Some Idiot Told Jennifer Lawrence to Lose Weight, Her Response is Priceless

No one puts Jennifer Lawrence in the corner. No one!

7 Lorde Lyrics That Capture What It's Like To Be Young

Move over, Miley and TaySwift, there's a new girl on the block: 16-year-old New Zealand native Lorde's debut album, "Pure Heroine," is smart, original, and spot-on.

Switzerland Will Vote to Give All Adults a Guaranteed $2,800 Monthly Income

Switzerland will soon vote on a $2,800 minimum monthly income for its working adult population. Unfortunately, that would never happen in America.

3 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Used to Spy On You

Recent evidence demonstrates that your iPhone can indeed be used to spy on you. Here are three ways it can be done.

I Finally Figured Out Why People Love to Hate Millennials

For all the hyperbole and straw man arguments, I've discovered why the negative view of our generation persists.

Have Multiple Lovers, But Don't Follow the New 'Poly' Rules

The recent explosion in media coverage of polyamorous relationships is exciting, but the movement is at risk of becoming a national fetish and losing it's power to advance our sexual discourse.

The Republicans Are Winning the Shutdown

Ignore the polls and the talking heads. Republicans are getting what they want from the government shutdown.

The Genocide You Never Knew About

76 years later, the Dominican Republic is still grappling with violence and discrimination towards its Haitian community.

The 'Ender's Game' Movie Deserves Buzz, But Not the Buzz It's Getting

The controversy surrounding Orson Scott Card has shifted focus away from the story he told, even though it's about to become a major motion picture.

Whose Fault is the Government Shutdown? It's Probably Yours

When you take a side, you're the one who enables them.

Alfonso Cuarón: How the 'Gravity' Director Saved Harry Potter

Cuarón guided the series from a magical and childish to a terrifying, complex world of adolescence and crime.

'Homeland' Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Carrie Gets Committed ... Again

On this week's episode of 'Homeland,' Carrie tried to spill some CIA secrets and was committed as a result, and we got a glimpse at Quinn's heart of gold.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why California Has the Right Answer

Immigration reform might be dead at the federal level, but it's alive and well in California.

Millennials, It Was Your Moment, And You Failed

With the government shutdown now going on nearly a week, this would have been a great opportunity for millenials to show Washington who's boss.

When the Controversial Decision to Only Cast Women Of Color Makes Sense

Eve Ensler's 'The Vagina Monologues' has long been a voice for the voiceless. Instead of fighting about who should speak, we should all learn to listen.

5 California Bands That Prove the West Coast is Still the Best Coast

These bands prove that when it comes to great music, the Golden State is still where it's at.

Why Students Judge Female Professors More Harshly

And what we all lose in the process.

4 Intriguing Monuments Mankind Has Forgotten About

Monuments such as Stonehenge and the Taj Mahal garner acclamation from the global populace. This causes the world to overlook certain monuments of abstract design and historical symbolism.

Dave Eggers' Terrifying Predictions About the Future Are Way Too Real

Dave Eggers' new novel ('The Circle') on the future of social media threatens to become non-fiction.

'Saturday Night Live' Cast: It's Time For SNL to Diversify

Only three of the late night comedy show's 16 cast members are minorities and that's cause for concern in America's ever diversifying population. Offers Free Sex Toys to Federal Employees Having a Bumpy Ride is giving away free vibrators to help furloughed employees "relieve stress and create satisfaction".

Obamacare Will Save Young Americans Money — Pure and Simple

Conservatives have deployed a number of scare campaigns to prevent millennial enrollment in the new health care exchanges. But these scare campaigns won’t deter young Americans from enrolling.

The Incredible Short-Sightedness Of Education Reform

Seen from the inside, the willful blindness of the ed reform movement is glaringly obvious.

Supreme Court Term 2013: 5 Cases You Need to Know

SCOTUS has a lot on its plate this year. Here are the top five cases on the docket to know about.

The Inside Story Of Saudi Arabia's Bizarre Ban On Female Drivers

Saudi Arabia has witnessed incremental improvements in women's rights, and now is the time for activists to use this momentum to fight for women's right to drive.

