Harlem Shake Video: So, What Exactly is the Harlem Shake?

The "shake" is not just a person flailing their body around. The actual Harlem Shake is a dance that originated in Harlem, New York in 1981.

9 Useless and Unconstitutional Anti-Gun Laws California Will Pass in 2013

Not to be outdone by New York's new tough gun laws, California proposed some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. But these are probably unconstitutional and completely miss the point.

Iran Vs. Israel: Who Would Win An All-Out War?

If Israel and Iran really came to blows, which country would emerge from the ring with its gloves in the air, and which of the two would be down for the count?

Brazilian Mardi Gras: Carnival Explained By a Brazilian (Who Doesn't Much Care For Carnival)

You may think hanging around big booties and barely-clothed women for three days is akin to paradise, but you may want to think again.

Carnival In Rio: Beneath the Flare, There Are Major Social Issues

Brazil may be known for popular tourist events like Carnival, but there is a dark side of the country the government is trying to address: rampant crime and corruption.

Christopher Dorner Manifesto, Shootout and Body Remains LIVE Updates

It is believed that alleged serial killer Christopher Dorner died in a cabin that caught fire in the San Bernardino Mountains on Tuesday.

7 Ways Obama's State Of the Union Speech Will Impact 2013 Politics And Beyond

From immigration reform to climate change, minimum wage, gun control, and the sequester, here are my biggest takeaways from Tuesday's address.

The 2013 State Of the Union Narrated By Memes and GIFs

President Obama delivered his 2013 State of the Union address. Here are the funniest memes so far. Leave yours.

Bradley Manning Prison: 1,000th Day Behind Bars Approaches

The Obama administration's case against U.S. soldier Bradley Manning is part of a larger war on whistleblowers that has been growing since our president entered office.

'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' and 3 Web Shows That Are Changing Comedy

'Geeking Out' is one web series taking advantage of a niche audience by producing exactly what it wants without worrying about pleasing a broader audience. Here are some others.

Why LeBron James Will Never Live Up to Muhammed Ali

Black basketball players have stopped using their platforms to denounce racial injustices. It's a trend that Michael Jordan started, and LeBron James does not seem to want to end.

Organic Food: The Unexpected Side Effects Of Eating It

Many assume going organic is a healthy move, but products can expose consumers to pesticides and more.

Leonard Cooper 'Jeopardy!' and Other Great Contestants in the Show's History

Leonard Cooper of Little Rock, Ark., pulls off one of the greatest moves in the trivia game show's history.

Immigration Reform 2013: The GOP Message Should Be to Let the Best Workers In

The Republican message should be that anybody who is willing to work to support themselves is welcome in this country.

Asteroid DA14 2012: NASA Says It Won't Hit the Earth, But It Will Be Close

A 150-feet asteroid that could wipe out New York City with the energy of 185 Hiroshima bombs will miss us a day after Valentine's Day. So we're safe ... for now.

Christopher Dorner's Body, Wallet and Driver License

A wallet with a California driver's license with the name Christopher Dorner was found in the rubble of a cabin, an official told The Associated Press.

Assault Weapons Ban: The Chances Of It Happening Are Zero

Obama is still pushing for strict gun control laws, including an assault weapons ban. But expect Democratic leadership to throw any assault weapons legislation out the window.

SOTU Address Launches Opening Salvo Against the Second Amendment

This nation is just one Supreme Court justice confirmation away from being susceptible to a full legislative assault on our Second Amendment rights.

Sequester 2013: Deep Government Spending Cuts Will Happen Within Weeks

The sequester was a self-made problem by Congress. Now this self-made problem with what was thought to be an assured solution will cut deeply into government spending, specifically the military.

'A Good Day to Die Hard' Review: Hollywood's Addiction to Old Ideas Shines

Do we want to see all our favorite childhood flicks constantly rehashed and beaten to death? Is Hollywood losing its creative juices?

University Of Maryland Shooting: We Need to Focus On Mental Health, Not More Gun Control Laws

This tragic school shooting is the perfect example of why we should focus on mental health rather than on more gun control laws.

Christopher Dorner's Manifesto: Chris Dorner 2.0 Surfaces

Joe Jones, a second former police officer alleging corruption and racism within the LAPD, has published another manifesto and supports Chris Dorner.

UNC Duke Rivalry: The Greatest in the History Of Sports

No. 2 Duke hosts UNC on Wednesday night in what is easily described as sports' biggest rivalry. Here's a must-read on the rivalry with great videos to psych you up for the game.

