Google Glass Release Date and Price: Google Glass is Coming in 2014

Google posted a video of its upcoming Google Glass wearable headset, providing a more realistic look at the device's user interface.

YouTube Harlem Shake Video: Watch the 13 Best Harlem Shake Versions

'Harlem Shake,' the 1980s-inspired internet phenomenon, has been compared to 'Gangnam Style.' But here's why this goofy dance is even more awesome than PSY's ubiquitous horse riding.

Ben Carson Makes Obama Sit Through the Longest 27 Minutes Of His Presidency

Delivering the keynote address during the National Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Carson spoke of a flat tax, privatized health care and the dangers of trillions in debt, all in front of Obama and Biden.

Chris Dorner Manifesto FULL TEXT: Read the Full Christopher Dorner Manifesto

Christoper Dorner, a former Los Angeles police officer who is now known to have killed four people, posted a 6-page manifesto on Facebook prior to his rampage. Read the uncensored manifesto here.

9 Things You Didn't Know About the Second Amendment

Insights and historical perspective from the Supreme Court on the rights enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Snub: Why He Never Wins

Again? DiCaprio's heart must go on without an Oscar this year. With over 20 years in acting and string of hit films, what's it going to take for him to finally earn an award?

Harlem Shake Video: So, What Exactly is the Harlem Shake?

The "shake" is not just a person flailing their body around. The actual Harlem Shake is a dance that originated in Harlem, New York in 1981.

Immigration Reform 2013: New Policies Would Benefit Everyone

Immigration integration is a key component to both their success and the U.S.' success because it strengthens communities and promotes growth.

Tinder: A User's Guide to the Internet's Weirdest New Love Connection

The online dating world has entered a new stratosphere. Forget OkCupid, forget, welcome to the entirely superficial world of Tinder. All the kids are doing it.

Melissa King Sex Tape: Miss Teen Delaware Gives Up Crown After Porn Revelation

Melissa King broke pageant rules by appearing in a pornographic film, but is there really that much of a difference between beauty contests and porn?

9 Seriously Mind-Blowing Things You Can Make With a 3D Printer

Want a new bike, a bikini, or even a moon base? Move over science fiction, 3D printers are a 21st century reality.

9 Useless and Unconstitutional Anti-Gun Laws California Will Pass in 2013

Not to be outdone by New York's new tough gun laws, California proposed some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. But these are probably unconstitutional and completely miss the point.

7 Anti-Gun Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP

The gun control debate has been reignited since the massacre in Newtown. However, in the Information Age there is a lot of mis-information. Here are 7 ways in which you are being misled.

Cardinal Peter Turkson: 5 Facts About the Potential First Black Pope

As Pope Benedict XVI said on Monday that he will resign on Feb. 28, Cardinal Peter Turkson is rumored to be on the short list to be the next pope (and the first one of African descent).

10 Challenges Facing the U.S. Over the Next Two Decades

The United States is plagued with a number of political issues, some more important than others. Addressing these 10 issues will inevitably restore America to what once made it great.

100 Facts About Rosa Parks On Her 100th Birthday

Rosa Parks' centennial birthday in February 4, 2013. The Civil Rights crusader died in 2005, but her legacy lives on.

Are You a Hipster? This 10 Question Quiz Will Reveal the Answer

How hipster are you on a scale of 1 to ten? Take our quiz and find out!

Watch Oscars 2013 Live Online

Our collection of the top stories you need to read from this week, as featured in today's Sunday Download.

Iran Vs. Israel: Who Would Win An All-Out War?

If Israel and Iran really came to blows, which country would emerge from the ring with its gloves in the air, and which of the two would be down for the count?

Oscars 2013 Live Stream: Watch the Academy Awards Here

Watch the 2013 Oscars online right here.

15 News Organizations Worthy of Respect

It is increasingly difficult – not only to find the primary, factual sources of information – but also to recognize them in the first place.

New Pope 2013: 7 Contenders For Pope Benedict XVI's Replacement

With Pope Benedict XVI's departure, many are wondering who will replace him. Here's a list of potential candidates that may be elected to take over.

