Pentagon Releases Startling New Statistics On Military Sexual Assault

Between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 American soldiers were 15 times more likely to be sexually assaulted by a comrade than killed by an enemy.

Dove Isn't Just Sexist, It's Racist

Dove and other Western cosmetic companies are relentless.

Yoga Pants Founder Blames Product Failure on Fat Women

Yoga pants are only "work" for thin women.

'How I Live Now' Author Meg Rosoff on What Happens When Your Book Becomes a Movie

'How I Live Now' is a young adult novel-turned-film that follows a troubled 15-year-old through war, love, and a quest for survival. We spoke with the novel's author Meg Rosoff about her story.

The Real Reason We Haven't Yet Had a Female President

It's definitely not for a lack of potential.

Kevin Blackistone: National Anthem is a War Anthem

Should we sing the Star-Spangled Banner before sports games? Professor Kevin Blackistone doesn't think so.

This Program Contributes to Teen Pregnancy, So Why is the Government Funding It?

Nearly every study has shown that abstinence-only education leads to higher rates of teen pregnancy and STDs. It's time for the Obama administration to stop funding this scam.

For Once, China's Most Popular Movie of the Year Was Not American

Hollywood has always taken the Chinese market for granted. Now, it looks like they have some local competition.

5 Biggest Myths Movies Taught Us About College

This is college, according to Hollywood. It's kind of a sad place.

'The God of Small Things' is the Book That Changed My Life

I read this book in high school, and it made the world familiar.

Meet the Palestinian-American Writer Who's Setting the Record Straight on What it Means to Be an Arab Woman

We spoke with Naomi Shihab Nye last week at the Neustadt Festival about children's literature, Palestine, and the role of Arab American art post 9/11.

Pope Francis Praised For Embrace, But Should He Be?

Pope blesses pilgrims, wears funny hat. News at 11.

We Need More Crack-Smoking Mayors Like Rob Ford

These five reasons sum up why Rob Ford is A benchmark mayor.

Eric Fromm Has a Shocking Surprise For His NCU Classmates

Northwest Christian University student body president Eric Fromm has come out as an atheist. Here's why his revelation is nothing for Richard Dawkins' acolytes to celebrate.

Town Of Greece v. Galloway Oral Arguments Reveal Indefensible Case For Government Prayer

Unfortunately for proponents of secular government, the case heard on Wednesday is a matter of political correctness and diversity, not the real question of religion's place in government.

New Rob Ford Video: Toronto Mayor Threatens Murder

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in another scandal, this time in an explicit-laden rant threatening an unknown party.

Dear Mr. President: Millennials Voted For Change, But Now You're Just Part Of the Problem

President Obama, your dishonesty about Obamacare shows you're no better than the rest of D.C.

2014 Midterm Election: These 3 States Could Keep the Party Going For Democrats

Now that the Democrats have Virginia, they will set their sights on recapturing the governorships of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

5 Rules Every 'Breaking Bad' Fan Knows About Spoilers

After the series finale, we've all had to do some serious thinking about how not to ruin shows on social media.

Kelly Clarkson Disappointed Feminist Fans But She'll Always Be a Feminist Icon to Me

The singer got into hot water for disavowing the F-word, but we'll always have "Miss Independent."

NYC Subway Photo Shows We're Desperate For Any Glimmer Of Humanity

In our cruel and unforgiving world, in which society has fallen and mercenaries roam the streets, one man's compassion has inspired us all.

HBO is Cutting Off From Premium Cable in Some Cities, and Time Warner Isn't Happy

HBO is saying goodbye to cable and hello to the internet. Millennials are surely the target market.

Texas Sex-Ed Course Teaches Students That Non-Virgins Are Used Wads Of Gum

Abstinence-only sex education has crossed the line from just plain incorrect to outright degrading.

Dylan Ratigan Gets Hosed By Obamacare

Ratigan once blasted Republicans for "trying to derail health care in order to take down Obama, even if it means half the country dies."

Detroit Homeless Apartments Could Be a Model For All American Cities

Almost 16% of homeless people in the U.S. are experiencing "chronic homelessness," and Detroit is making great moves to fix that.

Evolution? That's Not Real!

In the age of scientific advancement and progressive thinking, an overwhelming number of Americans continue to hold the Biblical belief that God created the universe 6,000 years ago on a whim.

Frats Boast Brotherhood For All! ... Except Gay Men

From the military to fraternities, feminine gay men especially still face discrimination.

Boy Allegedly Suspended From School For Carrying a Purse Like a Girl

In another over the top decision by school officials, a 13 year-old Kansas student was suspended on Wednesday after he refused to take off his Vera Bradley purse.

