Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel's $3 Billion Rejection Letter to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Sorry it didn't work out, Zuckerbro. I'm sure you understand.

10 Life-Changing Books Every 20-Something Feminist Needs to Read

From religion and virginity to gender and pornography, the issues explored in these works raise essential questions for the millennial feminist.

What's Wrong With the Senate, in One Simple GIF

For any group of people to achieve something collectively, cooperation is required. But this graph shows the Senate is incapable of it.

Meet the Filmmaker Convincing America That Virginity Doesn't Exist

'How To Lose Your Virginity' director Therese Shechter talked with PolicyMic about virginity as a social construct, porn, and the dangers of putting purity on a pedestal.

George W. Bush Was Sent a Pair Of American Flag Chubbies Shorts and Absolutely Loved It

Here's the letter he wrote to the shorts company.

New Discovered Bacteria Could Be the Oldest Evidence Of Life On Earth

Or in other news: life on Earth began a really, really long time ago.

India's Head Of Police Says Women Should "Enjoy" Rape If They Can't Stop It

When people like this are in charge, is it any surprise that India's rape epidemic is one of the worst in the world?

KKK Group Attempts Recruiting New Members in a Mostly Black Florida Neighborhood

A Florida branch of the Klu Klux Klan is having some trouble with its recruitment drive.

George W. Bush 'Jews For Jesus' Speech Causes Uproar, But It Shouldn't

George W. Bush is drawing criticism for speaking at a fundraising event for a group of Messianic Jewish group in Texas, but anyone who actually knows the president's faith shouldn't be surprised.

3 Examples of Government Regulation Gone Horribly Awry

Even a kid's lemonade stand can't escape the long arm the law these days.

These 6 Celebrities Reading Poems Aloud Will Make You Fall in Love with Poetry

Yet another reason to love E. E. Cummings: Tom Hiddleston.

Why Every Pro-Life Conservative Should Support Gay Marriage

It's common to stick to party lines and either support abortion rights and gay marriage, or oppose them both. But what about being pro-life and pro-gay marriage?

Disney's Take On Sex Ed Not Sexy or Ed-y

But it wouldn't be out of place in most classrooms today.

When Should Old Rappers Stop Rapping?

Some of the biggest hip-hop releases of the year have been from rappers over 40. When are they too old for the rap game?

5 Lessons Harry Potter Taught Us About Liberal Politics

Harry Potter has been accused of 'brainwashing' millennials with liberal politics. I wasn't brainwashed, but Harry Potter helped me find my values.

Rob Ford Denies Wanting to Perform Oral Sex On Staffer in Wild Press Conference

On Thursday Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denied wanting to perform oral sex on a staffer because he's "got more than enough to eat at home."

Japanese Fast Food Company Release Prim Liberation Wrappers, Everyone Freaks Out

Yeah, they're weird to Westerners. But the media has missed the most crucial part of the story.

Immigration Reform 2013: New Poll Shows Elderly Whites Are Most Opposed to Immigration

Most youngsters say yes to immigration reform; it's the oldies we have to worry about.

'His Dark Materials' Are the Books That Changed My Life

You should really thank your librarian for not banning books.

Lady Gaga and the Glam Rock Men Who Inspire Her

Lady Gaga isn't just a Madonna clone — turns out there are a few male artists behind the Fame Monster.

Invented By Auto Mechanic, the Odón Device is Helping Women Give Birth More Safely

Mr. Jorge Odon, a car mechanic from Argentina, saw a YouTube tutorial on removing a cork from a wine bottle, and had a obstetric epiphany.

A Portrait Of the Quintessential Millennial Poet, 24 and in Love

In 1956 Sylvia Plath was 24 and had just met the love of her life. A new book of her drawings beautifully captures the young poet's world as she falls in love.

4 Famous Sex Protests That Rocked the World

These probably aren't the demonstrations that come to mind when you think of non-violent protests.

Internet Censorship is Reaching a Whole New Level Of Creepy in the Middle East

Censorship in the Middle East continues to evolve and adapt in order to find new ways to silence dissidents. This battle marks the front lines of the struggle for a new Middle East.

Cop Tasered This Man For 42 Seconds Straight

Normally, an uncooperative suspect is tasered for just five seconds. This man was shocked for 42 seconds straight.

High Schoolers, You'll Get Into College Even If You Don't Delete That Facebook Picture

Our obsession with social media is quickly turning into paranoia.