Afghanistan War Anniversary: Why We Can't Stop Fighting the War You've Forgotten

It's the war that nobody is talking about, but it's one that we just might be able to win.

Marijuana Legalization: Why You Should Be Able to Fly With Weed in Your Carry-On

The TSA should not be doing the work of the DEA. It needs to create a transparent policy on whether or not you can take weed on the plane.

Democrats, You're Only Hurting Yourselves

Democrats are using the government shutdown for political gain, but it can easily end up backfiring and hurting Americans in the process.

5 "Laws of the Land" that Obamacare Supporters Would Mostly Frown Upon

Obamacare defendants repeat ad nauseam that "it's the law of the land". If that's the case, then why were these five categories of laws repealed?

Malala Yousafzai is Still a Taliban Target, And That's a Good Thing

The Taliban still wants to kill Malala Yousafzai, but do they realize they are giving her cause more credence?

'Wadjda' is A Unique Film That Unveils Everyday Life in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi Arabian film written by the country's first female movie director and making its way through the American cinema scene is brave, honest, emotional, heart-warming, and human.

Two Congressmen Talk to PolicyMic About the Shutdown, and You'll Never Guess Who They Blame

PolicyMic spoke to two lawmakers who bemoaned the gridlock on Capitol Hill. Each one blamed the other party.

A Jordanian Ambassador's Guide to Understanding Politics in the Middle East

As the region experiences conflict, sectarianism, and institutional attrition, PolicyMic sat down with someone who can offer us valuable insights on observing the situation and its prospects.

Why Millennials Are Losing Faith in Our Government

We're more mature than our leaders.

I Studied in a Country With a Terrible Human Rights Record, and Here's Why That's Okay

By sending American students to countries such as Cuba, Russia and North Korea, are we legitimizing them and their human rights abuses on the world stage? And even if so, should we stop?

3 Pairs Of Pants That Prove Netanyahu Doesn't Understand Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu thinks young Iranians can't wear jeans, listen to Western music, or vote. Those same youth took to Twitter to prove him wrong.

6 Major Celeb Tweet Screw-Ups

Some celebrities should be extra careful with social medial.

The Latest Proof the Sochi Olympics Have Some Seriously Bad Vibes

The Olympic Flame extinguished en route to the Kremlin. Consider this a bad omen on top of already problematic policies.

Burma's Violence Demands Greater International Attention

Buddhists are actively targeting and killing Muslims who are in a minority in Burma.

The Shutdown's Awful Effect on Campus Violence Prevention Programs

Crucial grant programs are on hold as the government drags its heels.

We're Giving a Tax Holiday to Huge Companies, and It's a Terrible Idea

The largest of American corporations got a break in paying income taxes on foreign profits in 2004. This should not happen again.

PolicyMic Movie Guide: What to See, Stream, and Skip This Week

Outlaws, Afflecks, and white-knuckled terror make up our picks for the best movies to see in theaters, stream online, or skip entirely this week.

American Diplomacy with Iran is Good for Israel

The recent diplomatic thaw in relations between the U.S. and Iran bodes well for America’s ability to convince Iran to scale back its nuclear program.

Mic Check: The Dirty Secret Behind the U.S. Government Shutdown

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring a millennial perspective on the world's top news and a collection of links from around the web.

This is What Happens to Tourists in a Typhoon

Typhoon Fitow hit the southeastern shores of China on Monday morning, but as officials evacuate over half a million people from their homes, tourists stayed behind to watch the waves.

Why Russia's Plan to Limit Olympic Protests Might Actually Cause More

Protests in Russia gain traction and international attention after Russia announced its plan to implement an invasive surveillance system for the upcoming Olympic Games.

An Utter Shutstorm For Science

The government shutdown has hamstrung American science. The budget battle in the house is having serious consequences for the scientific community. The result has been a shutstorm.

2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to Americans

Three Americans have "solved the mystery of how the cell organizes its transport system," potentially providing massive insight into the ways human bodies function.