10 Songs We All Know But Can't Name

Some musical pieces are so famous that you don't even bother knowing their name. Here are the 10 best examples.

Guy Fawkes Day: Why 'V for Vendetta' is More Important Than Ever

V for Vendetta reveals who we have to blame for unhindered NSA spying, drone strikes, mass incarceration, and the shredding of the Bill of Rights.

Midterm Elections 2014: Polls Show Republicans Could Take Over the Senate

The 2014 midterm elections are a year from today and the GOP has 10 Senate seats in sight that the party has a legitimate chances of winning.

Immigration Reform 2013: McDonald's Supports Immigration Reform — But For All the Wrong Reasons

In the midst of a controversy over minimum wage, McDonald's is lobbying to bring in foreign workers, a measure that could potentially lower the average wage of employees.

5 Ways Being Under 30 Actually Makes You A Big Player in the Job Market

As a generation we're entrepreneurial, techy, and strategic. Use it to your advantage.

Q&A With Mia Couto, The Writer Who Just Won The 'American Nobel Prize'

We spoke with world-renowned Mozambican writer Mia Couto, the newest winner of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature. This prize is the best predictor of future Nobel Prize winners.

New Latino Channel for Young People Thinks All Latinos Look the Same

Fusion is supposed to be multi-ethnic, but they're missing a few shades.

4 Unexpected Ways to Make Sense Of What is Happening in Syria Right Now

These shocking comparisons will help even your most uninformed friends understand just how bad Syria's war really is.

'Double Down: Game Change 2012' Confirms Mitt Romney Thinks Fat People Are Hilarious

What else did we expect from a known gay-bashing bully?

There's Actually a Good Explanation For Why a Giant Pair of Testicles Is Roaming Around Brazil

A Brazilian non-profit sure has a huge pair of balls for pulling off this stunt to fight testicular cancer.

Movember 2013: 11 Worst Hipster Mustaches

Hipsters are mustaching it up for a good cause: Movember, a global charity for men's health. Okay, but we're still going to make fun of you.

Science Just Determined a Sad Truth About Herbal Supplements

DNA tests show that many of them are fake.

TV's Modern Families Are Not So Modern After All

TV is showcasing a whole slew of modern families, but these families come with a whole slew of typical issues.

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Rick Is the New Carol

This week, 'The Walking Dead' was all about character building. Let's hope that's just preparation for a coming zombie massacre.

The One Photo Even Gay Rights Activists Never Thought Possible Until Now

On Saturday, Larry Choate III and Daniel Lennox made history, and proved that gay marriage has come a long way.

Meet Author Jennie Wood, Whose Gender-Bending Hero is Changing the Face Of Comics

What if a boy trapped in a girl's body could shape-shift? Jennie Wood's new graphic novel is an inventive look at gender and sexuality.

'Ender's Game' Controversy: Why Grown-Ups Are Afraid of Children's Literature

The Ender Wiggins series is genuinely disturbing. Would we care if it weren't children's literature?

4 Reasons You Should Move to London

Here are four bloody good reasons to move to the UK capitol.

'Homeland' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Saul Claims His Vengeance

Javadi shows his true colors (hint: they're mostly red) and Saul gets ever closer to finally blowing his top.

America's Job Crisis, Explained in One Simple Chart

This graph shows there are way more job seekers than available jobs right now in the U.S.

Young Americans Will Help Change History This Election Day — If They Vote

In 2013, young people have a tight grip on history’s pen. We must hold our hands steady and craft the narrative that we want to see.

Bill de Blasio's a Commie, Claims Super-Reputable New York Post

On the eve of New York City's mayoral election, a major newspaper has revealed that the leading candidate has links to the USSR, thanks to a school trip 30 years ago.

4 Outrageous Statements Celebrities Have Made About Politics

Sometimes celebrities should keep their political ramblings to themselves.

Obama Admits to Being "Really Good At Killing People"

And the numbers back him up.

YouTube Music Awards 2013: Inside YouTube's Music Industry Takeover

As YouTube streams its first ever YouTube Music Awards, it is also gearing up to launch its latest takeover of the music industry

In a Historic First, National Gay History Museum Planned for D.C.

It's fun to imagine conservative lawmakers walking by on the way to work.

One Senator's Plan to Make Raising a Child Cheaper

His tax plan to lower skyrocketing childcare costs may be just what parents need.

How the Mayor's Race in Boston Could Change the Game for Latinos Nationwide

City Councilor John Connolly has been courting the Latino vote like a sweetheart on Valentine's Day. It's a sign of what's next.

Washington's Scary Anti-Gay Lobby Strikes Again

Their mouthpiece? The House speaker.

The Horrifying Way Doctors Were Used In the War On Terror

The CIA can apparently violate basic medical ethics without a second thought.

ENDA: A Landmark Gay Rights Bill is Set to Pass — If Republicans Would Listen to Their Constituents

The future of an equal employment playing field is in the hands of lawmakers who refuse to represent their constituents' interests.

German Police Raid Recovers $1 Billion in Stolen Nazi Art

The find coincides perfectly with hype surrounding "The Monuments Men," a movie about stolen art in Germany during WWII.

This is Why You Don't Smoke At Gas Stations

A Georgia man accidentally set his wife on fire at a gas station after flicking his lighter near the pump. Those signs are there for a reason, folks.

NASCAR is the Surprising New Face of Diversity

The first black driver in a half-century has set the sport on the right track.

Watch This Epic Takedown Of Obamacare and Ezekiel Emanuel

President Obama repeated stated that Americans would be able to keep their insurance and doctors when passing Obamacare. With hundreds of thousands losing coverage, people were largely misled

Mohamed Morsi Trial Could Bring Justice to Egypt, But Only If His Accomplices Are Charged

Mohamed Morsi's trial is a step in the direction for Egypt, but some of those responsible for the country's violence are getting away.

This Bill Could Single-Handedly Strike Down NSA Surveillance

And it was written by the very man behind civilian surveillance.

Matthew McConaughey Is Far More Than His Beautiful, Beautiful Abs

Everybody knows about Matthew McConaughey's abs. But audiences have started taking note of something else: his crazy talent.

There's a Battle Taking Place That Could Influence Your Right to Accessible Abortion

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and state lawyers will be hotly debating this chapter's use of video conferencing to dispense abortion pills.

Tim Cook Has a Powerful Message On LGBT Rights That Every CEO Needs to Hear

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act advocates for social justice for LGBT individuals, but it also makes good business sense.

Not Even a Former Speaker Of the House Could Get a Voter ID in Texas

New voter ID laws in Texas make it difficult for people, even political powerhouses like former U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright, to vote.