Secession 2.0: States Seek to Drop Dollar For Own Currency

Unlike secession, the state currencies movement is not a form of protest but a wise protection of the states' citizenry against having their economy reduced to a Stone Age barter system.

Obama Israel Visit: Is the President Anti-Israel? Don't Make Me Laugh

Claims that the Obama administration is anti-Israel simply do not pass the laugh test. In both words and in actions the administration has consistently shown unconditional support for Israel.

Immigration Reform 2013: A Closed-Doors Plan From Congress Is Coming Soon

While they aren’t going to get everything they want, supporters of immigration reform should be heartened by Obama’s lean to the right on immigration.

Is Chris Dorner Still On the Loose? Tight Security at Slain Officer's Funeral Suggests So

California Governor Jerry Brown and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are attending the tightly secured funeral of officer Michael Crain, allegedly ambushed by ex cop Christopher Dorner.

Chinese New Year 2013: Photos From the Year Of the Snake

Try as they might, the Chinese just can't make "year of the snake" as cute as they'd like to. Here are a few pictures from Chinese New Year in Hong Kong to give you a taste of how its being done.

'Safe Haven' Movie Review: Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough Just Don't Have the Chemistry

'Safe Haven' is no 'The Notebook,' instead it's a cheesy, prolonged episode of 'All My Children' cranked up on a can of Four Loko.

Ash Wednesday 2013: Everything You Need to Know

Today is Ash Wednesday when Christians will receive ashes to kick off the Lenten season. Here's why the tradition is so significant to the Christian faith.

PolicyMic Mixtape: 11 New Tracks You Can't Miss This Week

A new PolicyMic feature bringing you a weekly mixtape of the best new music that your ears can't miss out on. This Week's Mix: Inception.

Westminster Dog Show 2013: Irresponsible Breeding is Morally Wrong

With the biggest canine event of the year going on, it's important to remember that indiscriminate over-breeding is just as immoral as the physical abuse of animals.

SmartWatches Apple: Company Rumored to Be Creating Them

Apple is reportedly developing smartwatches, which could appeal to iPhone-loving millennials despite our generation's lack of interest in wrist watches.

State of the Union Recap: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With Tuesday night's State Of the Union address, Obama delivered his most visionary speech since 2009; but it wasn't all roses.

Banana Joe Affenpinscher Wins Best in Show at Westminster Dog Show

The energetic affenpinscher Banana Joe wins Best in Show at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show after winning over the judges with his charm and excitability. Monkey jokes abound.

Marco Rubio 2016: Can He Actually Beat Rand Paul?

Two Republicans shared the GOP spotlight during the State of the Union on Tuesday night: Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Expect this moment to be the first in a long fight for the 2016 presidency.

Higher Education Act Reforms Urged By President Obama

President Obama advocated modifications to the Higher Education Act in his State of the Union Address, but what exactly is he proposing?

Obama Outlines Much Needed Education Reform in His State Of the Union

Obama addressed a number of major issues in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, but none was more important than education. And the audience agreed.

Ash Wednesday 2013: What is Ash Wednesday?

Don't freak out if you see people walking around with black crosses on their foreheads. Is not the Zombie Apocalypse, it's just Ash Wednesday.

State Of the Union 2013: Obama Outlines Ambitious Agenda

In his first address to congress after winning the 2012 election, Obama indicated he intends to pursue a bold agenda in the next four years.

Christopher Dorner Firefight Video

Footage of the former fugitive LA cop Christopher Dorner's Tuesday shootout and firefight with police in Big Bear, California, has surfaced.

Illinois Same-Sex Marriage Vote Scheduled For Thursday

On Thursday, the Illinois state Senate will vote on legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state.

3 Things Just One Ridiculous Segment On Fox News Can Teach Us

Neil Cavuto features a segment on his Fox News so ridiculous and insulting that it has to be seen to be believed.

College Selection: How to Pick the Best School For You

Choosing a college requires a lot more than opening a digital envelope. Here's what you should consider when reviewing your top choices.

Ted Nugent Obama: Pro-Gun Rocker Wasn't Impressed at SOTU

The former rock star who was interrogated by the Secret Service, for supposedly threatening to kill Obama, was invited to the State of the Union. He didn't look amused.

