These Are the 10 Most Psychopathic Jobs in America

And, no, politician isn't on the list.

Colin Powell's 13 Life Rules For Any Future Leader

On this Veterans Day, here are some words of wisdom from one of America's most admired soldiers and public figures.

What Taylor Swift Means Now, Five Years After 'Fearless'

Rectifying Taylor Swift now with Taylor Swift then.

Strong Men Don't Hide Their Emotions, They Show Them

It's the people who are calling NFL player Jonathan Martin a "pussy" that need to man up.

Don't Be So Shocked That I'm a Veteran

There's more to it than what you see.

New "Asian Fit" Sunglasses Aren't Racist, But They're Pretty Stupid

Bad news: There are worse offenders out there.

The Harsh Truth About Austin

Texas's most liberal city isn't as liberal as you think.

Anti-Semitic Bullying Almost Killed Me

The recent rash of anti-Semitic incidents in upstate New York reminds me of my own terrifying experience.

Joss Whedon Redefines Feminism In the Same Way Feminists Have For Years

Everyone freaks out when a man says something, no matter how many times a woman says it first.

Meet Richard Overton, America's Oldest Living Veteran

Also, stay out of trouble.

'Homeland' Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Javadi Reveals All

We find out the truth about the Langley bombing, Lockhart gets what he deserves, and Dana and Jess are nowhere to be seen. Best episode of the season? Most definitely.

Sarah Palin Says the Federal Debt is Akin to Slavery

Palin makes a racist, ignorant comment. What else is new?

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Hershel Clings to Slim Hope

Rick and Carl go Rambo on a horde, Hershel becomes a one man army, and our favorite one-eyed lunatic returns.

The Critics Say Bitcoin is Doomed — Here's What They're Missing

Even if bitcoin doesn't stick around forever, it's still set to change the way we use money.

3 Reasons Chris Christie's Education Plan is a Model For the Rest Of the Country

America spends more than any other country on education, but we're not getting anywhere near the best results.

Please Don't Ask a Veteran, "Have You Killed Anyone?"

There are good reasons why it's a particularly unwelcome question.

Why Jews Should Be Nervous About Celebrating Thanksgivukkah This Year

This year, the first night of Hanukkah will coincide with Thanksgiving. A lot of people think this sounds awesome, and that is not okay.

I Came Back From War Ready to Die — Here's What Saved Me

This is the story of my fight against PTSD.

These Surprising Allies Are Shaking Up the Fight Against the Death Penalty

This segment of the population is growing in opposition to capital punishment.

Two Of the World's Most Powerful Women Stood Up to NSA Spying — America's Response Reveals a Glaring Double Standard

Though their complaints over U.S. surveillance are virtually the same, Brazil and Germany have received drastically different treatment in Washington.

5 Midterm 2014 Elections That Should Have Republicans Quaking in Their Boots

The fallout from the government shutdown has given the Democrats momentum ahead of the 2014 midterm elections.

Yet Another Peaceful Gun Control Meeting Turns Awful When 40 Scary Texans Show Up With Their Guns

On Saturday, Open Carry Texas countered four members of the group Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America by waiting for two hours in a parking lot, guns drawn.

Veterans Day 2013: Watch This Homeless Man's Amazing Transformation in Just 3 Minutes

Sometimes, what's on the outside can count.

Wilmington College Fraternity Hazing Results in Lost Testicle

What happens when fraternity hazing goes too far.

Veterans Day 2013: Meet the Veterans Getting Kicked Out Of America

According to Banished Veterans, at least 3,000 brave men and women face deportation today following service to this country.

Sochi Olympics 2014: Journalists Banned from Social Media

It is the latest move in a controversial run up to the Winter Olympic Games.

Is Obama Approval Rating Making Him As Politically Toxic As Bush?

It's no surprise that Wendy Davis is staying far away from the president.

The Group Left Out of Almost Every Conversation on LGBT Rights

Transgender folks face way more discrimination than the LGBT community at-large, but we barely talk about them.

George Clooney On Typhoon Haiyan: Ignoring Climate Change is "Ridiculous"

Meanwhile, thousands have been killed in the massive typhoon that hit the Philippines.

Immigration Reform 2013 is Critical For LGBT Immigrants, Just Take a Look At This Map

The stakes are high for every undocumented immigrant, but especially for those who identify as LGBT.

Russian Performance Artist Pyotr Pavlensky Nailed His Testicles to the Ground to Protest the Police State

Pyotr Pavlensky, a Russian performance artist, finds an innovatively painful way to protest Russian politics.

My Story Starts As An Orphaned Baby Left to Die On the Side Of the Road in War-Torn Vietnam

And I went on to serve 17 years in the U.S. Navy.

5 Groundbreaking Stories the Mainstream Media Missed This Year

These stories deserve your attention, and you probably haven't seen them anywhere else.

Your Tax Dollars Could Be Supporting Your NFL Team's Biggest Rival

Using public funds to build teams' stadiums is just the beginning of the NFL's shady financial dealings.

Solange Launches Indie Label for All of Us Black Weirdos

And I love her for it.

If You've Lost Faith in American Democracy, This Mayoral Election Will Restore It

The Minneapolis mayoral election is now over. Despite being framed as crazy, it was actually one of the most representative elections in recent American memory.

The Head Of the World's Richest Hedge Fund Explains Why Democrats Are Right About the Economy

Bridgewater's Ray Dalio sides with the left on some major economic issues.

Democrats Have Failed Millennials, So Let's Give the Tea Party a Chance

We hate being told what to do. Good thing there's a party for that.

USPS Sunday Delivery is Amazon's First Step to Global Domination

The USPS has agreed to begin Amazon-only Sunday deliveries, as part of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' insidious quest for global dominance.

This Veterans Day Video Will Change the Way You Look At Homeless Vets

Jim Wolf used to be a down-and-out alcoholic. His transformation is inspiring.

U.S. Veterans Have Fought For You, Now It's Your Turn to Stand Up For Them

Veterans' needs are not charitable; they are opportunistic.

UN Climate Talks 2013: After Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines Pleads For Action

How emotional does one senior official need to get before his plea is heard?

Veterans Day Advice For Anyone Who's Lost a Brother-in-Arms

Veterans should be living life to the fullest, and not for themselves.

What I Say to Anyone Who Thinks Millennials Are Disengaged

We millennials are a lot more socially conscious than we get credit for.