'This Ain't Girls XXX': Why 'Girls' Fans Should Hate This Hustler Porn Parody

'This Ain't Girls XXX' claims to be an ode to Lena Dunham's 'Girls,' even though it's a cynical exploitation of it.

This 11-Year-Old Dancing to Lady Gaga's Applause is Exactly What The World Needs Right Now

Watch this regular dance recital take a flamboyant and amazing turn with this 11-year-old steals the show.

What 20 Of the World's Most Famous Writers Were Doing in Their Twenties

What can millennial writers today learn from the early years of literary greats? A lot.

5 Wild GOP Myths About the Shutdown, Debunked

In an effort to restore some semblance of factual reality to the conversation, here's some clarity surrounding the ongoing shutdown and debt ceiling crisis.

Unsuspecting People Walk Into a Coffee Shop, And Witness Something Even New Yorkers Have Never Seen

What happened in this East Village coffee shop took weird to the absolute next level.

Don't Ignore That Chris Brown Was Raped Just Because You Hate Him

Chris Brown may be epically misogynous, but that doesn't make his recent revelation any less disturbing.

Here's How the NRA is So Freakishly Effective in the Gun Control Debate

Representing 4-5 million Americans, the NRA manages to maintain a stranglehold on congressional gun votes. How do they do it?

Marijuana Legalization: The Next Mayor of New York Should Make This a Priority

This summer's failure of marijuana reform legislation in the New York Senate was a setback, but given both candidates support of legalization, anything change will be better than Bloomberg.

Grand Theft Auto 5: 5 Ways the Game Makes Fun Of Capitalism

Capitalism is so ubiquitous as to be invisible to anyone raised within it. Fortunately, Grand Theft Auto lets us see reality through fresh eyes.

'Don Jon' Reimagines Sex, But It's Still Sexist

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut takes on hyper-masculinity and how media and porn create unrealistic expectations for relationships — but does it achieve its goal?

Government Shutdown 2013: It Was a Conspiracy, Not a Blunder

Key far-right figures plotted the shutdown and proposed holding the debt ceiling hostage with the repeal of Obamacare as ransom, even if it risked economic disaster.

Meet Shaun McCutcheon, the Guy That's About to Ruin Your Democracy

McCutcheon v. FEC could be bigger than Citizens United and unlock a flood of money into politics. At the heart of it all is one GOP activist: Shaun McCutcheon.

One Chart That Tells You Who You're Really Supporting When You Watch Your Favorite Football Team

It turns out everything in this country is political, even its harmless escapism.

4 Mayor Bloomberg Health Initiatives That Were Actually Big Successes

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will step down at the end of the year, but there are several health initiatives he backed during his 12-year tenure that actually helped residents.

Peter Higgs Never Imagined That He'd Live to See This Day

Fifty years ago, his research was rejected. This morning, he won the Nobel Prize for Physics.

After the Silk Road Shut Down, Bitcoin Will Only Get Bigger

While the Silk Road shutdown spawns negative repercussions, it is a boon for Bitcoin. Digital currency, here we come.

'Emma Approved' is a Feminist Triumph

The new web series "Emma Approved" is a transmedia project by the producers of "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries," modernizing Jane Austen's novel "Emma." Here are 3 feminist twists to the series.

5 Insanely Creepy 'Goosebumps' Covers That Will Haunt Your Dreams

They say never judge a book by its cover, but with Goosebumps you always know exactly what you’re getting. In honor of creator R.L. Stine’s birthday, here are five very memorable covers.

I Used to Care About the Nobel Peace Prize

Until I realized this.

Government Shutdown 2013: Closing the WWII Memorial Isn't Just Spiteful, It's Expensive

For some of these veterans, their visit to the World War II memorial will be their first, and for others, their last. A look at how the government shutdown harms America's veterans.

If You Thought Citizens United Was Bad, Today's Supreme Court Case Could Completely Derail America

In McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, SCOTUS may agree to remove federal limits to individual campaign contributions. This would obliterate all hopes of campaign finance reform.

Nobel Peace Prize: Theodore Roosevelt Was the Most Important Winner Of All Time

America's 26th President understood that good intentions must often be combined with military strength.

You Won't Believe Bahrain's Pathetic Excuse For Locking Up These Peaceful Protesters

A Bahraini court has sentenced political activists to jail, based on confessions obtained by torture. Their "crime" is spying for Iran, but predictably, there's no real evidence they did it.

Latest News From Turkey is a Joke, Erdogan's 'Democracy Package' is Just a Stunt

While Prime Minister Erdogan presented his recent "democratization package," his government continued to deconstruct Turkish democracy.

CMJ Music Marathon: 5 Great Unknown Songs At the 2013 Festival

Some truly great tracks from lesser known artists at this year's CMJ Music Marathon.

Truckers Protest Obama By Causing Traffic Jam On Beltway

The truckers are planning to "awaken the American people to the complete disregard for the Constitution and bring a message to Congress that We The People demand to be heard."

Watch These Cops Beat Connor Castellani Until He Needs More Than 200 Stitches

Connor Castellani was removed from the Tropicana Resort and Casino for being underage. Following his removal he was brutally beaten by five police officers and a K-9 officer.

Meet the Cancer Patient Who is No Longer Being Treated Because Of the Shutdown

We all know that the government shutdown has had huge impacts on our economy, but what about the people?