Yahoo Hacked: What to Do When Your Account Security Has Been Breached

More and more Yahoo! mail users are reaching out to the blogosphere trying to get answers on how to access their accounts. Here's what you can do about it.

Deadly Mexican Drug Cartels Offer $47,000 For Info On Anonymous Facebook Watchdogs

Anonymous Facebook activists exposing criminal activity and police corruption are raising the fury of Mexican drug cartels, who have posted a $47,000 reward for anyone to identify them.

6 Issues Hurting the Catholic Church Today

The pope's departure is yet another reminder that the Catholic Church's image couldn't be worse. Here are six issues negatively impacting the religion.

Chinese New Year: What Do Those Zodiac Animals Really Mean?

Brush up on your Chinese zodiac for the Year of the Snake, which begins Feb. 10.

Pope Benedict Gay Blackmail Allegation May Be More Than Just Speculation

A provocative report links the pope’s resignation to blackmail and an alleged network of gay clergymen in the Vatican. The Vatican has something to hide, but it's hardly a secret.

10 Contemporary Artists Every Millennial Should Know

From Shepard Fairey (of Obama 2008 fame) to Banksy's street art graffiti, these are the new faces of modern art.

'Lincoln' Movie Review: 10 Ways It Distorts History

Though the movie is one of the most remarkable and historically accurate depictions of President Lincoln's quest to eradicate slavery, it does distort several parts of this chapter in history.

Lent 2013: 5 Things to Give Up For Lent

The sacrifices on this list might be a luxury, a bad habit, a temptation, or a guilty pleasure. Chances are, at least one of these overlaps with what you were considering giving up for Lent.

5 Companies Just As Anti-Gay As the Boy Scouts Of America

The Boy Scouts of America has delayed its vote to repeal the ban on gay members until May – but they're not the only organization holding back gay rights.

Chris Dorner Manifesto: Read Christopher Dorner's Manifesto Online

Chris Dorner, the rogue ex-LAPD officer accused of killing four people, released a rambling manifesto on Facebook before his crimes. Read it here.

10 Best Movie Villains of All Time

Magneto, Anton Chigurh, Hopper and all the villains that were more compelling than the heroes.

Argo Fact Check: Best Picture is Full of Inaccuracies

Argo has been held up as a shining example of American cinema at the 2013 Oscars. Unfortunately, it is full of inaccuracies.

Will Chris Dorner Be Remembered As a Hero Or a Villain?

In light of recent attention Dorner brought to police corruption, it's time to discuss whether the alleged murderer will be remembered as a pop culture hero, homicidal maniac, or both.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Long Does It Take Immigrants to Earn the American Dream?

Given the indefinite near-decade it might take for certain legal immigrant visas to go through, it’s no wonder the line for undocumented immigrants isn’t getting any shorter.

Xbox 720 Release Date: New Console Could Debut in Late 2013

According to tech site SemiAccurate, a late 2013 deadline is still very possible for the new Xbox "Durango."

14 Crucial Moments in U.S. Gun Control History

This is the brief but important history of gun control in the United States that everyone should be familiar with when debating the topic.

Lent 2013: Everything You Need to Know to Understand Lent

Lent brings a 40 day period of humble sacrifices and solemnity, but many people don't know all the ins and outs of why Catholics and Christians observe it. Here's what you need to know.

Black History Month: 4 Famous Black Feminists You Never Learned About in School

As Black History Month comes to a close, it's time to learn about all the courageous black women who fought for equality for all.

Christopher Dorner: Why Did the Ex-LAPD Officer Go On a Killing Spree?

As the search for Christopher Dorner continues, many are confused as to what exactly has happened so far. Here's the full story.

Cardinal Francis Arinze: 5 Facts About the Potential First African Pope

Though neither of my Roman Catholic grandmothers probably ever dreamed of having a black pope, Cardinal Francis Arinze is rumored to be on the short list to replace Benedict XVI.

Harlem Shake Video: How Internet Gentrification Ruined the Dance

Internet gentrification of the Harlem Shake is changing the meaning of the dance, which went from viral awesomeness to “please, Facebook friends, no more Harlem Shake videos” in record time.

