This Amazing Map Shows You Where All the Countries Are

What does this map tell you about your country? Exactly where it is in geographic relation to other countries.

One Woman's Radically Honest OkCupid Experiment Exposes the Truth of Online Dating

What happens when internet dating gets really, really real?

2014 Midterm Elections Predictions Prove Pundits Don't Know Math

The media has been hyping the government shutdown as a game-changer for the 2014 midterm elections, but the math shows their predictions are wrong.

TLC Documentary: 10 Times the Band's Lyrics Got Way Too Real

TLC is back in the spotlight with the release of a Greatest Hits album and a VH1 biopic. Here are 10 times TLC's true-to-life reflections hit way too close to home.

Insider Tips on How to Win Jeopardy, From a Six-Time Champ

Inside tips and tricks on how to dominate Trebek (hint: never look directly into his eyes.)

Qatar World Cup is Being Built Through Slave Labor, While FIFA Stays Silent

Workers are forced to tolerate conditions indicative of indentured servitude to build the massive infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup. FIFA and Qatar have a responsibility to change this.

Michigan's Medical Marihuana Act Doesn't Stand a Chance, Thanks to SCOTUS

Thanks to a Supreme Court precedent, Michigan's Medical Marihuana Act will probably be struck down.

Republicans Are Trying to Pull Off Something That Will Outrage Every Wendy Davis Supporter

Republicans are coming up with surprisingly horrifying ways to make sure Wendy Davis doesn't win the governor race and it involves making sure women don't vote.

This Fart-Absorbing Underwear Will Change Your Life

Welcome to the future.

'Parks and Recreation' Hiatus: Why NBC Is Putting the Show in Time Out

'Parks and Recreation' will go on hiatus immediately, joining the list of favorites taking the fall for NBC's ratings struggle.

Pope Francis Issues Strong Warning Against the Christian Right

Pope Francis may anger extreme conservative Christians with his new statements calling "Christian ideology" a sickness in the Catholic Church

'What Does the Fox Say' Duo's New Video is a Hilarious Ode to Massachusetts

Watch the Norwegian duo behind 'What Does the Fox Say' rejoice in the glory of the greatest state on Earth.

Facebook's New Rules: Breasts Are Still Bad, But Beheadings Are A-OK

Facebook is stirring controversy by lifting a ban on decapitation videos. The real problem is that there's far more restrictive policies concerning images of the human body.

Watch The Avett Brothers Reinvent Pearl Jam on Jimmy Fallon

The folksy Avett Brothers take on Pearl Jam.

Why San Francisco's Tech Community Is Creating Problems, Not Solving Them

From inventing problems to being a 'creator,' the fake ethos is a sign of the times — and it might be coming for your city next.

7 Reasons Why Japan's PR Troubles Can't Stop It From Being Awesome

I recently traveled to Japan and discovered why it is one of the best countries out there — Guardian articles, nuclear disasters, and slowing economies be damned.

Barbara Buono is the Best Choice For Governor in New Jersey Election, Not Christie

Democrats in New Jersey are rejoicing over Cory Booker's Senate victory, but they must also fight to put State Senator Barabara Buono in office in New Jersey's November election.

Deadly Spider Invasion Shuts Down English School

An infestation of deadly false widow spiders has closed the United Kingdom's Dean Academy.

Where is Halloween Celebrated? It's Spreading, But With Troubling Implications

Globalization is turning Halloween into a real international holiday. It is now celebrated in places as diverse as France, China, and Indonesia. But is that a good thing?

The Inside History of Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Starbucks has sold over 200 million Pumpkin Spice Lattes. On the 10th anniversary of the flavor, we try to figure out why.

The Ridiculous Ways America's Clothing Stores Try to Lure Hipsters

Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Marc Jacobs will stop at nothing to bring hipster dollars in the door.

2013 Will Go Down as the Year Of the Indie Film

This year, the biggest blockbusters flopped and indie films reigned supreme.

It's Not You, It's Me: Why I Took a Break From Feminism

And why I couldn't stay away.

New Jersey Gay Marriage: It's a Millennial Issue

Gay marriage is a millennial priority, and the New Jersey win is huge for all of us.

Military Budget Cuts Are Undermining Our Own Security

Everyone knows the government shutdown hurt the U.S. economy, but military budget cuts are getting much less attention.

If the Tea Party and Democrats Don't Learn From History, We'll Fall Like Ancient Rome

This epic legislative battle shows obstructionism and dysfunctionality in democratic politics at its worst and should scare us all, especially if we don't learn from it.

Pearl Jam is Keeping 90s Grunge Alive

Pearl Jam celebrated their brand new album with a classic live show.

The Rent in NYC is Too Damn High, and the City Desperately Needs Solutions

From 2000-2010, the number of New Yorkers living with strangers increased 40%. Some New Yorkers live with multiple strangers. The prevalence of such arrangements shows how scarce housing is.

Here's Proof That Cable Should Be Afraid Of Netflix

The company has hooked viewers by taking a successful gamble on its Emmy-winning original series "House of Cards."

New Global Slavery Index Finds 29.8 Million People Live in Modern Slavery

A new report released by the Walk Free Foundation has found that nearly 29.8 million people are living in slavery.

4 Things Young People Can Teach You About Online Writing

We learn a lot from the people who write for us. Now you can too.

