2013 Election Results LIVE: Updates and Polls From NJ, VA, and NYC

Voters are going to the polls in New Jersey, Virginia, and New York City. Follow PolicyMic's liveblog for analysis and breaking news updates!

NYC 2013 Election Results LIVE: Updates, Polls, and Where to Vote

On Tuesday, NYC voters go to the polls to pick the Democratic and Republican nominees for mayor. Follow PolicyMic's liveblog for analysis and breaking news updates!

Eminem's Homophobic 'Rap God' is a 21st Century Embarrassment

Eminem won Artist of the Year at the first ever YouTube music awards on Sunday, but the homophobic lyrics in his latest track "Rap God" show that he's still stuck in the last century.

Porn Petition Would Force You to "Opt In" For Sites Like Pornhub

One man wants the U.S. government to automatically block online porn sites.

Guy Fawkes Night: 7 Things You Never Would Have Guessed About England's Most Famous Traitor

Remember, remember the fifth of November...and this other stuff too.

North Colorado: 11 Counties Are Ready to Form the 51st State

Eleven counties in Northern Colorado say they're being ignored, so they're voting to form a super-Republican North Colorado.

This Site Will Make Sex Less Sexy

Intimacy? Who needs it.

Washington GMO Bill is Overblown — GMOs Do More Good Than Harm

A world without genetically modified foods is far more dangerous than a world with them. Here are 4 reasons to give GM foods a chance.

Virginia's Racist Voter ID Law is a Chilling Step Towards Jim Crow America

40,000 eligible voters won't be voting today, thanks to Virginia's draconian voter ID law.

Why Are We All Posting the Viral Video of Kids Reacting to Gay Marriage?

It's cute and all, but our enthusiasm says more about us than them.

Marijuana Legalization 2013: Portland, Maine Poised to Legalize Weed

With all those boring people in suits yelling at each other, you might have forgotten the rad vote that's happening in Maine today — to legalize weed in Portland.

What Makes Art "Good"?

When did people start to feel like they just don't "get" art? And how can we can bring everyday meaning back to i

Election Day 2013 Races: Results, Polls, and Updates

In Virginia, New York City, Boston, New Jersey, and elsewhere, voters are heading to the polls to determine a slew of local races. Follow along here for the latest.

Miss USA's Costume For the Miss Universe Pageant Was Freaking Amazing

She dressed as a transformer, and it was awesome.

Conservatives Lose Big on Election Night 2013 — Except For New Jersey

From New York City, to New Jersey, to Virginia, and beyond, here's your complete wrap up for election night 2013.

NYC Elections 2013: 6 Ballot Proposals You Need to Know About

What you need to know about New York's ballot proposals before you head to the polls. Because you sure as hell won't figure them out by reading them.

Proposition 1: New York Has One High-Profile Opponent

New Yorkers shouldn't forget they're not just voting to put a new mayor in office today.

Chinatown Isn't For Chinese People Anymore

A neighborhood on the verge of losing its identity.

5 Theories Behind Google's Treasure Island Barge

The secrecy surrounding Google's barge in the San Francisco Bay has spawned dozens of theories as to what the giant structure is actually for. Some hold water, but others are less probable.

Meet P.G. Sittenfeld, the Millennial Politician Rising in Cincinnati

Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld was first elected in 2011 at the age of 27, and faces re-election this November. Read about his job and the advice he gives to millennials.

'Call of Duty: Ghosts': How the Series' Success Stunted a Gaming Revolution

The success of 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' is a hindrance for the real high-quality games out there.

Researchers Just Revealed Exactly What You Thought About Racists and Their Guns

A recent study showed a link between racial bias and opposition to gun control. Absolutely no one is surprised.

Virginia Election Results 2013 Map: Cuccinelli Leading Early

Can McAuliffe close the gap? It's a sizeable one, but totally doable.

De Blasio’s "Tale of Two Cities" Fails to Inspire South Bronx Millennials

Bill de Blasio's populist message isn't resonating among millennials in America's poorest congressional district.

Are Chupacabras Real? And If Not, Why Do People Keep Seeing Them?

Another sighting of the chupacabra has been reported in Mississippi. Myth or not, you should probably stay away from these creatures.

Love Triangles Are Ruining Television's Strongest Women

'Scandal' and 'The Good Wife' both star strong leading ladies, but their story lines speak volumes about a larger television trend: TV is stil devoted to the idea of a love triangle.

