This Striking Footage Of the U.S. Capitol Shooting Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

An oddly well timed video has just emerged, shedding some light on some of the details of the tragic events that took place at the U.S. Capitol. If you're confused, this will help.

Miley Cyrus Documentary: 5 Things That Changed the Way We See the Star

MTV debuted the documentary 'Miley: the Movement' on Wednesday night. Here's what we learned.

10 'Clueless' Jokes That Went Right Over Our Heads as Kids

It has been so long since this movie came out. "Hymenally challenged," "herbal refreshment," "cakeboy," and any reference to L.A. — here's what you might have missed from a classic 90s movie.

Blame Obama For the Government Shutdown

This has happened 17 times before and all were over spending appropriations. We lived, and they all ended the same way: The president negotiated with Congress. Why isn't this happening this time?

Ted Cruz is Destroying the Republican Party

The Republican Party let Ted Cruz and the Tea Party rant them into a corner. Will they fight back?

Shots Fired At Capitol in Washington

A woman reportedly refused to stop at a White House check point, leading police on a chase that ended with police fatally shooting her.

Blame Every Single Republican For the Government Shutdown

The real enablers of this Tea Party rampage are the silent majority of more moderate Republicans that have been cowed into submission by threats.

Immigration Reform 2013: Democrats Are Playing Games

House Democrats introduced a new immigration reform bill today that has absolutely zero chance of passing. But, why?

Surprise! 4 Reasons Feminists Will Love Porn Flick 'Don Jon'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directing debut isn't as hyper-masculine as you might think from the "Jersey Shore"-style trailers.

How Does Obamacare Work? Millennials Foot The Bill for a Broken System

Don't worry. The millennials are always around in case the government needs to stick somebody with the bill for its spending spree.

Congressman Shames Park Ranger For Doing Her Job While He Won't Do His

Congressman Randy Neugebauer shamed a park ranger for keeping visitors out of the World War II memorial, but his party is the real culprit.

Look How Nature Transformed Birds Into Statues

The extreme climate of Lake Natron in Tanzania has caused birds to calcify into statues.

iPhone 5c Release: How the New Phone Redefines Apple

Almost two years after Steve Job's death, Apple took a risk with a new two-model marketing approach. Will the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s be the boost they are looking for, and desperately need?

'Breaking Bad' Spanish Remake: Everything We Know About 'Metástasis'

Sony Pictures Television is adapting 'Breaking Bad' for Spanish-speaking audiences. Meet Walter Blanco, a chemistry teacher who starts cooking meth after he's diagnosed with cancer.

Someone is Pooping in the Laundry Rooms At Yale

For 2013-2014, tuition and fees for Yale come out to $44,000. That's a lot considering you run a chance of having your clothing pooped on.

Why Stephen King Thinks "The Shining" Has One Of the Most Sexist Characters Ever

Wendy Torrance was portrayed as weak and helpless, but she was really a hero.

'The Michael J. Fox Show': An Inside Look at Writing For TV's Boldest New Comedy

'The Michael J. Fox Show' is the boldest new comedy of the season. PolicyMic interviewed TV writer Annie Mebane about writing for the series and how she broke into the business.

Bitcoin Price Plummets, But It's Still a Good Bet

Bitcoin value plummeted then rebounded today with it's association of the just closed "Silk Road" site. But Bitcoin's bigger than that. We've just got to ride out the storm.

Watch Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul Get Caught Discussing Shutdown Strategy

Two Republican senators were taped talking candidly about the shutdown and their strategy for winning the tit-for-tat war with Democrats. Here's what they won't say to your face.

I Saw Hong Kong Get Freedom Of Press Taken Away, Now I'm Watching America Give It Up For Free

U.S. media has a right many nations to this day still do not have. Therefore, it is incredulous that American journalists do not understand or appreciate their power and their responsibility.

Government Shutdown 2013: Website Removals and Barry-Cades

Only the federal government could institute a shutdown and make it more expensive.

In Government Shutdown, Ted Cruz and Tea Party Are Lucky We're Not Living in Ancient Rome

Remember when instead of arguing and fillibustering, we just killed each other? Tea Party, please review your history.

The U.S. is Trusting Turkey to Battle Terrorism, But Here's Why That's a Huge Mistake

As Syria is becoming Afghanistan, Turkey is becoming Pakistan. The Syrian war needs to end in order to disrupt radicalization and prevent extremism.

Russia's Military Admits It Can't Defend Against Alien Attacks, So We're All Doomed

If you're worried about an alien invasion of Earth, be advised that a Russian military commander admitted his division isn't prepared for such an event.

Here's Why This Shutdown is So Much Worse Than the Last One

The 1995/1996 shutdown cost the economy $1.5 billion. This one will be much more harmful.

