13 Scary-As-Hell Places in America

Including the town where the "Blair Witch" originally occurred, a closed-down tuberculosis hospital that was built on a haunted Native American site, and the U.S. Capitol.

The Kendrick Lamar and Drake Feud is Bringing Hip Hop Back to Life

The music Kendrick Lamar and Drake make represents the millennial experience like no other artists out right now. Their rivalry has the potential to change hip hop forever.

The Invisible Body Image Issue That Millennial Men Need to Know

Our obsession with the ideal is hurting us in ways we're just beginning to understand.

If You Die in Taiwan, There Will Be Strippers At Your Funeral

Funeral strippers in Taiwan are integral to the healing process for bereaved families and their performance is part of a larger culture that places emphasis on happiness.

Pornhub and Its Ilk Should Be Banned, Claims Think Tank Paper

According to a paper published by conservative think tank the Witherspoon Institute, internet pornography is a nefarious scourge that's destroying America, and it must be stopped.

Bisexuals: We're Here, We're Queer, We're Not Unicorns

'Once Upon a Time' features a real-life bisexual. Rejoice!

Immigration Reform 2013: and Mark Zuckerberg Are Not Progressive Allies

Silicon Valley is pushing for a very particular sort of reform, aimed at a very particular sort of immigrant

Taiwan is Moving Closer to China, So Why Isn't the U.S. Freaking Out?

Defense cuts totaling $1 trillion and focusing diplomatic and military attention to the Middle East, are causing the U.S. government to forget about long-term allies and interests in Asia.

Instagram Wants Women To Be Beautiful, Filtered, and Bikini Waxed

Petra Collins’ art and photography has the public in an uproar. After her Instagram was deleted society is proving once again that we’re ashamed of exploring the 'real' female body.

Man Breaks Down Every Stereotype About Fathers in Emotional Response to His Son's Report Card

After this father learned that his son, who's been struggling with dyslexia, managed to pass his math class, this father just couldn't contain his joy.

Why Righteous Snark Works For 'Jezebel'

Snarky headlines can still make virtual waves in a sea of cat videos, as the newly released 'Book of Jezebel' shows.

What the End Of the McDonald's Dollar Menu Says About the U.S. Economy

The prices of the ingredients are simply too high.

Powerful Life Lessons From a Six-Time Jeopardy Champion Who Lost it All

The nerves, the prep, the glory, the shame. Jared Hall reveals it all, along with what he found to be the ultimate test and ultimate reward.

Angel Haze's "Same Love" Remix is Honest, Painful, and Powerful

Angel Haze's freestyle version of Macklemore's "Same Love" rips apart the idyllic picture of same sex lovers and shows their struggle in its rawest form.

Everyone's Talking About Rape in India, But Getting it Terribly Wrong

As India's reputation for sexual violence increases, many writers have reminded us that Indian men are loving family members too. However, are monolithic images of the "good" Indian man healthy?

These 7 Schools Have the Richest Alumni — Is Yours On the List?

If you want to strike it rich, you should take a look at these seven universities.

'Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Whose Side is Skye Really On?

Last night's episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took the team to Asia on a mission to save a young man with unusual and dangerous powers.

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Finally, an Episode Not About Nick and Jess

Things got all kinds of crazy on last night's 'New Girl' Halloween.

That 'New York Times' Story About "Good" Indian Men is Pretty Xenophobic

Of course some men in India are "good." So what?

Putting Lena Dunham on the Cover of 'Vogue' Isn't the Same as Celebrating Her Body

We've been here before. It's not progress. Let's stop pretending that it is.

Arcade Fire’s New Song Will Take Every Indie Kid Back to High School

After a couple of missteps, Arcade Fire is back with the driving new song "Afterlife."

'The Mindy Project' Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Mindy Joins the "Bros Club for Dudes"

On last night's 'The Mindy Project', Mindy's rom-com loving ways don't have much of a place in the new office now that brotastic Peter is in the mix.

The NYPD is Taking Gender Policing To a New Level

Is it illegal to be transgender? No, didn't think so. Someone should tell the NYPD.

Exactly Why Today's College Students Are Screwed, In One Chart

The cost of a university degree has risen 1120% since 1978, but government scholarships for students are at an all-time low.

The Cold, Hard Fact About the Geography of the American Dream

The problem of "idle youth," and what we can do to solve it.

New Government Shutdown Deadline: Why a Budget Deal Won't Happen

Today's polarized politics make compromise impossible, and we only have ourselves to blame.

America Spends $931 Billion Every Year on Defense, For a Simple, Ugly Reason

The United States' astronomical spending on defense and national security has ended up becoming the primary threat to our national security.