Gun Control Myth: The AR-15 is Not Actually a Hunting Rifle

In the renewed national gun control debate, many say that AR-15 rifles aren't hunting rifles. This is contrary to the facts, as AR-15's do make excellent hunting rifles.

Winter Storm Nemo Tracker and Path LIVE: Updates On Travel Delays, Flight Cancellations, Snow Forecast

Winter Storm Nemo is about to hit the Northeast with "historic" levels of snow and possible disruption to services along the Northeast. Check back for LIVE updates.

How Many Oscars Has Steven Spielberg Won?

He is the reigning king of American movies, but how many Oscars has the famed director won?

9 Politicians Who Voted For the Defense of Marriage Act But Cheated On Their Wives

These 9 politicians may have supported the Defense Of Marriage Act, but have done little to defend the sacred institution of marriage in their personal lives.

YouTube Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show HD: Watch the HQ Video

Beyonce took center stage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans to perform at the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Watch the video here.

Gay Marriage UK: Country Passes Same Sex Marriage Bill, America Falls Behind

On Tuesday, the United Kingdom's House of Commons passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in Britain.

6 Myths About Income Inequality in America

Income inequality is a term that depicts the frustration between unequal distributions of income. I explain how these claims of income inequality are myths.

5 Reasons the U.S. Should Intervene in Syria

As the Syrian civil war rages, the U.S. continues to do nothing. America is missing an opportunity to stop a slaughter and improve its standing in the world.

7 Ways States Are Defying the Federal Government With Local Laws

States are rebelling against the federal status quo and using the Bill of Rights to secure freedoms for their constituents. Here's the top seven efforts by the liberty movement to defy the feds.

MIT Shooting Hoax: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Campus Gunman No Real Threat

Though it's not clear what led school authorities to call the lockdown, the Associated Press says MIT's 11,000 "are famous for their smarts as well as their stunts."

The Harlem Shake and 5 Other Dances the Internet Ruined (+YouTube Video)

Before you make your own Harlem Shake video, please consider the long and sordid history of dance destruction you'll be participating in.

Find Out What the Constitution Really Says About Obama's Drone Strikes

Every claim made by the Obama administration defending its program of targeted assassinations fails even the most broad interpretations of constitutional power.

Do Humans Have the Genetic Ability to Become Mutant Superheroes?

A new earthworm was found in Britain to have evolved the ability to withstand dangerously high levels of arsenic. Could human evolution ever create similar super mutations?

What Channel Are the Oscars 2013 On?

The most basic details of any given thing can be the easiest to forget, like the time and place of the Oscars! If you don't know which channel will be airing the ceremony, we've got the answer.

6 Largest National Security Threats Facing the U.S. Today

In President Obama's State of the Union on Tuesday, he highlighted concerns as new as cyber security and as old as border security as imperative to American national security.

3 Ways Kendrick Lamar Has Changed the Rules Of Hip-Hop

Kendrick Lamar's rise from underground rap gem to 'SNL' guest star has been one of hip-hop's most interesting stories. Here's why he's fundamentally changed the rules of hip-hop.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Spoiler: Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan

Did Entertainment Weekly accidentally reveal the biggest movie mystery of the year or are we all falling for another one of J.J. Abram's famous misleads?

Nation's Fraternities Finally Come Out As Gay

The nation's fraternities have confirmed what many have long suspect: their pervasive displays of homoeroticism are indeed an indication of their flaming homosexuality.

Immigration Reform 2013: Millions Of People Could Get Cut Out Of the Pathway To Citizenship

President Obama has introduced a sweeping immigration reform package in tandem with a bipartisan group of legislators. But do their solutions let millions of immigrants slip through the cracks?

3 Things Ben Affleck's 'Argo' Gets Totally Wrong About Iran

Ben Affleck's 'Argo' has been getting some well-deserved Oscar buzz. However, the film cannot seem to escape lingering stereotypes about Iran and its people. Here are three of them.

6 Oldest Pro Sports Stadiums in the U.S.

Ahead of San Francisco planned demolition of Candlestick Park', here the some of the oldest outdoor major league sports stadiums in America.

