This Off-Duty Cop Proves What Young Women Know About Who's Really to Blame For Rape

In this staged experiment, an actor pretends to take advantage of a drunk woman at a Jersey Shore bar. But the response of the real off-duty cop sitting alongside is no laughing matter.

'Supernatural' Needs to Admit Dean is Bisexual

It's a great opportunity for bi visibility. Will the CW take it, or has the audience just been queerbaited?

The Twerking Feminist

Critics hate Rihanna's new "Pour It Up" video, but as a black feminist, I think it's empowering.

Gun Control Laws Wouldn't Stop Senseless Shootings – They Would Cause More

The Obama administration responded to the tragedy in Sparks, Nev. by calling for more gun control measures, but it is unlikely more gun control laws would have made a difference.

Russell Brand BBC Interview: He Was Impassioned, But Dead Wrong About Voting

Russell Brand is right: Leftists must seek radical political change to meet the 21st century's greatest challenges. But refusing to vote in the meantime? That's not noble, that's moral failure.

Ridley Scott's Exodus Whitewashes the Bible By Casting Only White Actors

Christian Bale may make for a great Moses, but the new biblical biopic distorts history by leaving out brown actors in prominent roles.

Obamacare Facts Show No Matter How You Fudge the Data, It's Bad For Young People

"Torture a data long enough and it will confess anything," said late economist Ronald Coase. That's what Obamcare supporters are doing, but reality is catching up quickly.

Russell Brand Puts Into Words How Every Millennial Feels About Politics

A pow wow between Jeremy Paxman and Russell Brand on British television.

Female "Black Widow" Terrorists Expose a Hard Truth About Russian Culture

The Black Widow terrorists have been tormenting Russia since the turn of the millennium. This is their story.

Twitter Is Going Public — What Does That Mean?

For anyone who feels like this is a mumbo jumbo, this is a quick rundown of what's happening.

What's the Best Online Dating Site? Depends On Your Politics

The dating world is hard enough before adding the 'net (and the possibility that the NSA is mocking your flirting game!). There are all sorts of online dating sites, for every political niche.

World Series 2013 Ratings: Baseball Needs to Get Its Groove Back

Keith Olbermann delivered a well-received soliloquy on the cratered ratings of the Fall Classic Thursday night. Here's why he's wrong, and what could actually help baseball revive its mojo.

Saudi Arabia's Syria Connection is Part of a Larger, Dangerous Trend For the Royal Kingdom

The unification of countries across the Arab world is coming to an end, and Saudi Arabia is paying a logical price for picking a more defined position in today’s chaotic Middle East

5 Burning Questions About Obamacare, Answered

Simple answers to five burning questions about the ACA.
News Isn't What's Wrong With Obamacare will be fixed eventually — and that is what Republicans and those on the right should be fretting about.

Facebook's News Feed Should Include Posts About Nudity, Swearing, and Drugs

Facebook's graphic content policy is supposed to prevent the promotion of unsavory practices popping up in your news feed, but all it does is undermine the goal of the platform.

How to Facebook Stalk Successful Friends Without Destroying Your Self Esteem

How to stop constantly measuring yourself against others' success online and retain your already fragile millennial self-esteem.

4 Key Secrets to Writing an Amazing Article Online

The former managing editor of the New Yorker unlocks the secrets to success in today's digital journalism age. PolicyMic pundits, listen up!

Are Saudi Arabia and Israel Coming Together Over Syria and Iran?

Both want Iran to drop its nuclear ambitions, and both see Syria as a key battlefield.

New Research Could Tell You How You'll Die

Having this foresight could change your life, and perhaps not for the better.

Latest Food Stamps Scam Proves SNAP Needs an Overhaul

In September of this year alone, authorities busted four high-profile cases of food stamp fraud. Still think it never happens?

10 Inspiring Short Story Collections to Cure the 20-Something Blues

Short story collections that will indulge, unravel, or alleviate your various twenty-something woes.

From One Man to Another: Stop Getting Drunk

Okay, you don't have to stop. But in a week where we've talked about whether or not women should watch their drinking, isn't it time us guys looked at the way we twin alcohol and manliness?

The 5 'Twilight Zone' Episodes Every Die-Hard Fan Knows By Heart

Rod Serling's masterful TV series still holds up today. Here are five episodes that are perfect to watch this Halloween.

Gun Control Debate: Polls Show Americans Have Made Up Their Minds About Video Games

Recent polling shows that the majority of Americans, across party lines, don't believe the hype about video games and violence. So much for using that in the gun control debate.

The Real Reason Millennials Can't Find Old-School Mentors

What's up with Gen. X?

What the American Dream Means for Millennials

What millennials want is not so different from other generations.

New Jersey Gay Marriage: Chris Christie Accepts What Every Libertarian Already Knew

New Jersey was the 14th state to fall to the "plague" of gay marriage. This libertarian hopes that it's a slippery slope towards all sorts of other freedoms.

3 Reasons Millennials Love Cormac McCarthy

The master of pessimistic Westerns is bleak, highly literary, and reclusive. Why do millennials love him so much?

Women in Colombia Are On a Sex Strike For This Civic Cause

Women in a small Colombian town are channeling ancient Greek heroines by withholding sex until they get what they want: improved road conditions.