'Reign' Proves There's No Masturbating On Network TV Allowed

The CW's new show, 'Reign' cut a masturbation scene while still portraying sexual assault. What makes content appropriate for public TV?

Clean Energy Policies Won't Save the Environment, But They Might Hurt It

Clean energy policies claim to create a more sustainable world, but frequently they do the opposite.

Am I Hispanic Or Latino? Data Shows An American Identity Crisis Is Brewing

Nearly a quarter of American Latinos don't even consider themselves Latino — they consider themselves purely American. This suggests that popular opinion about this demographic is misstated.

Cat Memes Take the Fight Against Obamacare to Young People

Is this the best strategy the GOP has come up with to fight Obamacare, or the worst?

JPMorgan Could Get Huge Break On $13 Billion Fine

Outsize financial penalties that come years late and replete with loopholes won't be enough to deter banks. It's time to start proactively prosecuting financial crimes.

Obama's Pivot to Africa is Dangerous and Costly For Security and Peace

Very quietly, the Obama administration has begun militarizing Africa at an unprecedented rate which is increase the threat of terrorism and leaving Americans much less safe.

For Grambling State Football, Boycotts Ultimately Came At a Cost

Jackson State will sue Grambling State football for refusing to travel to its homecoming game amid player protests of the program, administration and substandard athletics facilities.

How This Gay Couple Defied State Law and Got Legally Married in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, two men are planning a wedding that was made possible by the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.

Find Out What Iran Really Wants, From Iran Expert Hooman Majd

I spoke with Hooman Majd, a journalist and Iran expert, on the country's new president, nuclear program, and desire to play a role on the world stage.

What Every Foreign Policy Journalist Can Learn From the Miley Cyrus Effect

As more and more people turn to the internet for their news, world news journalists need to adapt and leverage viral media trends to draw a larger audience to their work.

NYC Mayoral Debate Recap: Stop and Frisk Becomes Major Flashpoint

Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota sparred in the second NYC mayoral debate over public safety, affordable housing, and taxes. Here's a quick recap.

This High School Football Coach Was Accused Of Bullying After Thrashing a Team 91-0

After a blowout victory on Friday night, one Texas parent accused the coach of the winning team of bullying.

The Tea Party and GOP Will Never, Ever, Ever Get Back Together

The Tea Party disagree on more than just tactics, they fundamentally disagree on what the government should look like.

Jets Brawl Brings Out Worst in NY Post

The Post spent way too much time focusing on the appearance of the woman involved. No journalism here, folks.

Guantánamo Bay is a Hellish Prison, That America Conveniently Tries to Forget

While Guantanamo prisoners face ongoing abuse and human rights violations, their plight is ignored by most American politicians.

Rand Paul's Claim That Liberals Don't Understand Capitalism is Plain Wrong

Rand Paul thinks "liberals have no idea how capitalism works." Actually, we do: And that's exactly why we need Obamacare.

GOP Wants Eccentric Millionaire John McAfee to Fix Obamacare Site

The glitch-laden exchanges has presented the Republican Party with a minor political victory, but enlisting a man with potential ties to a murder reveals the GOP's poor judgement.

This Study Says Your Parents Are Sexting

It's not just Anthony Weiner.

New Mexico Gay Marriage Case Could Be the One the Country's Been Waiting For

New Mexico's supreme court is about to rule that without an explicit ban or law protecting gay marriage in the state, same sex couples should be allowed to marry.

Sen. Mike Lee is So Conservative Even Utah Doesn't Want Him

When Mike Lee became a Utah senator in 2010, Tea Partiers celebrated. But now, because of the 16-day government shutdown, Lee — and the Tea Party movement he represents — is taking heavy fire.

This Company Was Sued For Peeking in On Its Customers With Webcams

It took three years for a settlement to happen since Wyoming's Brian Byrd found out he was spied on from his rent-to-own computer. The retailer lost.

Conde Nast Halts Internship Program, Warns Those Complaining About Pay

Unpaid internships have come under legal attack lately, and soon could be gone forever.

Sparks Middle School Shooting 911 Calls Reveal Heroism and Cool Heads Prevented More Death

Calls to 911 reveal the heroism of the students, teachers, first responders, and dispatcher involved in Monday's school shooting.

PolicyMic Songs of the Week: What Our Arts Editors Can't Stop Listening To

This week we're really into classic country and creepy electropop. What songs do you have on repeat?

How Sleeping Air Force Officers Left Nuke Facilities Open to Terrorists

Air Force officers in charge of nuclear weapon launch codes found to have left blast doors open during sleep breaks at least twice at two different bases earlier this year.

This Study Shows Why You Shouldn't Trust a Religious Person When There's Money Involved

A study out of Canada points to particular demographics for lying based on personality traits. One is supposedly being more religious.