What's Your State's Most Beloved Booze? This Map Will Tell You

This map tracks each state's best brews — and spirits. Have a cold one, America.

9 Travel Movies That Will Make Every 20-Something Want to Quit Their Day Job

While days drag on in the office, it's hard not to fantasize about taking a quick break from reality. These nine travel movies will make every young worker green with envy.

Blackfish Documentary Shows the Scary Reality Of Seaworld's Orcas

Seaworld keeps its orcas in inhumane conditions. They should release them.

Why Young Women Are Snapping Shots of Their Boobs on Things

The psychology behind #mamming, selfies for a cause.

The Truth Behind What Causes Rape

Drinking? Lack of a buddy system? You've got one guess.

America the Beautiful — Also, Land of the Crisis and Home of the Hypochondriacs

Politicians are drama queens, trying to convince us that we're constantly in a state of crisis. Everybody needs to chill out and take a brief glance over our nation's history.

The Rich Kids of Instagram Are Getting a Reality Show, and There is No Justice in the World

How reality TV is making this director lose his faith in the viewing public

CGI Federal: Here's Why is So Screwed Up is proof we need to change the way federal contracting works.

What 20 Famous Musicians Were Doing in Their 20s

Here's what some of history's most celebrated musicians were up to in their formative years.

Think Men Dominate Punk Music? These 7 Women Will Prove You Wrong

The punk revival of the 1990s was led by bands like Rancid and NoFX, but the revival gave birth to just as many punk-ettes.

This GOP Official is So Racist, He Shocked the Daily Show

His views on voter ID laws? "If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it."

Immigration Reform 2013: John Boehner is Closing in, But Don't Expect Much

It's really more about rehabilitating the Republican Party.

The One Group Left Out of Every Street Harassment Conversation

We often talk about harassment in terms of women, but we're missing a whole narrative that we can't afford to ignore.

'Ender's Game' Series: 5 Sci-Fi Recommendations For 'Ender's Game' Lovers

With Orson Scott Card's sci-fi epic about to hit theaters, we'd like to suggest some other classics of the genre for book and movie fans to check out.

Care About Malala's Dream for Girls' Education? Here's What's Standing in the Way

Malala Yousafzai has become the international symbol of girls' education, but what are we actually doing to support education abroad?

Immigration Reform 2013: House Republicans Are Getting Their Big Shot

With the fierce fiscal battle behind them, House Republicans should cautiously negotiate immigration reform in 2013 that attracts more Hispanic voters and improves their brand.

Rare Earth Elements Power the World, and China Controls Them All

How much do you know about the minerals used to make your smartphone and laptop?

7 Uncalled-For Character Deaths Book Lovers Are Still Mad About

On the heels of Helen Fielding's shocking decision, we count down some of the most tragic deaths in literature.

I'm Gay, I May Not Get Married, and That's OK

As a 24-year-old queer woman, the big win in New Jersey mostly just made me feel ambivalent. Millennials have an opportunity other generations haven't. It's time ask: is this what we really want?

'Harry Potter' Has Found an Unexpected New Group of Fans

An elite French university has just started offering a 'Harry Potter' class, and it just might be a tipping point for everyone's favorite boy wizard.

Michael Bloomberg's Legacy Should Be Rejected By Every New Yorker

The departing mayor has often been credited for New York City's renaissance. Here are some facts that throw a monkeywrench in that embellished take.

Obama's Second Term Feels Like Bush's Fourth

Obama's slogans — "change we can believe in" and so on — sound like empty promises. His lofty rhetoric and certainly his Nobel Peace Prize are insults to educated people everywhere.

John Stossel Warns That the Federal Reserve Could Bring On the Next Hitler

Can we stop comparing everything to Hitler?

Congress Approval Rating is Near an All-Time Low, and Voters Are to Blame

Trust in the U.S. government is near a record low. Ironically, we voters are the ones who have created and perpetuated a system that is averse to effective government.

Immigration Reform 2013: Obama Speech Brings Issue Back From the Dead

Move over Obamacare and your many problems. It's time for the next big debate: immigration reform.

There's a 6,000 Page Study on CIA Torture That Obama's Keeping Secret

The testimony of the CIA's top lawyer reveals a rift in the Obama administration over the CIA's used of enhanced interrogation techniques.

Dave Eggers' 'The Circle' is a Status Update for All Social Media Users

'The Circle' is less an examination of internet culture and more an exploration of how willingly we give up our lives.

Obama Won't Cut Aid to Pakistan, Even Though the Problems Are Mounting Up

High-ranking U.S. politicians are calling on Obama to cut off aid to Pakistan. Here's why that won't happen in the near future.

The @natsecwonk White House Scandal Was a Bigger National Security #Fail Than We Thought

Social media is an increasingly powerful tool that can be used to distribute information and drive media coverage. The next @natecwonk may have some truely malicious intent.

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Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Have Learned Something That Every Republican Should Know

Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have have engaged voters by speaking their mind on hotbutton issues. The rest of the GOP would do well to follow their lead.

Bloomberg Soda Ban: It's Back and Better Than Ever (in Mexico)

Bloomberg Philanthropies is funding advertisements for a similar tax on sugary drinks in Mexico that was proposed for New York City.

NSA Leaks: A Quick Recap For Every Privacy Advocate

Ever since Edward Snowden released a trove of NSA slides, there's been a steady stream of leaks concerning the agency's intelligence gathering. Here's what we know so far.

NYPD Confuses Jolly Ranchers For Crystal Meth in Hilarious "Drug" Bust

Everyone loves candy cigarettes and chocolate cigars, but what about Jolly Rancher crystal meth?

Why the Congressional Hearing On Crashed Like the Site

Monkey Court was in full session.

Marriage Equality is Changing the GOP, and the Results Are Fabulous

Supporting same-sex marriage is more in line with conservative values than many Republicans realize. Marriage equality has turned the tide.

These Trees Can Tell You Where to Strike Gold

Eucalyptus trees in Australia have been sucking up gold particles from underground deposits. In a way, money does grow on trees now.

4 Tariffs the World Would Be Better Without

While tariffs attempt to benefit the domestic economy, the often do the opposite.

Wiki-PR Lets You Game Wikipedia By Hiring Its Editors

Entire firms exist to game Wikipedia. It's big business.

Pinterest Valuation Might Not Live Up to All the Hype

Scrapbooking just reached a whole new level.

Obamacare Website Glitches: Save Your Anger For the Media

There's a lot of shouting and finger pointing, but anger over the Obamacare website glitches is misdirected, at best.

Feminist Weekly: What's the Story, Wishbone?

Let's wag another tale.

Why Thousands of Americans Want GOP Members Arrested For the Shutdown

Americans are angry at the GOP over the government shutdown, an anger manifested in tanked approval ratings, an upcoming loss in Virginia's election for governor, and crazy petitions.

5 Movies You Need to See Before You Call Yourself a True New Yorker

You can't call yourself a New Yorker until you've seen these classic films.