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The Republican Alternative to Obamacare is a Sweet Kegger

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PG-13 Movies Are Now Three Times More Violent Than in 1985

A new study about gun violence in movies reveals that PG-13 movies aren't so PG after all.

Marco Rubio Gives Keynote Address at Fundraiser For Anti-Gay Organization

The Florida Family Policy Council promotes anti-gay and pro-life policies, and it's no surprise that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a likely presidential candidate, is participating.

What I Say to My Colleagues Who Carry Out Torture

How do I expect my patients to trust me, when some of my colleagues are involved in torture?

Why Did It Take Until 2013 to Get an Official Statue Of a Female Soldier?

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4 Reasons Millennials Have It Worse Than Previous Generations

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Minimum Wage Hike Approval Hits 75% According to New Gallup Poll

Let the states decide minimum wage, not the federal government.

Republicans Don't Know Who Really Benefits From the Social Programs They Refuse to Support

Conservatives' bigoted political decisions have some surprising effects.

"Delightful" Little Blue Robots Will Teach Youngsters How to Code

Thanks to Play-i, tiny one-eyed robots will soon take steps to fill America's conspicuous digital literacy void.

Dick Cheney's Weak Heart Could Be the Impulse That Changes the 25th Amendment

Cheney’s imperilled health during his term in office demonstrated that the 25th Amendment and vacancy in the nation’s top positions may be due for further examination.