Cyber Attacks Will Be the Greatest National Security Threat in the 21st Century

Among all the threats the United States will face in the 21st century, none will be greater than the threat of cyber-terrorism.

Brazilian Mardi Gras: Carnival Explained By a Brazilian (Who Doesn't Much Care For Carnival)

You may think hanging around big booties and barely-clothed women for three days is akin to paradise, but you may want to think again.

'Girl Rising' Movie Review: Selena Gomez and Meryl Streep Join Fight For Female Education

'Girl Rising,' which hits theaters March 7, tells the story of nine girls in nine different countries who dream of attending school, like 66 million other girls worldwide.

Why Are White Men Obsessed With Michelle Obama's Posterior?

Some white men can't seem to stop themselves from making outrageously sexist and racist remarks about Michelle Obama's behind.

Are the Grammys Racist? In Short, Yes

Zero: the number of hip-hop songs that have won Record of the Year or Song of the Year. Let me stress: Zero. None, ever.

New York Gun Ban: Gunmakers Refuse to Sell to State Employees

In response to a New York firearms ban, some gun manufacturers are refusing to sell to any employees of the state. But will it do anything?

Gun Control Facts: Assault Weapons Ban Would Have No Impact On Gun Deaths

Sen. Dianne Feinstein's proposed assault weapons ban and magazine restrictions would likely have no impact on mass shootings or gun crime: here's why.

Oscar Nominations List 2013: Full List Of Nominees

'Lincoln' leads the pack with 12 nominations. Check out this year's other top contenders.

Death Penalty History: 11 Brutal Methods Of Execution From Our Past

Mankind has publicly humiliated criminals for millennia. These are the eleven most ridiculous methods of execution that speak volumes about our brutal past...and present.

Remember "Hey There Delilah"? Interview With the Real Delilah, 5 Years After the Song's Grammy Nomination

Five years ago, Delilah DiCrescenzo of "Hey There Delilah" went to the Grammy's with the Plain White T's. Here, she gives us an exclusive perspective of music's biggest night.

6 Biggest Problems With Mandatory Gun Background Checks

Gun control advocates propose universal background checks for all gun purchases, but here are six reasons they just won't prevent gun violence on their own.

Yahoo Hacked: CEO Marissa Mayer Faces Hacking Incident During First Year On the Job

If you're wondering if your Yahoo account was been hacked, wonder no more. It was. This was a global incident for new mom and CEO Marissa Mayer.

Racist and Sexist Duke University Fraternity Parties Offend Absolutely Everyone, Incite Protest

Duke fraternities are currently under fire for their offensive party themes, including "Juveniles and Pedophiles" and "Mi, Yu, You, and Yo Friends," leading to student protests on campus.

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin Turn 204: Why They're Two Of the Most Influential Figures in History

Today is the 204thbirthday of two of the most influential figures in world history – Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.

YouTube Russia Meteor Video: Watch 11-Ton Meteor Hitting Russia

An 11-ton meteor fell in Russia Friday, at a speed of at least 33,000 mph, shattering about 18-32 miles above ground and injuring 900 people in the Ural Mountains region. Watch the video.

Libby Phelps Alvarez, Westboro Baptist Church Escapee, Emerges to Discuss "Controlling Life Of Hatred"

Libby Phelps Alvarez, the granddaughter of church founder and pastor Fred Phelps, Sr., gives her story to the 'Today Show.'

Oscar Nominations 2013: Full List Of Nominees

The full list of nominations for this year's Academy Awards. 'Lincoln,' 'Les Miserables,' 'Life of Pi,' and 'Silver Linings Playbook' are 2013's biggest nominees.

8,000 Kids Drop Out Of School Every Day – And We're Ignoring It

If your business is failing, don't you want know the ugly truth, so you can fix it? When the Department of Education inflates America's graduation rate, we all lose.

Sequestration 2013: Veterans Will Be Affected

Veterans benefits are exempt from the March 1 deadline before sequestration kicks in, but just because there won't be direct cuts doesn't mean there won't be unintended consequences.

7 Countries Beefing Up Their Militaries in Today's More Dangerous World

China, Japan, India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Russia are all fast outpacing the US in defense spending. This trend doesn't come as good news to the US and its allies.

