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Company Wants Women to Buy These Anti-Rape Shorts

Rape is scary. So is this solution.

5 Historical Monuments Have Been Destroyed Forever During Syria's Civil War

Syria's incredible historical heritage is being blasted to pieces.

6 Disney Princesses I Can No Longer Be Friends With

When I was a kid, I used to dream about being friends with Disney princesses. When I think about it now, it wouldn't be so great.

5 Beautiful Films That Finally Give Middle Eastern Women the Voice They Deserve

These five recent films are stunning depictions of what it's like to be a woman in the Middle East.

DST 2013: 5 Weird Facts About Daylight Savings Time

Arizona and Hawaii will not be joining the nation's Daylight Savings Time party.

Million Mask March: Anonymous is Planning V for Vendetta In Real Life

The hacktivist collective Anonymous has organized a march on Washington, D.C. known as the Million Mask Mark to stand up against tyranny and oppression in America.

Africa is So Much Bigger Than You Know

We should all pay attention to the "True Size of Africa" map.

iPad Air Review: Some Cool New Features, But It's Not Worth the Cash

Apple would have to offer some incredible updates to make its new tablet worth its $499 price tag.

Most of Us Won't Get Married Until We're Over 35

Our generation is defying tradition, and that's a really good thing.

U.S. Marine Ryan Langenegger Viciously Attacked After Defending His Gay Friends

A vicious assault on a United States Marine for defending two friends dressed in drag is the latest example of anti-gay bigotry.

This A Capella Group Brilliantly Recapped Beyonce's Entire Career in One Song

Watch the newest video by Pentatonix, the famous a cappella group, celebrating Queen Bey.

College Student's Halloween Costume Brought "Sexy" to a Whole New Level

One ASU student decided to boycott her Halloween costume this year and go completely naked.

7 Iconic Viral Videos That Turned YouTube Into a Sensation

It's hard for milennials to imagine a world without viral videos. In honor of the first ever YouTube Music Awards, here are 7 iconic videos that transformed YouTube into an internet mainstay.

Inside the Secret Underground Tunnels Used to Smuggle Drugs Into the U.S.

On Thursday, officials discovered a 600-yard tunnel used to ferry cocaine and marijuana between Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, Calif. The complexity of the system will shock you.

Michelle Obama is No Match For the Power Of Junk Food and School Lunches

Marketing healthy food to kids won't make them any slimmer.

P. Diddy's 'Revolt' Is A Barrier to Real Counterculture

By naming his music network Revolt, Diddy joins a long list of corporations who have stripped the word of its power and turned dissent into a commodity.

Mindy Kaling's 'Jimmy Kimmel' Appearance is Charming and Filled With Secrets

The producer, writer, and star of 'The Mindy Project' dressed in a Captain Hook costume for her appearance on Thursday night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

This Palestinian-American Author Just Won An Incredibly Prestigious Prize in Children's Lit

Naomi Shihab Nye, author of 'Habibi' a beautiful tale about the Arab-American experience, was just named the recipient of The Neustadt Festival's children's literature award.

Two Simple Graphs Prove Racism is Still Accepted in America

According to a new poll, a majority of Republicans find nothing wrong with blackface. Think you misread that? Unfortunately, you didn't.

Heidi Klum's Bold Halloween Costume Sends Powerful Message About What it Means to be Beautiful

This is the perfect answer to all those sexy Halloween costumes.

Feminist Remake of 'Carrie' Fails Hard

Kimberly Peirce's update had so much potential. What the hell happened?

'Ender's Game' Boycott: What Every Hater Needs to Remember

'Ender's Game' has stirred up a lot of controversy recently, but is it really compromising our principles to support the film?

Let the KKK Speak — It's the Best Way to Shut Them Up

The KKK has the right to speak up, and it's actually best for us that they do.

How to Get a Gigantic Painting of Yourself in the National Portrait Gallery

Smash the glass ceiling? Check. Be a bad-ass? Check.

This Chart Debunks Everything Republicans Want You to Believe About Obamacare

97% of Americans win under Obamacare, despite what the fear-mongering rhetoric of the GOP would have you believe.

