Gun Control Myth: The AR-15 is Not Actually a Hunting Rifle

In the renewed national gun control debate, many say that AR-15 rifles aren't hunting rifles. This is contrary to the facts, as AR-15's do make excellent hunting rifles.

Why Men Need Feminism

For too long, men and women have been told that feminism is anti-men. In reality, men have much to gain from realizing the role that examining gender plays in their life.

5 Foreign Policy Failures During Hillary Clinton's Time As Secretary Of State

While the outgoing secretary of state has amassed an impressive record of public service, Hillary Clinton nonetheless made significant errors on foreign policy while in office.

Immigration Reform 2013: Gang Of 8 Bill Would Provide Pathway to Citizenship

Despite the fervent rhetoric from immigration reform opponents, the Senate's bill to provide a pathway to citizenship does not amount to "amnesty" for illegal immigrants.

Chinese New Year 2013: How Chinese New Year is Celebrated Around the World

Xin Nian Kuai Lee! Chinese New Year is nearly here. Here's a look at how the traditions surrounding Chinese culture's most important holiday differ from country to country.

Immigration Reform 2013: Federal Government Solution Would Be Better Than States Finding a Fix

Undocumented immigrants are not evenly distributed across the 50 states, but that doesn't mean state discretion is the answer to immigration reform.

Super Bowl Recipes: Healthy Snacks For Super Bowl Sunday

We all chow down on incredibly unhealthy food on Super Bowl Sunday, but it doesn't have to be like that! Healthy wings and quesadillas do, in fact, exist. Here are my favorite recipes.

Super Bowl 2013 Pre-Game Show: Jennifer Hudson and Sandy Hook Chorus Will Perform

Jennifer Hudson and the chorus from Sandy Hook Elementary School will sing "America the Beautiful" before Sunday's Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Harbowl Super Bowl: Ravens 49ers Game is Latest in Long History Of Sibling Rivalries

The Harbaugh brothers bring their rivalry to Super Bowl XLVII, but what other great sibling rivalries have their been?

House of Cards: Kevin Spacey's Netflix Series Could Be a Television Game Changer

Starting February 1, Netflix is introducing an original scripted series to its streaming lineup: 'House of Cards.' Will the option for 'binge-viewing' change TV forever?

How I Met Your Mother Season 9: In Final Season, We Will Finally Meet Ted's Wife

The hit sitcom has signed for a ninth and final season. All five stars are returning, and the secret of the show wil finally be revealed.

Mustafa Akarsu Proves Ankara Bombing Was Unavoidable, Despite High Security

Friday morning, a suicide bomber at a U.S. embassy in Turkey,caused an explosion at a crucial check point. While security can always be heightened, attacks like this are unavoidable.

Groundhog Day 2013: 3 Ways the Movie Explains U.S. Politics

Groundhog Day is a film loved by many and is remembered for its namesake holiday, and more. There are all too many parallels to American politics. Here are three.

Dow Jones Hits 5-Year High, But Nearly Half Of Americans Are Still Just One Crisis Away From Disaster

The Corporation for Enterprise Development recently reported that nearly half of all Americans are one unexpected setback away from financial collapse.

Warm Bodies Trailer: Hollywood's Next Hit is a Zombie Love Story

Romance meets horror movie in 'Warm Bodies.' The zombie flick premieres February 1, (and it will tell us once and for all why zombies like to eat brains.)

Reforming the Farm Bill Isn't Just About Money; It's About America's Health

Currently, the major share of the farm bill is allocated to food stamps and crop insurance. Redesigning the bill to support a fair and sustainable food system is an imperative domestic issue.

William Bratton Says Cities Without "Stop and Frisk" Are Doomed

With the rate of arrests and guns being removed from the street being minimal, the ‘stop and frisk’ policy is hurting the community more than it helps. It needs to be stopped.

Valentine's Day 2013: 8 Valentine's Day Tips From a V-Day Veteran

From the perspective of 34 years-of-marriage-and-counting, here are four tips for men and four tips for women for making "Valentine's Day" what it should be.

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl: How Baltimore Got Its Football Team

As we all look forward to Superbowl XLVII, it’s an opportunity to look back and trace the history of these two teams and how they became the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

What is Groundhog Day? The Story Behind One Of America's Weirdest Holidays

Saturday is Groundhog Day, when Punxutawney Phil will give his annual extended weather forecast.

5 Reasons Our Obsession With U.S. Debt is Crippling Economic Recovery

The U.S. debt obsession is putting deficit reduction ahead of economic growth and is the main reason for our weak recovery.