What 'South Park' Teaches Us About the Problems Of the U.S. Government

Congress is trying to slip a new version of CISPA by the American people. A recent episode of 'South Park' shows why Congress thinks they can pull a fast one on us.

Ravenswood Premiere: What the ABC Family Show Can Learn From TV's Greatest Crossovers

As 'Pretty Little Liars' fans look forward to the 'Ravenswood' premiere on Oct. 22, here are some of the best TV crossover moments for a little inspiration.

Donald Trump's One Message to Edward Snowden

For better or worse, real-estate tycoon Donald Trump has things to say.

The Effects Of This Dominican Court's Ruling Will Be Felt As Far Away As NYC

The Dominican Republic has revoked the citizenship of 210,000 children of Haitian descent, and the next mayor of New York might have to deal with the consequences.

Tea Party Movement is All About Innovation, and Will Play a Big Role in Election 2016

There's an easy and popular narrative about the GOP and Tea Party movement in the wake of the government shutdown. You should probably think about it more carefully.

War On Halloween in Public Schools is a Symptom Of a Larger Sickness

These manufactured controversies are a symptom of a much larger problem: the lack of trust in our public schools to do right by our nation’s children.

Ignorance Puts UNC's Gender-Neutral Housing Plans at Risk

Despite being integral to the safety of LGBT students and of no consequence to people who opt out, UNC-Chapel Hill is struggling to set up housing that the student body supports. Why?

Bridget Jones is 'Mad About the Boy' and Still Not a Feminist

For the love of Gloria Steinem.

Magnetar Capital Sinks Its Teeth Into a Small Ohio Town, At Local Resident's Expense

Magnetar Capital LLC, the infamous hedge fund that has been under SEC investigation for its role in the mortgage crisis, is onto a new business venture, this time in a small Ohio city.

Los Angeles Proposes GMO Ban While Residents Inject Chemicals Into Their Faces

L.A. might have started a good trend for once.

Marijuana Legalization: Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Support Pot Legalization, Finally

After a decades-long shift in popular opinion, a new Gallup poll reveals that the United States may finally be ready to decriminalize weed.

Want to See Good Union Jobs in Action? Watch A Football Game

The NFL is not only a spectacular pastime, but it serves as interesting cultural parallel for the modern labor problems in America.

India's Massive New Food Bill Has a Glaring Problem That Could Hurt Millions

India's $19.5 billion food security bill is susceptible to many problems. Why doesn't the Indian government experiment with randomized controlled trials before pouring money into the economy?

Love 'Em Or Hate 'Em, America Needs the Tea Party

The media and has been relentlessly criticizing the Tea Party, but isn't it their job to defend their beliefs and views?

Actually, You Probably WILL Guess Who Stands to Make $100 Billion Off the Keystone XL Pipeline

They're serious about making money, and they're just as serious about keeping it all to themselves.

Why Did Saudi Arabia Reject a Security Council Seat? It's All About the Message

Saudi Arabia's move to reject a UN Security Council seat is grounded in recent geopolitical history and a growing distrust in America.

Patriots vs Jets Recap: Sorry, Pats Fans, But There's No Conspiracy Here

The Patriots were controversially penalized on a missed field goal, the Jets were given second life en route to a win, and the NFL has since come under suspicion for retroactively rewriting rules

AirBnb Brings $632 Million Windfall to New York City

A recent study found that Airbnb generated $632 million in economic activity for New York City. Are do-it-yourself hospitality and lodging services like this the way of the future?

Colorado Bros Now At the Center of the Health Care Debate

Colorado advocacy groups would like you to know that you can totally crush it at both keg stands and sighing up for the Affordable Care Act, brah.

It Doesn't Take Much to Bribe a Navy Officer These Days

Recent bribary scandal calls for more oversight in our military system.

Paul LePage Knows Nothing About the 47%

Governor Paul LePage of Maine is yet another Republican claiming that Americans are entitled and lazy.

On Gay Marriage, Chris Christie is Doing What's Convenient — Just Like Obama

How sincere is America's shift toward accepting marriage equality?

Memo to Pat Robertson: 5 Reasons Why Europe Should Embrace Secularism

Pat Robertson would like to see Europe return to the good old days before the advent of secular humanism. Let's take a look back and see how that went.

Why the Geneva Peace Conference Will Not Help Syria

The Syrian people stand not to benefit from the upcoming conference.

San Francisco ICE Protests: The Revolution Will Not Be Live Tweeted

The San Francisco ICE protests last week made me realize I'd rather be blocking the bus than behind the computer.

There's Cold Feet, Then There's Calling in a Bomb Threat to Avoid Your Wedding

A groom called in a bomb threat in Liverpool when he realized he messed up his wedding reservation. He has 12 months in jail to calm down.

This Amnesty International Report Says U.S. Might Have Conducted War Crimes in Pakistan

A groundbreaking new report published by leading human rights organizations says that it has uncovered evidence that US officials may have committed ware crimes in drone strikes.

JPMorgan Settlement Terms: 5 Things You Need to Know

The most important points of the record fine — and why it might not be over yet.

NSA Update: Spying on France is Weakening the United States

France is the latest nation to slam the U.S. for the NSA's massive surveillance programs. At this rate, the U.S. will burn bridges with all its closest allies with every new update.