The Asian-American Obsession With Top-Tier Colleges Needs to Stop

Being overly concerned with the Ivy League only makes us seem more alien.

Thinking You Can't Get Pregnant In Your 20s is An Illusion, Study Finds

Researchers call it "magical thinking." I call it "poor sex ed."

Kendrick Lamar and Drake Aren't Really Feuding

Hip hop is in a different place in 2013, and we don't need to compare it to its past or create "feuds" where they don't exist.

Gun Control Debate is Part of a Vicious Cycle

For Americans, "another mass shooting" means yet another re-ignition of the gun control debate with little to no significant progress. Has this vicious cycle desensitized America already?

'Sherlock' Returns: Benedict Cumberbatch is the Smartest Man on Television

While both 'Luther' and 'Sherlock' have their merits, the blue-eyed, long coat genius is in a class by himself.

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Tyreese is Almost as Badass as Carol

Though it may be a fitting depiction of a zombie apocalypse, everything seems to be getting worse on 'The Walking Dead'.

Marijuana Legalization Should Be a Success in Uruguay, But It Wouldn't Work Everywhere

Uruguay is poised to become the first country in the world to legalize the recreational use of marijuana on a national scale. But should the rest of Latin America follow its lead?

5 Singer-Songwriters You Never Knew Were This Talented

It isn't all about the electric guitar when it comes to true guitar-playing skill.

Stop Being Afraid Of Online Dating

IRL is overrated.

I'm So Over "Sexy" Halloween Costumes


This is How Millennial Parents Are Raising Kids

Hint: It involves technology.

Antonio Cromartie's Wife Terricka Cason Calls Out Jets On Twitter

See how Terricka Cason, wife of Antonio Cromartie, expressed her disgust with the Jets' blowout loss in Cincinnati on Sunday.

'Homeland' Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: All the Crazy Things Carrie Did

This week we got more than enough stakeouts, Javadi got messy with a burger, and Carrie was, well, Carrie. Spoilers ahead.

This Baby Dressed As Andy Reid is the Best Halloween Costume So Far

Tired of looking at pictures of everyone's Halloween costumes? Look no further, this baby is easily the best one.

Will You Be My Internet Friend?

Being bipolar might have held me back before, but social media has helped me find new friendships.

Virginia Gay Marriage Ban Will Be Struck Down, If Millennials Have Their Way

As younger voters move into Virginia, they bring with them a more socially liberal mindset. Now, 56% of likely voters oppose the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

What 'Gravity' Lost in Depth and Gained in Three Dimensions

New technologies like 3D tend to distract from a film's meaning, even when they're used to enhance it.

Halloween 2013: Top 10 Horror Movies For Every Political Junkie

If you want to celebrate Halloween PolicyMic-style, here is a list of the top 10 politically themed horror films.

6 Awesome Photos Of the Drag Parade That Just Took Place On Westboro Baptist Church's Front Yard

Drag queens gathered at the Equality house in Topkea to frighten Westboro Baptist parishioners and march for a desperate an important queer cause.

Why Millennials Care As Much About a Show's Creator As Its Characters

Some TV shows give us a glimpse into the real lives of celebrities — lives millennials may actually be able to relate to.

Here's What Stands in the Way Of Africa Becoming an Economic Success

Sub-Saharan Africa is positioned for a grand economic takeoff, but realizing optimistic forecasts will require greater investments in human and physical capital.

Obama Twitter Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

It appears that the latest victim of the renegade Syrian hacker group might be the president himself.

World's Dumbest Racist Can't Tell the Difference Between Hebrew and Spanish

Further proving that hate crimes are carried out by ignorant jerks, a Wisconsin man attacked two Hebrew-speaking men, thinking they were speaking Spanish.

The One GIF That Explains NSA Spying

And why you should stop being surprised.

Cory Booker Senate Win Reveals What It Takes to Be a Black Politician in America

What does the election of Cory Booker mean for black politics? It pretty much cements the Obama story as the route to national success.

American Children Are Paying the Price For Gun Violence

These numbers are alarming, no matter where you stand in the gun debate.

An Elegy For Lou Reed

Lou Reed died on a Sunday morning. His rock and roll saved my life.

