6 Big Stories Of 2013 That We Somehow Missed

Looking beyond the popular headlines.

Hundreds Of High School Students Stage a Huge Sit-In After Their Gay Vice Principal Was Fired

A massive protest has erupted in this high school after a principal was ousted because of his same-sex marriage.

11 Elizabeth Warren Quotes From 2013 That Will Restore Your Faith In Democracy

These 11 fiery broadsides will get any liberal's blood pumping.

Which Industries Are Going to Boom in the Next 10 Years? Check This Chart

One industry in particular is the clear winner over the next decade.

12 Powerful Signs Reveal the True Story Of Homelessness in America

Sometimes a few words can say it all.

North Korea's Latest Threat Was Sent to South Korea ... By Fax

You can't make this stuff up.

Historic Canadian Court Ruling Strikes Down All Prostitution Laws

It's a nearly unprecedented victory for sex workers.

You'll Never Guess What Foreign Language is Now Taught in the Bronx

These public schools are breaking the mold of foreign language education.

Veganism Ads That Will Make Every Vegan Cringe

You're not doing us any favors, PETA.

The 5 Worst '60 Minutes' Segments of 2013

In 2013, '60 Minutes' knew no bounds when it came to embarrassing and cringe-worthy segments. These were the five most infamous.

To Men Who Stare At Women: Check On It

Catching someone's eye does not equal blatant ogling.

The 5 Most Beautiful Celebrity Bromances Of 2013

Meet the bros who taught us how to love.

5 Things Women Did For the First Time in 2013

Bringing us one step closer to the day when we can stop numbering women's accomplishments.

12 Most Embarrassing Moments Politicians Wish You Hadn't Seen This Year

These range from embarrassing to extremely embarrassing.

Watch John Oliver's Tearful 'Daily Show' Send Off

Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show' crew bid farewell to one of their best correspondents - but not without pranking him first.

11 Photos Of the Sewage Flood That's Devastated Gaza

Severe flooding has rocked the Gaza Strip, which is massively under-prepared for such an event.

Flash Mob Brings Christmas Cheer in the Most Unexpectedly Beautiful Way

Just try not to cry. We dare you.

Everything You Need to Know About Pussy Riot, In One Timeline

The remaining Pussy Riot members are going to be freed. Here's what you need to know.

5 Popular Works Of Art That Were Ripped Off From Other Artists

Shia LaBeouf isn't the first person to get overly 'inspired.' Even Beyoncé makes mistakes.

Uganda Parliament Passes Brutal Anti-Gay Law

If you're gay, "repeat offending" will get you life in prison in Uganda.

Ralph Nader Tells PolicyMic How 20-Somethings Can Change America

In a special interview with PolicyMic, the long-time consumer advocate and five-time presidential candidate reflects on how millennials can shape the future.

A Mistletoe Drone is Spreading Christmas Cheer

This is the ultimate wingman.

High Schoolers Are Now Tweeting Their College Acceptance Letters

Should we expect any different?

NYC Will Extend Smoking Ban to E-Cigarettes

Just weeks ago, the city council also raised the legal age to buy tobacco in NYC from 18 to 21, the first major U.S. metro area to do so.

An Inside Look at Western China's Muslim Minority

Recent violence in China has drawn attention to the Uighurs. Who are they?