Good News For People Who Want to Get Drunk At Church

Call Homer Simpson — it's a dream come true. Churches all across America are throwing in the towel and inviting beer to the party with Jesus.

An Open Letter to the Businesses Ruining Thanksgiving

I barely took off my Halloween costume when the Christmas decorations started to go up. Just stop.

6 TV Shows That Definitely Won't Be Promoting Obamacare

If a California foundation has its way, the Affordable Care Act could be coming to your favorite prime-time shows. Here's what we'd like to see.

10 Ways Buddy the Elf Taught Us to Be Better Humans

In honor of the 10th anniversary of 'Elf', here are Buddy's 10 most hilarious and heartwarming lessons from the film. Listen up.

Bill de Blasio Facts: 5 Crazy, Paranoid Things That Rich New Yorkers Have Said About the Next Mayor

Donald Trump could not be reached for comment, but we imagine he's pretty miffed too.

McAuliffe Pulls Ahead in Virginia — Curtains For Cuccinelli?

This might seal the deal for Ken Cuccinelli's gubernatorial campaign.

M.I.A. 'Matangi' Album Review: Bad Girls Still Do It Well

M.I.A. made a name on her bold style a decade ago. She's back with more great music, but but there is still a little something missing.

Watch What Happens When Jimmy Kimmel Tells Parents to Ruin Their Kids' Halloween

A third installment of Jimmy Kimmel's genius Halloween prank aired last night, and it does not disappoint.

Which 'New Girl' Roommate Is Your Spirit Animal?

Discover if you're a Winston, a Schmidt, a Nick, or the New Girl herself!

An Open Thank You Letter to the Congressman Who Just Came Out

Love, the queer youth of today.

Where to Vote NYC: Find Your Polling Site Here

Still trying to find your polling site? Find out where to vote here, NYC.

Virginia Elections 2013: Why is Ron Paul Trying to Sabotage a Fellow Libertarian?

You'd think that Libertarian Party candidate Robert Sarvis would have the backing of the country's most well known libertarian. You'd be wrong.

NYC Exit Polls Show de Blasio's Message is Winning With Voters

Some of the first exit polling suggests that Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio's message is closer to what voters are looking for than Republican Lhota's — and by big margins.

NYC Mayor Race: Can de Blasio Make the City Affordable Again?

New York City's teens and young adults are not prepared for the future, and Bill de Blasio's plan to fix income inequality won't actually fix a thing.

VA Elections 2013: Vote Sarvis — Do You Really Like Your Other Options?

Voting for a libertarian is not throwing your vote away.

14 Things That Were True the Last Time NYC Elected a Democrat Mayor

New York City may seem like a progressive town, but it hasn't been helmed by a Democrat since David Dinkins was elected in 1989. Here's just how long ago that was.

Who's On the Ballot in Virginia? Every Candidate's Odds Of Winning

Virginia Republicans are in big trouble.

Election Day 2013 Recap: Christie, McAuliffe, de Blasio Win

A recap of who the big winners and losers were this evening.

New Jersey Minimum Wage Increase Should Be As Popular as Same Sex Marriage

Among young liberals, civil rights battles are in and the fight for economic justice isn't. But both are important. Is there a fun way to give gritty economics the moral sexiness of civil rights?

Richie Incognito Suspended, Investigated For Possible Hate Crime Against Jonathan Martin

When does locker room 'culture' go too far? How about when a bullying and hazing case turns into a potential hate crime for an NFL player?

Professional Athlete Severely Beats His Girlfriend — Media Responds With Concern About His Upcoming Season

Goaltender for the Colorado Avalanches was arrested for domestic violence last week, and the New York Times speculated on how it would impact the team, not the woman.

Latest New Jersey Polls Put Christie in Front By a Mile

Barbara Buono doesn't have a shot in hell of taking down Chris Christie.

De Blasio Wants Charter Schools to Pay Up

De Blasio’s plan is not to hinder the educational choices of parents. He just wants the charter schools to pay their bills.

Chris Christie 2013 is a Clear Sign For Republicans and Millennials, But Are You Listening?

Today, Republican Governor Chris Christie will win reelection in a very Democratic state. Millennials and Republicans need to watch him carefully, as he is a model for the future.

Latest Virginia Polls: The Governor's Race is Going to Be a Nail-Biter

Terry McAuliffe heads into Election Day with a six-point lead, but the results could go either way.

Obama Targets People Under 30 to Help Save the Drowning Health Care Law

Health care has turned into a quagmire for the Obama administration, and the White House has been forced on the defensive. To turn things around, the White House is targeting young people.