Angela Merkel Wiretap: How NSA Spying is Hurting the Fight Against Terrorism

Not only is the NSA's far-reaching surveillance reminiscent of Watergate and McCarthyism-type paranoia, but also could be devastating to the U.S' current interests in the fight against terrorism.

One Of the World's Greatest Nuclear Threats is Closer to Home Than You Think

Obama's nuclear weapons policy may not violate the letter of international or domestic law, but it violates the spirit of major treaties.

This Bogus Graph is What Fox News Wants You to Believe About Poor People

Fox News has a history of misleading viewers and raising class tension with dishonest graphs. Their most recent chart is a direct attack in their war on the working class.

Texas Abortion Law Ruled Unconstitutional in Parts

It is a day of celebration for pro-choice advocates in Texas, where a federal judge has deemed the controversial abortion law unconstitutional.

Why Money Will Never Make Up For the Horrors Of Slavery

Caribbean nations recently made headlines for coming together to file a lawsuit against colonial powers in western Europe. But asking for money won't resolve racial inequality.

So You Think You're "Post Race"

A recent 'Atlantic' article confirms what I learned from my own time in the classroom: white millennial culture is blind to the reality of race in schools.

Politicians Don't Understand Most Americans, and the Research Proves It

Inequality has created an empathy gap in the U.S. that could have economic consequences for everyone.

This 12-Year-Old Just Got Busted For Hacking For Anonymous

A 12-year old Canadian just pled guilty to a bevy of computer crimes — he may be the youngest hacker to ever be caught.

HealthCare.Gov Problems Offer 3 Lessons For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The sloppy rollout of offers some lessons to those in the private industry.

Tea Party Leaders Want the FEC to Treat Them Like Civil Rights Heroes

Obviously, not being able to spend as much money as you want to buy an election without disclosing the names of your donors is JUST like fighting for civil rights in the 1960s.

Here's the Figure-Skating 'Breaking Bad' Tribute You Didn't Know Was Missing From Your Life

For all you 'Breaking Bad' fans who can't get enough, a brand new montage video captures some incredibly memorable scenes ... on ice.

Fossil Fuel Divestment is For Every College That Cares About Its Students' Future

If the purpose of higher educational institutions is to serve society by helping to build a better future, they need to ensure there is a future for society through fossil fuel divestment.

What Happens When a Private University Challenges Free Speech

The University of Rochester ordered a student to remove the Confederate flag from his window.

Kolten Wong Pickoff Just the Latest Weird Thing From the 2013 World Series

After an obstruction call ended Game 3 and a pickoff ended Game 4 (both World Series firsts) you'd be remiss to skip Game 5 because of Monday Night Football or anything else.

Bengazhi Cover Up: Lindsey Graham Wants Hearings, and Wants Them Now

Lindsey Graham is looking to create another round of partisan gridlock, this time looking to pin all wrongdoing in the Benghazi attacks on the White House.

Four Men Escape from 'Escape-Proof' Jail in Oklahoma

Four men managed to slip out of an Oklahoma jail from the shower on Sunday morning. Two remain at-large.

Remembering Lou Reed: PolicyMic Editors Share Their Favorite Songs

The PolicyMic office pays tribute to a rock icon by offering up our picks for Reed's best songs.

This One Trick Would Keep the Government From Shutting Down Ever Again

There are issues worth arguing over in the budget debate, but one thing that we should not have to focus on is the debt ceiling.

Chris Christie Gets the Endorsement He's Been Waiting For

And it's from an NBA legend.

Right-Wing Group Likens Ted Cruz to Jesus

A Christian conservative compares the Ted Cruz's standoff to the crucifixion of Jesus.

Dog News: Here's How the FDA is Saving Your Pet's Life

We're from the government, and we're here to save your pets.

Somalia Drone Strike: At Least Two Alleged Al-Shabab Members Killed

A drone targeted two men in a car, likely members of al Shabab, the terrorist group behind Kenya's Westgate Mall shooting last month.

Obamacare Website Glitches Are a Sign Of Problems in the White House

It may seem like a stretch to compare to the movie "Young Frankenstein," but bear with me on this one.