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Justin Bieber just endorsed pop music's next big thing. His name is Jai Waetford, he's 14, and he's pretty incredible.

5 Reasons College is Not Right For Everyone

We all may not be Neil Degrasse Tyson or Warren Buffet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be as successful as them. And, we can even do it without all their schooling.

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'Blue is the Warmest Color' is the First 21st Century Love Story

Believe the hype. For all the controversy it’s stirred, this French Palme d’Or-winner about a stormy lesbian relationship is one of the first great love stories of the 21st century.

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Are Horror Films Having a Feminist Crisis?

We all love a good thriller, but scary movies sell us outdated tropes. Does the horror genre need a feminist makeover?

Bros, Sexy Halloween Costumes Are Not An Invitation

They're women, not green lights.

Scandal Season 3: Olivia Pope's Job Would Be Soul-Crushing in Real Life

The show may be inspired by real-life political fixer Judy Smith, but crisis management is not even close to as glamorous as it may seem.

PolicyMic Staff Throwback Thursday: The Greatest Halloween Costumes From Our Pasts

Here are the greatest and/or most embarrassing costumed moments from PolicyMic staffers' pasts. Scars, blood, poultry, jorts — we've got a little something for everyone.

'Love and Hip-Hop: New York': Mona Scott-Young is Empowered, Her Show is Not

Her reality show is about pimps and 'bad bitches,' and she's one of the most powerful black women in the music industry. It's complicated.

Alabama Special Election 2013: Why Libertarians Should Watch Out For Dean Young

Libertarians are welcoming social conservatives to the Tea Party. But they'd better watch out, or they'll regret it later.

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Has the GOP learned nothing from its failed attempts to stop Obamacare?

7 Reasons Growing Up in New York City Made Halloween So Much Better

People tend to think we city kids missed out on some sort of suburban Halloween glory. Au contraire my friends, city kids had the best Halloweens ever.

Rob Ford Crack Video Found By Toronto Cops

What Gawker couldn't get for $200,000, the cops seized.

Here's the Deleted Slavery Meme Minnesota Republicans Don't Want You to See

It offended women, African-Americans, the pro-choice movement, and those opposed to slavery all at the same time.

How Every Twenty-Something Can Help the Minority Group No One is Talking About

These children live among us, but unlike racial and ethnic groups, they are indistinguishable from other Americans.

Federal Budget Deficit Plummeted This Year, But Americans Still Think It's Rising

The federal deficit is at a five-year low. Congratulations! The majority of Americans still thinks it's growing.

Immigration Reform 2013: 4 Small Fixes That Almost Everyone Can Agree On

Here is a list of piecemeal issues that Republicans and Democrats alike should be in favor of reforming.

Watch Aziz Ansari's Hilarious Appearance on 'Jimmy Fallon' Last Night

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'Pakistan Idol' is Bringing Muslim Cultural Controversy Into the Spotlight

The debut of 'Pakistan Idol' has brought rampant tensions in Pakistan to the surface.

When It Comes to Street Harassment, One Group May Have It Worse Than Women

Here's how a group of college students are shifting the conversation.

Halloween History: These Drunken Games Date Back to Ancient Times

Even if you can't remember having played these games the morning after your Halloween party, they've been around for awhile.

Why Pro Video Games Are The Future of Televised Sports

Some professional gamers are making salaries equivalent to NFL athletes and eSports events are pulling in millions of viewers online. Why won't TV networks broadcast them?

McDonald's Bagged Coffee Will Be a Colossal Failure

They should stick to fries and burgers.

Food Stamp Cuts Hurt Students

You can't feed students' minds if you don't feed their bellies.

Watch These Gay Activists Punk One of America's Most Bigoted Senators

Senator Jesse Helms was on the wrong side of history over and over again. Watch him get what he had coming.

USA Freedom Act is Bipartisanship Everyone Should Get Behind

The days of unfettered surveillance on the American people may soon be coming to an end with a new bipartisan bill in Congress.

The House Will Take 252 Days Off in 2014

Creating your own problems and then refusing to solve them can really wear on you.

How to Know If Your Halloween Costume Makes You Look Like a Jerk

Are you dressed like Trayvon Martin?

New Study Confirms the Cost Of Your Internet is Too Damn High

Ever wondered why you pay through the nose for subpar service? This report has the answer.

I'm Proof That Teaching to the Test Doesn't Work

We're setting students up to fail before they've even begun.

The Secret Recipe For Making Instagram Ads That Win Over Millennials

Brands need to tap into what makes Instagram awesome if they want to win over millennials.

'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Would Be an Amazing Show, If It Could Just Solve This One Problem

The superhero series could either be a great comic book show or a classic drama. It's time for 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' to make a decision.

Kendrick Johnson Murder Case Becomes Federal Investigation

Federal prosecutors have opened an official investigation into the bizarre death of Kendrick Johnson. The 17-year-old's body was found in a rolled up gym mat in January of this year.

Why We Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Seeing 'Ender's Game'

Think Orson Scott Card's anti-gay initiatives are troubling? Me, too. But his book might have liberated our whole generation.

The Super Rich Think the Economy is Doing Just Fine

It's not a big surprise that America's top 10% feel good about the current economy. For the rest of us, the outlook is not so cheery.

Obamacare Problems Could Be Fixed, If Obama Played 'Grand Theft Auto V'

'Grand Theft Auto V' and Obamacare have both had rocky rollouts, but only one of the two has started to make up for its customer service problems.

Our Generation Knows the Truth About Journalism

Bias is real, so let's start there.

This is What "Halloween" Looks Like in 5 Countries Around the World

Countries around the world honor the dead, but with a lot less candy than the U.S.

Obama Approval Rating: Very Low — But He Still Beats the GOP

October was bad. How bad? New numbers show America is fed up with just about everybody.

George Zimmerman: His Town Outlaws Guns From Neighborhood Watches

The measure is both to prevent a similar incident from occurring and to redeem the tarnished reputation of the neighborhood watch group.

Hawaii to Be the 15th State to Legalize Gay Marriage

The marriage equality movement has come full circle.

Watch the Testimony On Drones That Brought Congress' Translator to Tears

Drones might as well be angels of death for how easily a Pakistani teacher can explain strikes to his students.

Joe Lhota For Mayor: 5 Things Young New Yorkers Need to Hear

In his quest to be mayor of New York City, Republican Joe Lhota has messages of interest to millennials, but few listeners.

Your Halloween Party Cheat Sheet For Sounding Smart About Foreign Affairs

These foreign affairs topics will not only make you sound smart at your Halloween party, they'll also freak everyone out.

Poll: More Americans Believe in Ghosts Than Approve Of Congress

Here's hoping this scary thought makes your Halloween even better.

NYC Stop-and-Frisk Policy: Ruling Blocked By Appeals Court

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked the ruling on NYPD's unpopular stop-and-frisk policy and removed the lower court judge from the case.