The Only Crying Baby That Will Make You Want to Have Children

This 10-month-old baby's happy tears at the sound of her mother's comforting singing voice, will make you feel all kinds of warm fuzzies.

The Graph That Shows How Badly U.S. Education is Failing

California could provide a model for the rest of the country.

U.S. Drone Strikes Are Illegal and More Sinister Than Most Americans Realize

New reports reveal horrifying truths about U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen.

9 Inspirational Quotes About Failure From the Greatest Minds in Tech

In our technological age, there is often a fine line between success and failure. Here are what nine tech giants think about failure.

The Truth About Modern Day Witch-Hunts

Witchcraft re-enters Western conversation every Halloween, but to women in parts of the developing world, accusations of witchcraft can subject them to a life of shame and exile.

Lorde Is Proof That Women Don't Need to Sell Sex to Sell Records

Disapproving head-shakes over the current "nakedness" of female pop stars abound. But rising icon Lorde is proving women don't have to take their clothes off to sell records.

An Open Letter to the Next Mayor of NYC From a Homeless New Yorker

The New York City mayoral race continues to grab headlines, but I have yet to hear either Bill de Blasio or Joe Lhota outline a clear strategy for helping the homeless get back on their feet.

Facebook (FB) Stock: What Its Third Quarter Earnings Mean For the Future Of Mobile Ads

If Facebook's third quarter earnings show the company's ad programs are bringing in revenue, you can expect Facebook to develop a more streamlined news feed experience.

Arcade Fire is Brilliant, and These 5 Songs Prove It

In honor of the release of “Reflektor,” here’s a look back at five songs that prove how brilliant and diverse Arcade Fire really is.

Motorola Teams Up With Phoneblok For Project Ara, the Ultimate Phone Platform

Each device has an endoskeleton that holds the different components together; the rest is up to you. The Sky's the limit when mixing and matching these modules, for genuine phone customization.

Westboro Baptist Church Defectors Tell All

A look inside the WBC — from two women who left it forever.

It's a Happy Halloween For Racists

Julianne Hough's blackface turn as "Crazy Eyes" from "Orange is the New Black" is part of a long lineage. So what's with Halloween and racism? Here's the backstory.

Naomi Campbell Lightened to Near-Whiteness For a Magazine Cover

The famous model's blackness is almost invisible. What does that mean for black women like me?

7 Incredible Women Who Are Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Filmmakers

While it might be a man's world, these women are making their mark on the film industry.

Cruel Woman Will Hand Out These Fat Shaming Letters to Kids Instead Of Candy On Halloween

One woman is taking healthy Halloween treats to a whole different level.

Why a Banksy-Designed World Trade Center Would Be a Total Eyesore

Since, according to him, the current design is "something they would build in Canada."

Be Respectful This Halloween, Not 'Politically Correct'

Halloween has become open season for rhetoric around political correctness. But talking about what is and isn't a politically correct costume misses the point.

Iran's 500-Execution Spree Shatters the Myth Of Hassan Rouhani's Reform

Despite the facade of reform and moderation espoused by Rouhani, the human rights situation in Iran remains as bad as ever — and can be followed in a trail of blood.

5 Things Your Parents Never Mentioned You'd Need in the New Economy

Whether we like it or not, we're living in a brave new world. Here are 5 things it never would have occurred to our parents to tell us we need.

I'm a Feminine Gay Man and I'm Sick of Restrictive Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so gendered! Bo-ring.

5 Old-School Dance Videos That Inspired Beyonce's Most Iconic Moves

Queen Bey is pretty brilliant, but when it comes to dance she's had some major inspiration. Watch the five dances behind her most famous moves.

Obamacare Approval Ratings High Among Millennials. But Obama? Not So Much

Despite the majority of young Americans voicing their support for Obamacare, the millennial generation appears to be falling out of love with its namesake, President Obama.

The Gronkowskis: Watch the Gronk Brothers Pitch Their Animated TV Show Idea

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and his larger-than-life clan of brothers are hoping to launch their own TV series "The Gronks," but first they have to shop this epic video around.

'Two Boys' Opera: Nico Muhly Takes On the Internet

'Two Boys', an opera by young composer Nico Muhly set on the internet in 2001, had its Met premiere last week. How well did it depict the early, wild west days of online interaction?

Outrage Over Drone Strikes is Ridiculous — I Should Know

A veteran pushes back against outrage against employment of drones overseas, pointing out that drones are no different from any other weapon that's used to keep threats at arm's length.

Halloween 2013: How Candy Corn is Made

Have you ever wondered about the history of candy corn? Well, know you'll know.

