Rob Ford Smoking Crack is Nothing Compared to What U.S. Mayors Have Done

Mayor Ford, don't worry. America's mayors have a long and storied history of making your "drunken stupors" look like child's play.

9 Things You're Guaranteed to Hear in a Bro-Country Song

Bro-country is traditional country music's rebellious younger brother. It's hard-partying, tailgating, late-night loving mayhem. And it has a few lyrical staples that it'd be nothing without.

Gun Control Debate: The Argument That Every Gun Owner Needs to Start Making

Gun rights advocates shouldn't argue for gun ownership because guns make us safer; they should argue for gun ownership because guns are fun.

5 Things You Never Knew About Modern-Day Pirates

There's a lot of money in ransom.

Max Mosley Sex Video is Just Downright Bizarre

Max Mosley has been confronted with the damning nature of the internet.

James Deen Makes Me Want to Have Sex On the Internet

The feminist-friendly, sex-positive porn star's recent call for "amateur porn dates" has me thinking I might just take one for the team.

'Call of Duty: Ghosts' vs. 'Battlefield 4' — Who Will Win the Sales War?

Slipping review scores and a new console cycle with new competition may be spelling the beginning of the end for Call of Duty and Battlefield's perennial sales war.

Country Music Awards 2013: 5 Artists Changing Everything You Know About Country Music

These artists are writing compelling music while steering clear of trucks, dogs, and booze. Could they save country music?

The Map to Show Anyone Still Denying Climate Change

If all the ice at the poles melted due to rising global temperatures, most of humanity would be under water, according to this National Geographic map.

What 'Love Actually' Taught Us About Love, Actually

It's the 10th anniversary of 'Love Actually', which means it's time to look at the cosmic influence this movie has had on our love lives over the past decade.

Why 'Blue Is The Warmest Color' Fails At Showing Lesbian Love

Overwhelmed by a distinctly male gaze, this French film about the romance between two young women falls short of truly exploring a lesbian relationship.

'The Mindy Project' Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Mindy is Terrible At Skateboarding

Infuriated by her friends’ insinuations that she is a picky dater, Mindy dates a hot “Sk8er Man” to prove she is open-minded.

Read the Letter to Madonna That Puts Celebrity Ego Trips to Africa in Their Place

Keep your divas and your neocolonialism to yourself, please.

Obama's Approval Rating Would Surge If Americans Knew These 5 Facts

President Obama made five explicit promises in his 2009 inaugural address. How has he followed through since?

Northwestern Football to Don Blood-spattered Uniforms Against Michigan

Northwestern University has collaborated with Under Armour to create a bold new uniform intended to raise awareness and support for America's veterans.

Marijuana Legalization: Colorado Pot Stores Are Going to Be an Economic Boon

The marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing business sectors in the U.S.

Did New York Just Make a Big Mistake?

Crime in New York City plummeted under Giuliani and Bloomberg — some think Bill de Blasio will bring that trend to a screeching halt.

Illinois Gay Marriage: Republican Cites Bible As Reason to Discriminate Against Gays

Can Republicans please quit the Bible-thumping, already?

Immigration Reform 2013 is Turning Soft Liberals Into Nasty Bullies

Author Terry McMillan says that Marco Rubio is an Uncle Tom, and then compares Ted Cruz to Hitler based on their stances on the DREAM Act.

Richie Incognito's Bullying Goes Far Beyond the Locker Room

The suspended Miami Dolphins guard, already under fire for violent and racist harassment of a teammate, was videotaped in a bar earlier this year hammered and ranting.

'Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Thor is About to Rock 'S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns this week as an alien disease threatens to kill characters we actually just started to care about.

Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio is a Red Sox Fan — And That's Good For New York

Bill de Blasio's unrepentant Red Sox fandom makes an important statement about his city's openness to outsiders and different cultures — in other words, what makes New York unique.

Greece v. Galloway Could Bring Down a Valuable American Tradition

For the first time in three decades, the Supreme Court is taking up a case on the relationship between religion and government, and the consequences could be huge.

This Die-Hard Sports Fan Thinks It's Time to Get Rid Of All Racist Team Names

Redskins. Braves. Indians. Chiefs. Even my hometown Celtics.

Ryan Lochte Injury: MCL Torn By Teenage Girl. Really.

Five-time Olympic champion Ryan Lochte tears his MCL and sprains his ACL in a way that is too perfect to be true.

The Old Spice Mantastic Man's Dirty Trick

Like the company's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign, these Indian ads aren't what they appear to be.

Michael Moore Showboating After LAX Shooting Shows Why No One Takes Him Seriously

Luckily Michael Moore answered the question, "When was the last time Michael Moore said something dumb?" today. Let's roll with his greatest hits.

Darius Kimbrough Execution: Florida Rapist to Die After 19 Years On Death Row

This case is a good example of the U.S. justice system deal with rape.