Where Are They Now? Election 2012 GOP Losers Edition

It's been a year since the 2012 presidential election, and the former GOP presidential candidates are up to a multitude of different things.

NYC Election Results 2013: How de Blasio Did It

The mayor-elect swept every demographic group in the city.

What 'Crack House' Taught Me About Ghetto Life

The digital lives of millennials might be today's version of the 1989 movie 'Crack House' — a mass media reflection of the real world marginalization of inner city communities.

Virginia 2013 Election Results: McAuliffe Squeaks By

Terry McAuliffe is Virginia's next governor.

Virginia Governor Polls: Whoever Wins, Virginians Will Lose

When it comes to Virginia's race for governor, choice between insider Terry McAuliffe and ideologue Ken Cuccinelli is clear: none of the above.

Chris Christie Bullies Teacher, Learns Nothing

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is likely to be reelected by a landslide. Expect four more years of irate screaming and tired appeals to New Jersey attitude.

NYC Mayoral Race 2013: Why New Yorkers Don't Care

One of the most covered political races is finally coming to an end. And the Big Apple couldn't be happier.

Election Results Virginia: How to Figure Out Who's Winning

Virginia reports its results in tricky but predictable ways. Here's how to figure out what's going on.

VA Election Results 2013: Terry McAuliffe Declared Winner by Slim Margin

McAuliffe appears to have it wrapped up in Virginia, by a very slim margin.

Here's What You Need to Know About PolicyMic's First Panel Debate

PolicyMic's first offline debate happens Monday, November 11 at Georgetown University. Join us, won't you?

Virginia Governors Race 2013 Shows the Coal Lobby Can't Shout Down Millennials and Women

Tea Party darling Cuccinelli trails McAuliffe in fundraising and polling numbers, despite hefty political contributions from the coal industry.

SCOTUS, Don't Break My Heart Again

First the Voting Rights Act and DOMA, and now abortion. 2013's Supreme Court emotional roller-coaster ride is moving in the right direction, but these nine judges have put me through a lot.

Marine Corps' Commitment to Education Questionable

The U.S. Marine Corps recently issued new restrictions on tuition assistance after stopping the program twice earlier this year.

NJ Election Results 2013: Christie Wins It

Well, that was quick.

NJ Election 2013: Minimum Wage Ballot Question Enjoying Early Support

The governor's race is drawing all the attention, but there's another key question in front of New Jersey voters Tuesday.

VA Election Results 2013: McAuliffe Looks On Track to Win

The first round of exit polls are in, and they're pointing to a McAuliffe victory.

Virginia Exit Polls Show Cuccinelli Performing Poorly Against McAuliffe

Ken Cuccinelli still has the lead, but the exit polls suggest that there's a very good chance it won't hold.

Chris Christie 2016: Henry Kissinger Wants It, So It's Probably Going to Happen

Whatever Henry wants, Henry gets. And he wants Christie to be the next president.

Election 2013 Turnout Isn't As High As You Might Think

Major races are being decided across the country, but many voters are staying at home.

The Key to Virginia's Gubernatorial Elections? Young Women

The driving force behind Virginia's gubernatorial elections are young women, and they want progress.

NYC Election Results: Bill de Blasio Declared Winner Minutes After Polls Close

Bill de Blasio has won over Republican Joe Lhota to become New York City's first Democratic mayor in 20 years.

Latest NYC Polls Show de Balsio is On Track For a Historic Win

It's going to take a miracle for Joe Lhota to pull off an upset.

New Jersey Exit Polls Point to Some Key Trends

As voters exit the polling sites, they're responses speak volumes about the issues that are important to them, locally and nationally.

Chris Christie 2016? His Next Term Will Be Critical to a Presidential Bid

His big win in New Jersey is only increasing the calls for his presidential bid. But is it just hype?

Where to Vote Boston: Find Your Polling Site With This Handy Tool

Find you polling location in five seconds flat.

NYC Elections 2013: These Awesome #VoterSelfies Will Inspire You to Head to the Polls

Excited New York voters have been sharing their voting experience with the world by uploading selfies to Facebook and Twitter.

What Millenials in the South Bronx Have to Say About the NYC Elections

Despite Bill de Blasio's promise to address socioeconomic inequality in NYC, young people in America's poorest congressional district remain skeptical.

Latest Boston Polls Put Walsh and Connolly Neck and Neck

It's a toss-up between Marty Walsh and John Connolly in Boston's mayoral race.