These Parents Who Boycotted Their Kids' Arabic Classes Need An Education

Parents in Alabama feel that their children are learning a "culture of hate" by enrolling in Arabic classes. At this point in time, to think like this is absurd.

Meet the Congressmen Declining Their Pay During the Shutdown

Do not be fooled by these congresmen's attempts to relate to the suffering of furloughed workers during the shutdown. It's all a show.

Watch This Millionaire Tell Poor People They Can Live Without Food Aid

Conservative pundit Bill Kristol predicts that for those on government nutritional aid, “no one will starve" until a compromise is reached. The problem is that they will.

Why Did The Government Shutdown? The Answer Isn't What You Think

Why did the government shut down? Is it the Constitution's fault? Kind of, but there's more to it than that.

Not Every Republican Hates Obamacare — Just Ask Butch Matthews

Butch Matthews enrolled in Obamacare after figuring out that it would save him over $10,000 per year. He is a Republican.

Elizabeth Warren, You Can Do Better On Behalf Of Millennials Drowning in Debt

She's made strides, but she's going to have to do a lot more if she wants live up to the title of "milllennials' representative."

NYC Mayoral Poll: Millennials Are Ready to Say Goodbye to Bloomberg

As New Yorkers prepare to hit the voting booth, 68% of registered voters believe a continuation of Micheal Bloomberg's policies is not what the city needs.

Apple is Stockpiling Corporate Cash and No One Can Stop Them

Apple's approximately $147 billion cash stockpile raises questions not only about the company's financial practices, but also about its position within the U.S. economy.

Wendy Davis Governor Bid is a Victory For Women

State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Texas) announced her plans to enter the gubernatorial race. This historic, inspirational move is crucial and reinvigorating for the feminist movement,

Dzhokar Tsaernaev Death Penalty Could Be in Eric Holder's Hands

Eric Holder shouldn't give Tsaernaev what he wants.

Here's How to Live Your Life Like a Member of Congress

A primer on how to use the principles of the United States Congress to august-ify your own life. (Note: Not to be confused with the "Idiot's Guide" series.)

Homeless is the New Hip For Rich Jerks in Seattle

"Mike's" sub-URBAN Eperience offers you a tour of Seattle homeless shelters for the low prices of ... $2000.

Why the Tea Party's Government Shutdown Strategy is All About Fear

Tea Partiers are freaking out right now. Here's why.

Why the House GOP's Shutdown Strategy is Doomed

For better or worse, the GOP, responding to incentives just as those in the private sector do, has no choice but to seek a deal with Democrats.

Mountain Lion Roaming D.C. — Has the City Officially Gone Wild?

Seven reasons the lion was out roaming the city.

'Parenthood' Season 5: 10 Reasons I Want to Be a Braverman

If you aren’t already watching NBC's 'Parenthood,' you should be.

What @Horse_ebooks Taught Us About Social Media

One of the most successful anonymous Twitter accounts has closed down after years of blurring the line between art and communication.

The Number One Reason 'Young Invincibles' Should Get Behind Obamacare

Guess what costs half the average monthly apartment rental rate?

GOP Rep Tells CNN Anchor She's "Beautiful" But Doesn't Know What She's Talking About

Representative Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) mansplains to Costello: You're beautiful but you're not honest.

Shutdown 2013 Won't Kill the Education System, It'll Make it Stronger

Public education will take a small hit due to the government shutdown, but the local nature of education means the impact will be relatively smaller compared to other areas.

This Agency Would Rather Spend Taxpayer Money On Booze and Parties Than The Poor

Yet another government agency that uses our money to party. Why is it happening? Can it be stopped?

Kenya and Nigeria Attacks are Tragic, But They Expose What We Need To Learn About Terrorism

Acts of terror like the mall attack in Kenya are often unique in cause, but not in scope of tragedy. Understanding why violence is used can help counter their impact, and diminish reoccurrence.

Melissa Alexander Case: Why She Deserves Another Chance Under "Stand Your Ground"

It took 12 minutes for Florida law to give Melissa Alexander 20 years in jail for firing a warning shot. Guilty or innocent, mandatory minimum sentencing has given us an inappropriate verdict.

Feminist Weekly: A Young D.C. Resident Speaks Out On the Shutdown

We're not gonna take it anymore.

David Cameron's Latest Plan Proves He Doesn't Care About Millennials

British millennials are now fearful of ending up destitute after their Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced he planned to cut employment and housing benefits for unemployed under 25-year-olds

Mic Check: This 9-Year-Old Could Teach Congress a Thing Or Two About Compromise

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring news coverage from a millennial perspective and a collection of links from around the web.

Twitter IPO: Twitter Makes IPO Filing Public

The social media giant has revealed its IPO filing, will trade using symbol TWTR