Halloween 2013: 5 Terrifying Hip Hop Tracks For Your Halloween Playlist

These tracks will ensure that your nerves are thoroughly frayed by the end of your Halloween party.

China Might Have Just Amped Up the Space Race

China conducted a successful test in which a satellite used its robotic arm extension to grab another satellite.

How '1984' Changed My Life

We've asked pundits to share the books that changed their lives. We begin with '1984.'

Moobs: Not What You Think

The main comedic set piece in dozens of dude comedies are no laughing matter.

Daniel Alarcón’s New Novel Stunningly Captures Our Restless Generation

Daniel Alarcón's third book, 'At Night We Walk In Circles', captures a generation longing for more than its era can offer.

McCutcheon v. FEC: Why Money Isn't Speech

McCutcheon v. FEC is poised to further derail the United States' campaign finance system.

Why Liberal Tech Companies Like Facebook Still Aren't Your Friends in Politics

Industries that are often touted as "millennial-friendly" have begun throwing cash into the corrupt Washington swamp at record rates. Here's why we should still be skeptical of their aims.

NSA Memo Tells Domestic Surveillance Defenders to Mention 9/11 Over and Over

Following the leaks provided by Edward Snowden, the NSA's internal document to those headed to justify the program mentions the September 11, terrorist attack as a talking point that resonates.

The Story Of Homophobia I Find All Too Familiar

The new documentary 'Bridegroom,' about a man who lost the man he loved, hits a little too close to home for me.

Mike Lee Heritage Speech: 5 Quotes Every Young Conservative Needs to Hear

Five key ideas found in Senator Mike Lee's speech to the Heritage Foundation that I believe set the tone for a coming conservative reawakening.

This Newly Uncovered 36-Year-Old 'Star Wars' Blooper Reel is Just Amazing

And yes, these bloopers are from the good movies.

A Woman Could Lose Custody of Her Children For Having An Abortion

Lisa Mehos of New York hasn't broken the law or mistreated her children but never matter.

This Embarrassing Quote Sums Up the Obamacare Hearing

There were some heated exchanges Wednesday in Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius' hearing on Capitol Hill.

Roots' Singer Dice Raw Rages to PolicyMic About the "Overdone, Gangster" Narrative Of Black America

In an interview with PolicyMic, The Roots singer Dice Raw discusses his new album, the plight of black youth, and why he just can't stay mad at President Obama.

Were These NSA PowerPoints Made By Fifth Graders?

These diagrams reveal some frightening truths about the NSA.

New LeBron Ads Do the Impossible: Make Him Appear Likeable

How Nike and Samsung are simultaneously, and ingeniously, turning the best basketball player on Earth into a human — and a likable one, too.

Marissa Mayer Buys Funeral Home, Presumably to Cremate Yahoo

The CEO of Yahoo is doing huge things in future planning. Enormous even.

'The Nose' is a Hilarious Opera About, Well, A Nose

A new production of 'The Nose' proves that opera can be delightfully entertaining and comical in the ironic way most appealing to millennials. No stuffy elitism here.

Editor's Picks: 3 Songs We Can't Stop Listening To This Week

This week we're into tween pop punk, trance-like grooves, and sweet Argentinian guitar. What songs do you have on repeat?

If Congress Keeps Messing With Our Birth Control, We'll Make Sure They Lose

Why fighting against copay-free birth control is terrible political strategy.

Speak French or Spanish? The NSA Has Its Eye Out For New Recruits!

The NSA is hiring! For more information, see the document below. We can't wait to meet you in person. We've already heard so much about each and every one of you.

Libertarian Sues NSA and DHS Over Obscure Law Limiting Speech

Dan McCall the owner of Liberty Maniacs is suing the two departments over a cease-and-desist order he received for parodying the department seals.

World Series Game 6 Ticket Price Hits Above $40K

Here's the highest and "lowest" ticket prices for Game 6 of the World Series, which could bring history nearly 100 years in the making back to Fenway Park.

Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Are Having a Lovers Quarrel, But They'll Get Back Together

Saudi Arabia recently took the unprecedented step of declining a seat on the UN Security Council, due to its anger over U.S. foreign policy. But the falling-out won't last long.

Mitt Romney is Still Trying to Distance Himself From Obamacare, But It Won't Work

Mitt Romney's Facebook status bashing Obamacare is not entirely correct.

Joe Lhota's Platform Summed Up For Every New Yorker in GIFs

Here's everything you need to know about the platform of "J Lho," the Republican nominee in the New York City mayoral election.

4 Hollywood Celebrities Who Hate the NSA As Much As You Do

The fight for civil liberties just got glamorous.

Why You Should Think Again Before Wearing Google Glass Behind the Wheel

This California driver got a ticket for wearing her test device from Google.