The Commonsense Reason Millennials Aren't Buying Into Obamacare

It's not rocket science.

Bill de Blasio Could Make New York the Best City in the World — Here's How

If New York's new mayor does these three things, the city will become a huge success.

'So Young' Is A Beautiful Love Story for Chinese-Americans

So Young's message of lost youth is a must-see for Chinese-American millennials.

You'll Be Sickened By What This Father Tried to Do to His 11-Year-Old Daughter

Sex trafficking of children is a much worse problem in the U.S. than we like to admit.

'New Girl' Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: The Return of Coach

Coach returns, Taye Diggs shows up, and things get a little drunk and crazy on 'The New Girl'.

Pocatello High School's Outrageous and Sexist Double Standard

Two coaches from the same school, one male and one female, are caught in a slightly innappropriate photo. Can you guess which one is fired?

Super Wealthy Americans Unfairly Targeted By The Media

In defense of tax treatment of the richest Americans.

Students Can't Fix College Sexual Assault Alone

Student activists are great, but they're not miracle workers.

Tea Party is Destroying Something Much Worse Than Just Congress

The Tea Party is supported largely by conservative Evangelical Christians who are putting us all on a path to failure.

Man Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Hunt Down Kony Himself — What Could Go Wrong?

Robert Young Pelton wants your help in raising $450,000 so he can hunt down the most wanted man in Africa. Obviously, this is a fantastic idea.

Blockbuster's Shocking Revelation: It Still Has Stores Left to Close

It turns out that movie rental chain Blockbuster is still around! But, uhh, not for long.

Thankfully, Bradley Byrne Defeats Dean Young in Alabama Special Election

Last night, Tea Party-affiliated candidate Dean Young lost the primary for Alabama's 1st congressional district. Here's why.

Terry McAuliffe: Virginia's Democratic Governor-Elect is Sorely Unqualified — Here's Why He Won

The current political climate allows even massively flawed Democrats like Terry McAuliffe to become victorious candidates.

New Jersey Minimum Wage: The Garden State Votes For More Misery

People of New Jersey have voted to increase minimum wage. Just like eugenicists before them, they have therefore condemned the most vulnerable workers to misery.

Russell Brand's White Man Revolution

Brand's call for economic revolution is cool and all, but he forget most of the population in his rallying cry.

Rob Ford Crack Video Shows He's a Man Of the People

Police may have a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, but that's only made him more popular. Here's why.

3 Lies About the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Debunked

As the Senate moves forward with the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), it's time to get the facts right about this landmark bill.

China's Smog Problem Blamed in Youngest Ever Lung Cancer Diagnosis

China's smog is one of the world's major environmental and health concerns. It even causing the death of an 8-year-old girl.

Rand Paul Accused Of Plagiarism — This Calls For a Duel!

The esteemed senator from Kentucky has a simple wish, and it should be granted: to face his detractors on a field of honor at dawn.

Newt Gingrich Wants to Go to Space, and Here's His Plan to Get There

Newt Gingrich is still stuck on space.

11 Reasons Patton Oswalt is the King Of Twitter

Patton Oswalt's fans know to expect the unexpected. Here are 11 standout tweets — from the sardonic to the silly — from the comedian celeb.

HealthCare.Gov vs. Bush's Wars: Which Do Americans Hate More?

President Obama's approval rating is lower than Bush's was at this point in his presidency. Do Americans hate Obama's policies as much as his predecessor's?

New York Casinos Are Coming, So Here's How the State Can Make Them Work

New casinos will be a boon for New York's economy and people --- if the state and local governments deal with them wisely.

The Selfish Reason Republicans Are Trying to Take Down Teachers

Republicans hate raising taxes so much, they'd rather trample on workers' rights.

Million Mask March: Hundreds of Protesters Storm Buckingham Palace

At least 15 protesters were arrested in London as protests in the name of Guy Fawkes occurred in hundreds of cities.

The Biggest Lessons From Virginia, New Jersey Elections? Personality Matters

Chris Christie wins by a mile in a blue state while Ken Cuccinelli narrowly loses in a purple state. The ideologues won't get it but the rest of us should understand why this makes perfect sense.

Vitter Amendment to ENDA Would Ban "Sex-selective" Abortions

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) wants to add an amendment to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would criminalize "sex-selective" abortions, thus pitting women's rights against gay rights.

Christie For President Gives Republicans a Chance to 'Go Positive'

The Republican party should stop being negative and get back to being the party of growth and opportunity.

Mike Michaud Gay: Coming Out Might Be the Best Move Of His Career

For most politicians, personal attacks bog down a campaign and detract from important issues, but not for Rep. Mike Michaud.

Here's Why I Followed the NYC Mayoral Race When No One Else Did

The NYC mayoral race will have an impact on the life of every millennial living in New York City.