Why Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Actually a Huge Insult to Women

Annoyed with breast cancer awareness month? You're not alone.

Stunning Images Of the Deep Sea Cables That Transmit Your Emails At the Speed Of Light

Mapping the manmade invention that we treasure the most but understand the least.

'Game Of Bones': 7 Other TV Porn Parodies Which Should Happen

Now that we've taken care of the Game of Thrones porn parody, let's get to work on these others.

Farm Bill 2013: An Inside Look At the Most Important Bill You've Never Heard Of

The House and Senate will convene this week to discuss this year's Farm Bil. From subsidies to SNAP, it's time to learn about the policies of our food system and make a stand on the hunger cliff.

17 Amazing Things About Lady Gaga Only Her Truest Fans Understand

Nobody knows Lady Gaga like us Little Monsters.

Vermont Wants to Be the First State With Universal Health Care

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is driving to implement the nation's first true universal health plan by 2017.

What Cormac McCarthy Just Doesn't Get About Entertainment

'The Counselor' proves a sneaking suspicion I've had all along about Cormac McCarthy: he doesn't keep the audience in mind.

5 Haunting Halloween Songs For Every Classical Music Lover

A short list of the best pieces of classical music that can get you in the mood for Halloween.

A Gay Man Loses His Virginity For Art, Media Freaks Out

Clayton Pettet's "Art School Stole My Virginity" is controversial for all the wrong reasons. Maybe that's the art of it, after all.

5 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Sexist Men

Every Halloween is a fun, hypocritical exercise in giving women nearly only sexy or sexist choices. Here's a list of costumes I wish men were encouraged to explore.

That Time Princeton Students Voted Adolf Hitler "The Greatest Living Man"

Tired of being lectured about your Facebook photos? Here's what an actual stain on your record looks like, in language your feeble millennial mind can understand.

An Open Letter to the President Of Brown University: I Know Why You Won't Say No to Big Coal

What I gleaned from your explanation of why Brown University has chosen not to divest from the fossil-fuel industry.

Our College Debt Will Cost Us Our Retirement

And here we thought it was an "investment in our future."

What "Lazy" Young People Can Learn From the 10 Hardest Working Cities in America

What can our supposedly lazy and self absorbed generation learn from some of the hardest working people in the country? The answer is surprising.

National Cat Day: Uber App Lets You Rent Kittens For $20

Parterning with Cheezburger, the transportation app Uber is offering 15-minute kitten rentals in New York, San Francisco, and Seattle on October 29.

The Most Stupid Halloween Advice for Men, Ever

Now this is scary.

New Apple iPad Air: Think Twice Before Buying One, If You Care About an Open Internet

Most people know the internet is heavily censored in China, but did you know that Apple is part of the problem?

Bitcoin ATM Will Either Be a Banking Revolution Or Open Season For Criminals

The first-ever bitcoin ATM is an important milestone in the digital currency's story. What exactly bitcoin represents, though, is a different story.

The Korean DMZ is Home to Tragedy, Sadness, and an Amusement Park

An amusement park in the Korean DMZ shows how even in the saddest place on Earth, it's possible to find happiness.

'The Atlantic' Claims Tumblr is Home to the "Wannabe Depressed"

Romanticized pain isn't new. Just ask Ophelia.

Obamacare Lies Hide the Fact That Millions Will Lose Insurance Plans

Obama has been claiming Americans will be able to stay on their current health plans after the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, but the facts prove otherwise.

This Badass Portrait Of the 4 Female Supreme Court Justices Was Just Unveiled

A portrait of the four female justices who have served on the United States Supreme Court was unveiled at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery on Monday.

Here's How the Government Plans to Track Everywhere You Drive

The government wants to tax how many miles you drive, and where you are, and possibly how fast you are driving because roads or something. They're probably just going to use it to track people.