Chris Culliver Anti Gay Comments Shows Pro Athletes Can Say Whatever They Want

The 49ers are one of the first NFL teams to participate in the It Gets Better Project, but cornerback Chris Culliver doesn't want gays on his team. He's not the problem; football culture is.

January Jobs Report Shows Young Workers Falling Further Behind With Serious Long Term Consequences

Millennial unemployment shot over 13% in January. The U.S. economy 10 years down the line could be negatively impacted by the youth jobless rate we see today.

Does This 1963 Feminist Manifesto On Housewives Still Matter 50 Years Later?

Betty Friedan's ground-breaking book 'The Feminine Mystique' was called one of the most damaging books in history by conservatives in 1963. After 50 years, does it still pack the same punch?

Why Kurt Vile is the Best Singer-Songwriter in America

Kurt Vile writes about simple everyday things that everyone goes through. With his understanding lyrics, he's become a songwriter who relates to us all.

Grammy Nominations 2013 List: Full List Of Grammy Nominees

The 55th annual Grammy Awards are fast approaching. On February 10, the biggest stars in music will take the stage for the genres biggest night. Check out all the year's biggest nominees.

January Unemployment Rate Tops the Worst Week For U.S. Economic News Since the Great Recession

Unemployment is up, GDP growth is negative, and consumer confidence is at a four year low. Is the U.S. economy tearing at the seams?

Harry Reid Calls Embattled Bob Menendez His 'Friend' Amid Underage Sex Scandal

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is so far standing by Senator Bob Menendez, who is alleged to have had sex with under age prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

Syria Civil War: Assad Wins a PR Victory As Israel Attacks a Syrian Weapons Convoy

Israel's recent attack on a Syrian weapons convoy could have chemical weapons repercussions when Assad grows more desperate. He's already vowing revenge.

Domestic Workers Are Being Abused, and Need An International Labor Movement

An international focus could strengthen the labor movement at home while protecting the rights of domestic workers internationally.

Hillary Clinton's Career Told in Pictures

From traveling to 212 countries to Texts From Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's tenure has been one for the record books.

Roger Mahony Stripped Of Duties in Unprecedented Punishment By L.A. Archdiocese

Cardinal Roger Mahony was subjected to an unusual action by his successor, Jose Gomez.

4 Critical Foreign Policy Debates Sparked By Hagel's Confirmation Hearing

Although Hagel promises a commitment to Obama's dangerous foreign policy, his nomination is stirring up badly needed public debate over many key issues.

4 Things to Look Forward to in February

And Valentine's Day sure as heck isn't one of them.

Iran Nuclear Program: Monkey Launch is a Stall Tactic in Weapons Negotiations

On Monday, Iran claimed to have launched a monkey into orbit, on the same day that talks over the country's nuclear capabilities began in Istanbul. Could the country be stalling?

Don't Say Gay Bill is Back in Tennessee

Tennessee State Senator, Stacey Campbell revives his effort to pass a bill prohibiting the discussion of homosexuality in elementary and middle school classrooms.

GDP Contraction: Did Government Spending Cause It?

The recent GDP contraction is not a crisis, but relevant data reveals that spending cuts are to blame, and more may be coming.

Abu Nidal Settlement: Victims of Rome and Vienna Airport Killings Awarded $1 Billion Each

28 years ago, Abu Nidal terrorists killed 16 travelers and injured over 100 more in Rome and Vienna. This week, U.S. Magistrate Judge Facciola awarded a $25 billion settlement to the victims.

Turkey Embassy Bombing: A Message to Stay Out Of the Syria Civil War

The Friday bombing is likely an intentional message to the West to not intervene in Syria, but also a reminder to the U.S. that its Mideast policy is in crisis.

Ed Koch, Former New York City Mayor, Dies At 88

Former three-term Mayor of New York City, Edward I. Koch died this morning at the age of 88.

Scott Brown Won't Run in Mass. Senate Race

Former Senator Scott Brown has decided not to run for John Kerry's senate seat, according to the Boston Herald.

Despite 135 New Restrictions in the Past 2 Years, These 2 State Legislatures Are Pushing to Expand Abortion Rights in 2013

In 2011 and 2012, state legislatures across the nation implemented laws restricting abortion access, but California and New York suggest the tide may be turning in 2013.

Is Online Education the Way Of the Future? Some Sci Fi Writers Think So

Online education is a game changer, but may not replace a traditional university model, despite the claims of science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov.

Steven Chu Resignation: Energy Secretary Steps Down

Chu announced in a letter that he'll leave the administration as soon as a successor is confirmed. Obama praised him for "moving American towards real energy independence."

Geraldo Rivera Has His Eyes On New Jersey Senate Seat

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera announced his candidacy for Senate. Here's why he has the possibility of being a strong bipartisan contender.