Being a Grown Up: Expectation vs. Reality

It’s not all bad. Well, it could be worse. Well, there’s wine.

New York Post Story on Marine's 'Girly' Hats is Classic New York Post

The 'New York Post' fabricated its way into insulting female Marines for the fun of it, and threw the French in just for kicks.

Some Marines Think Their New Uniforms Are Too "Girly"

A new, unisex cap design is in the works for U.S. Marines, but some think it's too feminine and too French. What's all the fuss about?

Here's How Switzerland's Fed-Up Workers Are Rebelling Against Their Overpaid Bosses

After passing measures in March that placed limits on executive pay, notably by allowing shareholders to veto executive salaries, a new initiative could further curb lavish compensation.

Condé Nast's Unpaid Internships Are No Surprise To Me

As a Mexican American woman, I'm fully aware of our nation's history of unrecognized labor.

Pew Center Research Poll: Facebook Has Made Consuming News a Form Of Self-Expression

The Pew Research Center released a study on Thursday examining the ways in which Facebook affects Americans' consumption of news, with interesting results.

Stream Arcade Fire's 'Reflektor' Here

Arcade Fire have released their new album, 'Reflektor', as a surprise stream on YouTube. Listen here.

These Colleges Are Working Hard to Keep Radio Alive

Every year, CMJ honors university stations for progressive, interesting, community radio. Here are some of the best stations around the country.

Baby Born With HIV Has Made Medical History

A 3-year-old Mississippi girl born with HIV shows no more signs of infection.

Chris Christie 2016: Gay Marriage Decision is the Latest Sign He's Running

The Christie administration withdrew its appeal of the same-sex marriage bill on Monday. Is this about conviction, or just strategy?

Obama Faces a Do or Die Deadline For Fixing

Not fixing the site could lead to political disaster.

The Insane Expense of Anti-Abortion Laws on Every Taxpayer

We can afford to provide women with safe, healthy abortions; we can't afford to deny them.

Drone Strikes in Pakistan Are Being 'Regularized,' As Old Allies Get Back to Business

The U.S. is renewing economic and military aid to Pakistan, and the two countries are closer than they've been in years. But the drones are here to stay.

Doug Gansler Shows You How to Lose an Election, Teen Rager Style

Here's a free campaign tip: don't get photographed with a bunch of half-naked drunk teenagers.

The $60 Million Capitol Building Restoration is a Slap in the Face to Many Americans

The U.S. Capitol building is set undergo a $60 million restoration. Is it a necessary repair, or a vain facelift at a troubled time in our country's finances?

Latest Miscues At IRS Prove Its Total Incompetence

The IRS's consistent failures prove its total incompetence, but Americans see little hope for reform.

Obamacare Problems Are Going to Sink the Law, if Millennials Like Me Can't Sign Up

The health exchanges are going to fail, partially because of the website's technical glitches, but for countless other reasons too.

U.S. Student Homelessness Reaches All-Time High

Over 1 million children are without a home.

This Doctor Claims Syrian Snipers Are Aiming For Pregnant Women

Despite the elimination of chemical stockpiles, conventional warfare is just as horrifying in Syria.

Meet Michael Shammas: Blogger, Netflix Lover & Pundit Of the Week

Our pundit of the week made PolicyMic his homepage in less than 5 minutes after using the site for the first time. How long did it take you?

Michael Hayden Leaks Secrets on Amtrak, and Teaches Himself a Lesson in Spying

With secret-keepers like this, who needs whistleblowers? Michael Hayden ends up making a rooking mistake on the Amtrak train.

10 Politicians and Pundits That Would Make Big Bucks From War With Syria

War is expensive, which means people cash in. In no particular order (save the first two), here are 10 politicians and pundits who would profit in one way or another from war with Syria.

Why Nawaz Sharif and Barack Obama Need to Work On Their Relationship

The U.S. and Pakistan's recent meeting marks a new era in diplomatic relations between the two countries.

5 Drastic Ways the Sequester is Crippling Our Military

Faced with $500 billion in cuts over the next decade, the military risks becoming a hollowed-out force.

This Map Shows How Your State Treats Poor Families

Despite GOP talking points, poor families aren't getting a whole lot of government benefits.

New York Polls Reflect the Influence of Media, Making de Blasio Into a Superhero

Why voters crave the often ephemeral and flighting feelings of connection with candidates — and how elected officials fail because of it.

Sick and Tired Of Senator Ted Cruz? This Drinking Game is For You!

Are you tired of having to watch Senator Ted Cruz prattle on while stonefaced sober? Well, worry no more!

Audit the Fed: Rand Paul's Plan to Hold Up Yellen's Confirmation

The number of recent filibusters continues to rise, and this trend is doing more harm than good.

Why Burying Your Wife in the Front Yard Might Be a Bad Idea

When James Davis made a final promise to his dying wife, the last place he expected to end up was the Supreme Court of Alabama.

Geneva 2 Peace Summit Will Only Work If the Opposition Shows

The Syrian opposition is refusing to participate in the upcoming Geneva 2 peace summit.

3 Lessons Learned From the First Obamacare Hearing

The Republicans are finally doing something productive with their time.

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