5 Reasons Baby Boomers Are the Major Cause Of Unemployment Among Millennials and College Graduates

Youth unemployment has risen to 45% in the US. among recent college graduates. This is largely due to the failing recruitment processes of American companies.

Government Shutdown Update: Furloughed Feds Could Get Retroactive Pay

Federal employees will get retroactive pay for the time they have been furloughed, and 400,000 DoD employees will return to work next week.

TWTRQ Penny Stock Jumps 1500% Because People Think It's Twitter

Scores of investors purchase stock from Tweeter, incorrectly mistaking this struggling electronics company for booming, popular Twitter. Incidentally, Twitter isn't profitable, either.

How Al-Shabab is Using Twitter For Terrorism

How social media and the internet are changing the dynamics of terrorism, as exemplified by the recent attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

The GOP's Key to Stopping the Tea Party? Democrats

The intransigence of the Tea Party Republicans can only be stopped if Democrats help to elect more moderate Republicans.

Harvard Professor Proves You Can Buy Your Way Into Science

A hoax paper submitted to hundreds of academic journals got accepted ... for a fee.

Fall Recipes: 5 Fabulous Ideas On What to Cook This Weekend

After a Saturday trip to the farmers market, Natalia Todorova, the founder of MAZA Cooking Journals, shares five fresh and easy recipes for this weekend.

FIFA and the IOC Must Not Be Complicit in Human Rights Violations

FIFA announced that Qatar will not lose the right to host, despite gruesome reports of labor violations. Should organizations like FIFA and IOC take action against human rights violations?

America, Welcome Your New Robot Overlords

What can walk quickly across rocky terrain and withstand blows from a 20-pound weight with more poise than most people? Atlas.