Immigration Reform 2013: Advocates Should Ditch This One Reform

The diversity visa lottery is vulnerable to fraud and accomplishes almost nothing.

Home Depot Tweet Shows Amazing Tone-Deafness

Home Depot tweeted a racist photo that wasn't funny at all. The response to the photo, however, was hilarious.

The Titan Arm Gives Its Users a Boost Of Super-Strength

The Titan Arm is a breakthrough upper-body exoskeleton developed by a group of students at University of Pennsylvania, which proves Hulk-like super strength to its wearer.

13 Reasons Why Witches Are Having a Comeback

Now that the vampire craze is fading, witches are on the rise.

FDA Trans Fat Ban: Obama-Knows-Best Governance is Out Of Control

Think you're smart enough to make the decision what you want to eat? Think again! The FDA is working to ban trans fats.

BLS October Jobs Report: The Shocking Truth I Found About Sequestration

Republicans refuse to repeal sequestration and replace with smarter cuts. Though this month's job report was good, job reports would be made better by cancelling sequestration.

What We Should Say to Animal "Lovers" Who Only Love the Cute Ones

The "Puppy Doe" animal abuse case in Boston should inspire us to extend our compassion to all animals, not just those we know best.

ENDA House Vote: Boehner Doesn't Want It, But His Constituents Do

ENDA has incredibly high levels of constituent support and was passed in the Senate, but faces impending road blocks in the House.

Pissed Off At Congress? Now You Have Someone to Blame

The 113th Congress is widely reviled, but the blame should not be shared equally.

What I Know About Immigration Reform 2013, As a Refugee

There are two easy reforms the U.S. could pass that would make a world of difference.

Jews For Jesus Gets a Boost From George W. Bush

Are you Jewish? Do you deny Jesus Christ as your one and only savior? Well, George Bush has something to say about that!

Rick Perry 2016: This Has to Be a Joke

At least it will make for good blog fodder.

Can You Imagine Jon Stewart Getting Pulled Off the Air? It Just Happened in Egypt

Americans will be shocked by the lack of free speech in Egypt.

Chris Christie Reelection 2013: Why Teaching is Way More Complicated Than "Just Do Your Job"

Education reform means looking beyond teachers. Instead we must look more closely at systemic issues like poverty and testing, which limit successful outcomes in public education.

Benghazi '60 Minutes' Report: Why the Mainstream Media Goes For Right-Wing BS

When CBS aired a "60 Minutes" Story on Benghazi last month, conspiracy theorists and tea partiers alike rejoiced. Unfortunately for them, the whole thing was a fraud.

Bill de Blasio Will Break Your Liberal Heart — Take It From Toronto

We've had our own Bill de Blasio, and were left with dashed expectations and Rob Ford in the end.

There is an 8-Year-Old Girl With Lung Cancer, and China's Smog is to Blame

Every minute there are six new cases of cancer in China, and now an eight year old girl has been diagnosed. The smog is to blame, but what causes all that pollution? The answer is politics.

BLS October Jobs Numbers: Why Did the Unemployment Rate Go Up?

The U.S. unemployment rate rose slightly to 7.3% in October in large part to the government shutdown, while businesses continue to hold back on hiring new workers.

Coachella Valley High School Mascot Needs to Go

And it's name is "the Arab."

FDA Trans Fat Ban Will Save Thousands Of Lives

By regulating the use of synthetic partially hydrogenated oils in food, the FDA will prevent many serious diseases and save thousands of American lives every year.

Iran Nuclear Deal Would Be Full Of Winners and Losers

World powers are on the verge of a breakthrough on Iran's nulcear program that would dramatically change the Middle East.

Rand Paul Shouldn't Fight Obama's So-Called "War On Coal"

Libertarians should be for reducing pollution and protecting our environment. So why do they continue to oppose environmental regulation? They shouldn't.

Americans Might Not Fear an Iran Nuclear Deal, If They Knew Iran Like I Do

Americans need to give diplomacy a chance, before it's too late.

The President's "Apology" For Obamacare Problems Doesn't Tell the Whole Truth

President Obama could easily have avoided making a pledge he couldn't keep, but he didn't. And now he's refusing to offer a genuine apology.

4 Things Every Young Writer Can Learn From Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith published her first great book when she was 24. Here's what she has to teach young writers.

Congress is Cutting the Deficit in the Worst Possible Way

Congress has zero idea how to effectively manage the nation's deficit. Hint: austerity isn't helping.