UN Asteroid Defense Program Could Save the Planet

The UN has just created a working group it hopes will beef up humanity's current asteroid defense strategy. Currently, no U.S. government agency is actually designated to ward off space rocks.

15 Weird Things You Can Buy in Oprah's Charity Auction

You just have to find the money for them.

The Bizarre Science Behind Your Favorite Horror Films

Horror films based on "true" stories have become widely popular, but the real truth behind the origins may be altogether more frightening.

Silicon Valley Has a "Bro Culture" Problem, But It Can Still Be Good For Women

Women are vastly underrepresented in tech, but Silicon Valley actually offers women opportunities they wouldn't have otherwise.

Ellen DeGeneres' New Sitcom Won't Make TV a Big Gay Wonderland

But it'll probably be funny as heck.

These 2 Infographics Show the Real Problem in Syria Isn't What We Think

Chemical weapons aren't the biggest problem in Syria — these conventional weapons are.

NBA 2013 Bold Predictions: A Look At the Eastern Conference

With the new Nets now legitimate contenders against the likes of Miami, Chicago, and Indiana, winning the Eastern Conference is no longer a cake walk.

New Study Explains Why You Enjoy Epic Fails

Scientists at Princeton have proven what video games, movies, and television have shown us for decades: people really like to watch other people suffer. It's in our DNA.

STD Testing: There's An App For That

Would you let the whole world know that you have the clap?

Meet the Students Who Brought Their Econ Class Back to the Real World

A group of British students want their economics classes to be changed. As long as it doesn't give equal time to quack theories, then it's a great idea.

Tea Party Lawmaker Says He'd Bring Back Slavery

Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler is dealing with the massive fallout from his statement that he would vote for slavery if his constituents asked him to.

Why Almost 1 Million Veterans Will Lose Food Aid

Cuts to the federal food stamp program, SNAP, will affect 900,000 veterans and their families.

Lies About Obamacare Led to These Hilarious Parody Videos

The RNC has released a new video campaign that parodies the classic "Apple vs. PC" ads.

Think About This Before You Tweet

I know what you're thinking: work life, personal life ... what's the difference? Allow me to share.

Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio's Just Not That Into You

Marco Rubio says the comprehensive reform he called for is politically impossible, and is now advocating piecemeal legislation instead.

The Tea Party is Like a Bratty Teenager — And the GOP Needs to Send It Packing

It's time for the GOP to pack the Tea Party a bag, give it a loving embrace, and drop it off at the bus station to start its own life as a separate party.

8 PolicyMic Pundits Making Waves Across the Media

PolicyMic is not the only place our pundits make headines...

5 Questions With Dave Zirin, Sports Editor Of The Nation

The famed sportswriter for "The Nation" talks sports and politics with us on our first installment of Five Questions With.

Some Techies Think 'Terminator' Could Be a Reality By 2045, But They're Hopelessly Wrong

We have more important things to worry about than robot uprisings.

Hate Sitting All Day? This Designer is Breeding the World's Perfect Chair

Cats, dogs, horses ... and chairs? A scientist is taking the best characteristics of chairs from around the world to create a new, "thoroughbred" chair. We think he deserves a sitting ovation.

Bold Predictions for the NBA's Western Conference

With the addition of Dwight Howard to Houston Rockets, the Western conference is up for grabs.

Consumer Confidence Index: Is This Massive Drop What the Tea Party Wanted?

As the economic data rolls in, the Tea Party's efforts to unencumber the U.S. from the government are increasingly shown to have backfired.

Rand Paul Rants Against Eugenics During College Speech

At a rally in Virginia, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) warned of a possible future characterized by eugenics.

Obama's White House is Plagued By "Concealment and Lies"

The NSA's domestic spying program and drone strike assassinations highlight the "rats' nest of concealment and lies" within the White House.

House of Non-Representatives Sees No Need to Work if No 'Crisis' Looms

With only 19 works days currently scheduled until the end of the year, House leadership is at a quandary, come to work or stay at home and wait for the January budget panic.