The 12 Greatest Depictions of Asian Characters in TV And Film History

Indian jokes are so 1995.

How the Government Shutdown Affects You: Spoiled Brat Edition

A lot of people are wondering how the government shutdown affects them, especially those that rely on government the least. Here's a must-read guide.

Porn Just Got Shot On the Westboro Baptist Church Lawn

Laura Lush, bass player for the band Get Shot! was filmed on Wednesday masturbating on the lawn of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.

9 Funny Libertarian Halloween Costumes — and One Really Scary One

Liberty-lovers don't have to hang up their beliefs in Halloween. Here are 10 hilarious costumes you can use to show off your beliefs and spark discussion.

11 Music Moments That Made Good Movies Great

The music in these 11 great movie moments will stick with you long after the credits roll.

Sinéad O'Connor Might Want to Help Miley, But She's Dangerously Out of Touch

You know what's disrespectful? Assuming young women have no sexual agency.

Millennials Are Tackling Climate Change — So Why Haven't Boomers Noticed?

How so-called millennial "slacktivists" are actually turning the tide on climate change.

How Obamacare is Revolutionizing Health Care For American Women

Women have been dealt a bad hand for years in the health care game. Under Obamacare, the rules are about to change.

Switzerland's Marijuana Policy May Be the Best One Yet

The Swiss government is on the forefront of enacting effective marijuana legislation by decriminalizing its use.

The First Text I Sent After the Capitol Hill Shooting

Like many millennials who've grown with mass shooting after mass shooting, yesterday showcased the worst truth of our generation: we've learned to expect the worst.

Why Texas Republicans Should Vote For Wendy Davis

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis entered the governor's race, a move that might turn a historically red state blue for the first time.

'Happy Endings' Showrunner Jonathan Groff On What the Smartest People in Hollywood Really Do

One of the most sought after showrunners in comedy, Jonathan Groff, talks to PolicyMic about the method behind the madness of doing one of Hollywood’s toughest jobs.

Young Mormon Feminists Are Doing It For Themselves

Religion, whether it's yours or someone else's, has a huge impact on our culture. These Mormon women want female voices brought into the fold.

10 Things Theater Kids Do Better Than Anyone

Actors and performing arts degrees get a lot of flack, but there are a few things drama kids just do better.

J Street Conference 2013: Meet the Young People Who Want to Bring Peace to Palestine and Israel

The pro-Israel, pro-peace organization J Street has attracted particularly strong support from millennials, reflecting the movement’s resonance among the younger generation.

PolicyMic is Hiring a Breaking News Writing Fellow

PolicyMic is looking for a dynamic news-writing Fellow who eats, breathes, and sleeps U.S. politics.

I've Lived Through Every Government Shutdown in History, and This is the Worst

Each side is blaming the other. I’m in the blame Obama group. In my opinion, he is the worst negotiator in the history of the country.

The Controversial Way To Fight Child Obesity That Parents Hate

Schools have found a new to deal with their classes, but have they gone too far?

The U.S. Was Supposed to Protect These Iranians. Instead, Dozens Were Brutally Massacred — And No One Even Noticed

A recent massacre of Iranian refugees in Iraq raises serious questions in regards to whether the United States has breached international humanitarian law.

'Scandal' Season 3 Premiere: Olivia Pope and Peyton Manning Have A Lot in Common

It might not look like it at first, but we promise, they do.

Almost 200,000 People Have Signed a Petition For Congress to Go Without Pay — Are You One Of Them?

Americans argue the members of Congress should not get their paychecks since they're not doing their job. This eye-for-an-eye tactic simply won't do here.

This Life Insurance Company Takes Advertising to a New Extreme

When a company is advertising, how much is too much?

Meet the Syrian Women Who Aren't Afraid to Face Assad

We interviewed Aisha, an activist from central Syria who told us about the terrifying challenges faced by the women who oppose Assad — and how they're not backing down.

Americans Must Stare Directly at Race, Not Look Beyond It

Race remains an issue in America, yet many try to ignore it in hopes of achieving a post-racial society. Instead, we need to combat racism by addressing race directly.

Millennials Need Obamacare, and It's Time We Talk About It

The media and the government has to quit squabbiling and grandstanding and give millennials the information we need, or the whole system will fail.

Obama Tried to Insult Congress, But Bashed His Base Instead

Obama's analogy between House Republican and factory workers got him in some trouble.

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is Not Enough to End China's Internet Censorship

Shanghai's new trade zone offers economic expansion for the Pudong District, but doesn't affect such policies in place throughout China.

China's Lust For Ivory Could Make Elephants Extinct

Demand for ivory has boomed over the last five years, destroying the progress made since the 1990s. Elephants will face extinction if the illegal trade continues at its current rate.

The One Chart That Proves Congress Doesn't Get Unemployment, Economics, Or Anything Else

New research makes a case that contractionary fiscal policy is hurting America's labor market. And by setting this policy, Congress is making a bad situation worse.

The Tea Party's Control Over GOP Proves Democracy Still Works

The splintering within the GOP is a nice reminder of America's roots as a republic.

London Parents Stage Coolest Prank Ever in School Playground

Pupils at a London primary school were amazed to discover a UFO had seemingly crash-landed in their playground earlier this week.

Shin Bet Arrests Man for Allegedly Spying for Iran — But What's the Real Story?

Ali Mansouri's arrest by Israel's FBI tells us more about confirmation bias than it does about spying.

This is the Most Important Dinner Party You'll Ever Attend

Let's Have Dinner and Talk About Death is helping people broach a hard-to-discuss subject.

Companies Should Stop Donating to Outside Causes and Focus Philanthropy Within

The world's wealthiest companies should pledge to give half of their wealth back to their workers.

Rep. Henry Waxman Tells PolicyMic Readers How Millennials Can Revolutionize the Government

In a wide-ranging interview with PolicyMic, the longtime liberal firebrand touched on a number of issues relating to young people, including health care, climate change, and gay marriage.

The Government Shutdown is a Legitimate Debate, So Stop Name-Calling

Once again, a legitimate political disagreement has turned far more acrimonious than it needs to be.

Meet the Newest Member Of the Culture Team

The Culture section has a new kid on the block, say "hi" to Ben! And check out all the biggest stories in the culture section this week.

Why France's Amazon Tax Will End Up Killing Books

France continues to expose its questionable economics policies by taxing books purchased online. What better way to kill an industry than to "protect" it.

Lavabit is the First Tech Firm to Shut Down Rather Than Comply With U.S. Government

Edward Snowden's email provider, Lavabit, has let forth some disturbing details about the NSA's demands.

Mic Check: This Footage Of the Capitol Shooting Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring a millennial take on the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

Despite Netanyahu's UN Speech, Iran and Israel Can Still Be Frenemies

Both Netanyahu and Rouhani will have to overcome domestic politics for an agreement to be met.

We Need More Human Interaction If We're Going to Build National Trust

When we begin to trust our neighbors again, we will begin to trust Americans again.

What Today's Lack Of Jobs Report Reveals About Washington's Priorities

U.S. Department of Labor withholds September job report as the shutdown continues.

Boston Mayor Race: Who Will Come Out Looking #BostonStrongest?

We're down to two candidates, John Connolly and Marty Walsh. Who will take over from Thomas Menino, the veteran outgoing mayor?

Tropical Storm Karen Tracker: Storm Approaches Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Karen is expected to make landfall late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning

What the Government Shutdown Means for Tropical Storm Karen

Is the government ready to handle Tropical Storm Karen?