4 Lies About Food Stamp Cuts Politicians Want You to Believe

Congress wants to play on your emotions in order to pass ridiculous laws. Don't let them fool you.

What It's Like to Live With Drone Strikes, In Victims' Own Words

These Pakistanis have had their lives ripped apart by American drones.

Jon Stewart Has a Profanity-Laden Message for the Mainstream Media

Jon Stewart's message to the media is one they've been needing to hear for a long, long time.

How a Stirring Poem Landed One Young DREAMER a Role in An Aloe Blacc Video

Hareth Andrade's battle to keep her father Stateside is multi-genre.

5 Mindblowing Technologies From China Every Techie Will Love

"Made-in-China" will soon mean a lot more than cheaply-made products.

America is a Rigged Poker Game, So It's Time We Change the Rules

When the economic odds are skewed against you, there should be no shame in refusing to play game.

Project Run Away: Heidi Klum's Costume is Terrifying

Project Runway host Heidi Klum unveiled her Halloween costume on Twitter last night before here annual Halloween bash. It does not disappoint.

Watch Two Young Music Prodigies Blow the Carnegie Hall Audience Away

For these two incredibly talented young musicians, it didn't take long to get to Carnegie Hall.

Seattle Mayor Race: How Comcast is Using Elections to Keep Your Internet Slow

Granting internet access has become a political issue.

This Week Reminded Me Why I'm a Wendy Davis Fangirl

A federal judge blocked parts of the famously fillibustered HB2 abortion legislation in Texas, and that's just the beginning.

Watch Rep. Mike Rogers Give the Most Pathetic Defense Of NSA Spying Yet

Rep. Mike Rogers, who is the chair of the Intelligence Committee, believes that what Americans don't know won't hurt them in the way of NSA spying – except we do know about it, and we're angry.

Marijuana Legalization: How Buying Pot Could Save Denver's Schools

Pot smokers rejoiced when Colorado legalized recreational weed last year. Unfortunately, this also means higher taxes.

Who Should I Vote For NYC Mayor? Here's Why de Blasio Might Be Your Guy

If you're concerned about issues like education reform, police brutality, and the minimum wage, de Blasio's your guy.

Patton Oswalt's Anti-Gun Tweet Will Enrage Anyone Who Supports Gun Rights

Comedian Patton Oswalt is already trying to paint Second Amendment advocates as heartless by using today's events. Stick to comedy, Mr. Oswalt.

iPad Air Release: Way Too Much Fuss For 6.4 Ounces

Can anyone tell the difference between Apple products anymore?

Finally, the Snack Chocolate Lovers and Potato Chip Fans Have Been Waiting For

Lay's has changed the game with these chocolate-covered potato chips, and life will never be the same.

What Happened to This Guy is Straight Out Of 'Seinfeld' — But Worse

Everything is bigger in Texas, even the library fines.

The Tension Every 20-Something Journalist Faces in the Digital Age

The 'New York Times' op-ed "Slaves of the Internet, Unite!" went viral this week with it's message that we need to get paid. So, now what?

Sign Up For Obamacare: Six People Already Did On Day One!

Six people enrolled in health insurance using on its first day. You read that right: six.

This Is the Most Technologically Advanced Game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" You'll Ever See

Scared of robots? Does an endless game of "rock, paper, scissors" sound like your worst nightmare? Well, prepare to be doubly frightened.

2 Million Syrian Children Have Been Forgotten — These Powerful Photos Tell Their Stories

Syria's civil war is creating a generation of children with lost childhoods.

When Al-Maliki Visits the White House, It's Time For Obama to Repent

Iraqis continue to suffer from the destruction left after the U.S. invasion, while America has forgotten.

Think Ted Cruz Or Obama Are Radicals? So Were Jesus and MLK

If we're going to have civil debate, we need to stop name-calling. "Extremist" and "radical" are two names we can do without — because who says those are bad things to be, anyway?

The "Nuclear Option" For Filibuster Reform is All Bark and No Bite

Democrats in the Senate are threatening to permanently change procedural rules. Here's why you shouldn't take them seriously.

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