays, as the firm continues to get huge contracts.

Inside the Crowdfunding Revolution, and Why You Should Be Part Of It Too

In 2012, crowdfunding transactions exceeded $3 billion. Hundreds of thousands of creative minds are benefiting from this democratic capital funding. Here's why you should too.

Seeking Reparations For Slavery, New Lawsuit Exposes the Limits of Laws

14 Caribbean nations are planning a reparations lawsuit that they don't have a hope of winning. But the real problem isn’t with this lawsuit. It's with law itself.

Google Doodle Today Honors Celia Cruz — the Queen of Salsa

Celia Cruz would headline concerts at New York's Carnegie Hall, tour Europe and Latin America, and collaborate with music heavyweights in Latin and crossover genres.

Tech Needs Women, But Women Don't Necessarily Need Tech

What we really need is to stop telling women what fields to enter.

The Joker Just Got Arrested For DUI in Maine

Move over, Batman. The Pittsfield Police Department has this one covered.

ESPN Makes a Mockery Of Native Americans on National Television

This GameDay episode might be ESPN's most racist work.

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: Carol is More Badass Than Ever

It's a bad time to be a pig at Sheriff Rick's prison.

George Washington University Makes Embarrassing Confession About Admissions Process

George Washington University's admissions policy makes the playing field uneven.

Turkey's New Headscarf Law Exposes Secularists to Be Naive Or Paranoid

Turkey's secularists are divided over their country's new headscarf law, but both sides need to shift in the debate.

War on Drugs in Rochester Ignores History and Puts Residents in Danger

A city in New York State wants to set up "drug-free zones" where police can use barriers to mark off an area where they can arbitrarily arrest people loitering. It completely ignores history.

Tiona Rodriguez Proves Pregnant Teens Need Our Help

While 17-year-old Tiona Rodriguez and her friend were found shoplifting, security guards unveiled a terrifying secret: a dead fetus in Rodriguez's shopping bag.

Atlas Genius Interview: Meet the Indie Rock Whiz Behind Australian Band

Indie rock heros, Atlas Genius, talk about their success with their new album, 'When It Was Now'.

What is Microsoft's New Social Network Takes On the Social Media Giants

Numerous social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have dominated the internet. Can Microsoft's new website reach their level of popularity?

An Inside Look At the Most Terrifying Thing About U.S. Drones

For the past decade, the U.S. has been waging an unmanned war in the Middle East. The terrifying thing is, no one knows the death toll.

Crowdfunding For Private Security in Oakland Ignores a Few Key Facts

Several communities in Oakland have started crowdfunding private security in their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, this doesn't actually do much to reduce crime where it's most likely to occur.

This Gay American Journalist May Have to Be in the Same Room With Vladimir Putin, in Russia

On November 9, MSNBC's openly gay Thomas Roberts and the anti-gay Russian president Vladimir Putin could end up facing each other in the same room, courtesy of Donald Trump.

Apple, Nokia, and Microsoft Unveil Tablets: Can Humans Keep Their Humanity In the Techno Age?

As Apple, Nokia, and Microsoft all prepare to unveil tablets tomorrow, our generation faces a dilemma. While we lap up the benefits of technology, are we prepared for the more intangible costs?

22-Year-Old Gets Caught in a Senior Citizen Love Triangle

This old man took a nap and woke up to find his wife in bed with a man roughly a third her age in their guest house.

Malaysian Court Rules Against "God," Infuriating the Nation's Christians

Religion and identity are shifting in Malaysia and this latest court case underscores the changing landscape.

Cory Booker Senate Win Shows 'Citizens United' is More Dangerous Than Ever

When 32 anonymous donors can match the rest of the country's campaign contributions, it's time for change.

PolicyMic Movie Guide: What to See, Stream, and Skip This Week

A harrowing true story, classic haunted house, and lots and lots of blood make up our picks to see in theaters, stream online, or skip entirely this week.

This SpongeBob Headstone is What She Would Have Wanted, But Her Cemetary Wants It Gone

Deborah Walker commissioned two large SpongeBob statues to memorialize her daughter. Now, the cemetery won't allow them.

Fox News Op-Ed Blames Zombies For Dumbing Down America

Apparently liberals are hijacking pop culture, and therefore runing humanity.

Obamacare's Medical Device Tax is a Job Killer, Here's the Proof

It's the Medical Device Tax, stupid.

Think About This Next Time You Leave an Angry Note On a Random Windshield

Why rash judgements and are best kept to oneself.

'Days Of Fire' Reveals Bush Administration Was "Looking For Somebody's Ass to Kick"

The new book 'Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House' shows that Bush and Cheney feuded often, why they took us to war, and how many in the administration regretted it.

Alligator Terrorizes Florida Wal-Mart

A gator shut down an Orlando-area Walmart last night, perhaps trying to get a good deal on a TV, or maybe some cheap clothes.

There Are 6 Million Reasons Why American Democracy is Broken

A recent UK Supreme Court ruling has denied two former convicts the right to vote, shedding light on the hot topic of felons' disenfranchisment here at home.

Major League Baseball Stands Up for LGBT Youth

Last week's Spirit Day marked a flurry of support from professional sports teams for LGBT young people. Too bad some of their fans are such jerks about it.

Woman Faints During Obama's ACA Speech

Obama saves a pregnant woman from falling, losing consciousness.

New Jersey Gay Marriage is the Beginning Of a Marriage Equality Trend

The president of the Human Rights Campaign has promised "within five years, we will bring marriage equality to all 50 states in the U.S.” These five legal battles show he's right.

2014 Midterm Elections Require Reince Preibus to Start at Square One

After the GOP all but pronounced itself dead in 2012, why hasn’t it learned its lesson?

Georgia Obsesses Over Fetuses While Being One Of the Most Dangerous States For Kids

It seems that for Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, the importance of a child's right to life ends after birth.

Cory Booker Officiates First Gay Wedding in Newark

Officiating his first-ever marriage as mayor of Newark, Cory Booker also managed to cooly shut down a homophobic heckler.

You Know You're Rich When You Can Buy a $100,000 Playdate With Guy Fieri

The exorbitant thing one man did to befriend Guy Fieri.