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The 'Hunger Games' sequel gets a darker, more decadent fashion makeover at the hands of celebrated costume designer Trish Summerville.

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The film's 30th Anniversary is this week. Here is a list of 30 pieces of trivia you may not have known about this annual classic.

5 Insanely Wasteful Projects the Pentagon is Spending Your Money On

Forget the $16 muffin: our nation's military is throwing away jaw-dropping amounts of your money for projects leading nowhere.

Take a Closer Look at the Medal of Freedom Recipients — They're Obama Donors

Making campaign contributions to President Obama's reelection paid off for a handful of donors, big time.

Obama is Quietly Pushing New Gun Control Plans — What Does This Mean For You?

The White House is looking into new gun control regulations that take aim on stolen and missing weapons.

Marijuana Legalization: Get Ready for the Rise of Evil Cannabis Megacorporations

"We'll start to create another Big Tobacco, except now it's going to be called Big Marijuana," warns an outspoken young legalization skeptic.

It's Time For Men Like Me to Stop Going to Strip Clubs

No matter that Drake and Richie Icognito do.

Science Shows Eating This Food Makes it 20% Less Likely You Will Die

Heart disease death risk dropped by 29% and the risk of dying of cancer dropped by 11%.

Watch This Harvard Student Pretend to Be a Yale Tour Guide

You won't get this kind of Yale tour from the admissions office.

A Lot Of Money is About to Be Made In This Little Colorado Store

Annie's in Central City, Colorado, will become the first U.S. store to sell recreational marijuana. Guess how much profit they may make?

According to the Media, Asians Like Me Don't Exist

Is Mulan as good as it gets?

More Earthquakes Are Happening in the U.S. — and Fracking May Be to Blame

This U.S. Geological Survey's "Man-Made Earthquakes Update" is far from science fiction.

This Iceberg the Size of Singapore Just Broke Off From Antarctica

We need climate change action more than ever.

Internet Cat Fans May Have to Mourn Their First Internet Cat Death

What does that say about us?

Why 'The Hunger Games' Isn't Good Enough to Be Young Adult Fiction

Young adults would rather go to Narnia than Panem.

Addicted to Nespresso? You've Helped Create a New Trend In American Culture

The way young people drink coffee has completely changed, according to a new report.

Bitcoin Exchanges Can Go Mainstream, if We're Strategic Enough to Pull it Off

Over 80 Bitcoin early adopters gathered at 55 Wall Street on Tuesday night to chart the future of currency.

The Startling Number That May Spell Doom For Obamacare

If these trends are any indication, the new health care law is in big trouble.

The Market Demands That 20-Somethings Demand Raises

With higher unemployment and higher debt, the only thing we've got less of is pay.

The TSA isn't Making Air Travel Any Safer, According to a Government Report

The TSA's screening procedures and failure rates are statistically not doing anything to keep us safe. Why do we pay $8 billion a year to be violated?

Janet Yellen, a Dove Or a Lame Duck?

The incoming chairwoman of the Federal Reserve will be in charge of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history.

Ron Burgundy Sings a Very Special Song For Mayor Rob Ford

If you like it, you can take it. If you don't, just send it right back.

This Feminist Toy Company Still Thinks There's Only One Way For Girls to Be Smart

GoldieBlox's 'empowering' ad only perpetuates negative stereotypes.

The Essential 'Hunger Games' Vocab Guide

If you don't know your jabberjays from your tracker jackers, read on.

Congress Might Just Start Working Again. Here's Why.

Democrats have invoked the "nuclear option" today to curb one of the biggest problems in Congress.

Feminist Weekly: A Spotlight On Trans Allyship and Visibility

Everything you missed from TDoR 2013.

From Seattle to D.C., America's Cities Are Getting Smarter — And Millennials Are the Reason Why

An economic study shows that well-educated millennials are choosing a different place to live than their parents. And it's changing the landscape of America.

Harry Reid's 'Nuclear Option' is Exactly What the Founding Fathers Had in Mind

The U.S. Senate Rules required 60 votes to approve the President's executive and judicial nominees, but not anymore.

Walmart Unveils Embarrassingly Tone-Deaf Thanksgiving Charity Drive

Walmart takes decisive action to help its underpaid workers by asking other underpaid workers to give them money. Womp womp.

18 States Cut Taxes in 2013 — Was Your State One Of Them?

If you're living in one of these states, your tax burden just got a little easier.

What YA Literature Can Teach Readers About Race

These novels seek to bring historically marginalized groups to the forefront of American literature by speaking to the young and young-at-heart.

What Blood Orange Can Teach Every Young Musician

Dev Hynes seems less worried about selling records, and more intent on cross-pollinating and sharing ideas with as many like-minded young musicians as he can.

Why the GOP Desperately Needed the Filibuster. Why Dems Desperately Wanted to End It.

This is just another development that illustrates the brinksmanship of both parties.

Protecting My Disabled Brother Abroad

Why the U.S. must ratify this convention.