Finally, Some Real Parenting Around Here

This Texas father found an innovative punishment for his bully son.

Navy SEAL Somalia Raid Goes Bad, Libya Raid Goes Right, As U.S. Captures Terrorist

U.S. Navy SEALs are believed to have killed a senior leader of the terrorist organization Al Shabab during an early morning raid in southern Somalia.

Let's Stop Pretending Both Sides Are to Blame For This Shutdown

Our government is shut down because one faction of one party of one chamber of one branch of government is upset they can't repeal one law through traditional democratic means.

The NSA Does Not Care About Your Personal Life. Sorry.

The government isn't interested in you personally, and it's pretty funny for millennials to be angered by the NSA when they post all of their personal information online in the first place.

The Shutdown is Bad, But If You're Native American, It's Worse

Native Americans have it hardest during this time of government dysfunction and the Obama administration should do something about it.

6 Jihadi Groups That Americans Should Be Worried About

With so many militant Islamist organizations dominating the news cycle these days, it's easy to get mixed up. Here is a list of the organizations to watch out for.

FEMA: More Budget Cuts Could Be Its Own Disaster

Even with a government agency that deals with natural disasters and other emergencies being partially shutdown, FEMA remains pivotal in such relief functions.

Drug Prohibition Could Be a Total Waste of Our Time and Money

A new study commissioned by the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy finds that drug prohibition has had little to no effect on the potency or price of illegal drugs.

Wendy Davis Challenges Republican-Dominated Texas In Upcoming Governor Race

Wendy Davis, every Democra'ts friendly neighborhood abortion rights hero, takes a stand in her home state of Texas, bringing education, health care, and economic reform to the table.

Twitter IPO Valuation Ignores Millions of Fake Profiles

In the world of viral marketing and millions of fake profiles, how can we ever truly measure the value of social media sites?