Ted Cruz is Becoming a Big Problem For the Republican Party

Cruz started off as a positive figure for the right and ended up with a controversial image. He must moderate his voice if he wants a greater national role than doing Glenn Beck sound bites.

Gun Control Facts: Gun Violence Will Not Decrease With Stricter Gun Laws

Prohibition has historically failed to prevent criminal access to any item. This is why prohibition of any guns also doomed to fail.

Xbox 720 and PS4 Will Usher in Latest and Last Generation of Video Game Consoles

The debut of Sony's PS4 will become the swan song of traditional console-based gaming, as innovations in distribution, hardware, and interfaces will revolutionize the gaming industry.

Hugo Chavez Loses His Voice: Venezuelan President is Unable to Recover From Cancer

According to reports, doctors have told Hugo Chavez's family that the socialist strongman will not recover from his cancer, and has lost his voice.

Hollywood vs. Bollywood: An Interview With Filmmaker James Kicklighter

PolicyMic chats with film director James Kicklighter about Hollywood's influence on Bollywood and whether local films are being pushed out by global productions.

5 Huge Lies From the Right Wing Media That Conservatives Still Think Are True

Conservative media have invented stories that were accepted as gospel. These stories are completely made-up or go through a conservative spin machine to twist facts, and were never corrected.

'Archer,' 'Arrested Development,' and 6 Sitcoms With the Strongest Cult Followings

These six sitcoms have passionate followers who are willing to follow their favorite shows to the end of the Earth.

Academy Awards Live Stream 2013: Watch LIVE Here

Follow along live for the latest Academy Awards winners, nominees, snubs and commentary.

Should You De-Friend Your Ex On Facebook?

Facebook might be keeping you from fully forgetting about your former flame.

'Entourage' Movie is Coming: 5 Things the Film Must Do to Succeed

In order to do well as a movie, 'Entourage' must find a way to successfully straddle the line between ubiquitous fun and dramatic closure. Here are five specific ways they can do this.

YouTube: Mitchell Marcus, Mentally Handicapped Basketball Player, Scores First Basket

These touching sports clips remind us that the internet is more than just dance crazes when it comes to viral videos.

Winter Storm Nemo Tracker LIVE Updates: Snowfall Totals, 38 Inches Of Snow In Some Cities

Winter Storm Nemo has hit, dropping just absolutely massive amounts of snow everywhere. Check out how much snow you received.

7 Cities Where Millennials Can Still Live the American Dream

Millennials today face numerous challenges; 53% of them are unemployed or working menial jobs. But here is a list of 7 towns where millennials can still live the American Dream.

When is the Appropriate Age to Get Married?

What do today's youth think about marriage? We asked students at George Washington University, and the answers may surprise you.

Republican Doug Cox Rips Oklahoma's Anti-Abortion Bill — Because He Actually Understands Medicine

Many Republican politicians seem to think they're qualified to tell women what reproductive health choices to make, but Oklahoma State Representative Doug Cox, a medical doctor, actually is.

Dreaming is Risky Business: An Interview With Renowned New Media Artist Lynn Hershman Leeson

Modern artist Lynn Hershman Leeson's 40 year career has been key to the feminist art movement. Pundit Will Simmons had the opportunity to speak with her about art, feminism, and the internet.

10 Ways to Eliminate the Federal Debt By 2030

If our political leaders can focus on the size and scope of the government, military spending, entitlements, and tax reform, we can eliminate our federal debt within the next 20 or so years.

5 Issues Democrats and Republicans Agree On

Partisan rancor in D.C. has many Americans believing that the two parties can't concur on anything. That's not true - here are five issues Democrats and Republicans agree on.

Marijuana Legalization: Driving High Tested By CNN, Found to Be Safer Than You'd Think

Is it really that dangerous to drive high? CNN tested with some eager volunteers, and the results were surprising.

Carnival In Rio: Beneath the Flare, There Are Major Social Issues

Brazil may be known for popular tourist events like Carnival, but there is a dark side of the country the government is trying to address: rampant crime and corruption.