Police Are Trampling On the Rights Of American Citizens — And Finally We Have a Chance to Fight Back

It's time to take a stand against the American police state.

Ronald Philips Execution: Grotesque U.S. Justice System Led Us Here

Ronald Phillips, a convicted child killer, is set to be executed. He may not be an argument against capital punishment, but he's certainly an argument against the bloated prison system.

The Real Deal On the TPP

The TPP promises to be a repository of corporate giveaways, and a stuffed coal stocking for everyone else.

Why Are These Obamacare Ads Using Absurd Gender Stereotypes?

A Colorado advertising campaign aimed to get women signed up for Obamacare is far more offensive than it is persuasive.

The Top 4 Words Of 2013

Why are we English speakers obsessed with failure? The Global Language Monitor released its annual list of the top words in the English language.

Bill Clinton On Obamacare is Obama's Worst Nightmare

It's never been a secret that Bill Clinton is no fan of President Obama, but he's never really been a fan of commitment either.

"Fix" Obamacare? How the President's New Plan Could Make It Even Worse

President Obama's one-year "fix" could destabilize the insurance market and lead to higher premiums in 2015 and beyond.

Fascinating Photos Peek Inside Women's Bedrooms Around the World

A simple photography project that speaks volumes about how women live around the world.

Majority Of GOP Voters OK With Confederate Flags in School, But Pride Flags Not So Much

Republicans are a-okay with the Stars and Bars flying free in the halls of our nation's schools, but gay pride flags? Nope.

2013 Has Changed the Game For Black Cinema

We're seeing ourselves on screen for the first time, in all our nuanced history.

College Football Players Should Unionize

Because this is America.

ACLU Report Shows Petty Crimes Lead to Abnormally Long Prison Sentences

You should think twice before you deal drugs, or even introduce someone to a drug dealer, because you could be imprisoned until death.

Women's Health Protection Act Would Prevent States From Passing Targeted Abortion Restrictions

These senators have had enough of the Republican war on women.

Watch Moscow Metro Passengers Ride For Free By Exercising

The country of Russia is determined to get back into fighting shape in advance of 2014's Sochi Olympics.

The Upton Plan Proves It — Democrats Would Rather Save Face Than Save Health Care

What's actually killing the American health care system? Democrats in Congress who care more about their reelections than the millions of Americans losing their coverage.

Non-Profits Have a Dark Side Americans Don't Know About

Some non-profits have found creative ways to get around the law.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: 5 Reasons Why This Matters to Millennials

The Trans-Pacific Partnership's draft treaty just came out through Wikileaks, and it could threaten everything from your internet browsing to your health care costs.

Feminist Weekly: New York, I Love You

But you're bringing me down.

Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Are Sad and Misleading

At first glance the numbers of those "enrolled" in Obamacare are well short of their goal. When digging deeper the numbers are even worse

6 Reasons the Poorest People in the World Are Actually Optimistic About Their Futures

Despite their nations' grim challenges, Africans are more positive than many others around the world.

Eric Holder Impeachment: House Republicans Claim AG Violated Federal Law

Instead of a productive conversation about potential Justice Department mistakes, we're going to get this.

Sarah Bray Was Barred From Seeing Her Partner in the Hospital, But She's Still Fighting For Her Rights

A woman in Indianapolis has been banned from the hospital room of her unconscious same-sex partner. Unfortunately, the law may not be able to help her.

Yellen Confirmation Hearings: Why You Should Care About What Happens At the Fed

Janet Yellen's confirmation hearings are today, and her moment to shine has come when the Fed's role has expanded way beyond just printing money.

White House Prevents Release Of Iraq Report While Lecturing Others About Press Freedom

I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find hypocrisy going on in this republic!

3 Big News Stories That You Missed Since the Shutdown

Three important stories that got overshadowed by Obamacare and the government shutdown.

Janet Yellen Confirmation Hearing: Fed Chair Nominee Must Be Opposed

Janet Yellen's confirmation as Fed chairwoman means we should buckle up for a ride. Was Targeted for a Cyberattack, According to One Obama Administration Official's near hacking has led to heated debate in the Committee for Homeland Security.

Investing in Toilets Isn't Sexy, But It Could Help Save the World

Grassroots organization understand the issues that really make a difference on the ground.

New Iran Sanctions Could Derail Nuclear Talks, Says John Kerry

Nuclear talks are continuing with Iran even though no agreement was reached after intensive sessions last weekend. Kerry begged Congress to withhold more sanctions.