10 Contemporary Artists Every Millennial Should Know

From Shepard Fairey (of Obama 2008 fame) to Banksy's street art graffiti, these are the new faces of modern art.

Will Chris Dorner Be Remembered As a Hero Or a Villain?

In light of recent attention Dorner brought to police corruption, it's time to discuss whether the alleged murderer will be remembered as a pop culture hero, homicidal maniac, or both.

14 Crucial Moments in U.S. Gun Control History

This is the brief but important history of gun control in the United States that everyone should be familiar with when debating the topic.

Marijuana Legalization: Driving High Tested By CNN, Found to Be Safer Than You'd Think

Is it really that dangerous to drive high? CNN tested with some eager volunteers, and the results were surprising.

How the Tea Party is Influencing Republicans on Immigration Reform

In the ever-more-partisan environment Americans find themselves in, it's more important than ever to examine the impact the Tea Party is having on crucial issues like immigration.

Hillary Clinton Panda Sex Tape: The Freaky Way FreedomWorks Thinks About Politics

The Tea-Party backed FreedomWorks is under fire for creating a video that used two female interns to show Hillary Clinton and a panda engaging in sexual acts.

Carnival Triumph: Stranded Cruise the Epitome Of #FirstWorldProblems

The deplorable conditions experienced by passengers of the Triumph highlight the huge disconnect between the problems of “first world” and the “third world.”

What Comes After Digital?

Ten years ago, we couldn't have even imagined the kind of devices we have now. Technology brings us the best in digital media, but speed and mobility will drive the next generation of media.

Assault Weapons Ban: 5 Democrats Are All That Stand In the Way Of New Legislation

The only hope of convincing the rest of Congress to approve a new assault weapons ban rests on five senators

Excerpt From New Book 'Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation Is Shaping Our World'

In his new book 'Fast Future,' millennial David Burstein explores the profound impact that our generation is already having on politics, culture, technology, and business.

Will Ron Paul Supporters Ever Side With Rand Paul?

Senator Rand Paul has made a big splash in D.C.'s political swamp. He's sponsored good legislation, and his dad is one of the greatest men to ever serve the country. So why don't I like him?

Valentine's Day Playlist: Top 5 Songs About Love

What would Valentine's Day be without a little romantic music?

Chuck Hagel Filibuster Roll Call: Republicans Block Hagel Nomination 40 to 58

Republicans officially blocked the nomination of Chuck Hagel to the post of secretary of defense on Thursday, as the Senate failed to muster the 60 votes necessary to pass a cloture resolution.

6 Presidents Who Wouldn't Have Survived Social Media Or Today's 24/7 News Cycle

Marco Rubio will never be able to live down Tuesday's cringe-worthy "gulpgate." Here are 6 presidents who could not have survived today's obsessive 24/7 social media news cycle.

Sequestration 2013: Why the Sequester is a Necessary Evil

It is time for the American people to put an end to this game, bite the bullet, and force sequestration into place.

Occupy Valentine’s Day: Why Valentine's Day Doesn't Make Us Happy

For a holiday that’s dedicated to love and affection, a substantial number report feeling inadequate and miserable instead, for good reason.

Bahrain's U.S.-Backed Regime Murders a 16 Year Old Boy

On the second anniversary of Bahrain's February 14th movement, the Obama-backed regime has murdered a 16 year old protester in the middle of reconciliation talks.

Valentine's Day 2013 LIVE: Date, Facts, History and Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day 2013 falls on February 14, and here's your comprehensive guide to what to do and what to give this year.

Valentine's Day is For Celebrating All Kinds Of Love ... Including Polyamory

Valentine's Day is the epitome of our culture's norms surrounding romantic love: a man and a woman living happily ever after. But what about those who don't fall into those categories?

Conservative Victory Project Super PAC By Karl Rove Could Be the Start Of a GOP Civil War

The Republican Party is on the brink of all-out civil war, illustrated in the dueling State of the Union rebuttals by Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, and Karl Rove's recent anti-Tea Party super PAC.

Immigration Reform: 4 Common-Sense Steps the GOP Needs to Follow

With immigration reform looming on the horizon, how can we ensure that new immigrants see the United States as truly exceptional?

Olympic Wrestling Gets Dropped From the Games in Purely Political Move

The International Olympic Committee has announced that wrestling will no longer be a part of the Olympic Games after 2016.

FEMEN Celebrates Benedict XVI's Resignation Topless in Notre Dame Cathedral

Pro-LGBT group FEMEN celebrated the Pope's resignation by parading topless through Notre Dame Cathedral. But do such protests help the feminist cause?

Obama Nuclear Arms Reduction Plan Picks Up Where Reagan and Bush Left Off

It may sound surprising, but historically, Republican presidents have been more active on nuclear reductions than Democratic ones.

What Our Founding Fathers Would've Said About Obama's Drone Memo

Even though our Founding Fathers made it clear the purpose of government is to preserve our inalienable rights, it appears our current president has a different idea.

Valentine's Day 2013: The Best, Worst, and Most Dysfunctional Romances in Literature

Whether you're in a relationship or not, it’s not difficult to find some solace in the triumphs and defeats of great romances from across the Western literary canon.

Valentine's Day 2013: 5 Lessons TV Taught Us About the Holiday

Let's be honest, we've learned more about Valentine's Day from TV than from anywhere else. Here are 5 episodes that live on for their memorable words of V-Day wisdom.

One Billion Rising: A Valentine's Day Dance Party to End Violence Against Women

On Valentine's Day 2013, a year's worth of planning culminates in a giant international dance strike to demonstrate that the world will no longer tolerate violence against women.

