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So-called crisis pregnancy centers are funded by state dollars, associated with religious and anti-choice organizations, and are lying to women.

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Why This Gay Man Thinks Apple Shouldn't Erase Its Offensive "Gay" Definition

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Nas' New Harvard Fellowship Shows Hip Hop is For Everyone

Even Asian-Americans like me.

San Francisco Turned Into Gotham to Make a 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Dream Come True

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation, the San Francisco Chronicle, the police, and thousands of others, a five-year-old leukemia patient is getting the wish of a lifetime.

Democrats Are Hypocrites On Citizens United, and These Two Charts Prove It

Turns out the party that hates big money in politics is happy to use big money when it benefits them.

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A secret glimpse into the diary entries of seven of the characters from the hit show 'The Walking Dead.' If these people represent humanity's last hope, things aren't looking so good.

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China's One Child Policy Eased in Win For Human Rights

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Ken Ham Has Finally Found An Intellectual Soulmate

The Creation Museum founder, CEO, and president has found someone to listen to him.

11 Things More Popular Than Obamacare

Like the Shake Weight, Sharknado, and Snuggies for dogs. Yeah.

Millennials Are Godless Heathens

In the fight for your soul, the almighty brand is winning out over organized religion.

Ray Kelly Playboy Interview Proves Why No One Cares What He Thinks

Breaking revelation from NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly: Bill de Blasio is just another lying politician.

Blind Man Kicked Off a US Airways Flight Because His Guide Dog Moved

What happened was heartwarming, but this still reminds us of our reality.

Number Of 3D Printed Guns Could Explode With Expiration Of the Undetectable Firearms Act

The ban on "undetectable guns" may give rise to a wave of newly legal weapons and ammunition.

Keep Your Plan Act Moves Forward With Bipartisan Support

39 Democrats broke rank and voted with the Republican Majority in the latest rebuke of President Obama's signature domestic "achievement."

Al Qaeda-Linked ISIS Militants in Syria Decapitate Wrong Man

Syrian terrorists cut off the wrong man's head. Now they're asking for "understanding and forgiveness," before his buddies come to do the same to them.

H6N1 Bird Flu is Here, But There's No Reason to Panic

In Taiwan, the infection of a 20-year-old woman indicates that a new strain of avian flu has switched hosts from birds to humans, sparking concerns about a possible pandemic in the making.

Meet the Man Behind MTV's Global Music Revolution

An interview with executive producer Nusrat Durrani, on the powerful new TV series following the lives of young musicians around the world as they play for change.

Our Student Loan Debt in 3 Staggering Charts

The economy may be improving overall, but it looks like it's doing it on the backs of millennials.

10 TV Boyfriends Who Would Be Terrible in Real Life

Ross Geller? No thanks.

Marijuana Legalization: Majority Of Americans Don't Think Smoking Weed Should Get Workers Fired

It's time for the courts to catch up with public opinion.

How to Talk About the Atomic Bomb

The Japanese documentary 'Things Left Behind' from artist Ishiuchi Miyako explores Hiroshima, but only from one side of the story.

Filipino Delegate Gives the West a Powerful Message About Preventing the Next Typhoon Haiyan

It makes perfect sense when you hear what this government official's solution is. Will we listen?

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A new exhibition offers the kind of aesthetic experience that isn't easily found in the digital age.

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What really pissed off Mark Wahlberg at the 'Lone Survivor' premiere?

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Governor Cuomo's "New" New York is one where the government grows richer by swindling its citizens out of money that they don't have.

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So why are we so afraid of dudes touching dudes?

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