YouTube Harlem Shake Video: Watch the 13 Best Harlem Shake Versions

'Harlem Shake,' the 1980s-inspired internet phenomenon, has been compared to 'Gangnam Style.' But here's why this goofy dance is even more awesome than PSY's ubiquitous horse riding.

'Lincoln' Movie Review: 10 Ways It Distorts History

Though the movie is one of the most remarkable and historically accurate depictions of President Lincoln's quest to eradicate slavery, it does distort several parts of this chapter in history.

7 Ways States Are Defying the Federal Government With Local Laws

States are rebelling against the federal status quo and using the Bill of Rights to secure freedoms for their constituents. Here's the top seven efforts by the liberty movement to defy the feds.

6 Largest National Security Threats Facing the U.S. Today

In President Obama's State of the Union on Tuesday, he highlighted concerns as new as cyber security and as old as border security as imperative to American national security.

New York Gun Ban: Gunmakers Refuse to Sell to State Employees

In response to a New York firearms ban, some gun manufacturers are refusing to sell to any employees of the state. But will it do anything?

YouTube Russia Meteor Video: Watch 11-Ton Meteor Hitting Russia

An 11-ton meteor fell in Russia Friday, at a speed of at least 33,000 mph, shattering about 18-32 miles above ground and injuring 900 people in the Ural Mountains region. Watch the video.

Asteroid DA14 2012 Flyby LIVE: When and Where to Watch Online

Asteroid 2012 DA14, a 150-foot object discovered by Spanish astronomers, will zip by within 17,000 miles of Earth.

Gun Control Debate: Pro-Choice Women Should Naturally Also Be Pro-Gun

Pro-choice advocates are quick to get behind abortion, but have remained mum about a woman's right to own a gun in self-defense. The same logic behind pro-choice also exists in pro-gun arguments.

Beyoncé HBO Documentary: Will 'Life Is But a Dream' Give An Honest Look At Her Life?

The usually private Beyoncé claims to be giving the viewer an "intimate, revealing" look at her personal life, but will the movie live up to its promise?

Immigration Reform 2013: Reform Will Promote Innovation in American Business

Current immigration law stifles innovation and progress. Companies in the tech, agriculture, and hospitality industries are clamoring for more foreign-born workers... and they are right to do so.

Chris Dorner Manhunt Highlights the Problems With Police Using Guns in Public

Some say only the police and military should have guns. The Christopher Dorner manhunt shoot-outs and civilian defensive gun use prove why this is dead-wrong.

Herman Cain Fox News: Network Welcomes Another Failed GOP Candidate

Fox has officially become home to failed Republican candidates, as it has officially hired Herman Cain as a contributor for Fox News Channel and Fox Business.

Sexual Violence: Art Installation Aims To End Rape Silence

A guerrilla art group just installed a giant poem near the Washington Monument to raise awareness about sexual violence in America.

Take a Look At What the Video Games Looked Like In 1958

Thought we were the first generation to play video games? Think again. This video game was released on October 18, 1958. Here's a hint: It's not 'Pong.'

Christopher Dorner Supporters Like Columbia Professor Marc Lamont Hill Are Hypocrites

Would the same people who advocated more gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook killings support Christopher Dorner's rampage? In the case of Marc Lamont Hill, it's okay to shoot if you're black.

Apple Stock Drop: Company Going Strong Regardless of Decline and Competition

Apple stocks are going down and Google Nexus sales are going up, but Jobs' company isn't going away anytime soon. Apple's innovation and popularity will keep it a front-runner for years.

'Cougar Town' Valentine's Day Episode Jokes About Rape and Relationship Abuse

This week's episode of 'Cougar Town' comes uncomfortably close to the reality of rape culture.

Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend: Reeva Steenkamp Murdered

Double amputee and 2012 London Olympic Games competitor Oscar Pistorius has been charged with fatally shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp four times.

4 Things to Consider When You're Choosing Your College

Selecting a college can be a daunting and challenging choice. Here are four things to consider when making your decision.

Fear Drones Not As High-Tech Killing Machines, But As An Extension Of American Imperialism

We can cringe all we want at the reports of drone strikes, but their legality isn't the issue. It's America's militant foreign policy.

Republican DebraLee Hovey Seeks Sin Tax Against Video Games: It's Blatantly Unconstitutional

DebraLee Hovey, a GOP representative of Newtown, Conn., has proposed a thoughtless bill to impose a 10% "sin tax" on video games. It's an attack on the First Amendment.