John Boehner Orders Congressional Gym to Stay Open Despite Shutdown

The only reason Congress needs access to a gym would be to outrun the mobs of people wondering where their taxpayer money went.

How a Growing Cyber Security Industry Is Manipulating You

A whole new cyber security industry his risen up to sound alarm over the perils of "hackers" and a free internet. Here's why you should raise one eyebrow, and not both, over their claims.

Don't Think There's a Liberal Bias On TV? You Need to Watch This SNL Skit

Saturday Night Live tries to mock the House GOP's government shutdown, and ends up smearing gay Americans instead. Nice work, guys.

Barry Black: Meet the Man Literally Praying For Congress

Chaplain Barry C. Black has one uninterrupted minute everyday to reach the Senate, and it may just be the most honest minute of their entire day.

Could Forest Whitaker's New Movie Sink Colin Powell's Legacy?

Forest Whitaker is bringing the goods in a new movie about Colin Powell. It's going to bring a few skeletons out of the closet, like that infamous speech to the UN and the invasion of Iraq.

McCutcheon v. FEC: Your Guide to the Biggest Campaign Finance Case Since Citizens United

McCutcheon v. FEC will be another watershed moment for campaign finance regulations. Here's your guide to oral arguments, in the Supreme Court case that could be bigger than Citizens United.

"League Of Denial" Won't Change Any Football Fans' Minds

The documentary showcases the long-term damage professional football causes the athlete's that make the sport. I doubt it will be well-viewed by the sport's fans.

The Newest Way Universities Are Betraying Their Own Values

Universities are increasingly participating in "patent trolling," undermining the core values of an academic community.

Lauryn Hill is Released From Prison, But Thousands More Remain in Bondage

Hill compared her treatment at the hands of the state to the slavery of her ancestors. And she's got a point.

Harry Reid's First Vine Of All-Time Is Surprisingly Amazing

His vine sums up why this shutdown sucks and it's probably here to stay.

One Chart That Proves Republicans Already Got What They Wanted

Don't believe the photo-ops and the talking points. Republicans aren't ready for any "grand bargain."

Mexico's New Energy Policy Could Revolutionize Global Markets

Mexico must do an energy policy overhaul to remain competitive in today's market.

Iran Nuclear Weapons Talks Could Set Off a Dangerous Chain Reaction in Tehran

If Iran is serious about talks over its nuclear weapons, what concessions will it seek from the U.S.? We're already witnessing a dangerous turn of events.

You Won't Believe Where Diana Nyad is Swimming For 48 Hours Straight

Nothing like a 64-year-old woman swimming for two days straight to remind you to sign up for a gym membership.

What Did Republicans Have to Say About Those 'Creepy Uncle Sam' Ads? Absolutely Nothing

PolicyMic spoke with 41 different members of Congress regarding the "Creepy Uncle Sam" ads. Take a guess which party had no opinion on the matter.

Government Shutdown 2013 is Full of Myths Spread By Both Parties

We keep hearing that people are "taking hostages" in the debate about the government shutdown and the 2013 debt ceiling. But is this just another way to demonize the opposition?

What is McCutcheon v. FEC? This Supreme Court Case Could Give Rich People All the Power

Cases like McCutcheon v. FEC aren't about free speech. They're about how much influence the wealthiest Americans should have over our elected officials.

5 Things We Could Have Spent $2.1 Billion On, Instead of the Government Shutdown

The shutdown is estimated to be costing the U.S. economy $300 million a day. After a week, here is a list of five things $2.1 billion should have been used for.

The Best Opera Of the Year is About Anna Nicole Smith

Mark-Anthony Turnage's opera 'Anna Nicole' shocked classical fans with its pop culture star and array of unconventional themes. But is it really unusual compared to traditional operas?

Father Builds Daughter a Wheelchair Ramp Only to Get Fined

The city of Bardstown, Ky. is suing the Hadley family for building a wheelchair ramp for their daughter without a permit.

This Study Proved American is Not the Most Exceptional Nation in the World

The U.S. education needs to be completely rebuilt from the bottom up.

Salmonella — It's What's For Dinner, Thanks to Obama

There's been a salmonella outbreak Obama is doing nothing about. Thankfully, I know just the place where we can find money to bring back the food inspectors.

D.C. Skaters Are Free to Grind As the Government Grinds to a Halt

During the government shutdown, skaters have rushed to downtown Washington, D.C. to skate on the city's beautiful plazas.

Football Star Dispels Myths Surrounding ADHD

Albert Castaneda is a high school footballer who has ADHD. Despite his enthusiasm and spirit, he is considered a "special needs" player because of his condition.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Sorry, Obama, But It's Time to Make a Deal

If Obama keeps refusing to negotiate on long-term reforms, the country's financial future will be put more at risk.

4 Tips For Running a Successful Counterfeiting Sting

In honor of the new, harder-to-fake $100 bill debuting on Tuesday, here are four ways that aspiring counterfeiters can still live the dream.

Fast and Furious Book Nixed by Obama Administration — What Are They Afraid Of?

Obama's ATF is attempting to block the Fast and Furious whistleblower from publishing a book. What are they hiding?

These Billionaires' Donation Reveals the Private Sector's Answer to the Shutdown

And the $10 million pledge points to much deeper problems in the American political system.

The Shutdown is Aimed Squarely At Our Country's Most Marginalized

They're playing games with our lives.

Mic Check: This Photo Shows How Embarrassing the Shutdown is For the U.S.

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