Chris Kyle Murder Once Again Highlights the PTSD Crisis in America

We must do a better job of diagnosing PTSD and treating it, but we also must know that no good can come from repeatedly painting PTSD victims as damaged, out of control people.

5 Ways to Support LGBT Rights on Valentine's Day

Here are five ways to remember and support the LGBT community on Valentine’s Day.

Johnny Manziel: Will He Be the Biggest Football Star Of Our Time?

Can Johnny Manziel fill Joe Namath's white cleats, the original All-American football star?

How 5 Past Presidents Would Probably Have Used Predator Drones

What would Presidents Obama, Lincoln, Clinton, Washington and Roosevelt have had to say about drone use?

Expect the U.S. to Flourish During Obama's Second Term

Obama outlined an ambitious plan during his State of the Union speech. We should, we can, and we will be making huge changes for the better during his second term.

Tunisia's Violence Explained By an Expatriate American

Tunisia riveted last Wednesday following the assassination of a prominent secularist leader, Chokri Belaid, shortly two years after its people overthrew the country's dictatorship.

The Republican Medicare Plan Will Fail Miserably

Marco Rubio's response to President Obama's State of the Union address perfectly exemplifies why the GOP isn't winning any converts on Medicare.

Asteroid LIVE: Watch Online Here

NASA, and The Clay Center Observatory in Brookline, Massachusetts, will live streaming Asteroid DA14 2012's flyby.

Sequestration 2013: Can We Strengthen the Military While Cutting Its Budget?

Fox News is lying to you about planned defense cuts: they won't cripple the Pentagon. We can easily increase our military capacity while cutting spending, and here's how.

Keystone Pipeline: Daryl Hannah, Conor Kennedy Get Arrested Protesting Oil Pipeline

The protest was planned to be a preview of the expected 20,000-person rally Sunday at the National Mall. It remains to be seen whether these actions will influence the fate of the pipeline.

'Save The 1' Protests Abortion Even In Cases Of Rape, 40 Years After Roe v. Wade

40 years later, backlash against Roe v. Wade takes many forms, including new pro-life groups and legislation fighting abortion of any kind, even for rape pregnancies.

Obama Continues War On Our Civil Liberties

Obama's State of the Union address marked the continuation of the war on terror, which is conveniently used to curb our constitutional liberties.

3 Ways Millenials Can Come to Terms With Staggering Unemployment

Millennials face a paradox: We're the most educated and arguably most competitive generation since, well, ever — yet we find ourselves stunted before even taking off. This is how we deal with it.

The 20 Best Companies For Millennials

These 20 'Fortune' 100 companies are doing their best to stop the rising millennial unemployment, helping the U.S. economy in 2013 and beyond.

PolicyMic Sex, Gender, Race & Social Justice Writers Happy Hour!

Are your favorite topics on PolicyMic sex, gender, sexuality, activism, race, social justice, and identity politics? Drop by our office to meet other writers who agree!

Are Women Better Negotiators Than Men?

Ladies, if you think sexism makes men bad business negotiators, you've lost the negotiation before you begin.

Obama's Drone Strikes Conspicuously Absent From SOTU Address

The word "drones" was noticeably absent from President Obama's State of the Union speech, but they play a major role in this national security policy.

3 Valentine's Day Gifts That Exploit Workers

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, but have you ever wondered how your gifts affected someone else?

John Kerry Secretary of State: 5 Issues He Should Focus On

Stepping into a very successful secretary of state's shoes can be a challenge. But if John Kerry focuses on these five issues he would be on his way to be as successful as Hillary Clinton.

One Billion Rising: What is the Global V-Day Protest?

Violence against women occurs at epidemic rates across the globe, so why don't we focus our energies for one day to raise money and awareness for the eventual goal of eradicating gender violence?

Fixing Washington Should Be Top Priority For Obama

President Obama has set up an ambitious legislative year for himself, but he needs to make sure political reform ranks high in his list of priorities.

Valentine's Day 2013: Stop Feeling Sorry For 20-Somethings

It's time for us to stop unnecessarily pitying the dating lives and underwhelming romantic prospects of 20-something women, as the New York Times has done in recent articles.

S&P Lawsuit: The Questions That Should've Been Asked

The United States government, joined by quite a number of states, has sued Standard & Poor's Corporation. These are the questions they should've asked.

3 Reasons Straight Folks Are Afraid Of Those Who Aren't

When it comes to ending irrational fear and prejudice aimed at gay folks, we can count on time to heal those archaic wounds, one shovelful at a time.

SOTU 2013: False Hopes And Distortions Dominate President's Speech

Obama's address contained too much of the same attitude, false promises, and rhetoric of the past.

Valentine's Day 2013: 3 Things That Need to Change About the Holiday

Don't buy expensive gifts or even simply say "I love you," do something powerful to show your love.

Are Americans Detached From War?

Times have changed so much that even our leaders probably can't say whether we’re at war or involved in something else entirely.

Valentine's Day 2013: 3 Ways Smartphones Can (and Will) Destroy Your Valentine's Day

While helpful and entertaining, the constant connection that comes with smartphones poses various threats to your love life and sanity this Valentine’s Day.

V-Day Protests Spark a Global Revolution Against Violence

On college campuses and in the streets, people around the world stood up on Valentine's Day to stop violence against women, starting now.

Valentine's Day 2013: The Millennials Are All Right When It Comes to Dating

It's time for us to stop unnecessarily pitying the dating lives and underwhelming romantic prospects of 20-something women, as the New York Times has done in recent articles.