These Beautiful Photos of Black Gay Men Changed the Way I Saw Gay People

Naively, when I first came out I had a very narrow view on what a gay person "looked like." I was wrong.

Super Typhoon Haiyan Tracker and Path: Is This the Strongest Storm Ever to Make Landfall?

Super typhoon Haiyan menaced the Philippines on Friday. It's a monster storm with 200 mph winds. No hurricane in the Atlantic has ever been this strong.

Science Proves It: Beards Are Sexy

Sure, beards are great for the bedroom, but they're also great for the soul.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood's ObamaCare Song Will Make Liberals Cringe

Publicly mocking a well-meaning healthcare bill? Get 'er done!

7 Celebrities That Should Do No-Shave November

Movember isn’t just for normals. These celebrities and politicians should join in on the fun, too.

Watch Aziz Ansari's Hilarious Explanation of Why Racism is Almost Dead

It has a lot to do with Lucy Liu and racist grandmas.

NYC Subway Map Shows Every Line Going Up in Under 20 Seconds

A fascinating animation shows how the NYC subway became what it is today — and that free market solutions can't solve everything.

6 Joni Mitchell Songs to Cure a Broken Heart

Joni Mitchell is always there for you during a breakup. In honor of her 70th birthday, here are some of her most touching songs.

The Surprising Reason Behind the Rise in Teen Smoking

Smoking is on the rise among teens and college aged kids, but nobody would say they're addicted.

Immigration Reform 2013: What Tuesday's Election Results Mean For the 2014 Midterms

Republicans need to get on board with immigration reform, or they'll find themselves losing their congressional seats.

Meet the Millennial Who's Busting Every Stereotype About Atheists

Atheist humanist Chris Stedman seeks to challenge the narrative that religion and atheism cannot coexist.

Miss Universe 2013: 7 Reasons Donald Trump is Being a Big, Fat Hypocrite

The Miss Universe contest claims to have humanitarian goals. So why is it taking place in Moscow?

'Black Radio 2': Robert Glasper Turns His Back On Jazz Fans

In trying to cross over from jazz to hip hop and R&B on 'Black Radio', Glasper left his original genre behind.

Germany's Third Gender Law Will Lead To More Discrimination, Not Less

"Third gender" is a category that, in essence, doesn't exist.

This Poll Shows More Young People Are Homophobic Than Expected

A curious finding challenges popular notions of how our generation thinks about LGBT rights. Is it accurate?

Silk Road 2.0: Site Returns a Month After Feds Shut It Down

Illicit goods marketplace Silk Road has returned, stronger than before and eager to resume its shady activities.

The War On Drugs Left a Man to Die in His Jail Cell For a Simple Pot Charge

In July of last year, 22-year-old Michael Saffioti surrendered himself to Snohomish County on an outstanding misdemeanor marijuana possession warrant. Within 24 hours, he was dead.

16-Year-Old Emma Stone Singing 'Bitch,' Enough Said

16-year-old Emma Stone is even more charming than 25-year-old Emma Stone.

Wendy Davis is Pro-Life, and Every Other Liberal Should Be Too

Wendy Davis is attempting to redefine "pro-life" and the conservative Weekly Standard isn't happy about it. Let's follow her lead.

Banning Anti-Gay Discrimination is Supported By a Majority in Every Single State

A clear majority of Americans agree that laws protecting against anti-gay discrimination are necessary, highlighting the continued evolution of public precept ion when it comes to LGBT rights.

Ender's Game Boycott Isn't Making a Difference For Gay Rights — Here's Why

With several recent high-profile boycotts, now is the perfect time to reflect on their effectiveness.

Washington Redskins Name Change: How Not to Make It Happen

There's a fine line between satire and reveling in offensiveness. Why not cross it?

Eminem's Triumphant Return to Rapping Like a Jackass

Eminem has submitted to the fact he can be nothing but an "asshole." In halting his attempts to make "nice" music, he's managed to start making real music again.

Twitter (TWTR) IPO: 5 Questions About Twitter's IPO, Answered in Non-Finance Speak

A clear and understandable explanation of what an IPO is, when and why a company decides to launch one, what the process is, and what's up with Twitter's.

9 Songs Every Jazz Lover Needs to Know

You're no expert until you've heard these essential cuts.

'Thor: The Dark World' Movie Review: Thor is Back, and More Badass Than Ever

The first film in the series was just alright, but 'The Dark World' succeeds because it knows its limitations.

Renisha McBride Sought Help After a Car Accident — And Was Shot Dead

The Stand Your Ground law has empowered another man to kill an innocent teenager in Michigan.

Our Generation Isn't Lazy, We're Broke

It's not that our parents' McMansions are too comfy, after all.

No, Bill de Blasio Isn't Going to Make New York a "Sheer Hellhole" Again

The verdict's still out on the causes of the precipitous decline of crime in New York, and "get-tough" policies, supposedly alien to New York's new mayor, only tell part of a complex story.

Audit the Fed Bill is Just More Rand Paul Grandstanding — and It Will Hurt Women

Millennial women: Rand Paul wants your attention for his 2016 presidential bid, and he's going to get it with his Audit-the-Fed legislation that abuses the filibuster.

Think Young Voters Are Liberal? Election 2013 Shows You Could Be Wrong

Exit polls in Virginia and New Jersey show surprising voting patterns among the youngest voters.

Putin Says the Olympics Will Be Safe From Discrimination, But Here's Why I Don't Believe Him

Here are a few cases that show just how empty Putin's promises are.

Meet Senti Sojwal: Advocate, Ginger Enthusiast & Pundit Of the Week

Senti thinks PolicyMic is the best place to find youth-powered cultural analysis. We agree.

Florida Mom Says Son Was Forced to Recite Pledge Of Allegiance Despite Religious Objections

Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance spurs controversy at a Florida elementary school.

Sweden's New Film Ratings Will Make Feminists Very Happy

Several Swedish cinemas are adopting use of the Bechdel test, a way to judge whether female perspectives are equally represented on screen.

National Toy Hall of Fame: 10 Terrible Toys That Will Never Make It In

Get ready for a nostalgia trip.

Chris Christie 2016 is Good News For Everyone Who Hates GOP Bigotry

Christie has made it clear he wants nothing to do with the GOP's nonsense.

Why Republicans and Democrats Should #StandWithRand On Janet Yellen’s Fed Nomination

Rand Paul is gearing up for another filibuster, but this time over the Federal Reserve. People on all sides of the aisle should support this filibuster and fight for greater Fed transparency.

Starbucks Wants to Hire Thousands Of Veterans and Their Spouses By 2018

Starbucks wants to hire thousands of veterans. But do they really care, or is this just clever branding?

Feminist Weekly: Get Some Perspective

Luckily, our writers have it.

Power Bacon Deodorant: Genius or Vile?

When armpits start to smell like pork, the bacon infatuation has gone too far.

Yasser Arafat Poisoning Would Confirm What Many Palestinians Knew All Along

New revelations about the assassination of Yasser Arafat show he may have been the victim of foul play.

The Key to Taking Down Republicans Who Want to Control Women's Bodies

Here's how to make sure social conservatives get the trouncing they deserve at the polls.

White House Tweets Target the Republican Party Over Obamacare

The White House released a series of tweets targeting the Republican Party. The institution which represents America to the world should not be attacking an entire political party.

How Poetry Will Help You Make It Through Your 20s

When we engage with a difficult genre, it allows us to contemplate our lives — and our generation's concerns — from a fresh perspective.