Lady Gaga's Injury Sparks Outpouring Of Love From Little Monsters

Little Monsters and Lady Gaga (Mother Monster) have an unbreakable connection. Here's what I have to say to Gaga about her tour cancellations and health problems.

The 7 Best GIFs You'll See Of Politicians Getting Their Dance On

In honor of the GIF of Florida Governor Rick Scott dancing in an elementary school music class, here are some GIFs of other prominent political figures cutting loose.

How Much Has Government Spending Helped Private Sector GDP Since the 2007 Financial Crisis?

The last two Presidents have justified increased government spending in order to bolster the private sector and get Americans back to work. Was it Successful? GDP data suggests it wasn't.

LGBT Rights: Brown University Approves Transgender-Specific Health Care Coverage

The university is set to cover 14 different sexual reassignment surgeries this fall, demonstrating increased tolerance for the LGBT community.

Cornel West Calls Obama a "War Criminal"

Black activist Dr. Cornel West isn't letting up in his criticism of the Obama administration, now referring to the president as a "war criminal."

Yoga Health Benefits: Ancient Practice Can Improve Health, But Also Be Dangerous

Yoga can be a major stress reliever and increase flexibility, but can also put the health of practitioners at stake.

Illinois Same-Sex Marriage Bill: Passes Senate, Will Go to House Next

The Illinois Senate voted on Valentine's Day to pass historic legislation allowing gay marriage. The bill will now go to the Democrat-controlled House for a vote.

Is Kickstarter the New National Endowment For the Arts?

Internet funding sites won't be funding the projects that the federal groups like the National Endowment for the Arts would, but that might be a good thing.

Silvio Berlusconi Italy Elections: Will He Be Denied?

Silvio Berlusconi is back in the Italian elections — and he's running on a platform that could wreck not just Italy, but the entire EU. What will happen if he wins?

The Most Religious States Are Also the Most Depressed, Says a Flawed Study

A recent study revealed a correlation between religion and antidepressant usage. The correlation exists for good reasons.

Reality TV is Still Going Strong in American Culture

The latest Nielsen ratings show that reality TV is still charging ahead, especially on cable, where low-budget, niche shows thrive.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Skip Security, Delay Plane By An Hour

We live in a culture where useless celebrities like 'Kimye' are revered as far more important than they are or ever will be.

Obama Education Plan: President Wants Preschool For All Children

With research showing academic struggle among kids who don't attend school prior to Kindergarten, Obama discusses his program that would guarantee preschool for all children.

One Billion Rising Protests: Washington Becomes Focal Point Of Global Fight Against Women's Violence

The One Billion Rising protests show that the public is taking collective outrage at this global brutality, and turning it into constructive, reformative, positive energy.

Gender Pay Gap: Can Obama Convince the GOP to Eliminate It?

During the SOTU, Obama urged Congress to approve the Paycheck Fairness Act, but the president still needs the GOP to support the proposed legislation in order for it to pass.

Valentine's Day 2013: 5 Quirky, Lesser-Known Facts and Traditions

Ever wondered what lovebirds and babies with wings have to do with Valentine's Day traditions? Here are some interesting traditions surrounding the day of love.

What is the Harlem Shake: Here's Your Answer

The 'Harlem Shake' is the newest online viral sensation. It's like 'Gangnam Style,' only better.

8 Things to Watch For On NBA All-Star Weekend 2013

You won't want to miss these potential highlights (or lowlights) from this weekend's All-Star festivities in Houston.

SOTU 2013 Reactions: Women Need the Protection Of Government Intervention

For protection in the workplace and beyond, women need government intervention, even though the Independent Women's Forum claims that such assistance treats women like victims.

Michigan Ultrasound Bill: GOP Continues War On Women

A group of Michigan politicians wants to require ultrasounds before abortions, another instance in which a male-dominating power wants to tell a woman what she should do with her body.

Can Asteroid 2012 DA14 Hit the Earth?

In the wake of Friday's meteor fall, that hurt hundreds in Russia, some are now wondering if we're so safe after all as the 150-feet across Asteroid flies by.

Is It Too Soon For a Sandy Hook Movie?

Considering the sensitive subject matter, when is it appropriate for an artist to represent a national tragedy? The answer has to do with the responsibilities society places on artists.

Tech Industry Racist: Does Discrimination Prevail in the Tech World?

It looks like some tech companies are attempting to fill a quota rather than hire in a color blind manner.

Asteroid NASA Video: Watch Asteroid DA14 2012 Skim Pass the Earth

According to Sky News, there is a "remote possibility" that the asteroid could collide with a weather satellite. Watch NASA's simulation of the asteroid path.