TPP Free Trade Agreement: Why We Haven't Heard About It

The biggest challenge to American economic growth, health, and the environment you haven't heard about.

'Mean Girls' Musical: Tina Fey Needs to Make It Happen

Rumors has it the iconic 2004 comedy may get its own musical, which would capture and honor the brilliance of a cult classic for our generation

Terahertz Scanners: Are They Affecting Our Genes?

Terahertz scanning is spreading like wildfire, and a new study finds that it affects gene expression in mouse cells. It's unclear what that could mean for us.

Will Anonymous Retaliate For Christopher Dorner's Manhunt?

Anonymous has previously come to the defense of whistleblower, like Christopher Dorner. Will they retaliate for the ex cops accusations of alleged racism?

Violence Against Women Act: Now Faces Congressional Challenges

Every time a new bill that pushes for women's rights comes around, the GOP is quick to shoot it down. Do they hate women or Obama more?

Same-Sex Marriage Advocate Fired By Catholic School For Pro-LBGT Blog Post

Mike Moroski's case shows just how few protections there are for LGBT in certain areas, regardless of national LGBT progress.

3 Things That Need To Change About Valentine's Day

Pundit Yanwen Xia tells us the three things that no longer have a place with Valentine's Day.

Chuck Hagel Filibuster Possible As McCain, Graham, Ramp Up Pressure

Some Senate Republicans are floating the possibility of filibustering the nomination of Chuck Hagel for defense secretary. A cloture vote could come as early as Friday.

Will Asteroid DA14 2012 Hit the Earth?

The 150-mile missile-like space rock, with enough power to wipe out New York City with the energy of 185 Hiroshima bombs, won't hit us ... this time.

Benghazi Attack: Obama Was AWOL During the Event

Testimony from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey confirms Obama was not very involved during last year's consulate attack in Libya.

State Of the Union 2013: Speech Leaves Us With Many Unanswered Questions

The president laid out his hopeful, ambitious plan for the next four years, but it remains unclear how he's going to pull off everything he intends to accomplish.

SOTU 2013 Reactions: Independent Women's Forum Wrongly Claims Obama "Misled" Women

Conservative women's group, IWF is arguing that Obama’s State of the Union speech purposely mislead women, making them "victims."

Obama's Minimum Wage Proposal is Economic Lunacy

President Obama's proposal to raise the minimum wage shows that he has not passed Economics 101, and will continue throughout his presidency to pursue damaging economic policies.

Sports TV Shows: Here's the Real Reason Why There Are No Good Sports TV Series

The NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and other pro leagues hold enough power to effectively block any TV shows about pro sports that they don't like.

Valentine's Day 2013: 5 Lessons TV Taught Us About the Holiday

Pundit Caitlin Reilly gives us a rundown of what we can learn from TV on Valentine's Day.

Former FBI Calls Chris Dorner a Coward

"Killing the unarmed daughter of a police officer with whom you have differences, that's the coward's way out," said the former agent.

What Marco Rubio and Republicans Didn't Get From Obama's State of the Union Speech

Republicans don’t intend to respond constructively to Obama's 2013 State of the Union. That much was clear from Rubio's rebuttal.

Valentine's Day 2013: Chivalry Isn't Dead, It's Just Different

Pundit Jane Reynolds says chivalry isn't dead, it's just not the same as it used to be.

Valentine's Day 2013: Just Another Holiday That Fell Victim to Materialism

Pundit Evette Dionne says Valentine's Day is just another holiday that fell victim to materialism.

State Of the 2013: Why It Still Matters

#ThingsIdRatherDoThanWatchSOTU was trending on Twitter last night. You may think the SOTU is dull, one-sided, or repetitive, but it's an important part of the U.S.' political discourse.

SOTU 2013: Obama's Speech Nothing Special

Obama's SOTU address was long, boring, disappointing, and predictable. There was no bold vision or big idea, and all it did was provide fodder for the right and left to debate.

The One Female Issue Obama Neglected During His SOTU

Obama's State of the Union left out the debate over women's reproductive health care, important to the women that helped him get reelected last November.

Valentine's Day 2013: 5 Things Sitcoms Taught Us About the Holiday

Let's be honest, we've learned more about Valentine's Day from TV than from anywhere else. Here are 5 episodes that live on for their memorable words of V-Day wisdom.

State of the Union 2013 LIVE: Watch the President Set the Agenda For His Second Term

Live blogging President Obama's State of the Union address on February 11, 2013.